Admins flash the bling instead of paying creditors

Can you believe these Duff and Phelps people?  They can’t afford to pay Rangers taxes, or other SPL clubs monies due, but today they tried to increase their payroll today by asking the SPL to register Daniel Cousin.  Can you imagine what the out-of-pocket creditors feel about this?

These people are in place to make sure the company trades long enough to repay creditors.  They can trade perfectly well with the three dozen or so players they have, what kind of justification could they possibly give to the court for playing Football Manager with other people’s money?  No wonder HM Revenue and Customs fought their appointment.

What an absolute shower. It’s almost as though that place is some kind of lightning rod for a special type of competency. It’s not your money you’re spending, pay the club’s bills and stop looking for football bling, that’s what got the last lot into trouble in the first place!

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  • jock steins celtic

    I’d be interested to know when Clark & Whitehouse joined Duff & Phelps and how many administrations they have handled previously.

  • celt55

    Portsmouth owe £2m to HMRC and £2m to creditors – bloody amateurs!

  • googybhoy ♥ Celtic and Integrity


    I have always felt that when the cards starts falling there is only one ending.
    The worlds press, Uefa, FIFA and at last Scottish media are shining a sun on their demise.
    It is the end of a rotten Empire. All self indulgent empires get above themselves. They believe in “Terry’ fashion that they are beyond the law and taxes.

    This Rangers Empire will crumble like the Roman Empire.
    Ironically the Huns are involved again.

  • hamiltontim


    Your earlier article today highlighting the political influences being put upon HMRC had me in the depths of despair. Your following posts have seen my spirits lifted drastically. Thank you sincerely for all your efforts.

  • excathedra44

    Paul 67

    Correct of course however you wonder why D.Utd et al are not shouting from the rooftops and demanding a change of administrator who has the Creditors interests as first priority.

  • ‘crushed nuts?’ ‘Naw, Layringitis!’

    ‘several prospective purchasers have expressed an interest’ Shifty & Swifty have to do due diligance: ‘What school did you go to?’

  • setting free the bears

    1 After Henrik, who scored the most league goals? Sutton

    2 After Henrik, who made the most league appearances? Petrov

    3 Who did Celtic beat in The Scottish cup final that season? Hibs

    4 Who scored the goal to clinch the league and what team was it against? Tommy Johnson St. Mirren

    5 Which player did we sign from Hibs?

    6 To the nearest £m, how much did we spend in net Transfer fees (i.e purchases-sales)? £12m

    7 Who did we sell that season for £975k Berkowicz

  • Celtic Soul Brother- Supporting Kano 1000

    After Henrik, who scored the most league goals?Sutton

    2 After Henrik, who made the most league appearances?Sutton

    3 Who did Celtic beat in The Scottish cup final that season?Hibs

    4 Who scored the goal to clinch the league and what team was it against?Tommy Johnston-St. Mirren

    5 Which player did we sign from Hibs?Agathe

    6 To the nearest £m, how much did we spend in net Transfer fees (i.e purchases-sales)? 4m

    7 Who did we sell that season for £975k

  • Tom McLaughlin

    4.Tommy Johnston, St Mirren
    5.Ulrik Laursen
    7.Reggi Blinker

  • oldtim67


    Posted this on the last thread,canny keep up Paul.

    I can’t keep up with these posts that are coming out of CQN,Have you got an assistant that’s helping you.

    I just wanted to say that I hope that the tax people go back over the years that Murray was in charge at Ibrox,If they find that there were discrepencies back to 2003-4, would’nt you think that there will be more discrepencies from the years just after he (Murray) arrived at Ibrox, I would imagine that there has been some creative accounting between his first year at Ibrox up until 2003-4 .

    It’s no wonder he got into so much debt when he flashed a tenner and said “For every £5 Celtic spend,we’ll spend £10″ I’m sure he surpassed that statement by a country mile,It’s just a pity it wasn’t his own money he was talking about.

    I put most of the blame at Murrays door.I hope if they venture back to Murrays early years,there is a case to answer, and he has to anwer the questions put to him in a court of law.

