SFA accuse Channel 4 News correspondent of “lying” while protecting president Ogilvie

When you have a potential loss to the tax payer of £75m, allegations of tax irregularities, political interference, alleged sporting malfeasance and stand of the brink of the largest corporate failure in Scottish history (discounting the bailed-out RBS) the profile of the story rises above the blogs and regular Scottish media.

Alex Thomson, chief correspondent for Channel 4 News, a man who reports from war zones, interviews prime ministers and presidents, decided to look into how the SFA were handling the current crisis in Scottish football.  Yesterday he blogged on the subject, raising many of the questions we have asked in recent months.

On Twitter this morning he reported his experience in trying to get some sense out of the SFA, this is what he said:

“SFA say President Campbell Ogilvie is ‘distancing himself from the current Rangers investigation’ but did not explain how.

“Campbell Ogilvie ‘did not know’ about EBT contract when he was Rangers FC secretary?

“When we asked why not – that was his job – SFA said they didn’t know.

“SFA say their President and fmr Ranger secretary Campbell Ogilvie will not be interviewed by c4news about what he knew…

“SFA say their President Campbell Ogilvie ‘has no plans to stand aside from his job pending current Rangers probes…

“Interesting SFA have just accused me of ‘lying’, ‘pig-headedness’ and then put the phone down mid-conversation….

“all because I put their own statement back to them that Campbell Ogilvie denied knowing about EBTs at Rangers…

“And suggested there might be a perceived conflict of interest in his current position until the investigations are complete”

Three weeks ago we suggested that Ogilvie’s position as SFA president was untenable, saying “The association cannot have a president embroiled in a tax evasion scam which, even before a verdict has been decided, has already caused untold harm to his former club and the reputation Scottish football.”

The SFA  have been able to dismiss pleas for sporting integrity and ethical standards from the blogsphere while the mainstream media have either chased the hapless fall-guy, Craig Whyte, or refused to take the Improper Registration of Rangers players seriously.

SFA chief executive, Stewart Regan, was flushed out his slumber by Mr Thomson’s comments this morning, Tweeting to the reporter, “Please could you confirm who you have spoken to. thank you.”

Stewart, if you really need to ask that question, you’re in more trouble than I thought. There are several thousand CQN’ers who could help answer that one.

Campbell Ogilvie and the SFA cannot hide from the facts of this crisis.  He is president of the SFA and both he and the association must acknowledge there is work to do.  We can only hope Uefa finally decide to take a look.

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  • TheOriginalSadiesBhoy

    timbhoy2 on 13 March, 2012 at 15:33 said:

    The girl was Moira Anderson murdered in 1958. She was sent to the shops by her mother and never seen again. Many, years later the daughter of a Baxter’s Bus driver said that she believed that her father (Gartshore) had murdered her friend Moira. He had served a prison sentence for some form of child sex abuse and a local Church of Scotland elder was implicated also in the case.

    The daughter alleged that her father who knew Moira enticed her onto his bus (it had been a very snowy day) and murdered her before dumping her body near the terminus at Townhead.

  • miki67

    Go on the U19′s! Well done , Bhoys!

  • garcia lorca

    I wrote a while back suggesting that we keep an eye on the roles of a whole range of people in this fast moving story- NED’S/ Smithx2 /Ogilvie etc.
    They will all come in and out of focus until this story ends.
    TBB did us a service at weekend however it struck me today that we have lost sight of the Close Bros loan around catering. I am sure others will recall that event in the early days of the MBB.
    Sure they must now be in the creditor queue.

  • ASonOfDan

    Meanwhile on Fantasy Island, they see the plane coming…

    PAUL MURRAY today confirmed his Blue Knight’s consortium will lodge a bid to buy Rangers and meet this Friday’s deadline for offers.

    Speaking from London after he held crucial talks with the club’s administrators, Duff & Phelps, Mr Murray also told the Evening Times he would proceed with the plan – which will heavily involve finance company Ticketus – only after he has shown fans groups “all the fine detail and receives their full backing with complete transparency absolutely crucial”.

    Mr Murray is hopeful the Blue Knights will be granted ‘preferred bidder’ status to take control of the club through a Creditors Voluntary Agreement.

