Salmond up to his knees in silence

It was as though large parts of Scotland’s media, and many Rangers fans, had decided enough was enough after Saturday’s game.  Sectarian singing was reported and roundly condemned, although, inexplicably, BBC Sportscene flippantly suggested disagreeable refereeing could be a cause.  It was, however, Nil By Mouth from the government on tackling this peculiar fabric of society.

A Scottish government spokesman was unable to even acknowledge Saturday’s events, giving the Sunday Herald a completely neutral comment: “We deplore sectarian or bigoted chanting at any grounds or from any fans in Scotland.”

By his own admission, Alex Salmond is busy “arguing” with HMRC and campaigning to secure Rangers’ unique place in the fabric of Scottish society – despite openly being in breach of Fifa rules which could see Celtic kicked out of the Champions League and Scotland unable to compete in the World Cup qualifiers.  It would have cost him nothing to fall in line with everyone else and make it clear this behaviour is not what he is fighting for.

Issues like this are why we need a First Minister, Alex.  If you have decided to go Nil By Mouth, you’re betraying the very fabric you should be cultivating. No one wants to live in a Scotland that looks like this.

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218 thoughts on "Salmond up to his knees in silence"

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  • Barrach Obampot don’t need no stinkin’ Rangers


    Bunch of hurting huns hacks.

    It’s my party and I’ll gloat if I want to!



  • St Martin De Porres

    My first old firm game was at parkhead 85 finished 1-1. My father took me along with his 2 future son in laws at the time of which one is a hun. We were sat in main stand and when rangers scored my brother in law jumped up to celebrate but cant recall any issue or anyone shouting at him.

  • Folly Folly

    Thanks, TBB.

    Theoretically, therefore, Bain could have a million reasons to seek recompense by other means (e.g. as a paid ‘source’ or advisor for media chums) …


  • Saint Stivs

    twists n turns says:
    20 February, 2012 at 10:34

    again, very interesting read.


    back in the 70′s and 80′s my Uncle Dunky would take us into the away end at nearly every ground as a “quick way to get in” and then we would walk round to closest to the celtic end as we could get. Often you would quickly find many other tims doing the same. In the days before fixed segregation , this often led to scuffles. And like your dad and uncles, mines wouldnt back down to anyone.

    I had several scary meomories of things getting out of hand , and in them days of carry outs and bottles, and allround mentalness it wasnt nice.

    Famously , at Easter Road, we entered at the Hibs end of the big terrace and waled over to the end. This was the day we got beat 4-1, Conroy getting a severe kick to the stomach by the goalkeeper, and all hell breaking loose on the big terrace.

    I think Dunky might have been a wee bit of a starter for the riot.

    them were the days.

  • Mort

    A thread on a Rangers site has quite a number of fans saying that any Catholics (and muslims) employed by Rangers should be the first to be made redundant if there have to be job losses.

    And still there are Celtic fans who want these bigoted people to survive.


  • Mort

    So no party at Ibrox then?

    Chris McLaughlin @BBCchrismclaug
    Police tell me they will seek a fixture meeting with #SPL if #Celtic remain on course to lift title at Ibrox. #Rangers


  • TinyTim


    The night we beat Rangers 4-2 in 1979 to win the league.

    Rangers had a small section in The jungle.
    Only a splattering of fans next to the Rangers end.

    Divided by a no mans land,and heavily guarded by the police.

    I sneaked past a copper to stand at the back of them because i could get a clear view of the match.

    Near the end of the first half Roy Aitken crashed a header against the bar,with The Darnel winning 0-1.

    I will never forget the noise they made singing No Pope of Rome during half-time.

    It was vomit inducing.

    Because of it we forced our way back through the jungle and stood ant the very front of the Celtic end.

    That was the most packed that i have ever seen the Celtic end and Jungle,including the Dundee match in our centenary season.
    53,000 ma bahookey.