    Whyte the knight in shining armour comes riding over the hills to save the poor soals that have spewed out their bile inside the bigotdome for over a century,Whyte says to the follow followers, come I shall take you for a ride,and each and everyone of them follow followed the Whyte knight up the garden path,where they were taken for a ride of a life time,they were robbed of their season ticket money for the next four years.The Whyte Knight has done a Bonnie Prince Charlie, and sailed into the blue horizon,maybe never to be seen again,at least the Bonnie Prince returned to these shores.Will the Whyte Knight???.

  • TopCorner

    henrik, dutd ?
    ulrik laursen ?
    harold ?

  • thecat

    1 After Henrik, who scored the most league goals? lubo

    2 After Henrik, who made the most league appearances? mjallby

    3 Who did Celtic beat in The Scottish cup final that season? hibs

    4 Who scored the goal to clinch the league and what team was it against? johnson st mirren

    5 Which player did we sign from Hibs? agathe

    6 To the nearest £m, how much did we spend in net Transfer fees (i.e purchases-sales)?

    7 Who did we sell that season for £975k berkovic


  • Bobby Lennox can beat them

    a href=””>rangerstaxcase Guardian Article

    My blog shows how Scotland’s media were complicit in Rangers’ fall

    The author of the blog that has pulled down the facade at Rangers was motivated by the failings of the Scottish press

    “It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds” – Samuel Adams, 1775

    It is easy to feel powerless in this world. “Why bother? What can I do?” Even as a student, I did not join protest marches. While most of my generation screamed: “Can’t pay! won’t pay!” about the hated poll tax, I could and I did. Raging against the machine seemed like Sisyphean futility and talk of changing the world was for poets and artists. To me, practical people just got on with it and made the best of events. Cynicism was a uniform I wore with pride. Against such a background, I make an unlikely campaigner and the last person anyone would pick to give voice to a silenced and disenfranchised community.

    Yet my blog,, seems to have done exactly that. What started as an impulse one Sunday evening in March of last year has grown into something of a Scottish cultural phenomenon. Love it or loathe it, few would dispute that this blog has played a significant role revealing the facts and shaping the debate on a subject that has taken on such importance that the UK prime minister and Scottish first minister have belatedly jumped on the bandwagon.

    This monster has grown to the point where it is now fielding daily traffic of over 100,000 views, while new arguments and ideas are fuelled by reader comments that are now coming in at a rate of about 1,500 per day. These are odd statistics for discussions characterised by accounting conventions and insolvency law. It is as if all of the cool kids in the playground suddenly want to read the swots’ algebra homework.

    In a world of free information, where most blogs die alone and ignored shortly after birth, the very popularity of carries a message about modern Scotland. It is a story of the unmet need for the straight story, uncorrupted by the sinister Triangle of Trade that renders most of what passes as news in Scotland’s media outlets as worthless. It is the tale of why things went so wrong at Rangers and why the club’s many fans seemed paralysed by disbelief until it was too late.

    If you have not spent much time in Caledonia what follows will seem a little surreal. It seems that way because it is. Scotland is a land where nothing matters like football matters – in particular within the west-central region. For over 120 years, Glasgow’s two biggest football teams have engaged in one of the world’s most bitter sporting feuds. With mindless tribalism masquerading as a religious divide, stabbings, live bombs sent through the post, and even murders have been woven into the tapestry of the recent history of Scottish football. Yet I still get challenged over my penchant for anonymity? Football in Scotland is not like football elsewhere – at least not in Europe. (Latin Americans might recognise the poison brought to the surface by the poultice of football, but few other places would understand).

    Yet for all of its ugliness, I love it. A large part of my “two score and change” years on this planet has been devoted to supporting my team, Celtic. Actually watching the team would be a very small part of the time expended. The obsession with your team colours many other aspects of life for those unfortunates who find themselves pulled into the vortex that goes along with supporting either of the Glasgow giants.

    Football clubs from places like Manchester and Liverpool can lay claim to much more success on the field, but these cities do not get close to Glasgow in terms of intensity of interest. It is this passion that serves as the growth medium for the bacillus that infects the news business in Scotland, which in turn serves as the carrier of the disease that threatens to kill Rangers.