    However, there remains takeover interest from groups in Singapore, North America and also from Scots businessman Brian Kennedy, the owner of Sale Sharks Rugby team.

    These will also be considered by Duff & Phelps before a decision is made.

    Mr Murray, a Rangers’ director for four years before he was deposed by Craig Whyte after his takeover last May, is fronting a rescue bid for the stricken club, which has now been in administration for four weeks.

    Major players in his consortium are finance company Ticketus, which advanced Mr Whyte £24.4million for future season ticket sales – which he then used to buy the club.

    Executives from Ticketus accompanied Mr Murray to the meeting with Duff & Phelps joint-administrator Paul Clark.

    “We had a very good meeting with the administrators. It was an open meeting with very constructive dialogue and myself and the executives from Ticketus asked a lot of questions, and answered a lot of questions,” Mr Murray said.

    “We are in good shape for Friday. We will be making an offer to buy Rangers. It’s obviously up to the administrators to evaluate any offers that come in, but I think they will have to crack on in terms of a decision.

    “I would like to think we would get an answer next week and we are hopeful of being able to take control of the club and stabilise the situation.

    “That is the main thing – Rangers needs to be saved in its current form and then plans can be put in place from there.

    “In terms of the Ticketus involvement, what I want to do is make sure this time we have absolute transparency.

    “My colleagues in the Blue Knights will sit with the fans groups and say to them, ‘This is the deal.’

    “We will show them every detail and what we are asking them to buy into. It will be totally up front, with the best interests of Rangers the main factor at all times.”

    The decision to bring Ticketus on board raised eyebrows, given that it was shown in a bad light due to its association with Mr Whyte.

    He entered into an agreement to sell the company, which is an off-shoot of finance house Octopus and which has a net value of £3billion, more than 100,000 season tickets over four years. But he then used the money advanced to pay off an £18m Rangers’ debt to Lloyds Bank.

    But Mr Murray was keen to outline exactly how the arrangement with Ticketus will work.

    And he did not rule out it could be a short-term partner, with Rangers possibly reverting to a bank for its credit facilities should the club be returned to a sound footing under the stewardship of a new board.

    He explained: “It is important to point out Ticketus is a very big business with substantial cash reserves. It has been painted in a bad light due to the Craig Whyte deal, but it entered into the agreement with him in good faith.

    “We have held extensive dialogue about how it can work in terms of alignment with the Blue Knights.

    “When you are bringing a consortium of 10 people together to put up funding it can take a bit of time.

    “Ticketus will, in effect, underwrite stage one of our plan, which will be to back the cash purchase of the club and provide initial working capital. It can show quickly the money is in place.

    “The Blue Knights will be a body standing behind them. The individuals will give personal pledges to Ticketus against the money used in stage one.

    “We may not need all of the working capital set aside as you would hopefully have season ticket money coming in about the start of May. However, you have the reassurance of it being there as the transfer market opens. etc.

    “Stage two would then be a share issue open to all. Again, the Blue Knights would be investing into that, as well as the cash pledges being put up to complete the purchase.

    “Stage three would be to renegotiate the terms of the Ticketus arrangement to something the club can afford to pay. Craig Whyte did it short term and we would arrange something far more attractive to the club.

    “That said, it could be we may ‘take Ticketus out’ down the line once the club is on a stronger footing and stabilised. We could look at other more traditional options.

    “People may look at Rangers as some kind of financial basket case, but when the business is running properly under the stewardship of the right people there is no reason why we could not have normal credit facilities like other clubs.”

  • TheOriginalSadiesBhoy

    BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS on 13 March, 2012 at 15:55 said:

    Bobby I’ll bow to your superior knowledge but I thought we haven’t been in danger of relegation since the 50s when Jackie Cantwell scored a number of goals that saved us late on in the season.

    The incident was an outrage (I’ll now add that to my list of reasons for wanting RFC to disappear into oblivion) :-)

  • greenmaestro

    I thought I heard that guy Kennedy saying in an interview he wasn’t interested in buying rangurs.

  • iki

    I am keeping some jelly and ice cream in reserve for the day that one, at least, of the MIB are folded into this melange of misdeeds.

  • FJIW

    I remember the John Gordon (from Newport on Tay) game well. Does anyone remember him calling Big Billy over to him. When the big man reached Gordon he towered above him with his chest puffed out and frightened the cr*p out of him. The Rangers eh! Cheats then and cheats now.

