Ticketus secure their £40m of tickets

None of you will be surprised at today’s opinion from the Court of Session in Edinburgh that Rangers’ deal with Ticketus cannot be set aside, despite some absolutely pitiful reporting to the contrary.  It’s fine to get things wrong every now and then, we all get Duff information on occasion, but please….

It’s worth recording, Ticketus may only have paid £20m + vat but the tickets they own are worth in the region of £40m. High risk investments require a high return.

Rangers’ administrators argued that the deal inhibited their ability to rescue the company but the heroic Blue Knights submitted a bid accommodating Ticketus, undermining the administrators’ argument. If only the Blue Knights were in a position to strike a deal with Craig Whyte they could be regarded as helping the situation instead of being hapless fools.

Next up is HMRC, who have not capitulated and agreed to accept a few pennies in the pound.  They have not agreed to accept anything less than all monies owed.  Soon after that we will hear that no court has been able to set aside Craig Whyte’s security over Ibrox.  The most underappreciated man no longer in Scotland remains the only person with a reasonable chance of phoenix-ing Rangers.

The first 26,000 (approx.) tickets sold to each Rangers game for the next three years are owned by Ticketus.  In the event a phoenix occurs, Rangers will have to revert back to budgets from their glory days of the 1950s – we will soon be told this is a great omen.

If you are going to Ibrox on Sunday, take care and enjoy your visit.  Take photographs of the occasion and send them in, we’ll perhaps use them on a future edition of CQN Magazine.  It may prove to be the end of an era.

If you’ve not read the article below, about one of Jinky’s great performances, do so now.

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  • danso_1888

    i think paul67 you might have to alter the article headline as it
    now looks like duff and duffer will break this secure ticket deal.

  • no, I’M Neil Lennon “i’ll never walk alone” (fourstonecoppi )

    whos biggus ticketus and his wife incontinentia buttocks?

  • Randy Marsh

    Auld Neil Lennon heid on 23 March, 2012 at 17:28 said:

    So it’s very like someone telling me that it’s ok to fill my car up at a petrol station then driving away without payment. Fine at the time but I can expect a knock on the door from the polis

  • !!Bada Bing!! Kano 1000

    Auldheid- No need to shout :}

  • Kojo

    Sir Paul

    Kiddo..Ye ur a Marvel..

    Ye ur the Foist Commentator.. tae Gie Yer Public..

    a Shufti.. at…

    Jist how bad the situation is, right at this time in Denmark!

    Yer STARTLING… Public Disclosure .. That the Actual REVENUE LOSS.. tae the Squealin’ Piglets.. is..

    No.. Anything LIKE that .. Twenty Four Million Pound Figure..

    Which ,has bin Foisted oan the Public by the Ibrox jounalistic Lick-Splitals


    The Loss tae the G.A. precious Revenue Stream.. wul be Mair in the Line of the FORTY MILLION figure which ye

    Who Knows?

    The Bleeding may be closer tae FIFTY MILLION!

    Nae Maitter.. In Ma opinion.. Under the Prevailing Circumstances.. Nae League Title.. Nae Euro fur the Next .. who knows fur how Long..

    That Loss of Income , wull pit the Tin Hat oan the G.A. Scarecrow!

    Fur.. You Know and Ah know that Ticketus, is no gonna Settle fur a Mere.. Ten or Twenty Percent DISCOUNT..oan thur Cash.. fur Taking a.such a
    LONG TERM RISK.. and

    If Ah wus Risking Ma Money tae A Borrower.. which wid involve a THREE YEAR WAIT..afore Ah could Expect a Profitable Return..

    Ah wid want a FIFTY PERCENT PROFIT, oan the Ibrox deal. especially, under the Prevailing Impecunious Conditions which are noo .. the Menu of the Jour .. at the Broken and Disarrayed Enterprise that Represents the G.A. of Today.

    We are jist aboot tae start the Final Act… at Govan in the Mire.


    It is jist aboot this time.. Ah wid Reckon… that …
    The Scottish Guy in Dad’s Army … is Rehearsing Afore the Mirror.. his Doleful and Depressing.. Lines..

    Yep….It sure looks tae me.. that .. soon, he wull get that Message..we all greet wi’.. Nervous Anticipation..

    “Son… Ye’re Oan.. Break a Leg!”


    Still . Laughin’

  • setting free the bears

    How much do these lawyers get paid to issue a judgement that nobody understands?

    Maybe they should have written it in Latin.

