11 days until we gather with our 4 Japanese friends


Amid the easing of restrictions announced by the First Minister yesterday, there was no update on the limit for outdoor sports gatherings, currently set at 500.  The suggestion by Scottish Rugby, that they could move next month’s Calcutta Cup game from Murrayfield to Newcastle, prompted a private briefing that let it be known this ruling would expire to permit rugby (and football) to return to full crowds on 17 January.  The Edinburgh political/rugby types were relieved.

Given other changes announced yesterday, that positive LFTs should no longer go for a PCR test, it is guaranteed that infection rates recorded (as opposed to actual infection rates) will now drop, providing some credible-looking justification for the decision to loosen restrictions.

That means you, me and four of our Japanese friends will almost certainly gather at Celtic Park in 11 days to face Hibernian, although we will have to wait for a First Minister’s podium appearance next week for confirmation.

Planning anything for the last two years has been a lottery, but should this come to pass, the SPFL clearly chose the correct path in bringing forward the winter break.  I am sure both clubs opposed to the move will commend the League on their foresight.


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  1. MELBOURNE MICK on 6TH JANUARY 2022 12:22 PM


    Hello again all you young rebels







    Back in da house, 1 can of frozen Guinness downed in two gulps, shorts ,





    top and socks stuck to me with sweat, that’s just me and I was only doing



    the shouting 🥵



    TIMMY 7



    Reading back now about your bhoy coming to Melbourne, I’ll be very happy



    to meet up with him, as I’ve done with many of the fine bhoys and ghirls



    from this dear green place who gave us a visit.



    I will send you my contact details as soon as you know he gets a date to travel



    and we’ll take it from there.



    Right now I’ll predict he’ll have the time of his young life.



    H H. Mick




    Good mhan Mick. On both counts.



    D :)

  2. Jaysus, flights between Glasgow and Edinburgh ?



    No wonder the planet is effed !




  3. Has no one told Bam…….. ahhhhhhhhh there is a new article posted.



    Or is he back in his bunker.



    D :)

  4. St Stivs,



    I am indeed.I looked the song up on You Tube.There are around 2 million versions of it.LOL.


    It would be brilliant at Celtic Park though.

  5. Tom McLaughlin on



    That said a possible 60,000 Monday evening game takes a bit of organising, not least for Celtic, and not to mention the supporters who would need to work around it.


    Correct. I mean Celtic have never organised a 60,000 crowd at a midweek game before. And how do they expect the supporters to work around it?



    Sack the board.

  6. iPaddy McCourt on

    I’ll be surprised if there are large crowds allowed at football or rugby by early February. The health minister Humza Yousaf sounded extremely pessimistic this morning on the radio. We are within the territory of the projected worse case scenario in terms of infection rates with the peak still some way off. He asserted that the NHS was going to be under the worst strain of its 73 year existence, or words to that effect.



    It doesn’t matter to me if Nicola Sturgeon has no time for football or football supporters and it doesn’t matter if she’s a rugby fan. The bottom line is that if our hospitals are full to overflowing with Covid patients by late January, or something approaching that, then forget about full houses at Celtic Park, Murrayfield or anywhere else.

  7. Henderson makes it 34 first team players and 8 on loan.



    We want possibly 2 more in (36) but we really need to shed some deadwood (as quoted)



    (9) on a shoogly peg:



    Shaw and Uroghide




    Ajeti and Barkas











    Squad of 27 available until end of May ?




  8. What is the Stars on

    Say no to snow



    Dont be fooled by big tech and the one world government that wants to enslave you

  9. What is the Stars on

    More people died from the common cold than in snow ball flights



    Emancipate yourself

  10. Garngad to Croy on

    Covid-(20)19, 2020, 2021 & 2022 cares not a jot about capitalism and has the patience and resolve to continue unabated.

  11. WHAT IS THE STARS on 6TH JANUARY 2022 2:40 PM


    “Snow isnt real Dont be fooled Just shout at it and it will go away”



    Naw its no snow, snow its no, its snaw! por cierto

  12. Oh the Deadwood Stage is a-rollin’ on over the plains



    With the curtains flappin’ and the driver slappin’ the reins



    A beautiful sky, a wonderful day

  13. The hand of God on

    Don’t know if it’s already been mentioned but watched “Old Firm (before liquidation) goals” on Sky last night 19 for Rangers 10 for Celtic (maybe missed the odd one on fast forward)…paranoid ?…as time told us back then not paranoid enough.

