Uefa compliance officer set for SFA next week

A Uefa compliance officer will visit the Scottish FA early next week after European football’s governing body were asked to look into what was happening inside Scottish football by people within the German game.  Scottish football has been rocked by allegations of improper registration of players for over a month now.  The SFA recently concluded an inquiry into Rangers without reference to the allegations while the Scottish Premier League have announced an inquiry, but indicate it will not report anytime soon.

Although the allegations have consequences beyond the SPL, including international and European football, the SFA have failed to actively address concerns which could see 12 years of football results rewritten, prompting interest from Uefa.

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  • Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon

    If Fraser Forster wants to leave at the end of the season because more money at a mediocre English side is attractive then good luck to him.

    But if he decides to commit himself to Celtic with CL football and trophies aplenty ahead of him I don’t think he will regret it.

  • setting free the bears

    Eyes Wide Open

    That’s a fair summary of the situation. I would differ on 2 points only.

    Firstly:- “No one worth mentioning was looking to sign him the 1st or 2nd seasons.”:-

    I know Norwich would have had him back no problem because he had been superb with them when they were promoted to the Championship.

    Secondly, Neil too would have been pilloried for spending £2m on Fraser last summer. Most fans would not have thought him worthy of that outlay. Neil had to go down the loan route to show that Fraser was better than the fans’ ratings suggested.


    I don’t see how Newcastle can, overtly, sabotage the deal. A transfer fee was agreed. If we pay it, Newcastle cannot renege. However the deal needs 2 signatures,Celtic’s and Fraser’s and the big man might scupper it if a) he feels Celtic are not offering enough wages, or b) If he refuses all deals because he wants to play for Newcastle and he is on a promise.

  • JimmyQuinnsBits

    the iCrap? underrated

  • dirtymac \o/

    Watching this match and thinking of the Jackie game all them years ago.

  • 31003

    Johann murdoch…….I could believe that……they can do just about everything else

  • johann murdoch

    The long wait is over ..yes and their insurance might fall also if they have not followed correct procedure and protocol ..indeed as officers past and present they might even be personally liable !!! …oh dear !

  • Headtheball

    Who do you think you are kidding Mr. Regan?
    If you think we’re on the run…

    We are the bhoys who will stop your little game!
    We are the bhoys who will make you think again!

    ‘Cause, who do you think you are kidding Mr. Regan
    If you think old Celtic’s done?

  • johann murdoch

    31003 …I think the app is called danger ! Danger !…:)))))

  • ElDiegoBhoy

    Caught a wee swisper about this Laughing epedemic that’s troubling Kojo and others. Wow.
    Don’t interrupt your enemies etc

  • dirtymac \o/

    5 minutes ET.

    Hope it’s the bit where they wrap him up and go for the bike ride :-)

  • 31003

    I see Steve McLaren standing on a German touch line looking very Dutch…….wonder what his accent is like now

  • dirtymac \o/

    Aguero fouled all the way there.


  • 31003

    ……for sure…..

  • SmashingMilkBottles

    Gordon J

    Hope the training for 2/14 is going well….I thought 2012 was a bit too soon.

    Let’s hope big FF is here next year!

  • jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/


    Just said that to mrs j. The rolly polly goally was classic. Naw it wiznt it was annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dirtymac \o/

    Ooooya bandit, so close from Joe Hart – last touch.

    Mon the hoops, but less of the antics, eh?

  • 31003

    Thing that gets me…..when I’m playing poker on the net with DUMMY money, I slap a million bucks down on that table without a second thought……BUT…..when I’m standing over a 2 foot birdie putt for 50p a jist canny sink it…….whits that a’ aboot?

  • SmashingMilkBottles

    In case Penfold is looking in….my POTY is Cha Mulgrew….but doff my cap to Joe Joe Super Joe whom I doubted earlier in his CP career

  • Summa of Sammi….


    From the Last Thread..

    Having never worked in the football business, Whyte had never heard of Ticketus. When I heard who this was I laughed and laughed and laughed. I’m still laughing. This is the story that just keeps on giving. My source is not for going on the record, so discretion is the better part of valour on this one, but if Mr Whyte ever gets to the witness box, get yourself a front row seat.


    “Still Laughing”..

    So it Was Kojo..


