Keep our name out of it, Salmond

I’ve heard some utter tosh from politicians over the years but never anything so blatantly untrue as the comments from our First Minister, Alex Salmond, reported today.  This clown is telling people Rangers need to be saved for the sake of Celtic.  He said:

“The most diehard Celtic supporter understands that Celtic can’t prosper unless Rangers are there. The rest of the clubs understand that as well. Therefore you have to have cognisance of these things when you’re pursuing public policy.

Keep our name out of it you incoherent fool.

If our prosperity depends on the survival of Rangers it’s time our values and priorities changed.  You of all people should know this after your lecturing last year.  Celtic have not been well served by their association with Rangers, nor vice versa.  As a combined entity, the ‘Old Firm’ have not been good for Scotland.

I’m keen to hear what his “public policy” on the matter is.  Salmond goes on to say:

“We’ve certainly been arguing to HMRC on one hand, and indeed to Rangers, to for goodness sake get a settlement, get a settlement and a structure over time whereby Rangers can continue because Rangers must continue for the future of Scottish football and for the fabric of the country.”

How dare you argue with HMRC?  Even Rangers admit the potential underpayment could be £75m.  How many nurses, teachers and policemen would that employ, Mr Salmond?  This is the true cost of his position.

This sorry business has nothing to do with Celtic, I hope our club make this clear to provocative politicians.  All you die-hard Celtic supporters out there better let this man know he has no right to speak for you.

“Fabric of the country”. He got that bit right, alas.

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    I would like one jounalist with some balls to ask former rangers player when they are calling for Rangers to be saved.Were you at anytime paid using the EBT scheme at Ibrox.

  • oglach

    ‘crushed nuts?’ ‘Naw, Layringitis!’ says:
    16 February, 2012 at 20:31
    oglach says:
    16 February, 2012 at 20:29
    Anyone watching the Stoke Euro losers game? I have long argued that Celtics away kit should be all black. Just how cool is that Valencia kit? No Embarrasing day-glo ensemble in sight.


    Celtic’s away kit should be azure
    A blue kit regardless of how Catholic it is deemed to be is a no no – Down with that type of thing.

  • Houl yer wheest

    gerald766 says:

    16 February, 2012 at 19:45

    The Court of Session (civil law) and the High Court of Justiciary (criminal law) are the Scottish equivalent of the High Court in NI (which sits in Belfast)and sits in Edinburgh . The Sheriff Court is the equivalent of the Crown Court and sits in most large towns.
    The Justice of the Peace Court is the Scottish equivalent of the Petty Sessions in NI

  • Gerry S

    RalphWaldoEllison-is Neil Lennon Season 2011-12 says:
    16 February, 2012 at 12:22

    Approx 720 employyes at WJ Harte Construction job’s at risk due to administration

    Letter also sent to MSP regarding the outcry and sympathy for TAXDODGING FC from Salmond, yet a local company to me has 720 jobs at risk, etc….

    As I’m in ML9, I’m hoping he takes his ipad into lodge meetings to keep an eye on his e-mails.

    Jelly and Ice cream

  • Arty

    First time responding. Always wanted to but only got angry enough this week to make the effort to find out how. Would like to share my email to Scottish ministers today. I hope it meets with the approval of many.


    It has always been my understanding that government, under oath, commits among other things to uphold the law, administer justice and punish offences appropriately, a moral stance one would think. Yet, over several decades now, I have watched its responsibilities towards moral conduct slowly but deliberately diminish, deformed by its obsessive preoccupation with law instead of genuine justice. This seems to have reached its zenith this week with the call from Alex Salmond and other ministers or minions bleating for special consideration for Rangers F.C., an organisation that has an unknown but potentially massive unpaid tax bill, has undertaken at least questionable business practices for many years and may actually be continuing to do so, has had and still has chairpersons with tarnished reputations and has created enormous problems for individuals, other football clubs and for Scotland in general. Examples of the aforesaid are numerous but suffice it to mention the consequences of the current threat of unemployment to its own and creditors’ staff and the degrading behaviour and subsequent pitiable reputation of Rangers’ supporters throughout Europe. Now the Scottish government wants the abused people of Scotland to ignore justice and stand solidly in support of the perpetrators of ‘misdeeds’, to overlook Rangers F.C.’s behaviour over two to three decades at least, to close their eyes to its unethical business practices and to accept the pain of its abuse because of their love, admiration and NEED for an ‘institution’ that has done so much for the City of Glasgow and this country (please ignore the destruction, the ignominious reputations and the absolute disdain for anyone or anything that would not enhance its ambition for power and success as well as its administrators’ personal greed) but now desperately requires our total commitment to its survival. Is this government seriously asking people to turn a blind eye to so many injustices? Is this government pleading for us to overlook the offences committed? Does this government want us to believe this country is doomed if Rangers F.C. ceases to exist? Is this government wanting the people to abandon its oh-so-precious laws? Is this government asking us to stand firm against THE CROWN as the armies of Wallace, Bruce and Charlie did in centuries gone by? Is this government asking us to recognise H.M.R.C. as a common enemy that we must fight to the death? Are we being rallied to revolt – one for all and all for one? For what? A dead-in-the-water, outmoded, undignified and shameful ‘institution’ that has become an embarrassment on so many fronts to Scottish football and to Scotland itself.

