Fantasy CVA and Sir David, was this worth the cash?

Amid the sea of angst, from some, at Rangers punishment, some perspective is required.  Ban any other SPL club from signing players for 12 months and fine them £160k and they will be modesty inconvenienced.

Most clubs only add one or two key players (all going well) to their squad each season and a fine of less than half a percentage point of turnover is hardly punishment at all.  Some clubs currently owed money by Rangers could have a de facto ban on transfers as a result – and they’ve done nothing wrong.

For bringing the game into disrepute and breaking a myriad of rules, this is a mild censure.

This only becomes problematic if the club is not paying its bills.  Pay your bills, or at the very least, agree a deal with creditors to forgive a portion of debts, and Rangers will be able to retain their current staff and could continue to perform strongly in next season’s Scottish Premier League.

The fantasy that this is a possibility is still being entertained by Duff and Phelps so I see no reason why the rest of us should not point out the inconvenient irony of their position.

The SFA must impose a financial and sporting penalty for bringing the game into disrepute, in this, they have no choice whatsoever.  The penalty must be substantial and act as a deterrent against criminal or disreputable elements becoming involved in Scottish football in future.  Pay your bills or conjure up the mythical CVA and you’ll cope just fine.

One additional point on the financial penalty.  £160k is less than 1% of the debt Sir David Murray was released from when he failed to sufficiently investigate the suitability of Craig Whyte as an owner of Rangers – despite the warnings from others around the Rangers boardroom table.

In light of his failure to take heed of warnings from the then Rangers chairman and his connected financial gain, perhaps Sir David would offer to pay Rangers fine?  £18m, David.  Don’t tell me that’s enough money to drown out Alastair Johnston’s warning and any feelings of remorse.  Paying the fine is the least you owe Rangers fans.

Was it worth it?

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456 thoughts on "Fantasy CVA and Sir David, was this worth the cash?"

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  • obonfanti1888

    So RFC fans reaction to SFA punishment? “It’s all Neil Lennon’s fault”
    beyond parody.

  • ASonOfDan

    CELTIC midfielder, Ki Sung Yueng, has been ruled out for four to five weeks with a hamstring injury picked up in the weekend’s 3-0 victory over Motherwell.

    Ki was substituted in the first half at Fir Park and the injury means that his season is now effectively over, with just four competitive matches remaining.

    It has also been confirmed that Filip Twardzik will be out for around a fortnight following his injury in the SFA Youth Cup final on Monday night.

    The Czech midfielder was hurt in an accidental collision in the first half and suffered a stud puncture in his foot which required stitches

  • Dontbrattbakkinanger

    Apart from Super Sammy the other players who deserve a lot of credit for turning the season round are Fraser Forster and Scott Brown

  • greenmaestro

    Snake Plissken on 24 April, 2012 at 12:23 said:
    Have you guys seen this?

    What is “impartial punishment”?

  • green badger

    ha ha. stupid hun just booted off of radio scotland after john beattie asked if rangers had brought shame on scottish football?
    “nobody’s brought more shame on scottish football than neil lennon!”
    bye bye numpty.

  • Auld Neil Lennon heid

    James Forrest is Neil Lennon! We are ALL Neil Lennon! on 24 April, 2012 at 12:04 said:

    Lol sponsorship boycotts now is it?

    Any boycott, whatever its nature, has to have a goal worth supporting. A boycott of sponsors is of itself not a bad idea as a means of exerting pressure (its all about publicity of the cause) but it is the cause that matters.

    What cause could the Rangers support have? To let them keep cheating? :)

  • Snake Plissken

    Is Partial Punishment better?

    Or Impartial?

  • Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo

    Not guilty !!!

    Rogue yer a Rogue

    I have been getting inundated with emails asking me to resurrect a certain Deaglán character.


  • Saint Stivs

    I was over the other blog talking to myself, jeese oh, so many new threads.

    Anyone know if the new East End Regeneration Route road phase 2 has opened ?

  • TimJim

    So their having a protest march against mass or did I read it wrong

  • Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon

    A protest on cup final day?

    Seems like a bunch of huns are going to dress up and go for a Saturday morning walk through Glasgow. Don’t they do that most weekends anyway?

  • RogueLeader

    Now we have the general Secretary of the Rangers Supporters Association being kicked off a Radio broadcast for having a dig at our manager.

    Their hatred and intolerance plumbs new depths.

    Whilst their beloved club literally dies they hit out at the poster boy for all of their character flaws.

    And we are led to believe we need them?

