Celtic v Rangers*, Live updates

Live updates will appear below after 12:45 BST.

*In administration.

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  • Bundoran Bhoy – Standing with Neil Lennon against victimisation and injustice!!!!!


  • Lubo

    Hail Hail the Champions

  • Bundoran Bhoy – Standing with Neil Lennon against victimisation and injustice!!!!!

    Podium yessss


  • Eyes Wide Open

    In the last game at Ibrox – it appeared as if Mulgrew was left to mark Elbows.

    Lets not make the same mistake again – everyone just needs to look at Charlie to know strength isnt his main asset – put the big jessy Loovens on to him for christ sake at least he has more physical strength even if he doesnt have a fraction of Charlies heart

  • Bundoran Bhoy – Standing with Neil Lennon against victimisation and injustice!!!!!

    2-0 to the champs


  • West Wales Celt

    Com on the bhoys in green…

  • jmbhoy67

    Mon the Hoops!!! Pune CSC

  • Patrick27

    2-0 to the good ghuys

  • up_over_goal

    Very good side.

    As long as Commons is given the free role, we will win.

  • Lubo

    Champions Team..

    Forster, Matthews, Loovens, Mulgrew, Izaguirre, Brown, Wanyama, Ledley, Commons, Samaras, Hooper

    Subs; Zaluska, Cha, K. Wilson, McCourt, McGeouch, Stokes, Watt.

  • mncelt

    Are they dead yet?

  • bankiebhoy1

    Awe Naw………….

    Doing well perhaps, but End of Season report card will read

    “Must do much, much better”

    Unless the nettle is grasped…..

    Near enough is not good enough.


  • Billy Bhoy

    Pre match song;
    If Tomorrow Never Comes by Moanin Cheating.

    Post Match Song;

    When will I see you again? By The (Thirty)Three Degrees

    Mon the Hoops

  • BobbyMurdoch7121

    11.15 pm here in Wellington and the nerves are jangling big time, 3-1 to the bhoys!

  • Green Lantern (((((0)))))

    Rees McCabe’s got an old shoulder on his head according to Kenny McDowall of Der Hun.

  • Eyes Wide Open

    EWO personal objective today, given the various circumstances;

    Celtic 4-0 Huns.

    EWO realistic hope, if we do go with 1 up top

    Bog standard 1-0

  • Celtic Mac

    Paul67 et al

    Sounds like ELP in the background! Come on the Hoops!

  • archdeaconsbench

    Commons in, K Wilson out. 2 big plusses. Celtic, you know what you have to do….

  • Eyes Wide Open

    Neil McCann – paid to be an expert football panelist is giving his opinion based on not having a clue why Rangers were fined and banned from signing over 18s.

    Dancing around the real facts.

    Its pathetic.

    does Sky not scrutinise what it has put its own money into?

    there is more factual information on this blog than there is from people being paid on sky

  • No to NewCo is Malone19

    Fairly happy with the team. Would have went for Samaras and Hooper this time and McGeoch in for Commons.

  • Eyes Wide Open

    Sky making a martyr of fat Sally
    Fat Sally making a martyr of Elbows


  • Snake Plissken

    McCann says if the embargo is because of the way Rangers have conducted their business in the market (“buying” but not paying) then he could understand it.

    Well use your brain son. Why do you think they did it? Obvious really.

  • RRC:

    C’Mon The HOOPS!

  • bankiebhoy1

    MSM – just bog standard

    CQN – The Blog Standard

  • Headtheball

    Nicholas and McCann’s incisive analysis of Rangers’ financial situation was eye opening. I’m so glad I watched that. Not!

  • sparkleghirl

    Does anyone else use firstrowsports? Has it just gone down?


  • Captured

    Disgraceful stuff on sky for Nicholas and mccann. Blood boiling listening to these numpties…save rangers in full flow.

  • googybhoy ♥ Celtic and Integrity

    Five live….Nevin and Forsythe talking nonsense.
    Not even getting the facts right.
    Was Ally wrong to say what he said.

    Forsythe turns it round to Neil Lennon.

    Nevin says he was wrong. But Ally has been brilliant.
    Now they are onto Neil.again.

  • shimmies33

    We could play 3 at back ie Vic Loovens Charlie with Mathews and Izzy wide Broon Joe in middle with Commons behind Sammi and Hoops Just a thought!


    wikipedia states Rhys McCabe was born in Polbeth which seems to be in Scotland and not on Krypton. he is 19.

    Victor Wanyama is 20, he’s playing in midfield too

    I wonder if Chick , Murdo and the gang will catch on?


  • StMichaelsBhoy2

    I won’t be turning over to Sky till 12.45.

    Much better for my blood pressure that way.

  • fencelt

    Stomach churning now, I will NOT miss this fixture. Swally can only ‘hope’ that there’s a Celtic Rangers game next season, SKY summarises the history of these games, almost like it’s an epitaph :-)

  • bankiebhoy1

    Careful Lads………………………………..

  • The Smallest CSC

    I’d like to see Vic playing just in front of the CB pair, making sure Shonny cant run through.

  • Big Nan

    Just hope we stuff them which we should if we are allowed to play football without the influence of the MIB.

    Cant listen to the build-up as McCann and Nicholas talks so much pap.

    Come on you bhoys in green.


  • starry plough


    Intae thum Celts

  • Eyes Wide Open

    shimmies33 on 29 April, 2012 at 12:24 said:

    I quite like that

    Has a wee bit of imagination – factors in the opposition and plays on their strengths / weaknesses. Also has the element of surprise.

    The 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1 is a formation you could play against in your sleep – its only the quality of the player that changes it.

    Im all for the quality of the player AND the tactics giving you an extra advantage

  • Big Nan

    Paul 67, there is a genuined need for a Celtic commentary on such games. Have you thought about doing it?

    I would gladly give money to listen to an unbiased coverage of the action.

  • Green Lantern (((((0)))))

    Anyone got any information on what the results have been vs der hun in the last few seasons when Celtic have managed to keep 11 men on the park?

  • Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire


  • Eyes Wide Open

    Same interviewer who tried to make Sally out to be a martyr and asked questions which would lead to Elbows being made out as one – and did you hear that opening question to Johan!?!?

    Johan should have lamped him

  • Headtheball

    Keeping 11 men is crucial. We almost forced a draw when down to 9 last time so I’m hopeful.

  • Eyes Wide Open

    How important is it for CELTIC PLAYERS to keep their discipline!?!?!?!??

    Who the hell is that interviewer!?

    Bring back Scott Booth (theres a statement!)

  • Kojo

    jist in fae the jiggin’

    No goin’ tae bed…

    Well.. Celtic.. Let’s ‘Ave Ye!


    Still,Laughin’ fit tae Burst!

  • Seven Fishes Four Steaks

    Sky sports employ scumbags.

    Praise McCoist to the hilt.

    Talk about Lennys meltdowns and how he is not enjoying it!!


  • RRC:

    If they made ok for a day, could you ever tire of slapping David Tanner?

  • markiebhoy88

    Afternoon everyone,anyone know where i can watch the game in Huddersfield? iknow iknow,Celtic friendly of course.Ta.

  • Tom McLaughlin

    Celtic 5 Rangers 1

    Hail Hail

  • salvador

    Thankfully can’t hear Snyde or Shortbread here. Settled down at the computer with a large brandy 1 hour north of Sydney. Getting texts and email from my brother at the game. C’MOM THE HOOPS !!!!!!!!!!

  • pigalle

    And may the best Celtic team win.

    Goodbye, Rangers.

    You will not be missed.


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