Fantasy CVA and Sir David, was this worth the cash?

Amid the sea of angst, from some, at Rangers punishment, some perspective is required.  Ban any other SPL club from signing players for 12 months and fine them £160k and they will be modesty inconvenienced.

Most clubs only add one or two key players (all going well) to their squad each season and a fine of less than half a percentage point of turnover is hardly punishment at all.  Some clubs currently owed money by Rangers could have a de facto ban on transfers as a result – and they’ve done nothing wrong.

For bringing the game into disrepute and breaking a myriad of rules, this is a mild censure.

This only becomes problematic if the club is not paying its bills.  Pay your bills, or at the very least, agree a deal with creditors to forgive a portion of debts, and Rangers will be able to retain their current staff and could continue to perform strongly in next season’s Scottish Premier League.

The fantasy that this is a possibility is still being entertained by Duff and Phelps so I see no reason why the rest of us should not point out the inconvenient irony of their position.

The SFA must impose a financial and sporting penalty for bringing the game into disrepute, in this, they have no choice whatsoever.  The penalty must be substantial and act as a deterrent against criminal or disreputable elements becoming involved in Scottish football in future.  Pay your bills or conjure up the mythical CVA and you’ll cope just fine.

One additional point on the financial penalty.  £160k is less than 1% of the debt Sir David Murray was released from when he failed to sufficiently investigate the suitability of Craig Whyte as an owner of Rangers – despite the warnings from others around the Rangers boardroom table.

In light of his failure to take heed of warnings from the then Rangers chairman and his connected financial gain, perhaps Sir David would offer to pay Rangers fine?  £18m, David.  Don’t tell me that’s enough money to drown out Alastair Johnston’s warning and any feelings of remorse.  Paying the fine is the least you owe Rangers fans.

Was it worth it?

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456 thoughts on "Fantasy CVA and Sir David, was this worth the cash?"

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  • Che

    Podium surely?

  • traditionalist88

    Found this little gem of a response on RM to a guy who suggested a 1pm Huns walkout on Sunday:

    “Stupid idea but kudos for trying to think of something.”



  • ScotPatsFan

    Serge on 24 April, 2012 at 11:56 said:
    Lambert v rfc(ia)

    My favourite ever game v them.
    I remember Lambert at the end of the game giving his jersey to someone in a wheelchair in the disabled section.
    Talk about loving/hating players. Compare the feeling of love for Lambert even to this day to that of the other scorer that night.

    SPF ( Still looking for spare ThaiTimsTickets)



    Dundee made a mockery of their sanctions by fielding loads of trialists.

    The sanction states players can not be signed, a loan is registered with another club.

    I also believe that the hun broke rule 54, for which they were fined 50k, the rule also states that membershish will be stripped from them.

    Talk about governance, only when it suits, as I said toothless.

  • Che

    the common denominator in all of this is the inability, reluctance call it what you will of rangers chairmen past and present to pay their bills, it wasnt a concern for them then it isnt a concern for them now, apparently some of them can see the light at the end of the tunnel,
    well we all know what that light is,
    its the ice cream van on its way to Celtic Park for sundays party

  • tomthelennytim

    Do you know what I like best about all of this huns stuff? The fact that they don’t like it, aren’t used to it and weren’t expecting it. That’s my favourite bit.

  • obonfanti1888

    Bah pipped once again!

  • Serge


    A great gesture, It would be a nice if all our players did that at the end of every game. HH

  • The Pantaloon Duck

    I’ll pay my bills when I stop laughing. Could be some time…

    On another topic, embdy have an update on our one-legged Polish defender?

  • hamiltontim

    James F

    Half time, Rugby Park Kilmarnock 3 Celtic 0.

    Stokesy gets booted but the referee chooses to ignore the challenge and Tony’s claims for a foul.

    So irate is he that he, along with James Forrest (no’ you), set about dismantling Killie for the next twenty minutes.

    The Celtic support deserve special mention here and could rightfully be worthy of nomination on their own. It was the day when a support dragged a club from its knees.

  • Kayal33

    James Forrest is Neil Lennon! We are ALL Neil Lennon! on 24 April, 2012 at 12:08 said:

    other than the obvious 3-3 killie game

    Hooper’s goal at Motherwell to clinch late win when we were 15 points behind (or Paddy’s shimmie and pass to set up goal)
    Big Vic’s screamer to break down Hearts in 1-0 win or Forster’s penalty save in same game
    Ledley’s winner v FC Taxdodgers

  • Tim Malone Will Tell

    If they did manage to put together a Newco in the Third Division – could we not loan a bunch of U’19s to an adopted club – Clyde or Queens Park – to make sure that Newco huns don’t get promoted?