  • LiviBhoy

    Does anyone remember in the 90′s that Rangers fans used to brazenly sit in home ends up and down the country with their colours on and nothing was done?
    There were some grounds they couldn’t do it at but most of them they did. I remember sitting watching Sportscene or Scotsport and saying to my dad. Does that guy have a Rangers scarf on? Looked like he did. Anyone else remember this?


  • KJamBhoy

    LiviBhoy says:
    20 February, 2012 at 11:04

    Yes getting gubbed certainly helps increase the amount good will you receive, especially when my uncle explained we were here to see my other uncle, the sweeper sent off on 32mins!

    Mixed families areas is an interesting concept. In my opinion would be more realistic with the demise of Rangers. If it does happen the football authorities in Scotland have the opportunity to really shake things up, if they are brave enough to do so. Unfortunately I think they are more concerned with the status quo and keeping our toxic dying game chundering along.

  • Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon

    Mort says: 20 February, 2012 at 11:13

    A thread on a Rangers site has quite a number of fans saying that any Catholics (and muslims) employed by Rangers should be the first to be made redundant if there have to be job losses.

    And still there are Celtic fans who want these bigoted people to survive.

    This sums up perfectly the mentality of so many of their fans. The sooner liquidation hits the better.

  • St Martin De Porres

    Mort says:
    20 February, 2012 at 11:13

    Ethnic cleansing…what lovely people they truely are!!

    I wont name the company but a very reputable services company in scotland that my mate works for once went thru a similar program of cleansing a few years during MON first season because they felt there were too many catholics getting employed. The feeling at the time was its fine to employee catholics when were are on top so we can look down on them, ridicule and kick them. “We were almost tolerated because we were crap” was my mates actual phrase

    He left the company soon after as did several others forced or otherwise

    true story

  • gebhoy is the taxmans tick tocking clock, tick…tock


    No surprise, there will be shenanigans to shuffle the fixture list, we will not be allowed to go their to win it, no way! I had a discussion with a mate on the way home yesterday, the potential for major disorder is their big time.

    They simply cant take it……..

    It would surprise me if we dont get an away allocation or a vastly reduced one.


  • quonno

    Och! Lighten up Bhoys and Ghirls.
    It was only the legendary small minority whose conduct appalled the vastly greater decent element of the SCOTTISH INSTITUTION’s suppoerters.

  • LiviBhoy

    KJamBhoy says:
    20 February, 2012 at 11:18

    It may not work for certain games but it would increase kids understanding of other supporters and the parents would be responsible for educating their kids in getting behind their team rather than hating the opposition. These are proposals that all clubs should look at. It would mean that football teams could attend a match and bring a whole load of boys who could support both teams. Some kids may not have a parent who likes football or who can afford the journey to games. A home match maybe where ever they live. How do they get tickets? It’s hard as it is at the moment. Mixed family sections would fix this. It should be top of the SFA’s plans.


  • amadeus

    Amadeus remembers being on a hun football special train by some ghastly twist of circumstance, his green and white scarf wrapped around his waist. As the carriage got hotter, he blithely removed his jumper and all the air was sucked out of the atmosphere as his allegiance was declared to all.
    Luckily, he had made friends along the way with some tattooed huns who protected him from the slavering hordes – although he was punted off the train at Falkirk.
    Talk about a close one…

  • St Martin De Porres

    LiviBhoy says:
    20 February, 2012 at 11:17

    agree. i think it was very common. It certainly happened a lot at Falkirk were its still very difficult to seperate there loyalty

    Remember queens highway and all that. We can do what we want, go were we want, sing what we want

  • What is the Stars

    My Last word on the Pat Fenlon “debate”

    From Oglach
    I would group Fenlon along with that tiny percentage of Irish Catholics who joined the RUC.

    Well Oglach that says it all for me.

    Have a nice life

  • greenjedi

    We should demand our normal allocation and then return all of them unsold the Friday before the game. None of them would buy them to watch us hopefully win the league and it would cost them about £300k.