  • paulsatim is neil lennon

    Lubo on 15 March, 2012 at 21:29 said:

    That’s brilliant, shared on CM and RTC!!

  • dirtymac \o/

    Questions have to be asked of a team that were favourites to win the Champions League at the start of the season…

    What, what, what?

  • Magnificentseven

    31003 on 15 March, 2012 at 21:59 said:
    Thing that gets me…..when I’m playing poker on the net with DUMMY money, I slap a million bucks down on that table without a second thought……BUT…..when I’m standing over a 2 foot birdie putt for 50p a jist canny sink it…….whits that a’ aboot

    nae b*ws just like me in fact……………..but I will still never get a big putter…. that’s giving up :-)

  • 31003

    I was told today that yer average golfer walks 900 miles over the golf course throughout the season. He also drinks on average 22 gallons of beer/lager at the golf club throughout the season……which apparently means yer average golfer gets about 41 miles tae the gallon

  • Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon


    I hope the big man will be our number one for many years to come.

    The training isn’t going well. I may have to face up to the fact that my olympic dreams may never be realised.

  • SmashingMilkBottles

    Gordon J

    Your legion of fans and pace runners will be gutted

  • 31003

    Big putters are for jessies………now 60o lob wedges………

  • Kojo

    My dear,dear,dear,friend.. Setting Free the Bears.

    Thanks fur the Reply..

    Ah like yer thinking,oan this,pally..

    Indeed,An Option , wiz given tae Celtic, tae Buy ,the big Laddy
    at an Agree Price,by the Georges.


    Yep.. Like ye said in yer observation.. Fraser could, Dae.. “An Oliver Twist”…
    And ,consequently,toss that
    Dreaded Spanner, intae Woiks!

    Ah wid jist Hate That!

    Ah hope he disnae.. And he Aquiesces,tae the Prospect o’ Steying wi’ us

    NIce Chatting…

    yer pal..who likes ye aloater



    See when you get your stent in, they birdie putts are a doddle, anything 8 feet and under are in the hole, trust me :>)))
    Best of luck btw.

  • Estadio Nacional

    Well played Sporting Clube de Portugal, showing that a well managed team with clever tactics and recruting can pump the so called whatever they are so called.

    The EPL is the rfc of European leagues, over hyped, press scared to critisize, tactically years behind, massive debt, deeee funct de de de dee funct.

  • Magnificentseven

    Big putters are for jessies………now 60o lob wedges

    yeah we can all be phil mickelson with one of them

  • 31003


    Cheers…….but ah’ll need tae try a stent in ma legs tae stop ma knees knockin when standin over that tiny putt

  • setting free the bears

    I want Big Fraser to stay also. However Harry Redknapp seems to want Krul at Spurs and FF might make his only misjudgement this year in wanting to play for Newcastle rather than be in Europe.

  • philvisreturns

    I don’t think Fraser Forster will leave us.

    He’s growing into a top-drawer goalkeeper at Celtic. Only a few months ago I was disappointed we didn’t sign Stipe Pletikosa, now I’m delighted we have our Northumbrian gentle giant in goal.

    After he experiences winning the title, and hopefully the treble, I can’t imagine he’d want to move to some inferior club in England for a few dollars more. Celtic can offer him an excellent package, European football, fifty thousand fans, fame, and glory.

    This is a very special Celtic side and it has awesome potential. With players like James Forrest, Victor Wanyama, Beram Kayal, Emilio Izaguirre, Gary Hooper, Adam Matthews, Joe Ledley, Anthony Stokes, and big Fraser all aged 25 or under, its best years lie ahead of it.

    Martin O’Neill had something like £20m to assemble his squad. Neil Lennon has put together the most exciting team that Scottish football has seen since the days of Larsson, Sutton, Hartson, Petrov and Moravcik, and on a shoestring budget.

    I can’t wait for the adventures they’ll take us on. (thumbsup)

  • johann murdoch

    31003..keep yer heid doon… very still.. and think positive! ..Kerr plunk !!

    Keep you out of the cludgie too ! Hh

  • Lennybhoy…Supporting Neil Lennon and CFC until I die

    Hanibal Hector 21:33:

    Exactly my understanding of the D&P challenge re-ticketus i.e. they are not disputing what is owed to Ticketus but simply asking that they line up wirh the other Creditors and not treated as a preferred Creditor.