    NO! Mr. Salmond and cohorts, your beseeching falls on deaf ears. I will not close my eyes to injustice. Instead, I will fight with every breath FOR JUSTICE. I will not stand by silently while offences are committed. Rather, I will expose them and seek retribution for those offended against. I WILL UPHOLD YOUR oh-so-precious LAWS and demand YOU and all citizens do the same. I have always and will continue always to pay my taxes even though they currently come out of my meagre pension. I believe in equality and contributing my share for the good of all and a little extra for any of my fellow men in need. I will not deprive others of their rights through my bigotry, narrow mindedness, ambition, selfishness or greed. NO! I will not seek to endorse nor shed any tears for an organisation that has behaved so disgracefully in the football arena and cheated its fellow football clubs and more especially the supporters of other clubs throughout the rest of Scotland. I will not show further favour to a club that at least on the face of it appears to have been ‘specially favoured’ by Scottish football’s governing bodies and the unchallenged Scottish media for almost a century or more. I will not sympathise with an organisation that constantly makes excuses for a support that has created mayhem on so many occasions in towns and cities throughout the U.K. and beyond. Finally, not because I lack more reasons but only because I am running short on energy, I will MOST DEFINITELY NOT give the slightest consideration to an organisation that has, in so many ways, destroyed the whole fabric of society in a small country that could be the envy of the world but instead is scorned because it allows, if not even encourages so much prejudice. Stop being bluffed by your own and the media’s warped promotions. Scotland is far from but could quite easily be “The Greatest Little Country in The World”. Change all your talk to some real action for a change, tolerance, equality and inclusiveness not bigotry, bias and exclusiveness. Present circumstances open a very wide door to a fresh start.

    So, Mr. Salmond and cronies, you DO NOT speak on my behalf when you claim that I and others, especially Celtic supporters, do not want to witness the demise of Rangers F.C. If I could scrape up any, just one, acceptable reason from the sludge covering Ibrox at the present time, I might take a different stand but neither the history of Rangers F.C. nor its current affairs have given me cause to reconsider. I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that Scottish football and particularly Celtic F.C. WILL SURVIVE without Rangers F.C. Rangers deserve to go without a tear being shed because of what they have done to the Scottish people and particularly to Scottish football. “Waste not in selfish weeping one precious day” but get on your political bikes and sort out this momentous opportunity to actually create that great little country we hear so much inaccurate and exaggerated hype about, a land where ALL its citizens can enjoy real freedom and tolerance.

    I also object in the strongest terms to the survival of Celtic F.C. being connected to the existence of any other club. Celtic is a stand-alone company. The association with or the performance of any other club does not reflect in any way the success or failure of Celtic Football Club. Even more so, Celtic supporters are independent and their behaviour, good or bad, is their responsibility and theirs alone. To link their actions to the behaviour of any other club is fallacious. The term ‘Old Firm’ is and has been for a long time specially obnoxious and is now anathema and redundant to Celtic supporters. It is a phrase that has been removed from their vocabulary. Though they are convinced the press will not withdraw the term, they trust the government will expunge it from its dictionary. Celtic supporters WERE NOT, ARE NOT and NEVER WILL BE OLD FIRM. They are the sole masters of their own destiny.

    In conclusion, I respectfully demand that every politician who has stated that supporters of any other Scottish football club want to see Rangers F.C. receive special treatment or consideration or assistance beyond the norm to survive, withdraw those statements. They DO NOT IN ANY WAY represent my views or inclinations and I know I am far from being alone. They are false statements providing fodder for the ever ‘impartial’ Scottish media herd to display their infatuation with, to feed their insatiable hunger for the best news about their favoured football club and to allow them to ‘invent’ once again a ‘good’ story about Scotland’s so called second-greatest institution.