    Selling news of any kind in Glasgow has long been a simple business: sales are driven by stories about Rangers and Celtic. If you need a circulation boost to improve advertising rates, you need more and better stories about these football teams. Good news moves newsprint. Bad news sells, too, as fans wallow in the misery of their hated enemy. However, Scotland is not evenly divided between these clubs. Celtic and Rangers may attract similar attendances to home games, but the demographic reality is that there are a great many more people in Scotland who would claim to be Rangers supporters than Celtic. Religious census figures provide a decent proxy for the numbers that sustain both clubs: in 2001, less than 18% of the population of Scotland identified as being Roman Catholic. Celtic’s support base is far from exclusively Catholic, but it would be a little daft to ignore the reality of family religious origin in determining which football team a young boy or girl is most likely to follow in Scotland. Rangers’ demographic surplus has determined the general editorial tone of the nation’s news business for decades.

    During the early 1990s when Celtic had their own brush with financial mortality, newspapers sent journalists across the globe to chase down scandal related to Celtic’s imminent demise. Such was the open glee in print, it is a wonder that the English language had to import the word Schadenfreude from German. The lowland Scots dialect would surely have had several words of its own to offer, but I doubt that the acronym GIRUY would have translated as readily across the globe. Celtic’s travails were good for the media business. There was no shortage of Rangers supporters willing to smirk at their impoverished foes while dreaming of European Cup triumphs to come. The arrival of Celtic’s saviour from Canada, the unfashionable Fergus McCann, ended the era of amateurism in the boardroom and also planted the seeds for the great divergence in the fortunes of the clubs. Few could have imagined how much could change in just two decades.

    The story of Rangers’ insolvency is already becoming a fireside tale told mostly by those who were not there. Trampled down in the rush of journalists claiming that “of course, I knew all along, but I just could not say anything” are all of the derisive newspaper articles and radio call-in panellists dismissing the risks Rangers were facing. I am in no doubt: Scotland’s media, sports and business desks alike, are complicit in the disaster than has befallen Rangers. They killed their golden goose.

    The Triangle of Trade to which I have referred is essentially an arrangement where Rangers FC and their owner provide each journalist who is “inside the tent” with a sufficient supply of transfer “exclusives” and player trivia to ensure that the hack does not have to work hard. Any Scottish journalist wishing to have a long career learns quickly not to bite the hands that feed. The rule that “demographics dictate editorial” applied regardless of original footballing sympathies.

    The last vertex of this triangle is the reader – the average football fan. Fed a diet rich in sycophantic rubbish, he lost the ability to review critically what he was reading. Super-casino developments worth £700m complete with hover-pitches were still being touted to Rangers fans even after the first news of the tax case broke. Along with “Ronaldo To Sign For Rangers” nonsense, it is little wonder that the majority of the club’s fans were in a state of stupefaction in recent years. They were misled by those who ran their club. They were deceived by a media pack that had to know that the stories it peddled were false.

    In the end, Rangers fans sat back for years and barely raised a word of complaint as their club was abused and misused. Many of these same fans who sat on their hands have had plenty to say about the motivations of my blog. Egged on by spokesmen for those doing Rangers the most harm, it is widely believed that HMRC are feeding me information to do damage to their club. Firstly, anyone reading the blog again would see that my sources of information probably lie outside of the government. Secondly, the blog has been the only dependable source of information about the sorry state of affairs within Ibrox. By revealing what has been happening at Ibrox, I have provided Rangers fans with an opportunity to do something about it. If I was really intent on harming their club, I would have said nothing at all. That this opportunity has been squandered is something for Rangers fans to contemplate. It is in helping expose this Bermuda-triangle-for-truth that I take most pride. has become a platform for some of the sharpest minds and most accomplished professionals to share information, debate, and form opinions based upon a rational interpretation of the facts rather than PR-firm fabrications. In all of the years when the mainstream media had a monopoly on opinion forming and agenda setting, the more sentient football fan had no outlet for his or her opinions. Blogs and other modern media, like Twitter, have democratised information distribution. has gone far beyond its half-baked “I know a secret” origins to become a forum for citizen journalism. The power of the crowd‑sourced investigation initiated by anyone who is able to ignite the interest of others is a force that has the potential to move mountains in our society. All that is required is an issue about which others are passionate and feel unheard.

    “Why bother? What can I do?” If it is something you care about, you can do anything you want.