  • Kilbowie Kelt

    What is the Stars says:
    20 February, 2012 at 10:11

    I was interested in the different ways people seem to view the Fenlon/Linfield issue.
    Scarcely believe the hostility it generates.
    I fondly remember Tony Higgins getting stick for openly declaring that he would
    ‘love’ to be the first Catholic to break the apartheid that existed for so long at Ibrox.
    It never occured to me that he was some kind of Judas or closet Hun.
    He was a guy who hated their policy & had the kind of personality that could
    have coped with the abuse he would have received from BOTH SIDES.
    He often told the story of coming off the park at half-time when he was playing for
    Hibs at Ibrox, & being crudely abused by strident blonde ‘lady’ who knew the full
    lexicon of anti-Catholic insults.
    ‘Was that really necessary ?’ he inquired.
    ‘ Ach, It’s nothing personal, son,’ says his assailant, ‘ I work wi’ yer auntie doon
    at the Co-op. It’s jist whit we dae at the fitba’.
    Sadly, that is the mindset of most of the mindless bigots.
    All bigots are not Huns.
    We have our share of them too.

  • Paul67

    St Martin’s Bhoy, I hear you.

    Folly Folly, indeed.

    yogijunior3, times are a changing.

    kevinlasvegas, cheers.

    starry plough, Salmond will regret opening his mouth in the first place.

    SFFS, :-)

    Eurochamps67, many thanks.

    TinyTim, deleted, link too long for the page.

    greenjedi, deleted, see above.

    Lawrenzo, yes, if he cannot stand on principle with this one, you have to wonder what would happen under independence.

    quonno, yes, he could have chosen not to speak last week.

    KINGLuBO, aye.

    VertWolf, yes, that would also work.

  • Celtic Soul Brother- Supporting Kano 1000

    TinyTim says:
    20 February, 2012 at 11:15

    I was also at the 4-2 game but in the Celtic end-it was obviously a long time ago but my memory of it was that there was plenty of room and

    nowhere near full.Wasn’t there a bus strike or something?Remember walking home to Burnside and being absolutely gutted it wasn’t on the box!(Another strike?)

    Maybe this fact makes it my best ever game as apart from some amateur film it is all down to memory! Don’t shoot Murdo….GOAL!!!!!

  • Kittoch


    Don’t worry about that Bolt guy, he’s really Richard Branston, so he must be nearly 60

  • St Martin’s Bhoy

    greenjedi says:
    20 February, 2012 at 11:08
    Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon says:
    20 February, 2012 at 11:04
    St Martin’s Bhoy, kitalba,

    I’m in training, but people keep telling me about some guy called Bolt. Sounds a bit made up to me – wonder if he is any good?


    Didier could take him

    …….with a certain “Gabon International” on his back!

  • oglach

    Rieperman says:
    20 February, 2012 at 11:09
    What is the Stars says:
    20 February, 2012 at 10:11.

    I’d just like to echo your point about Pat Fenlon. How on earth can we move forward or expect others to move forward when people who have the courage to cross the divide are called huns by their own?

    Hunnish attitudes prevail on both sides it seems.
    Bo**ocks – Are you trying to portray Fenlon and Johnston as a Ghandiesque figures that tried to heal divides and were at the forefront of smashing the walls of sectarianism. Utter tosh. To try and criticise someone who shows up Fenlon for what he is, an Uncle Tim of the 1st order, by accusing those who would out individuals who willing chose to take the tainted shilling and say nothing about the institutionalised sectarianism within the club and the NI state as acting like a HUN is in itself a Hunnish trait indeed.

  • onlyonepaulmcstay


    I had the fortune of seeing the hoops knock out Barca in 2004, the game 2 young Celts excelled in the camp nou, young David Marshall and John Kennedy played with hearts the size of Lions.