    Spooky thread as I heard earlier this evening that both Porto and Dortmund had approached their respective organisations to approach UEFA to look at the ongoing situation as they have lost out on chances to participate in European competitions.

    Did we find out who told our hero about Ticketus yet!!!

    Keep the Faith!

    Hail Hail!

  • SmashingMilkBottles

    ….and you claim these words as your own?
    Dont plagiarize or take on loan
    Cos there’s always someone
    With a big nose
    Who knows
    Who picks you up
    And laughs when you fall

  • Celtic Mac

    Paul67 et al

    One thing I do like about the Europa League knockout stages is how quick the games come along, as opposed to the Champions League matches where by the time the second leg comes around, nobody can remember the score in the first leg. Fair play to City for making a game of it, and for Joe Hart’s effort, and to Wayne Rooney for twice making the results more respectable, but the fact is Manchester is probably football’s richest city and both have been knocked out of two European tournaments. A mention for Stan Colleymore, for all his faults, he really can bring enthusiasm to a game, something Craig Burley singularly failed to do tonight,despite a great finish to the game by both teams.

  • johann murdoch

    Philvis ..couldn’t agree more..that’s the real big story in scottish fitba !

    The futures bright and it’s not orange !!!! Hh

  • whitedoghunch

    just got the old phone number and numbers back
    excuse me for not replyiny to a few folk

  • 31003

    Smashy……..ah knew you havin that 3rd beer would spell trouble

  • whitedoghunch

    that will be the red wine then

  • Neil “Penfold” Lennon

    Ha. Fair play smashin. To be fair, I’d have Charlie high on my list, but glad you agree with me about Joe ;-)

  • bjmac

    Ha ha ha, unlikely to be true, but funny anyway. Someone just tweeted that the minimum charge PayPal take for a transaction is 20p, therefore donating 1p actually cost the fightin’ fund, I would suspect there will be something in place to protect against this, but imagine there isn’t and thousands donate 1p…. Mmwhahahahahahaaaaaaa



  • LuxCelt

    EPL – best league in the world…. supported (embarassingly) by grown men in sweden, thailand, ireland, australia, and other daft countries with no “football culture” to call their own.

    Manchester? GIRFUY!!!!

    Portugal….. now there is a real football country.


    What a classy performance by athletic club.


  • Estadio Nacional


    I think Ive finally worked it out….

    Links to north Lanarkshire….

    ‘Wealth off the radar….

    No one really knows where he/she lives….

    Predictions of financial well being that never happen… (See Last quarter of 2010)

    Speaks the speak a lot of folk go with yet not many understand….

    Are you Craig Whyte?

    I take my hat off to you, this has been a brilliant briliant scam, you are my hero, I suspected you were upto something when I first started reading CQN.


  • LuxCelt

    EPL – best league in the world….

    according to TalkSport, 5Live, Sky, the Sun….. and anything else that turns out what passes for ‘news’ in the UK.

    Just gutted that Napoli missed the chance to get a fourth goal a couple of weeks ago, and kill off chelsea…. the huns of england.

  • rimtimtim

    Blog is cooking like never…….

    Great to see the blazers and coloured ties wriggling under their collars
    in Scotland at last.

    Thanks to Paul for all his investigative work and writing panache.



    Putting is all in the head, see they 2, 3, 4 foot putts, imagine the hole is about a foot beyond the hole, then putt, I will wager you will sink many more of them, as I said trust me.
    Hit them hard enough to take the break out of them, I bet you miss them cos you try and baby the ball in, go on admit it :>)
    If I couldn’t putt my handicap would be well into double figures.


    Cathal on 15 March, 2012 at 20:23 said:

    Anyone who knows me, will recognise it as my catch phrase.
    All Belfast “Spydey” expressions, when one is happy, all said in a broad Belfast accent. (A “Spyde” = a “ned” in Scotland).
    1. “Shat” = “Shot” …….as in football, the beautiful game.
    2. “Cracker” = “Splendid” ……as in Frank Carson speak
    3. “I’m Yer Mon” = “I’m your man” ……as in ” Goan yerself”.
    Put the 3 together and recite out loud when (a) one becomes a podium hat-trick winner within the first 3 posts or (b) when the Currants finally slip off the dish.

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