  • Snake Plissken

    It’s all Neil Lennon’s fault?

    So Neil Lennon used EBTs, didn’t pay PAYE and VAT, bought players from other clubs with no intention to pay them in full?

    Jeez – o

    They must be right.

    Neil Lennon reacting to bad refereeing in the same way as umpteen other managers brings shame.

    Deary me.

  • Snake Plissken


    I think they just wrote it wrongly.

  • malceye

    The irony is that Scotland’s Shame have no shame !
    They have for years been spending money that was not theirs.
    They purchased players with said money. They won titles as a result.
    Now they owe millions, from debts to other teams who struggle to pay their own players as a consequence through to public debt in the form of taxes which might have paid for more nurses or helped lift some from poverty.
    As a consequence of such shameful behaviour over a prolonged period of time, from the halycon days of “for every £5″ through to the arrival of the ‘billionaire’ saviour, their club is fined a paltry £160,000 and banned from the transfer market for 12 months.
    And you know what? Its everyone else’s fault. The fine like the existing debts won’t be paid. As for the transfer embargo? For a club that acquired players knowing full well that it could not pay for them (Jelavic; Wallace), they should count themselves lucky that it is only 12 months.
    Scotland’s biggest club? No.
    Scotland’s biggest corporate failure? Yes
    Scotland’s shame? We told you that a long time ago.

  • James Forrest is Neil Lennon! We are ALL Neil Lennon!

    I literally cannot believe what I’m reading.

    He actually said that? On live radio? Jesus H. These people are on another planet.

    Well done John Beattie for kicking him off. That is appalling.

  • obonfanti1888

    James Forrest: 8 moments that won us the title:

    Surely the day Craig Whyte completed his takeover? :)

  • ExiledBhoy

    Dont for a minute think this is the end of it for the hun, They still have the question of 10 years plus of illegal contracts to answer for, and if the assembly et all think they have been well shafted now, let me say they havent even had the first kiss in this particular romance. Gretna and Airdrie both went bust, both got relegated, the creditors of both will be lining their lawsuits up if the same doesnt happen to the boys from the brox. Then we have the financial mess and lets be honest whether they win or lose the tax case is almost immaterial, they have no money so whether they are liquidated for 50 million or 140 million makes no difference, Deid is Deid is Deid

    The Only man who can help the hun is the Agent Whyte, he owns the brox, the Training ground and the supermarket site formerly known as a car park, given the vitriol being heaped in his direction from the loyalist fans in football I’m thinking there is more chance of Maggie Thatcher running naked down sauchihall street tomorrow than a deal being done.

    I am begining to think we better enjoy Sunday, it may very well be the last time we ever play those clowns, sad isnt it ?


  • cardiffbhoy

    James F , I cant claim full credit for the neck brace idea, Eddie and Harry Brady on the CU Podcast mentioned it originally.

  • The Honest Mistake loves being first

    So the hunblameometer swings from Craig Whyte via Stewart Regan, the SFA and the Vatican to Neil Lennon.
    Where’s John Snow when you need him?

  • bamboo

    Ranglers supporter spokes man McMillan on shortbread just now ,asking for a level playing field . “How can the sfa let Neil Lennon off with a slap on the wrist when they treat us like this?” John Beattie intervenes ” But ranglers has shamed to whole of scottish football!”
    Mac Millan replies “No-one has shamed scottish football as much as Neil Lennon!” Hes quickly bombed out the programme with a “well emotions are clearly running high”
    I used to think MacMillan was one of the slightly more respectable rfc fans . It just shows that when you scratch the surface their all huns.

  • Celtic_to_the_core

    Just seen the Rangers banner which says “sink us and we’ll sink you”
    The cream buns are not taking this very well are they? And they wonder why no one likes them??? Sink us and we’ll sink you…..sounds like they want a square go!
    You reap what you sow, ya muppets!
    Anyway, just opened a Willie Hill’s account, and going to specsavers for my next set of gregs…..
    HAPPY DAYS!!!!

  • RogueLeader

    James Forrest – these are the guys at the top. The guys representing the rest. The guys showing the public face of Rangers FC.

    No wonder they are in the state they are in

  • Green tide

    did anyone else just hear the chairperson of the some rangers fan group on radio scotland….new tactic being deployed: blame Neil Lennon!!..stunning leveks of denial on show.

  • I am NL in NZ Tauranga

    kitalba last article – who appointed dumb and dumber ??- I am certain that this was a calculated plan. My one big question is whether the whyte knight is just a sir minty pawn. calculated gamble from the tax dodgers. If so it will end in tears but that may well have been the worst case scenario before it all kicked off as Paul has ben telling for years.