  • thecat


  • pggtips2


    Absolutely correct for McOist (remember the NTV photie with some daftie having a McOist tattoo) to still want to add to his squad when he is going to sack loads next week shows what a complete bunch of financial incompetents sit at Ibrox, both in the boardroom and in the dugout.

    The appointment of the administrators hasn’t changed anything, it seems whoever walks through the door is attacked by a virulent strain of Murraymania.

  • dirtymac \o/

    The berk wasn’t sold that year? Surely I recall Hartson signing just as he left and thinking: damn, could’ve been fun.

  • gerry_bhoy

    1 – Tommy Johnson
    2 – Lennon
    3 – Hibs
    4 – Tommy Johnson
    5 – Hibs
    6 – No idea…..£15m?
    7 – Dunno

  • archdeaconsbench

    fergus slayed the blues says:
    17 February, 2012 at 20:08

    I posted re that very same point straight after Delahunt said it. I’m sure he said they had changed the rules and then Keevins said something along the lines of ‘thats why the next few weeks are fraught with danger..’
    I understood it that the member clubs voted any proposed NewCo into the league but they way they were telling it its has been changed to the SPL board members. I coudn’t believe what I was hearing and no one else really mentioned it on here at the time so I presumed I had the wrong end of the stick….

  • StMichaelsBhoy2

    1 After Henrik, who scored the most league goals? Lubo

    2 After Henrik, who made the most league appearances? Lambert

    3 Who did Celtic beat in The Scottish cup final that season? Hibs

    4 Who scored the goal to clinch the league and what team was it against? Tommy Johnson, St Mirren

    5 Which player did we sign from Hibs? Agathe

    6 To the nearest £m, how much did we spend in net Transfer fees (i.e purchases-sales)? £20m

    7 Who did we sell that season for £975k Tebily

  • Mr Stimpson

    1 After Henrik, who scored the most league goals? Sutton

    2 After Henrik, who made the most league appearances? Lambert

    3 Who did Celtic beat in The Scottish cup final that season? Hibs

    4 Who scored the goal to clinch the league and what team was it against? Tommy Johnson

    5 Which player did we sign from Hibs? Didier

    6 To the nearest £m, how much did we spend in net Transfer fees (i.e purchases-sales)? £13M

    7 Who did we sell that season for ? Berkowicz

  • stevie67

    aaargh, was it no Burchill for q7? (Too late, I know)

  • celticrollercoaster says In Neil we trust

    Answers to round 1

    Chris Sutton (11)
    Valgaeren (35)
    Tommy Johnson St Mirren
    Agathe £50k
    purchases 19850000
    sales -6975000
    (Scored those within 1m a pt for being close!!)

    Vidar Riseth

  • ‘crushed nuts?’ ‘Naw, Layringitis!’

    kikinthenakas says:

    17 February, 2012 at 20:56


    Any truth in the rumour that HMRC are going back to court next week to have the administrators removed?

    Any truth in the rumour that Swifty & Shifty have gone to court to get ranjurz removed?


    celt55 says:
    17 February, 2012 at 21:09

    Post of the day mi amigo :>)))))

  • pauloantony

    Here’s a wee question….

    Would a bill for £75 m

    Plus and additional bill for other staff at MIH on similar EBT schemes have tipped a financially distraught Murray international into admin?

  • strand67

    Paul 67

    about to head out and you put new article on at 9 on a friday evening, is that the last one tonight? Seriously thanks for all your work, more power to you fella, much appreciated.

  • voguepunter


    I don’t mind the grumpy or the git ,but
    I do take offence at the old. You fine
    well know I Peter Pan of the Vogue.

  • celticrollercoaster says In Neil we trust

    And the scores, very close…..

    Mr Stimpson 6
    stevie67 6
    Jobo Baldie 6
    Tom McLaughlin 5
    setting free the bears 5
    hamiltontim 5
    The lizard King 5
    dirtymac 5
    St MichaelsBhoy2 4
    Celtic Soul Brother 4
    thecat 4
    gerry_bhoy 3
    Top Corner 2

  • ….PFayr


    unless Cousin was paid upfront ……the actions of the administrators in trying to register him is reprehensible and contrary to their responsibilities

    hope fully HMRC are keeping an eye on this and will challenge them asap

    btw …..i thougt they were barred from signing and registering new players

  • Mr Stimpson

    Can I just say that in my day 1M was 1,000,000 and 1m was 0.001. Totally different things. Bring back stadard units as it reduces the hun debt.

