Salmond up to his knees in silence

It was as though large parts of Scotland’s media, and many Rangers fans, had decided enough was enough after Saturday’s game.  Sectarian singing was reported and roundly condemned, although, inexplicably, BBC Sportscene flippantly suggested disagreeable refereeing could be a cause.  It was, however, Nil By Mouth from the government on tackling this peculiar fabric of society.

A Scottish government spokesman was unable to even acknowledge Saturday’s events, giving the Sunday Herald a completely neutral comment: “We deplore sectarian or bigoted chanting at any grounds or from any fans in Scotland.”

By his own admission, Alex Salmond is busy “arguing” with HMRC and campaigning to secure Rangers’ unique place in the fabric of Scottish society – despite openly being in breach of Fifa rules which could see Celtic kicked out of the Champions League and Scotland unable to compete in the World Cup qualifiers.  It would have cost him nothing to fall in line with everyone else and make it clear this behaviour is not what he is fighting for.

Issues like this are why we need a First Minister, Alex.  If you have decided to go Nil By Mouth, you’re betraying the very fabric you should be cultivating. No one wants to live in a Scotland that looks like this.

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218 thoughts on "Salmond up to his knees in silence"

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  • The Battered Bunnet

    Well done to Charlie Mulgrew for his Scotland call up.

  • What is the Stars


    consider myself an Irish Republican i do not do bigitory, i condem it in all its forms

    You dont do bigotry good man,glad to hear
    Yet you equate Pat Fenlons choice to play for Linfield as being the same as a Catholic joining the RUC

    You do a good imitation of bigotry all the same

  • Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon

    There’s no way we would be allowed to win the league at Ibrox. No way. If it is in any way likely a reason would be found to postpone the game. I still think that the police would be happy if that game never takes place.

    The atmosphere will be even more poisonous than usual with everything that is happening to them. But if we have the chance to clinch the league as well it would make things even worse. In public order terms it is something best avoided if at all possible.

  • bunburybhoy

    Jeez…ye mention Orwell and it kicks off!!
    I didn’t know he was a grass for MI5….ye learn something every day right enough. He died in Hairmyres Hospital in East Kilbride jist a short bike ride from where I grew up.15 more minutes on that same bike and ye will arrive on the spot where Rudolph Hess parachuted into seeking to cut a deal to end the war in 1941.
    It’s a funny old game Saint….

  • unew mike

    MWD can get plenty of ice cream over here in Japan just not sure about the jelly in fact i was eating a cornetto when watching big jieis highlight link Once again Neil Lennon was very eloquent in his post match interview Whilst Chas Mulgrew can take a mean free kick theres only one shunsuke nakamura Celtics original Japanese Bhoy

  • celticrollercoaster says In Neil we trust

    31003 says:
    20 February, 2012 at 12:12
    Ghuys…..bit of sympathy required…..smashinmilkbottles has just text me from hospital….broke his foot yesterday dain the conga….I kid you not


    did he keep his party hat on?



  • onlyonepaulmcstay


    ha ha ha I would hope for a better response or the Mrs can get the pepper spray out, Im looking forward to it, cheers.

    Hail Hail.

  • Scotpatsfan

    Re James McClean
    There was a story running recently about him playing for NI U21′s, but only in a friendly, then he chose to play for the Rep.
    The NI FA have a pole up their rear ends about it and also about other players from the North chosing to play for the South.

    Re Barcelona
    I was in the main stand with my brother at the 0-0 game surrounded by Barca fans. At 90mins everyone of them who walked past us shook our hands. They coulndn’t have been nicer.


  • Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire

    new article lhads

  • Rieperman


    Don’t put words in my mouth. Your comment about Catholics joining the RUC tells me that you would rather persevere with an “us and them” scenario than see the divisions and attitudes that facilitate these divisions smashed.
    Our views are shaped by our experiences and as I do not know what your experiences are, I will not judge you on your views. For my part, I have grown up watching too much sadness caused by small minded people on both sides of the divide who were unable or unwilling to forgive. I notice you use the late Tommy Burns to support your argument. I don’t think you have the right to do that. If he would agree with you or not, I do not know. I do know that he was a very devout Catholic and a man with forgiveness in his heart.

  • RalphWaldoEllison-is Neil Lennon Season 2011-12

    Mort says:

    20 February, 2012 at 11:13

    A thread on a Rangers site has quite a number of fans saying that any Catholics (and muslims) employed by Rangers should be the first to be made redundant if there have to be job losses.

    And still there are Celtic fans who want these bigoted people to survive.

    Mort. what is one more illegal act in amongst so many others.
    Spooky how your point and that thread arises at the time others on here are talking about Pat Fenton and any other Tim working for them…

    My deceased uncle was a priest, and in retirement. He and a bunch of other retired priests would go out for their Christmas meal together. One year one of them suggested having it at Ibrokes. They went and had their meal, but they did not reveal their trade or religion etc. My uncle was a real ecumenicalist and loved it, but then again they were from a missionary order and he probably considered it all missionary work of a sort.


  • ASonOfDan

    Reports of Sectarian Singing at Rangers FC

    It was hugely disappointing to hear reports of sectarian singing at Ibrox from a section of the Rangers support during the match against Kilmarnock on Saturday.

    “Show Bigotry the Red Card acknowledges Rangers Football Club have condemned those who engage in sectarian chanting and have been very supportive of campaigns like ours which promote equality and respect in society. We know that Rangers will share our disappointment at Saturday’s events which only damage the club’s reputation.”

    I wonder if the First Minister will share the disappointment…


    We call for all genuine fans to help us spread the anti-sectarianism message by renouncing such displays of religious hatred.

  • Rieperman


    Just one more thing. I don’t know how familiar you are with the divisions that existed in South Africa. I recomend you watch the movie Invictus.
    There is a lesson for all of us in how Nelson Mandela chose to wear the Springbok jersey, until then a symbol of Apartheid.

  • ArranmoreBhoyLXV11

    Hugh Mac Donald In today’s herald describes Ibrokes on Saturday thus..

    “frenzied support descended dreadfully into the worst of the Ibrokes songbook…the expressed hate of fen…n. b…..s…made even worse by the realisation that this was Not the product of a small minority in the crowd.. This was loud and ugly…”

    It trust the Scottish elected politicians , police and first minister read this!!!

  • miki67

    Criminal proceedings? No. ‘Friendly’ gestapo there to do some arresting? No. Excuses all round by meejah? Yes.
    Is Smoked Salmond an Orange Lodge member? Yes.
    This farce is just that : farcical.

  • pflan76

    There is only one way to make your point to politicians: vote for someone else!

    We need a concerted reaction to Salmond’s behaviour at the local council elections in May.

    Maybe Celtic fans should stand as independent candidates?

  • jay_mac79

    Cheers bonbhoy, I’ll give them a shout later on

  • patmcgrathtakesapenalty

    Oglach 10.15

    Couldn’t agree more.

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