    There’s a nasty streak in me….

  • RogueLeader

    RST statement. They are dying yet they STILL TALK ABOUT NEIL LENNON


    This is a shameful decision that has been taken with the sole purpose of crippling Rangers Football Club. It is completely unacceptable and fans groups will be meeting to explore how we jointly express our opposition to this decision in the strongest possible terms. This could include protesting at Hampden on on the day of the Scottish Cup Final as well as boycotting SFA sponsors William Hill, Carling and Vauxhall. All options are on the table and no Rangers player or supporter can credibly play in or support the national side until this ridiculous decision is reversed.

    Hitting Rangers in this way is in stark contrast to the soft justice dished out to Neil Lennon last week for a string of offences in which he questioned the integrity of the referees and officials. The SFA appears to have one set of rules for one club yet a completely different set for the other.

    Despite calls to delay this action the SFA persisted with this case while the club was not in a position to adequately defend itself and had the SFA done its job in the first place on Craig Whyte then this entire saga could have been avoided.

    Rangers supporters are appalled by this decision which brings shame on the SFA and the national game.

  • traditionalist88

    ScotsPatsFan: ‘I remember Lambert at the end of the game giving his jersey to someone in a wheelchair in the disabled section.’

    Was a popular Computing teacher at a high school in Rutherglen, never missed a game- unfortunately he passed away a few years later.


  • O.G.Rafferty

    Alex Thomson will be on Channel 4 news tonight

  • Lennon n Mc….Mjallby


    Cheers for the heids up,I’m liking ‘I Dug Up A Diamond’ that Emmylou does with Mark Knopfler.

  • pheersy

    Re RST.. statement….
    its all Neil lennons fault….
    Stupid Huns !

  • Dontbrattbakkinanger

    Pantaloon- Long Jan Silverski?

  • Mort


    SPL Rule – D5.14: Trialists are not under any circumstances eligible to Play for a Club in a League Match.

    That puts the kybosh on that plan.


  • celticinthesun


    I was gonna post that again for you I liked it so much.

    They are like a villian who has been cornered, looking around at his former accomplices and realising they are no longer on his side. They are panicking and their world is collapsing.

  • obonfanti1888

    Quelle suprise, the RST manage to drag in Neil Lennon FFS. Just watch the media poodles not knowingly to this. :/

  • hamiltontim


    I’m afraid you omitted the words, “We’re sorry!” from the RST statement.

    No? Silly me…

  • Snake Plissken

    Have you guys seen this?

    The protest from the big house had better go back to primary school given the spelling and the lack of proper punctuation.

  • cardiffbhoy

    James F

    on your 8 moments which led to the title .

    Kris Commons appeaing in a neckbrace, shattering the media’s portrayal of a club at war.

    Our Europa cup campaign, when we suddenly started to raise our game against real difficult opponents.

    Forster’s penalty save against the Jambos

  • James Forrest is Neil Lennon! We are ALL Neil Lennon!

    Repost from previous page … thanks for the suggestions so far ….

    Wee CQN Community Project here guys ….

    Issue 8 of the magazine is in production right now, and I’m looking for some nominations for the 8 landmark moments which took us to the title.

    Can you lads post your suggestions? Thanks in advance.

  • Gene’s a Bhoys name

    but they won’t be in the SPL

  • Dontbrattbakkinanger

    Lennon n McMjallby – the ABB and SRV sets are excellent- proper Southern finger lickin’ guitar pickin’.
    I’m pretty sure I would have seen Emmylou at the ole Apollo in 1975ish; and it would probably have cost a quid.
    And we all kno now what a quid will buy you these days- a whole mess of trouble!

  • Mort

    Gene’s a Bhoys name

    Then I don’t give a hoot what they get up to.


  • The Pantaloon Duck

    DBBIA – that’s right, eyepatch and green and white parrot.

    As Zbyszek so accurately pointed out last night, if he only has one leg that reduces the chance of McCulloch injuring him by 50%.

  • James Forrest is Neil Lennon! We are ALL Neil Lennon!


    Excellent that you mentioned the neck-brace. I think that was a turning point myself, and thought so watching it. It seemed that a big cloud lifted after that.

    That will get an honorary mention along with the results.