    I had been saving up for this trip and when the day came to leave Glasgow on the morning of the game I was like a kid on Christmas morning, I met with the bhoys and headed for the airport, all the while clutching my match ticket and staring at it with dreams of glory, When we got to the terminal one of the bhoys said “put yer ticket in yer passport, you wont lose yer passport so in turn yer ticket will be safe”, I thought I like yer thinking amigo and did just that. We all know that a Euro trip away is something to be treasured, well believe you me, I fecking treasured pint after pint and was quite truly merry when we landed in sunny Spain (until about 1 pm, then it was belting down), We made our way through the concourse and along to passport control and out onto our bus, as we sat on the bus heading to our hotel, all the bhoys started to talk about their seat allocations and who had been sitting where, I reached for my passport and and my ticket…………………..Feck!! No ticket, it had gone, in my excitment and young enthusiasm I had lost the thing I had worked for most in the last few months, I was Gutted and obviously the bhoys where having a great laugh at my expense, I wanted to just start walking home. As it so happened the lads managed to get me a ticket and even chipped in and paid for it so I could take in Barcelona’s culture and hospitality, my ticket was for the Barca end and I was assured that I would be fine as they are Celtic friendly and would welcome me without aggression “aye very good”, I was shouted at and abused as soon as I had taken my seat, 3 old boys took it upon themselves to be my body guards for the evening and made sure the young element stayed well clear, that was fine until the final whistle sounded and we had knocked the mighty Barca out the cup, oh deary me, my ageing body guards could do little as I was punched and kicked and even one young fan spat right in my face, I have always loved Barca but still find that situation hard to take, I was bloody over joyed when I met back up with the lads and bhoy did we party. But if I had the choice I would do it again.

    That was my own fault but an away experience I will never forget.

    Hail Hail.

  • starry plough

    Phil MacGiollaBhain @Pmacgiollabhain Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    Excellent source: “fraud squad sifting through massive amount of documents” only properly getting started today.

    Tweet tweet..

  • Mort

    Kittoch at 11:26

    Don’t worry about that Bolt guy, he’s really Richard Branston, so he must be nearly 60

    So Bolt is really Branston, what a pickle.


  • bonbhoy

    jay_mac79 says:
    20 February, 2012 at 10:36

    There used to be a bus from Dunfermline. It left from Jokers pub.
    No idea if it still runs.

  • Bring Me The Heid of Thunder Crap Reid

    Tims on The Tube

    Tonight on BBC 2 at 9.

  • KJamBhoy

    My fear is the football authorities are not governed by enlightened people like yourself.

    We will see what the next few years bring. I hope all opportunities are pursued to improve many aspects of Scottish football.

  • Mort

    onlyonepaulmcstay at 11:28

    That sounds very unfortunate. I was in the Barca end for the CL game in 2008 and had no problems.


  • hailhailplc


    We won our first game against Rangers.

    We won our last game against Rangers.

    We talk about Neil McCallum now.

    In 2124, our great grandchildren will talk about Joe Ledley

    Joe – the Welsh Dragon – you are part of our folklore


  • voguepunter

    onlyonepaulmcstay says:
    20 February, 2012 at 11:28

    Same here ,I was in amongst the Barca fans,lost my mates
    through drink,barca fans thought I was mad shouting for 90 mins
    to kick the baw up the park.

  • What is the Stars


    You know James Connolly was once in the Britsh Army

    He was a right hun wasnt he

  • St Martin De Porres

    James McLean called up for ROI

    hes from the north isnt he? or am i wrong

  • Glenbuck

    Another in a lengthening list of excellent blogs Paul.

  • TinyTim


    I travelled in a supporters bus from Fife.

    But i think that you are correct that there was a bus strike.

    It was a lovely sunny Monday night i think.

    We missed the kick off due to the cues to get in.

    Infact my first site of the pitch was Alec MacDonald scoring for Rangers.

    I think that it was after 8 mins.

    Where i was down the front of the Celtic end,it

    was jam packed ,and old bhoy next to me fainted and had to be stretchered out of the the Celtic end after the melee that ensued when Colin Jackson scored the own goal.

    It may have been roomy where you were ,but it wasn’t where i was.

    Bobbishop was with me that night.

    It is my favourite ever Celtic match.

    I too was gutted that the BBC lost the film footage.


  • praecepta

    In with the opposition support:

    Over the years (particularly when I was younger) it seemed the right thing (daft) to do when you couldn’t get a ticket.