  • greenmaestro

    Are Ticketus a finance company?

    Interesting statement re ranjurs on their web site:


  • jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/

    T O S B

    Her body has never been found. One story is she was put in a grave that was prepared for a funeral. Gartshore used to grow orange lillys in his garden and bad Bhoys wd to pull them up the night before the Walk. <)0)))))

  • oldtim67

    Paul67 etal.

    They are starting to crack?.Nacht der langen messer,(The night of the long knives) shall be upon us soon.

    When the united front that they have been endevouring to hold on to, starts to slip,they are in serious trouble,the infighting has started and the end is nigh.

    All it took was a few enquiries from Alex Thomson a C4 Newsman, to ask a few pertinent questions and all hell breaks loose,accused of telling lies,my money is on Alex Thomson would be the only one that’s telling the truth.
    Why would he lie?.This man doesn’t work for the Scottish Red Tops,I’m sure they wouldn’t be averse to telling a few porkies.
    We have two new men in charge of Scottish Football,If they want to stay a bit longer in their jobs,they need to distance themselves from this quagmire that has arrived in the Scottish game.
    Gordon Mc Queen wrote yesterday that what is going on in Scottish Football now is making us the laughing stock of the Sporting World,it’s quite depressing to read that.

    I wrote on here a couple of weeks ago that it would take a couple of years to clean up this mess,reading about what is happening now,I wonder when it will all end.

    I feel that the courts will be busy for a few months,(years)settling all the infighting that’s going to come up,could there also be jail time for a few?.They deserve it,but will they have the bottle to take the perpetrators to court.If proven, they will have committed a criminal act,and a custodial sentence would be just.

    Nacht der langen messer,seems appropriate here as they have already tried to besmirch the good name of the Whyte Knight,but he may outlast them all.
    Go on my son.Ride a straight course, and true.

  • ASonOfDan

    Murray forgot to mention Stage Four.

    Hector comes along, laugh’s like f*** and takes everything away…

  • RobertTressell

    ASonofDan – it appears young Murray is keeping his powder dry with regard to the Big Tax case. He must have a cunning plan to deal with the £75 Million ‘problem’……

    If Hans Christian Anderson did football…..

  • jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/

    Has the Alex Thomson show been on or is coming on CH4??

    2nd request.

  • Auld Neil Lennon heid

    We are on the same page.
    I m wondering if fundamental beliefs of both major religions are a reason.
    I cannot comment on Protestantism but Catholicism has admission of wrong,contrition and forgiveness as a key feature.
    Does that make it easier for those from that tradition to see things in that light?
    Equally does the Protestant belief on contrition etc make it harder/impossible for them to admit to wrongdoing?
    Im going to have to do some research unless other bloggers can answer from knowledge.

  • greenmaestro

    Actually that Ticketus statement is signed by Luther Pendragon – the mythical King Arthur’s faither.

  • Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon


    He did.

    But you know that old saying about facts and a good story …

  • starry plough

    ASonOfDan on 13 March, 2012 at 16:07 said:

    Why is Murray sitting with Duff and Duffer when the MBB owns rankness.

    The administrators can’t see the good ship orca without him can they?

    Bluster and fuffenstuff the lot of them…




    Just to enlighten those who were not there,or refresh the memor of those who were,the incident went as follows.

    Corner to us at the hun end,McAdam goes up for the ball,blatant push in the back while he’s in mid-air.

    Loud shout,ref runs towards the spot,followed by celebrating Celtic players.

    Leaving poor old Frank and Peter Latchford……….

    It was DEFO offside,I was in the enclosure,pretty much in a line with the pass-Cooper?

    Cue a minor invasion,the players refusing to re-start the game,and Big Jock coming on to the pitch and centring the ball-GET ON WI’ IT!

    Bad,bad times,and I hope Gordon and a few others are in a place where I hope never to be.

  • Auld Neil Lennon heid

    Tom English set out the Murray plan. It depends totally on HMRC either becoming a bank or giving away taxpayers money to those who stole it.
    HMRC cannot compromise on principles without severely damaging their raison d’etre.

