Uefa compliance officer set for SFA next week

A Uefa compliance officer will visit the Scottish FA early next week after European football’s governing body were asked to look into what was happening inside Scottish football by people within the German game.  Scottish football has been rocked by allegations of improper registration of players for over a month now.  The SFA recently concluded an inquiry into Rangers without reference to the allegations while the Scottish Premier League have announced an inquiry, but indicate it will not report anytime soon.

Although the allegations have consequences beyond the SPL, including international and European football, the SFA have failed to actively address concerns which could see 12 years of football results rewritten, prompting interest from Uefa.

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  • Timabhouy

    revenue & customs

  • miki67

    Won’t be long til one of Mancini’s lot gets red carded?

  • malceye

    Mein gott!!!

  • kikinthenakas


    A great read into Murray and his behaviour from alf young.

  • dirtymac \o/

    Davidopoulos on 15 March, 2012 at 20:28 said:
    Someone in the German game grassing them up? Werder Bremmen? Has Phil Mac been really, really busy?

    Has to be either them or Stuttgart (bottom of the orcs CL group in the same season, Rangers had 7 pts, Stuttgart 3 – a reversal of Rangers win would see them on 4 and 6 respectively).

    Once this opens up, expect further complaints from Fiorentina, who ‘kind of’ took their medicine with genuine dignity especially Angelo di Livio, who despite having his contract nullified, signed on again in Serie C2 (4th-tier in Italy) to get his club out of the mire and also from Sporting Lisbon, who have twice been knocked out by Rangers in recent seasons.

    Stupid huns.

  • gaz1888

    A would have got away with it to , if it weren’t for them pesky kids :-D hail hail

  • Headtheball

    Vee hav vays of making you talk. May I zee your papers (contracts) please?

  • Timabhouy

    oops! bless

  • 31003

    Smashy……typically with no thought for others you have managed to stretch the page with a meaningless post….is it not past your bedtime?

  • ASonOfDan

    Will the SFA terminate them to save their own skin?

    ‘Rangers have also been accused of a breach
    in relation to their descent into
    Rule 14(g) states that membership may be
    suspended or terminated, or a fine may be
    issued, where a club suffers or is subject to
    an insolvency event.’

  • Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire

    were it hangs itself.
    looks like this keyboard has had too many mouthfulls of tea and coffee sprayed over it, might be suing for damages

  • Bhoy67


    phil mac like a dug wi a bone

    pile it on



  • TinyTim


    It’s been a tough last few months.I have had much more important things to deal with.
    The treble will help me get through the next few months ,which are going to be the toughest of all.
    Mrs TT’S oldest brother (aged 47) is in the final stages of terminal cancer.

    The shadow of his imminent death hangs over us.

    Celtic provide a very welcome distraction and hopefully some unbridled joy.

    I have been thinking about Dick Byrne these last few days ,and what he had to endure.

    I hope that Mrs TT can find some of the strength that he has,she is certainly stronger than me ,in that sense.

    Take care.

  • obonfanti1888


    Please tell me this just isn’t just some “routine” visit!!??

  • Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly

    The EUFA compliance officer obviously moves in a higher gear than the SFAcompliance officer who is seemingly still writing up his report on the sectarian singing at the huns v Killie game. Maybe his crayons keep breaking.

  • Mr X loves having a “fly kick”

    2 nil Sporting.

  • pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON

    All going wrong for city, hee hee, mon the hoops!

  • Snake Plissken

    2-0 Sporting

    3-0 agg

  • SmashingMilkBottles


    God bless her majesty’s

  • Lennondinho18 (@CelticNewsAtTen)

    Paul 67

    does the officer need picked up from the airport?

    i will take the day off if needed?


  • Bob LobLaw

    WooHoo!!!! 0-2 the Sporting hoops!!!!!! 0-3 agg.

  • SmashingMilkBottles

    Revenue and customs

  • Jungle Jim

    What is a compliance officer`s job?


  • pauloantony

    Since 1997 the following clubs have exited Europe at rangers expence
    Dinamo Moscow
    Fc copenhagen
    Red star
    Sporting lisbon

    Just imagine if there is a ‘problem’ on the administrative side in Scottish football …
    That could possibly be a massive can of worms!
    I wonder if they are watching.

  • Paul67

    RogueLeader :-)

    Carrigan, donation button! Will try to sort tonight, thanks.

    JamsieBhoy, I suspect their brief will be: Comply.

    Vmhan, thanks.

    ASonOfDan, the fight goes on.

    TinyTim, let’s hope.

    Dublinbhoy, indeed.

    Burnley78, I had the very same thought.

    Mr X, aye.

    Lubo, :-)

  • Dublinbhoy

    2-0 to Sporting…a Celtic-esque goal! Ball drilled in from the right across goal and tapped in by striker on the left hand post. Excellent.

    Hail Hail

  • SmashingMilkBottles

    Ha ha 31003

    See what I did there?

    Bet no other sad git on this site would do the same just so as to get a comment?

  • Kojo

    Sir Paul

    This amazed ye ur no saying a Richard. aboot tomorrow’s
    Blue Lettah ,Day!