  • Saint Stivs

    I worked with John McMillan for a longtime.
    Decent enough guy, never any hassles over the football, straight enough, but wouldnt get into any debates with you.

    The comment from him on RS just now was very unlike him.

    The pressure is telling

  • greenmaestro

    I don’t think they know what they are complaining about.

    Maybe they meant punative, but are just to thick.

    Maybe they should have just said punishment.

    Then again they may just have meant to put “any punishment”

  • greenjedi

    Saint Stivs on 24 April, 2012 at 12:36 said:
    I was over the other blog talking to myself, jeese oh, so many new threads.

    Anyone know if the new East End Regeneration Route road phase 2 has opened ?


    Not yet

  • ASonOfDan

    Remember when they were 12 points ahead and openly talking about administration and laughing they would still be top of the league?

    It didn’t bother them then Whyte was not paying the bills.

    Stupid huns…

    The trust’s statement claims the SFA’s decision “has been taken with the sole purpose of crippling Rangers Football Club”.

    It continues: “It is completely unacceptable and fans groups will be meeting to explore how we jointly express our opposition to this decision in the strongest possible terms.

    “This could include protesting at Hampden on on the day of the Scottish Cup final as well as boycotting SFA sponsors.

    “All options are on the table and no Rangers player or supporter can credibly play in or support the national side until this ridiculous decision is reversed.”

    The Rangers Supporters Assembly made a similar point.

    Their statement read: “Just when the club needs the SFA to help it… they kick us when we are down.

    “Why did the SFA not investigate when they said they had suspicions before Christmas rather than wait until the club went into administration?”

    The governing body wrote to Rangers on 1 December asking for clarification over Whyte’s declaration 24 hours earlier that he had previously been disqualified as a director, a fact that emerged almost six weeks previously in a BBC Scotland documentary.

    The SFA announced they were launching a full independent inquiry on 17 February, three days after the club went into administration.

    The findings of the inquiry led to several charges against the club and Whyte, who has been banned for life from Scottish football and fined £200,000.

    The trust statement added: “Despite calls to delay this action the SFA persisted with this case while the club was not in a position to adequately defend itself and had the SFA done its job in the first place on Craig Whyte then this entire saga could have been avoided.

    “Rangers supporters are appalled by this decision which brings shame on the SFA and the national game.”

  • Dontbrattbakkinanger

    And this man was supposed to be a spokesman!, ie a Hillbilly of the semi-housetrained variety.
    Oh dearie dearie me.

  • Snake Plissken

    Having a Party when Rangers die.

  • TimJim

    Snake Plissken on 24 April, 2012 at 12:39 said:
    I should have put a :0) at the end of that

  • penang_bhoy

    Your club has:-
    A/ Cheated the UK taxpayer out of tens of millions of pounds, which could otherwise have been used to pay for schools, hospitals, & their beloved Armed Forces
    B/ Deceived the football authorities in the UK & Europe by consistently playing ineligible players
    C/ Operate a policy of “shaft everyone, use all monies available (legally or otherwise” to give you a competitive advantage on the field
    D/ Have supporters who riot at a European final
    E/ Have supporters who consistently spout sectarion & racist filth
    F/ Take next to no action against said supporters
    G/ Once caught out in A-C above, the well heeled amongst your support try everything to avoid paying creditors, big & small, & wish to raise capital subsequent to a CVA/Liquidation so you can be immediately competitive & put Timmy back in their place, & this is seen as morally acceptable by pretty much all of your support
    H/ Expect that as you are “the Peepil” & that Scottish football needs you, that its unfair to apply any meaningful (or any at all) punishment to your club

    Yes, Rangers fans, Neil Lennon is undoubtedly the man who most shames scottish football…

  • obonfanti1888

    Right there, Radio Scotland has just shown why we most of all will not miss them; that’s from one of their fan reps FFS

    Well in John Beattie, if i recall, hardly a fan of Orange marches, remember he wrote quite a scathing article about them.

  • I am NL in NZ Tauranga

    rangers till july

  • JinkyvJohnGreig-saysitall

    They just don’t get it – they are a rudderless ship from every walk of life that either supports them or has managed them (and I’m not just talking about TFPLG!).

    Blame Neil Lennon, brilliant!

    Personally if I was a hun I’d want Andy Cameron wheeled out. He might be a *%£* (insert your own 4 letters) but he couldn’t be any worse of a spokesman than they’ve had on the media so far and at least he’s had some experience in front of a camera or behind a mic. Either that or they could just ask Bill Leckie to officially represent them! St Mirren my *rs*.