    Easter Road main stand & old enclosure – no problems.
    Firhill & Tannadice main stands – bit of debate but no problems.
    Tynecastle & Fir Park main stands – lot of aggression and vitriol.

    Dunfermline – we were in the packed enclosure with our Bhoys but had 5 or 6 kids with us. There was a bit of crushing – cops took the 10 of us out at half-time and walked us round to the half-empty home end – nobody bothered us.

    Liverpool – great banter and wished us well on route to Seville.
    Blackburn – very unfriendly.
    Man Utd – very threatening (3-2 game) from a crowd of their casuals – cops escorted us out of ground at full time.

    The best laugh had to be the night of the Frank McGarvey winner v der hun. Their corporate/ reserve players used to get allocated a few rows in the bottom corner of the old main stand at CP. Mate got us 2 tickets through business connections – all was peaceful till Frank scored – I was the only one to jump up giving it pelters. Needless to say – never got tickets again.

    Nowadays I stick to our end – feel safer in our own company!

  • iki

    Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon says:
    20 February, 2012 at 10:52

    In life everything is possible but you are going too far with Chic Young!

  • onlyonepaulmcstay


    I was surprised myself, I suppose my elation and waving of scarf didnt help matters but hey, we just put Barca out the cup, lovely stuff.


    Ive just moved to Ruggy, never been up to the famous boozer, must give it a try, stayed in Cumbernauld most of my days and moved here about 2 years ago, was told it can be quite cleekish (sorry about the spelling)

    Hail Hail.

  • Mort

    St Martin De Porres at 11:35

    Aye he’s from Derry but I don’t think he was selected for the most recent squad.


  • gorbalstam

    TinyTim says:
    20 February, 2012 at 11:37

    There was someone on the blog earlier asking about supporters buses from Dunfermline. Can’t remember the moniker but might be helpful if you could stick up some info’ if you have it.

  • bunburybhoy

    There is a depressingly predictable piece of nonsense in today’s Scotsman about how undignified WE are!
    Talk about defending the oppressors and vilifying the oppressed….Orwell wasn’t just an author….he seen the future.

  • Mort

    St Martin De Porres at 11:35

    I see he has just been called up now. Wonder why he wasn’t in the original squad.

    Anyways best of luck to him.


  • gorbalstam

    onlyonepaulmcstay says:
    20 February, 2012 at 11:39

    Chapmans is the place to be (no offence VP). It’s also a shorter walk to the game.

  • Paul67

    Hailhailplc, yes, in years to come we may talk about that joe Ledley goal. I was there when……

    Glenbuck, thanks.

  • LiviBhoy

    onlyonepaulmcstay says:
    20 February, 2012 at 11:28

    I was at that game v Barca. You must have had a better view than me. I was up in the gods. Bobo was just behind us having been sent off in the first match.
    He wasn’t allowed entry to the players section and was in with us. He was bouncing up and down with the supporters. Great sight. Big Bobo loves Celtic. Spoke to him and got a photo after the game. Total gentleman.


  • voguepunter

    onlyonepaulmcstay says:
    20 February, 2012 at 11:39

    It can be cliquish,all the Tims tend to stick together:O)

  • BigChipsUK – This is just the beginning…

    Mort (11:15): “Police tell me they will seek a fixture meeting with SPL if Celtic remain on course to lift title at Ibrox.”

    The SPL fixture list leading up to the 25th of March sees Celtic facing Dunfermline & Motherwell at home and Aberdeen away, while Rangers face a visit by Hearts and trips to ICT & Dundee Utd. Celtic have won 15 SPL games in a row and should have enough in the locker to take full points from the next three games, while with the current state of affairs at Rangers it would not be particularly surprising if they were to lose in both Inverness and Dundee and if Hearts returned to Edinburgh with at least a point.

    There is probably a half decent chance that Celtic will have already clinched the SPL Title ahead of their scheduled visit to Ibrox.

  • amadeus

    The one pity about Orwell, was that he turned out to have been feeding info to MI5, mostly on his ersatz friends.

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