10-in-a-row, McGarvey, Murray and more


The 10-in-a-Row CQN Charity Golf Day at Aberdour was a great success yesterday.  The irrepressible Frank McGarvey spoke about his formative years in Easterhouse and beyond, with special mentions of his legendary first and last games for Celtic.

Len Murray returned six years after his previous appearance, and spoke with humour and authority, but most of all with a burning support for Celtic.

The event raised money for The Cookie Jar Foundation, founded in memory of 19-year-old Christopher Coutts, who died of Hodkin’s Lymphoma last year and for the work of Glasgow the Caring City.

Christopher Coutts’ father, David, demonstrated a vein finder.  A vein finder is the size of a torch and has a light which shines on the arm and allows veins to be seen.

When Christopher was seriously ill medics often had trouble finding a vein for an injection, attempts were traumatic and distressing.  Twice he left hospital without treatment because veins couldn’t be found.  On a visit to a private hospital a doctor produced this torch-like device and identified a hydrated vein with ease, allowing treatment to take place.

The money we raise is going to buy these devices for NHS hospitals, where they are not provided for.  They will not save or cure anyone, but they will make the treatment of acutely ill people less distressing and, on some occasions, possible.

You can help by bidding for this magnificent canvass, signed by Billy McNeill, one of only two made.  You can also help by buying a raffle ticket for the other one.  The ebay auction is available here.  You enter the raffle by donating at least £1 here.  Get involved, you’ll be pleased you did.

On the long drive home from Fife I heard Neymar had left the field writhing in agony after going down clutching his back, just as he did, while feigning, at Celtic Park last season.  Forgive me for being cynical.  Around 1am news came through of his broken vertebra, acquired from a dangerous foul.  Let’s hope he makes a full recovery.

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  1. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Out for drinks with like minded tims.



    hail hail



    pf look forward to it..

  2. Well said all the money going to a good cause, it’s the irrepressible Frank McGarvey thing I don’t get, may be it’s me ;) as long as everyone had a good time that’s what counts.

  3. Things seem really really tense in palestine at the moment after those horrific deaths.. I dont know much about the history of their conflict but watching few videos online them isreali soldiers remind me of how the brits treated the people of derry.. On a good day.



    Not sure if any of use saw news this week but young lad from creggan in derry has turned up in syria fighting for the rebels. Google it and you’ll have few links to fill ye in.

  4. Fantastic day and evening at Aberdour yesterday. Great speeches and great stories around the dinner table. Apologies to anyone who had to suffer listening to mine.



    Dry and bright in ole EK.


    The OO are dying out here. Dated, obsolete, abhorrent and insignificant.



    Personally think ignoring them and watching them whither is the correct thing to do. Of course getting caught up in their hatred is disgraceful. But banning them gives them a cause to rally round and give them coverage.

  6. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Big Cup Winners, I agree about them not being banned as they would use it as a boost for their raison d’etre, not a celebration of their religion but as a measure of their intolerance.



    Their wilful ignorance of the inconvenience caused to others by their civil right to march where & when they want, defies any semblance of a democratic process.



    Let them march through Bridgeton, Larkhall, Harthill plus some towns in West Lothian where they will be more than welcome.

  7. “Kris is a fantastic football player. I hope he can develop even more and have a season similar to the last one. He will have a very important impact on the team and the games we play.” – Ronnie Deila



    OK Ronnie, maybe you should be telling that to the downsizers upstairs before this fantastic player walks away in just 6 months time.

  8. cliftonville celt from belfast on




    12:54 on 5 July, 2014



    It’s a disgrace mate



    Makes my blood boil the Israeli government are a disgrace and have got away with it for years

  9. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    Can’t see you behaving as my daughter and her friends :-))



    I hope you don’t have cause to use their medical services …. Robbing bassas





    Mentioned my holiday, in case you needed anything taken over or checked.

  11. if the naymar thing with broony had happened in reverse and broony got us a man advantage …we would have given broony player of the year award, what broony done was try to have a wee sleekit kick at an opponent ……the opponent out sleekited broony and effectively ended Celtics interest in Europe for the season…..I hold no grudge for naymar he out foxed broon ….I hope he makes a speedy recovery





    Not so,mate.



    A mix of rain and sweltering heat is just the job for that lot.



    It proves that they really do stink the place out.

  13. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Sky Sports really pushing Sevco ….they’ve been running stories about Kenny Misser in particular for the last few days



    Keeping up the profile and the same club myth



    Sky Sports in the vanguard to have Sevco in the SPL



    Apparently ….they were liquidated and demoted ….embarrassing deliberate misrepresentation ….all to allow them to promote the ” old firm ” games

  14. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    Thanks mate



    She returns home on Monday morning ….think I’ve sorted it anyway …spent most of the morning


    Have all the late runners arrived in Kirkcaldy yet?



    I dunno,most of them blootered the night before,sleep off the effects and expect everyone else to jooooost wait for their presence.



    And yes,I AM jealous and wish I was there!



    Have fun,fellas.

  16. theglasgowcelticway on

    Fantastic idea using the money raised yesterday to purchase vein finders for hospitals which have none.I have witnessed the distress and pain caused by being unable to catch a vein it’s a horrible thing to see especially in a young kid.Hats off to all who attended yesterday!!

  17. cliftonville celt from belfast



    13:15 on 5 July, 2014





    Im frustrated i dont know more on the subject but determind to change that next few months but its clear to see who the victims are.



    I have even more respect to the volunteers who went to spain to fight for their ideals in the spanish civil war. No doubt palestine needs this on large scale. Wont happen thou and its clear the bad guys have won .



    The bully taunts the brave

  18. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Wondered what caused Miller to develop into such a Hun



    Signing for us suggests he wasn’t always of that mindset


    PF AYR






    Covers most medical costs abroad as a UK citizen.



    Probably not the first thing a teenager thinks of when planning a trip wi pals though.



    Glad it’s sorted. She’ll be all the wiser for it.

  20. Paul67 et al



    The only player to blame for getting Scott Brown sent off, at a crucial time in the game, was Scott Brown. He tried a similar approach to Neymar against Brazil at the Emirates a couple of years earlier. Neymar scored two goals, did Scott learn anything? No!


    Neymar’s injury reminded me of a similar one John Hartson received at Ibrox early 2003. Kneed in the back by one cowardly Craig Moore, John required surgery, the result of which he did not form part of the squad in Seville. Remembering what Larsson could do to Porto in the air, who is to say big John wouldn’t have helped win the Cup on the day? Not me!

  21. Just had a look at the fixtures and see that Celtic have only one game at Paradise until 13 September.



    That can’t be right, surely???

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