  • The Pantaloon Duck


    Stokes against Killie, Forster against Hearts + 6 others…



    I’m no right very often, looks like I am keeping up with that :>)

    I can’t remember, were Dundee in the spl at the time or the sfl ?

    What the hell, rules are there to broken, the hun have been doing it for years and getting away with it.

  • Larsson and McStay

    James Forrest : Landmark moments for me that brought the title.

    3-3 Kilmarnock game…..Stokesy’s free kick to get us going.
    1-0 Hearts at home…..Big Vic’s first goal…..followed by FF last minute penalty save
    1-0 Huns at home……Joe Led’s header
    2-0 away to St Mirren ……2 early goals to win game in first 10 mins against an improving St Mirren team (at that time) who would go onto take 4 pts out of 6 against Huns
    2-1 Motherwell away…..kicked off 15 pts behind and went 1 down early on.
    1-0 Dundee Utd away……Hooper scored early
    4-0 Hearts away……pre- administration and a performance that showed where the title was heading. 1st min….they almost score …we race up other end and Broony scored.
    6-0 Kilmarnock away……title clinching performance , best of the season in 1st half

  • Serge


    Lenny being appointed Caretaker Manager in March 2010

  • cardiffbhoy

    Snake @ 12:23

    I particularly like the “no more impartial punishment” line.

    So what type of punishment would they prefer ?

    I blame the schools..

  • Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo

    We got fined 200,000 pounds from the SFA for poaching Tommy & Billy Stark in 1994 in today’s money that is equivalent of 350,000 pounds.

    I can hear a few grogs but no fat lady.

    All very cosmetic just now and EVEN now the SFA are still walking about on shells.

    They and by extension the professional sport of football within Scotland has a credibility issue. I see nothing that really addresses these issues only more cosmetic posturing and yes that includes signing only 18 year olds for one year

    Hail Hail

  • Che

    james Forrest

    a personal one for me.
    seeing the tears of laughter on my 82 year old fathers face as he played pass the parcel at Celtic Park against killie.

  • Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo

    Tiny Tim

    sorry to hear of your loss. Thoughts with you and your family.

    Hail Hail


    I see that LaFarty has been punished and banned by the hun. Maybe it’s part of their sneaky cunning plan to raise cash,eh? LaFarty was caught sha##ing the billy goat and has been fined so maybe hun can fine all their players to get needed cash. What a cunning plan,clever I say.

    Hail Hail


  • Dontbrattbakkinanger

    The 8 stones Ally Mccoist has put on over the course of the season, as he comfort ate his way out of the crisis.

    And of course the return to form of the #9 Enigma, who showed his critics how well he can play.
    I wonder if the ‘supporter’ who publicly criticised him at the AGM ever apologised?

  • Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo


    welcome back you have been missed.

    Hail Hail

  • Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon

    RogueLeader on 24 April, 2012 at 12:17,

    Tell me you made that up? They didn’t really say that did they?

    The SFA is shaming Scottish football? Pull players out of Scotland squads (is that only McGregor?), boycott a few sponsors and blame Neil Lennon. Brilliant!

  • Mort


    Think Dundee might have been in SFL so their rules might be different.

    Suppose if Rangers end up having to play in SFL they could exploit this loophole, but whi in their right mind would want to play for them as a trialist for any serious length of time.


  • Auld Neil Lennon heid


    Just saw the flaw in your idea posted but even if trialists were a possibility they would not be competitive in the SPL, Div 3 maybe and I’m ok with that.

    I admire the tenacity that you cling to your world view but the world is in a constant state of change.

  • Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo

    Duff & Phelps and by extension Rangers must be hit with a disrepute order after their latest statement.

    Can anyone tell me if the players residual asset value has not been affected by the contract changes ?

    Hail Hail

  • Che

    Further information is being made available about the cancellation of laughertys two hernia ops, story now goes it was not mcoist who actioned this, it was in fact NHS Scotland, they have taken all surgeons off regular duties as its feared they will be needed to assist in the operation to get jim traynors head out of david murrays backside

    as yet this is unconfirmed

  • RogueLeader

    Gordon_J – Has Awe_Naw being doing the press release for the RST?

    I think we should be told

  • Jelly And Gelato

    John Macmillan, The secretary of the Rangers Supporters Association on John Beattie’s programme on Radio Scotland just now:

    JB: “John Rangers have brought shame on Scottish Football haven’t they?”
    JM: “No-one has brought more shame on Scottish Football than Neil Lennon”

    Fortunately to save him any more blushes the interview was then sharply concluded.

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