  14. Great play from Boyle, only has the keeper to beat…………….Oh dear,poor effort, keeper saves.


    Great play from Boyle, has Nisbet in a great position inside…………..Oh dear, he over hits the pass.


    Great play from Boyle, has left the full back in his wake……………..Oh dear, his cross goes straight out of play.



    Plays for Hibs for a reason.

  15. Tom McLaughlin on




    The main problem for the NHS has been the level of staff absenteeism due to the strict isolation rules rather than Covid-19 hospital admissions.



    The isolation rules were relaxed from midnight last night.

  16. Re the Huns & their constant Share Issues , They issued another 5 Million on 23rd Dec last at a value of 25 pence per Share, the Total Number of Shares now issued is now a staggering 428 Million.

  17. glendalystonsils on

    JIMDOM on 6TH JANUARY 2022 3:05 PM



    You’re quite right – we’ve got players who can do all of that already !-)))

  18. It feels sad to me that on a blog which was set up to allow a voice alternative to that available in the MSM seems full of reactionary folk at times who only want to believe what the MSM / BBC and political leaders with blatantly political agendas tell them.



    Hounding down and abusing posters who don’t have the same beliefs as MSM about Covid seems odd. Even more so as it is clear to most that the health service is suffering right now because of long term and systemic under resourcing / misplaced resource. And also because of the appallingly bad judgement in dealing with this bug. The blaming of anti vax folk with no tangible evidence is a blatant deflection by those in power. The ICU numbers across the uk and in Scotland are tiny. The hospital numbers with folk who are there specifically because of Covid as their primary health issue is 1/3 of quoted numbers. Even Sir Andrew Pollard ( chair of JCVI ) said this week in the telegraph we need to review if the 3rd jab was effective before we consider any further jabbing. “We cannot continue to jab the world every 6 months”.



    Rather than abuse posters with a different view to MSM it maybe worth considering and challenging info provided. Just as some do about MSM reporting of transfer valuations ?



    Any idea why our leader in Scotland has not shared any detail on numbers with omicron who are in ICU ? And how many were vaxed ? Any idea how many in hospital in Scotland are there with Covid as main problem ? Simple questions which would paint a different picture if the numbers were broadcast or even easily available.



    Just some thoughts.



    For me this blog has great posters who are so much better than just hurling personal abuse. For me it is and should be a broad church just as the club we follow is.

  19. What is the Stars on




    150 years old


    55 titles in the last 10 years


    428 million shares issued



    World records being smashed all the time


    Meanwhile Celtic continue on a downward spiral

  20. Few will be happier than me to be in CP on the 17th Jan as we set about reducing the gap to 3p points and piling on the pressure on Sevco.

  21. CELTIC MAC on 6TH JANUARY 2022 1:01 PM


    Well the match against Hibernian on January 17 is certainly going ahead with our new Japanese Bhoys, or at least, I really think so





    Very good; see what you did there1 #Vapours

  22. What is the Stars on




    No anti vax and conspiracy theory nonsense should be tolerated on this or any other blogs


    Quacks and nuts are free to log on to Qanon and discuss the alien paedo takeover to their hearts content.


    They should not be permitted to pollute this blog.

  23. CORKCELT on 6TH JANUARY 2022 3:31 PM


    Re the Huns & their constant Share Issues , They issued another 5 Million on 23rd Dec last at a value of 25 pence per Share, the Total Number of Shares now issued is now a staggering 428 Million.




    is that why McCoist is never off the telly; his original shares (over £1m worth in 2012) keep diluting?






    The infamous Theranos tried to pay off investors with shares and equity near the end and most took it. At the very end, a venture capital company of great repute gave them a loan for equity and patents so they could sue Covid19 test manufacturers. There is always a ‘disrupter’ who will invest in something which is liquid e.g. 52000 season tickets a year at 500 bucks

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