  • ASonOfDan

    I will only worry when Hector is standing next to Murray. Everything else is total pash. Ticketus, Blue Knights, mean nothing with 3 bills owed to HMRC.

    Hector doesn’t do walking away…

  • greenmaestro

    Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon on 13 March, 2012 at 16:15 said:

    I get it. So the meeting next week will be where The Admins agree with the Knights that MBB doesn’t get a penny. Sorted.

  • Kayal33

    Murray’s cunning plan seems to be ignore the big taxcase and hope it goes away, Duff & Duffer’s cunning plan is to ignore Our Hero in the hope that he goes away

  • Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo

    Knights and Whyte flapping, never reaching the end,
    Letters I’ve written, never meaning to send.
    Beauty I’d always missed with these eyes before.
    Just what the truth is, I can’t say anymore.

    ‘Cos I gubbed you, yes I gubbed you, oh how I gubbed you.

    Gazing at peeple, some red in hand,
    Just what I’m going through they can’t understand.
    Some try to tell me, thoughts they cannot defend,
    Just what you want to be, you will be in the end.

    And I gubbed you, yes I gubbed you,
    Oh how I gubbed you, oh how I gubbed you.

    Knights and Whyte flapping, never reaching the end,
    Letters I’ve written, never meaning to send.
    Beauty I’ve always missed, with these eyes before.
    Just what the truth is, I can’t say anymore.

    ‘Cos I gubbed you, yes I gubbed you,
    Oh how I gubbed you, oh how I gubbed you.
    ‘Cos I gubbed you, yes I gubbed you,
    Oh how I gubbed you, oh how I gubbed you.

    Breath deep
    The gathering gloom
    Watch lights fade
    From every room
    Bedsitter peeple
    Look back and lament
    Another day’s useless
    penny is spent

    Impassioned lovers
    Wrestle as one
    Lonely man cries for love
    And has none
    New mother picks up
    And suckles her son
    Senior citizens
    Wish they were young

    Cold hearted orc
    That rules the Knight
    Removes the colours
    From our sight
    Red is gray and
    Yellow white
    But we decide
    Which is right
    Which is an Illusion

  • ulysses mcghee

    Blue Knights in Tight Satin

    And a ‘Fighting’ fund.

    What exactly is a ‘Fighting’ fund?

    It’s always brash and bold and unsubtly aggressive, with them. The Peepil, The Fear, The Fighting Fund…

    What a bunch of big stupid weans they are. Can they not just dip into charity money?

    What? They already are?

    What next – The ‘Aggressive Life Support’ Fund?

    The intimidating death rattle fund?

    The ‘Them’s fightin’ words Pappy’ Fund?

    The ‘We’re quite sad and anachronistic and struggling to adapt and want everything to stay the same as long as it stays the same for the benefit of solely us’ Fund?


  • The Spirit of Arthur Lee

    Are they taking pledges for the fighting fund?

  • No.7

    If the huns dont do walking away and neither does MBB & Hector. Theres gonna be a long bout of standing over Poundland way.

  • Hector

    Still lurking….

    Still watching…

    Still waiting…

    Keep faith.

  • My boss is Peter Principle

    Awe Naw, Have you ever heard of a website called Expat shield? It is for VPN access whilst out of the UK. The catch is that it is free but with Ads (I use IAPS for VPN thats costs aroun $100 per year). Just wondering if you has heard about it (or anyone else for that matter). I was looking to download it but the free part is sticking in my head

  • ASonOfDan

    How do you make a donation to this ‘Fighting Fund’ is Aunt Sally and the Cardigan going to accost me in Sauchiehall Street with blue bibs on, asking me to support ‘The peeeeepppuuulll’.

  • Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo


    Note how the bouncing of Craig Whyte out of the picture is not mentioned. MMhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

    Now that is because Craig Whyte is VERY MUCH STILL in the picture and with Murray , Ticketus and D&P knowledge.

    They are lying to the gullible mob yet again !!! No shame

    And of course the daft ugly rotten mob will be sucked in yet again such is Animal instinct

    I reckon animal instinct is far more an appropriate discussion than cognitive dissonance or categorical imperatives.

    Much much easier to witness

    Hail Hail

  • BontyBhoy


    I won’t pretend to be an expert on protestantism, but being brought up in that environment and having lived with a Catholic partner (twice!) I can honestly say there’s no obvious difference.
    I’ve always felt the similarities far outweigh the differences, but, then that’s another discussion.