  • !!Bada Bing!! Kano 1000

    RaRaRasputin on 23 March, 2012 at 17:35 said:
    I think you have cleared this up for me now,cheers.

  • Burnley78

    For those unsure about the apparent ambiguity dont worry…..
    Gordon dalzeil will explain it all to us on SSN shortly in ‘simple mans’ language !

  • googybhoy ♥ Celtic and Integrity

    Happy Birthday Bertie….

    Love this quote……

    On being asked how the (at that time, current) Rangers team that went on to win nine in a row, would fair if they were to play a match against the Lions, Bertie replied:”If I’m honest I think it would be a draw, but to be fair most of us are in our sixties!”

  • fergus slayed the blues

    As ticketus have the rights to FUTURE tickets does today’s ruling mean that duff and duffer can say they are renaging on all the tickets or would they have to honour the contract in future seasons as the tickets fall due .
    Also if ragers need 75% agreement for a CVA and with ticketus and HMRC as the biggest creditors ,why would these two agree
    hail hail

  • bhassbhoy

    uummmmmm – http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/football-news/article/2690528?

    spin spin spin spin *fingersinearswe’renotlisteninglalalalalalala*

  • !!Bada Bing!! Kano 1000

    Dalziel,Hateley,BFDJ,stupid huns.

  • gerry


    Think folk/posters are wanting to know is……

    good or bad news for rangers?

    (some folk think it’s good news for rangers, others saying it’s bad news)

  • Aipple

    setting free the bears

    The latin reads ‘Ursi sunt adhuc mortuus’

  • Burnley78

    Gordon Dalzeil is the man we really need to hear it from. or Hatley or BFDJ……

    Paul 67, RTC etc they have never even played the game, what do they know ?


    Why am I so feckin happy being a Tim ??????

  • setting free the bears


    So they won’t be needing seats then? :-)

  • Burnley78

    When oh when do we move passed the denial stage ?

  • hectorshouse

    Fighting Funds (AKA Duff and Phelps) have raised Comical Ali from the dead. He has already had his first press conference at the big hoose

  • Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon

    So effectively the administrators argument is that Ticketus only have a contract and they can just go ahead and break that if they feel like it?

    What comeback does Ticketus have then – presumably they could sue for breach of contract?

  • paulsatim is neil lennon

    Taxman wont walk away from Wee Wullie Bluenose, http://oi39.tinypic.com/8xkhs6.jpg

  • Headtheball

    I fully endorse the judge’s decision. Now, what does it mean?


  • bournesouprecipe

    What a mess.

  • googybhoy ♥ Celtic and Integrity

    Happy Birthday Bertie Auld Lisbon Lion..

    Bertie to Tiny Wharton(Referee) – “If I call you an a*sehole Mr Wharton will I get booked?” Tiny. – “Yes Mr Auld. You’d be in trouble.” Bertie.- “What if I just thought you were an a*sehole, what would happen?” Tiny. – “If you just thought it nothing would happen” Bertie. – “Well Mr Wharton, I think you’re an a*sehole”

  • Kojo

    My dear,dear,dear,friend..Gerry

    Pal. Ah kin Help ye ..understaun it..

    The Lord’s Decision .. is..

    NO GUID NEWS, fur the Bidders!

    And it is So easy tae come tae THAT CONCLUSION

    Fur..awe ye hiv tae dae is pit it this way..

    If The Judge Had Ruled that Ticketus hiv NAE CLAIM,, tae the Tickets..

    THAT.. Decision. Wid Be.

    GUID NEWS! Fur the Bidders..

    And. as ye well Know.. That Decision by the Judge.. didnae Happen..

    Heck. as soon as Ye are Aware of the Difference ..

    Guid and Bad News..

    Everything becomes Clear..

    And it is this

    The G.A. are Still Marooned, Up that Smelly Creek.. and canny find that Damn Paddle… Anywhere!

    yer pal.. who likes ye aloater.

    Still… Laughin’

  • danso_1888

    it seems that the confusion is lying between scots law and english law,
    its all very confusing nevermind law.

  • Burnley78

    The one certainty is that there is uncertainty……only a madman or major speculator will risk a thin dime until the uncertainties are clear……


    Court cases very soon

  • Ron Bacardi

    so what did Duff and Duffer want to get out from the court case about Ticketus, and how will they play the judgement

  • Mountain_Bhoy is Neil Lennon

    brilliant, Lord Hodge couldnt make a ruling as there wasnt enough info about the bids, HA HA HA!! so the bids are total pash then? :)

  • Headtheball

    Has one of the big known unknowns now become a known known or is it an unknown known? I don’t know.