  • celticrollercoaster says In Neil we trust

    Round 2: Squad numbers alert. Name the 8 Celts that have worn the no. 16 squad jersey?
    (2pts per correct answer if you are first to answer correctly, 1pt if you answer correctly but not first. One submission only per round)

  • gerry_bhoy

    Lol wrote Hibs instead of agathe for answer…lol….and only had one beer….lol.

    Copy and paste from now on……lol

  • glasgowsellick

    Yet again, dignity fc try to operate outside the rules! Rangers have consistently failed to take any action to help themselves with their debt problems, yet they expect and welcome assistance from all quarters calling for them to receive special treatment because of who they are. This arrogance and superiority complex is probably the main reason they find themselves where they are. If they emerge from this debacle without due punishment and harsh lessons learned, I fear for the future of the Scottish game.

  • amadeus

    mon the killie!

  • petec


    Thanks for the quality articles over the last week. It is almost like we are reading everything the wrong way, it has been truly surreal what has been happening these last few days. I know them going bust was going to be monumental but it seems to have put off kilter a lot of professional peoples minds. Or maybe they are all just huns. ;)

    Surely HMRC will get these administrators removed but then again why would the MBB administrators even contemplate this move today, something just does not add up. It’s as if Whytie wants HMRC to take over and liquidate them but give the impression he has tried in a bizarre kind of way.

    Who cares, it is funny as heck to watch it all happening.

    I’ve not been able to read through all the stuff this week (traffic was just far too much) but it must rate as one of the best ever for contributions to the site. The quality comments by so many posters has been incredible and it has been a privilege to read the blog even more so this week.

  • celticrollercoaster says In Neil we trust

    Mr Stimpson says:
    17 February, 2012 at 21:20

    Inflation has obviously wrecked your mind :-)

  • hamiltontim

    Round 2: Squad numbers alert. Name the 8 Celts that have worn the no. 16 squad jersey?
    (2pts per correct answer if you are first to answer correctly, 1pt if you answer correctly but not first. One submission only per round)

    Joe L

  • Celtic Soul Brother- Supporting Kano 1000


  • lynott67

    archdeaconsbench@ 21.15
    I mentioned it at the time, thought i was hearing things.
    So its a definite rule change this season for the huns to get back in SPL.

  • Headtheball

    How would Hearts feel if Cousin had been registered today and then scored against them in their next game while they are still owed £800,000? Just incredible!

  • Jobo Baldie

    Keane, Robbie
    Keane, Roy



    Scottish Establishment sycophants and appeasers…(you know who you are.. i.e. Keevins et al)

    …….your time is up.

  • StMichaelsBhoy2

    Hannah, Tebily, Laursen Gravesen, Ledley, Keane, Hooieveld, don’t know.

  • TopCorner

    joe ledley

  • JimmyQuinnsBits

    I keep looking for another angle here. It all looks too incompetent, too chaotic. Surely he went in with a plan that was a bit more intelligent than: get in, say anything you need to keep the mugs sweet, stash the money, and run?

    Maybe, though, we’re just trying to over-theorise. Maybe he really believed it would work. Maybe he gambled that, in the world of corporate and tax law, he could be immoral but not illegal. Or even if he was “a wee bit illegal” the penalties will in no way outweigh the benefits for him. Maybe he’s exposing four problems in one glorious scam:

    1) the corrupt practices of rangers
    2) the corruption of the media
    3) the superiority complex of the rangers fans, and its gullibility counterpart
    4) the inadequacy of corporate law

    Maybe he really is a hero

  • ‘crushed nuts?’ ‘Naw, Layringitis!’

    Ally, Ally, superswally, has come out demanding answers from CW, up to this point he has sworn unswerving alleigance to the boss-eyed wonder. Why the change of heart? Is it because the man wi’ the face like a hallowe’en cake can no longer give the belt stretcher his Harry Potters? ‘Ah’m a ranjurz fan’ What happened next?

  • thecat


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