    Either way, apologies go a long way in most Western cultures, and are inherent in some Eastern cultures the ommission of an apology would be staggering. So, I think we’re entitled to wonder who, when and where this apology is coming from. And from a more objective perspective; how can those associated with Rangers not recognise the potential gain an apology, contrition, and possibly offering to accept some dire penalties might offer them. If they offer to have their arm cut off, might we not react by saying it’s ok, we’ll just take a hand… The more they fight this, the worse it is likely to get.

    For sure, there is a good book or 20 to be written about how all this has unfolded.

  • JohnnyClash

    The ‘walking away brown brogues’ fund.

  • Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo

    My boss is Peter Principle on 13 March, 2012 at 16:27


    Hail Hail

  • Kojo

    My dear,dear,dear,friend.. Dushanbe Bhilly Bhoy @ 14.28

    Hiya , Pally?

    Ah didnae Know that the consumation o’ Pumpkins , could dae Awe
    that guid Stuff.. Good tae know.

    Mebbe, Ah’ ll order a Couple o’ them
    fur Ma breakfast ,next morn.
    Can’t Hoit!

    Talkin’ aboot. A Hair Restorative..
    Did ye ever hear this wan…

    Aboot Five Years Ago.. Ah wiz woikin’ oan a Project in New York City..
    Ah wiz living in The Suburbs.. and every Morning.. a Goat the Eight O’clock Train into Grand Central…

    Ah goat tae know, a few o’ the Regular Commuters.
    who travelled wi’ me .
    As,Usually, we ended up in the Same Carriage..

    Wan morning, the subject of . Losing wan’s Hair. came up in the Conversation
    Ma ain Hair..is quite Full. so. Ah wiz no really actively engaged in the Discussion. Just , Listening..

    Wan of the Guys, who wiz Bald as a Badger.. said that He wiz.. trying oot a New Hair Restorative.. It wiz a Brand noo Formula. and It’s maker’s Claimed, that is wiz proving tae be Mighty Successful,in Restoring Yer Hair.

    Naturally, we awe hid a guid Look at The Bald Guy’s Heid. then..

    It looked…well.. Bald!

    Nae sign o’ wan single Hair.

    Smooth as the Proverbial..it wiz.. so it wiz.

    Well… Someone else, started tae talk Aboot the Yankees. and The Subject o’ the Bald Fellah’s .. Ongoing Experiment. wi the Hair Restorer.. wis drapped.

    Aboot, Wan week.. later.. as Ah sat doon..in Ma usual Seat.. in the Train..
    Ah happened tae glance at Heid o’ the Bald Guy. who wiz sitting. right Opposite.
    Gosh!.. It sure Looked that He wiz sproutin.. Hair!

    Yep..no question..
    All over his formerly. Bald Heid. there wur definite signs of a revival o’ his Hair Follicles goin Oan..

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    Cliff,just Smiled.. as we peppered him with questions… such… as where could we buy this wonderful Hair Restorer?.. and How Much did It cost?.. and so oan.

    Cliff just kept Smiling, like a Cheshire Cat… as he listened to our questions..
    and Did Not Answer.

    Eventually,when we had quietened.. doon..
    and there wus a Silence..

    Cliff. just said..


    And we awe said..in Unison..
    “Whatya Mean. By that?”

    and Cliff said..

    “Ah played a trick oan the Loat o’ Ye.. and ye never tumbled!

    Fur Ah just.. Shaved Ma Heid!”

    True Story…

    yer pal..who likes ye mair and mairer.

    Still.. Laughin’


  • glassford03

    I see the “Fighting Fund” is up and running. A rangers supporting (sensible) pal mentioned it to me. Hopefully they will be taking donations or contributions via Paypal. That way when they shout “We are the Paypal” it will at last make sense.

  • yogiy

    Philvis said @ 14:22

    “Rangers are the Daleks of Scottish football.”

    My grandson is a big fan of Harry Potter and when my wife asked him “What’s a Dementor”. The wee fellow replied “It is something that takes away your happiness”. I think that’s a better description of RFCIA.