  • snecker

    maybe we need a lawful rebellion!

  • TopCorner

    as noted by Harry and Eddie on CU

    MIH – 35mill – debt for equity (33)
    MIH – 50mill share issue underwritten
    20mill of Dave King’s money (he gets 12mill back, 8mill written off)
    That 12mill absorbed by MIH

    Total 97mill – MIH took ! – MIH now owned by Uberia Equities, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lloyds – owned predominantly by the taxpayer

    That 97mill taxpayers have written off !!

    4mill small taxcase
    9mill PAYE VAT
    The EBT’s 49

    Total 162million of taxpayers money over past 15yrs !!

    Paid for by taxpayers of this country !! – the UK !!!

    Alex Salmond
    Nicola Sturgeon
    James Traynor
    Darell King
    Pat Nevin
    Stewart Regan
    Henry McLeish
    Bill Leckie
    Chick Young
    Tam Cowan
    etc etc…

    for NOT reporting this, NOT DRIVING TO GET THIS MONEY BACK


  • TopCorner

    Ralph Topping to have casting vote if it goes to 2-2

    bottom of Div3 at the very least !

    topping on jelly n ice-cream ?

  • Arty


    Careful with your words, laddie. ‘Rebellion’ could see you doing 10 years under First Fish’s ‘oh-so-precious laws’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’d send you parcels mind. Oh I could be in trouble now – ‘parcels’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ‘GG

    Know Your Enemy
    The drumbeat for a rescue of Rangers FC (in administration) is rising daily and resonating with journalists, politicians and fans alike. The pressure to provide approval for years of cheating and chicanery will rise to a crescendo when the Govan Cheats 2012 Newco apply for membership of the SPL. The vote to readmit them will be closely followed and scrutinised by clubs, fans and press. Whether the vote is made by the current five man SPL Board, made up of Ralph Topping (SPL Chairman), Neil Doncaster (SPL Chief Executive), Eric Riley (Celtic FC), Stephen Thompson (Dundee United FC), Derek Weir (Motherwell FC) and Steven Brown (St Johnstone FC), or more likely by a committee comprised of the eleven surviving clubs is a matter of conjecture depending on rules interpretation. Personally I believe that all of the surviving clubs should be able to have a say and that an application for SPL membership should only be granted with unanimous approval of the clubs.
    However, my thoroughly objective opinion, aye right, may not carry the day. Therefore we as a club and support must identify and target those clubs likely to vote with their cash and sash.
    So, below, I have drawn up a list of clubs and their likely stance. Feel free to disagree.
    CELTIC NO. In fact HELL NO.
    Motherwell YES, I think their attitude was apparent from today’s comments.
    Hearts Leaning NO, only because Vlad is a wee bit irrational and possibly wants a precedent set.
    St Johnstone Yes, although I have no special knowledge of their feelings
    Dundee United NO mainly because they have been robbed and will have a sense of injustice.
    Aberdeen NO They have downsized with their budget issues and their fans will not tolerate a Yes vote
    Kilmarnock Yes, mainly because they are in deepest darkest Ayrshire
    St Mirren Yes, despite the fact that they would probably be a beneficiary of fans looking for a game
    Inverness Yes, based on their manager’s support of his old employer
    Hibernian NO Self preservation will be their main reason.
    Dunfermline NO despite their idiotic chairman see Hibernian.
    So we possibly have a 6-5 vote for NO, but it could easily swing 6-5 in their favour.
    If they decide it’s by a majority and we lose, then we can only hope our board is prepared to play hardball and do whatever is necessary to preserve integrity in our game.
    That should include threatening to resign from the SPL, refusing to handle away tickets for those clubs voting yes, encouraging supporters clubs to stay at home and watch Celtic TV, or Sky, fielding the development side in Scottish Cup games, applying to enter a development side in the SFL etc.
    Our fans representatives should be in contact with other clubs associations to encourage them to put pressure on their club chairmen to reject their application and force Rangers FC (in administration) to start at the bottom of organized football. How the SFL treat them is out with our control, but we should be insisting on a three year ban from the SPL.
    And an independent enquiry into how the SFA allowed this near apocalyptic collapse to occur.
    And quickly before the shredders are purchased.

    Know Your Enemy


  • Tim Malone Will Tell

    Just saw the headline that Mandaric is interested in Huns.

    Dear me – they have enterted a murky world full of dodgy characters

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