    Jim Royle CSC

  • Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo

    and I am not frightened of dying, any time will do, i
    Don’t mind. why should I be frightened of dying?
    There’s no reason for it, you’ve gotta go sometime.’

    Get a ******* move on

    Hail HAil

  • ScotPatsFan

    Saint Stivs on 24 April, 2012 at 12:36 said:
    I was over the other blog talking to myself, jeese oh, so many new threads.

    Anyone know if the new East End Regeneration Route road phase 2 has opened ?

    After coming out of CP the other day and heading towards Polmadie, I got to the new roundabout on London Rd and turned left thinking the road was open and I could drive down it. I got about 50yds down it and came to a set of lights with barriers in front of it!
    What I would say is that the view of the Velodrome/Indoor Arena is spectacular from there. Loads of parking spaces that, I believe, we can use on match days.

    SPF(Still looking for ThaiTimsTickets)

  • ParkheadcumsalfordwhoisNeilLennonand PaulMcBrideandTrishGodman

    I really am lost for words that that MacMillan could feel he could come on to Radio Scotland and spout the utter nonsense he has done.It just shows what the sports media (for want of a better term) in Scotland have done in demonising our manager. I find it frightening, tbh. Now they are focusing on Whyte to draw attention away from the real culprit: SDM. Mind you, he shouldn’t take the whole blame. He was ably supported by Ogilvie, Greig & Paul Murray, to name but a few.

  • Che

    I am NL in NZ Tauranga on 24 April, 2012 at 12:47 said:
    rangers till july

    no chance they will see the start of their marching season.

  • sparkleghirl

    Copied from I can’t remember who last night

    One Pound to rule them all, One Pound to find them,
    One Pound to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
    In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.

  • Paul67

    Che, ha!

    James Forrest, great idea on the 8 moments.


    Ha, just no changing fast enough mi amigo.
    Why didn’t the SFA expell them then ? it’s in their rules.

  • Green tide

    im sure when that auld twat on shortbtead listens back on his interview ge will feel some sense of shame….or then again, maybe not…prob thinks hitler was a good guy too.

  • bournesouprecipe

    Lunchtime Shortbread

    “Ragers ‘accused’ of bringing the game into disrepute”

    In Denial CSC

  • The Battered Bunnet

    Saint Stivs

    I met John MacMillan a few months ago. I rather liked the old fellow, he came across as a considered and reasonable guy who was very fearful for the future of his club.

    I would suggest that he’s being played by the ring leaders. Look at the RST statment for example. The sorry attempt to change the agenda is quite clear, and MacMillan really ought to be a little wider than to fall into this sort of crap.

    Bear in mind though, that I have also met Dick Byrne, and I think he is a reasonable and considered old fellow too.


  • RogueLeader

    See instead of boycotting everyone and blaming Neil Lennon why don’t they grow up and start by asking their saviour Paul Murray what the hell he did whilst Sir David destroyed their club?

    I know what he did, they know what he did.

    He sat in the Directors box, with that silly tie on wearing his bush creeping rain mac, cheering the player bling being paid for illegally whilst they stole trophies from every other team in Scotland. Whilst totally ignoring the hungry gorilla.

    Stupid huns are at the top and filter all the way down.

  • Celtic_to_the_core

    Does anybody else wish it was Sunday tomorrow? I can’t wait for a full on gloating sing song towards them and their “fans” (ahem) that will be there on Sunday. I saw someone tweet that we should sing “Liquidation” to the tune of “Championees”……my favourite so far!
    Anyone else got any ideas?

  • philvisreturns

    Paul67 – Interesting point made by the Rangers Supporters Assembly amid the predictable sea of hunnish bile and perma-rage:

    Despite calls to delay this action the SFA persisted with this case while the club was not in a position to adequately defend itself…

    As we know, Rangers is in administration because it wanted to avoid paying its creditors, specifically HMRC, which it cynically and deliberately withheld taxes from in a transparent attempt to hasten an insolvency event.

    So how dare the SFA punish Rangers while they are in administration!

    By the same Bizarro-world hun logic, a man who kills his own parents should be spared punishment out of sympathy for his status as an orphan. (thumbsup)

  • Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire

    St Stivs,
    “Decent enough guy, never any hassles over the football, straight enough, but wouldnt get into any debates with you.”

    no getting into debates should have been enough for suspicion, the preassure shows him for exactly what he is, pleas stop defending him.

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