  • TheOriginalSadiesBhoy

    FJIW on 13 March, 2012 at 16:10 said:

    I remember the John Gordon (from Newport on Tay) game well. Does anyone remember him calling Big Billy over to him. When the big man reached Gordon he towered above him with his chest puffed out and frightened the cr*p out of him. The Rangers eh! Cheats then and cheats now.

    I think you’re confusing the two games. Billy towered over Andrew Waddell at Celtic Park Other game involving Gordon was at Ibrox. I’m sure Big Jock was manager and that the Celtic players refused to restart the game after the goal but someone from the club came out to them and ordered them to get on with the game.

  • Shieldmuir Celtic

    Paul, keep them running. Ignorance of the law is no excuse and neither is ‘uncertainty’.
    While they are on the run,could someone find out what compensation S.F.A. got for Walter who was under contract to them when he went to Rangers. I understand that they did not even ask for anything.

  • celtfish

    Re-Post from earlier-
    Whilst there appears to be the lull before the storm, a call out to Bhoys and Ghirls in the Swindon and Thames Valley hinterland.

    There is an ‘Evening with John Hartson’ charity supper at Swindon Town FC on Thursday 22nd March 7pm. Supper, comedian and auction all for a fantastic £15.

    All proceeds to the Great Western Hospital Breast Cancer Centre.

    Please contact me for tickets by leaving a post for Paul67, who will forward you my email.



  • My boss is Peter Principle

    Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on 13 March, 2012 at 16:33 said:
    Thanks for that..very interesting site

  • greenmaestro

    Aw Naw
    Am loving this, and you know this will be spun up as great news on the news and radio all night. I mean what could posibly stand in the way of the Blue Nits now.

    MBB – he’s out the window, the SFA say he can’t run a club so he’ll be easy to handle.
    Hector – Will be falling over himself to do a deal. 0.0001p in the pound at best, and the fighting fund will likely stretch to the £35 pound needed to cover that, if not the pension fund’ll hardly notice that amount escaped.

    It’s all looking rosey, er.. bluey or something anyway.

  • ASonOfDan

    Not Celtic, Not rangers but interesting reading I thought.

    Portugal’s Professional Football League (LPFP) has approved the entry of two additional teams to widen the Premier League to 18 clubs and its president said it would challenge the current TV rights bargaining model in European courts.

    “The league’s council of [club] presidents approved an expansion of the competition to 18 clubs in the 2012/13 season,” the LPFP said in a statement late on Monday.

    The expansion would be achieved by allowing the bottom two teams this season to avoid relegation.

    The decision, which provoked a heated exchange between club delegates, still needs to be ratified by the Portuguese Football Federation and Portugal’s National Sports Council. Some of the clubs which voted against the proposal said they would challenge the measure.

    The LPFP also delegated president Mario Figueiredo with the task of preparing a complaint to the European Union about the current TV rights bargaining model that privileges bigger clubs.

    “This was an historic day, we managed to gather support for a structural question and an eventual complaint to end the monopoly of TV rights,” Figueiredo said.

    He wants the LPFP to be the single negotiator of TV rights for all of the Portuguese Premier League instead of the current model whereby TV contracts are negotiated on a club-by-club basis.

  • row z \o/ (O) whatever part of my club is dependent on rangers I am willing to lose!

    I understand the fightingfunders are encouraging people not to use the paypal route because it will cost about £4 to process each transaction and this would be lost to the cause……..

    So should we all be making a £1 donation via paypal? This would result in a net loss of £3?




    KOJO 1835

    Yer a rascal,so ye are….

  • Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo


    Whyte may be out of the SFA picture but he is well embedded into the legal structure. HE IS RANGERS BIGGEST SHAREHOLDER

    Paul Murray is more out of the picture than Craig Whyte.

    Paul Murray has far more blood on his hands as far as the SFA should be concerned.

    They all have so little that even when they bandy together they dont have enough…….when I see Joe Ledley I go outta my head and ?

    Hail Hail

  • BlantyreKev – Parcel=>

    ASonOfDan on 13 March, 2012 at 16:41 said:

    Is one of the clubs going in Celtic? Or will the Dutch league expand to 20?

  • greenmaestro

    I don’t think PayPal charges for gisfts/ donations.

    Maybe they have to be a registered charity or something else ligit; like registered to pay their taxes.

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