  • Kojo

    Duff and Duffer and Bluffer.. are

    Jist … Actin like .. Ah wid Expect they wid..

    They hiv jist suffered a Defeat..and they wullnae admit it.

    Par, fur the course.. really.

    Still Laughin’

  • Sandman Is Neil Lennon

    Hey, what’s wrong with us Tims?

    Don’t we all realise that on FollowFollow the Ticketus decision is being touted as a GOOD thing?

    You see, they are now ‘just’ a normal creditor, NOT a major creditor (‘cos £24 million isn’t a major amount of mojey, kids!) and they will accept 10p in the pound through a CVA just like EVERY other creditor including HMRC!

    Awesome, kids! Go Gers!

    Tomorrow: why smoking, alcohol and asbestos are actually BENEFICIAL to your health!

  • jmccormick

    Talking of tickets………..need at least one for Sunday , any help welcome!!

  • ASonOfDan

    Only the Laptop Loyal could make the Ticketus verdict as a positive for rangers. They are deemed a creditor but according to STV the administer can just forget them.

  • Magnificentseven

    jmccormick on 23 March, 2012 at 18:08 said:
    Talking of tickets………..need at least one for Sunday , any help welcome!!

    scroll back someone was offering two….can’t remember who though sorry!!

  • gerry

    Kojo, thanks :-)

    My take was D&P wanted the deal ripped up, they left court with the deal still in place and it’s up to them (or the new owner) to break the deal.

    Others are saying it’s good news, if the Admin break the deal, then Ticketus become creditors just like the rest.

    Maybe I’m better off having a drink, that might make it clearer…..:-)

  • Allgreen admin heaven

    If any other club in the world had cheated and were put into administration they would be a laughing stock in the media.
    If any other club couldn’t even get their own appointed administrator to cut staffing costs and overheads without a drama questions would be asked in the media.
    If any other business went to court to break a legally binding contract they would be called crooks.

    The administrators are acting like Huns, why are they bothered about the Huns future? Their job is to secure as much as possible for current creditors.
    Mark Dingwall is a rocket..

  • googybhoy ♥ Celtic and Integrity

    This puts a take over bid in question. They would be buying into a venture with £15m owing the tax man .£6 m a year to Ticketus and a £10m gap in their finances per annum.

    They would also have the FTT result hovering.

    Tick tock to liquidation. Newco will struggle to make it for next season in any league.

    The longer they leave it the sands of time increase.
    Diff and Duffer are playing a blunder……oops spell check….naw leave it..

  • DontPatmadug

    I dont know, http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=9HmJQyS8QVw

  • ftsfa

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    Marshall fridge

  • Torontony

    TET – Buenas tardes amigo, had my first round of the year yesterday; a very surprising 79 blows:) kept the left bat straight and swung at 75% most of the time, great advice and thanks again. I’m looking forward to the new season with much optimism. Sunday will bring a special brand of hunthuggery, i hope our bhoys are up for it. This is sneaky sallys last hurrah and he has only one tactic for us. Win the midfield Celtic then win the match, as opined by birthday bhoy Bertie:)

  • jmccormick

    George ‏ @drummogo Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    I have two spare tickets for the Broamloan stand for Sunday selling face value £42 each 07768575751 #HH

    I`ll take them , !!

  • mncelt

    Song for Sunday

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    You might want to sing it note for note
    Don’t worry be happy
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    Whatever it is
    Don’t worry, be happy

  • ASonOfDan

    Just phoned the bank and informed them that I recognise them as a creditor but I am choosing to ignore our agreement about my loan.

    I can expect the Sherrif Officers to pay me a visit apparently… :(

  • hen1rik

    Correct me if I’m wrong here but why are the Huns depending on Paul Murray, thought he doesn’t pass fit & proper ?

  • Seville67

    stv showing every goal angers have scored against us in the last 50 years.

    bhoys time to step up and put the dagger through the heart.

  • Joe Filippis Haircut

    The Administrators must be loveing this another week has past and they have there fee.The weeks roll on and the administrators coffers get fuller and fuller and Rangers are no nearer being rescued tonight than the day they went into tadministration.Liquidation still appears to be the most likely outcome.

  • voguepunter

    Jug McCluggoch “the players who have played a
    a few O F games will help the players who have only
    played one or two on their O F debuts ??????????????

    I’m lost as well.

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