    The Biggest Day in the Ibrox Callendar..Next tae. All Fool’s Day!
    the G.A. Administrators..O’ The Past.. and The Present!

    Tomorrow, the Blue Knight’s Pet Goose Wull Attempt tae Lay An Egg!

    Wull it be.. A Golden Wan?
    Wull it jist Be… a Plain ole…” Egg”… which wull splatter awe
    oor thur Collective.. Face!

    Ah canny wait.!!

    Still… Laughin’ like Hell.


  • Bob LobLaw

    TinyTim. Thoughts and prayers for you and yours at this very difficult time.

  • ASonOfDan

    An apt quote I feel.

    Die Weltgeschichte ist auch die Summe
    dessen, was vermeidbar gewesen wäre.

    ‘The history of the world is also the sum of
    what might have been avoided.’

    - Konrad Adenauer (1876-1967), West
    Germany’s first chancellor

  • johann murdoch

    If the sfa are found wanting by uefa..could that make them legally liable for compensation claims by other eufa clubs who have suffered loss due to improper player registration by ragers with the sfa complicit ?

    Think I have just answered my own question there…or heaven forbid eufa uncover such a can of worms that they try and put a lid on it also ?

    Away for a wee lie doon now !!!

  • 31003


    Page 1comment 4……..jist call me the invisible man why don’t ye?

  • Seven Fishes Four Steaks

    A mural near where I live is about Askatasuna (from the Basque word meaning freedom) is a Basque political party.


  • The Honest Cover-up

    “…people within the German game”.
    St Pauli truly are our Brothers in arms aren’t they ;-)

  • voguepunter

    TinyTim on 15 March, 2012 at 20:46 said:

    Thoughts with you and your family TT.

  • voguepunter

    31003 on 15 March, 2012 at 20:52 said:

    Who said that ?????

  • miki67

    In the spirit of Germanic fraternity I offer you this : a beautiful German song by Rammstein called ‘Ohne Dich’ (Without You)
    We were right there.


  • pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON

    Can’t wait to see our young hoops having a go at Europe next season.

    Making the champions league group stages would be outstanding, and great experience for our players.

    I know playing in the Europa league is ok, but the champions league nights are the best nights in football. It’s been too long, bring them back!

  • SmashingMilkBottles


    Oh please…….sir Paul …..gonnae answer ?


  • Celtic Mac

    Paul67 et al

    Any half reasonably impartial inquiry into the SFL, the SPL, (since 1998) and the SFA since Fergus McCann returned to Scotland from Canada would leave Scotland without access to European football at both club and national level. The performance by both the SPL and the SFA in the ten months since Craig Whyte picked up the poisoned chalice has been lamentable whilst the Scottish media, which had plumbed the depths of sycophancy throughout Murray’s ownership at Ibrox, sunk even further while leading the cheers for Rangers new owners. Can it only be a few months since they were ecstatic about a £26 million warchest? And yet now Sandy Jardine (a bone fide footballer) is getting carried away collecting £20 notes from pensioners in Northern Ireland! UEFA at least deserves some credit for trying to get involved, in Switzerland and elsewhere, but as we all know it will have its’ work cut out in Scotland. I wish them well.

  • navanbhoy

    TinyTim 20:46

    thoughts and prayers with you

    keep the faith



  • moravcik

    Maybe the UEFA Compliance Officer could assist the SFA / SPL in the investigation into the sectarian songs at Ibrox during game against Kilmarnock, as 3 weeks after the game nothing has been heard.

    Now if this was Celtic being investigated ………….

  • neveralone

    This is now becoming truely bizarre.

    First Phil was talking of claims from Portugal. Now German names?

    I always thought Scotland was regarded as a football backwater as far as the heid yins @ UEFA were concerned. A good place to have posh meetings (Gleneagles etc) or the occassional Euro Final but otherwise not a place of any real consequence.

    What could have brought this about? Obviouisly worries about rule flaunting!

    Doubt the Portuguese or Germans are avid followers of Scotland Today or Reporting Scotland.
    Even when they became aware of RFCIA is it reasonable that they would drill down to find minutiae specifically in respect of their own clubs?
    What could be the cause of member Associations referring concerns to UEFA?
    Have the SFA reported themselves? (Joke!)

    Or have some of you cheeky Cyber Tims out there been working overtime above & beyond the call of duty???!!!???

    More power to your internet connections I say

    H H

  • 31003

    Smashy…..I can see Paul67 banning you for calling him a trumpet…..what has he done to you to deserve this?

  • SmashingMilkBottles

    Moving off topic just now….

    What does the blog think of Fraser Forster not signing up yet?

  • dirtymac \o/

    Bremen and Hamburg have a bit of history don’t they?

    hahaha, that would be an excellent get it roond ye

  • goldstar10

    The best bit is all these guys- and we all know some- who say “Scottish football is f***** s*****, thats why I go down/come across to watch Man City/United, Liverpool instead”.

    Hope all you bozos at Eastlands (and at Old Trafford last week) enjoyed the hammering!

  • bankiebhoy1

    It must be the representative from……….

    Kontracht Frankfurt……

    Oompahpah CSC

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