11 days until we gather with our 4 Japanese friends


Amid the easing of restrictions announced by the First Minister yesterday, there was no update on the limit for outdoor sports gatherings, currently set at 500.  The suggestion by Scottish Rugby, that they could move next month’s Calcutta Cup game from Murrayfield to Newcastle, prompted a private briefing that let it be known this ruling would expire to permit rugby (and football) to return to full crowds on 17 January.  The Edinburgh political/rugby types were relieved.

Given other changes announced yesterday, that positive LFTs should no longer go for a PCR test, it is guaranteed that infection rates recorded (as opposed to actual infection rates) will now drop, providing some credible-looking justification for the decision to loosen restrictions.

That means you, me and four of our Japanese friends will almost certainly gather at Celtic Park in 11 days to face Hibernian, although we will have to wait for a First Minister’s podium appearance next week for confirmation.

Planning anything for the last two years has been a lottery, but should this come to pass, the SPFL clearly chose the correct path in bringing forward the winter break.  I am sure both clubs opposed to the move will commend the League on their foresight.


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  1. Burnley78,



    So by your copmparison, the CQNers are the free-thinking, anti-vaxxers and the MSM are the World Government, hooking us all up to the matrix ?



    You took that too far fella.



    ‘Up da Scientists’ I say and God bless every one of them…..




  2. I don’t think the Celtic and Irish club will be open in February.





    They give the numbers out here and our icu will be bursting soon.


    80 to 90% not vaxed.I could care less about your antivax stand you just keep harping on every other day,you and your like are selfish gits.I hope you never get into Celtic Park now off you go to an anti vax forum.

  3. WHAT IS THE STARS on 6TH JANUARY 2022 3:42 PM




    No anti vax and conspiracy theory nonsense should be tolerated on this or any other blogs


    Quacks and nuts are free to log on to Qanon and discuss the alien paedo takeover to their hearts content.


    They should not be permitted to pollute this blog.




    i’m against censorship generally but i did go on the offensive against 9/11 crazies on here and SC in the past (i was offended for personal reasons, hence my hypocrisy)


    I think we should all be able to post and have a scrap if need be but keep the language in the rules





    I saw something recently which identified the correlation between the rise in ant-vax posts on the internet and the dearth of yeti, big foot, UFO, Jesus in toast sightings

  4. “WHAT IS THE STARS on 6TH JANUARY 2022 3:42 PM




    No anti vax and conspiracy theory nonsense should be tolerated on this or any other blogs”





    Are these questions evidence of nonsense:



    “Any idea why our leader in Scotland has not shared any detail on numbers with omicron who are in ICU ? And how many were vaxed ? Any idea how many in hospital in Scotland are there with Covid as main problem ? “

  5. What is the Stars on

    Hot Smoked



    What is your point. ?



    “Any idea why our leader in Scotland has not shared any detail on numbers with omicron who are in ICU ? And how many were vaxed ? Any idea how many in hospital in Scotland are there with Covid as main problem ? “



    The answer is simple…So that the aliens can take us away for experiments and force us to be claves of George Soros or George Galloway or Bill Gates or Bill Stickers or whatever.



    There is a pandemic…thats a fact


    Millions have died and many more would have died had governments around the world ( of every political hue)not took extraordinary measures to curtail its affects.


    A vaccine has been developed that has saved lives and enabled to us to move towards exiting all the restrictions.


    And people moan and whine because they cant go to a football match or a restaurant without showing a vaccine cert.

  6. What is the Stars on

    Claves are the new Slaves


    its one world government code for covid slaves


    But the MSM wont tell you that

  7. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Are you allowed to be pro-vaccination but sceptical as to how omicron has been reported and managed?

  8. Time to Look Up?



    There have been years of comment on Resolution 12 , much of it speculative because the full story from cradle to grave has not been told.



    In order to bring closure that story, some of which involves CQN followers has been framed by Phil MacGioalla Bhain on his blog at https://philmacgiollabhain.ie/2022/01/04/an-opportunity-for-michael-nicholson-to-have-a-fresh-start/#more-23174



    and repeated and commented on by The Celtic Star at






    Fundamentally the framing is on a truth and reconciliation basis. The truth is contained in the ” Duplicity from Cradle to Grave” narrative in both blogs in the hope that now the truth is out there Celtic’s approach to supporters and shareholders can perhaps be more conciliarity rom both sides and where true accountability makes such a change not just possible but desirable, for without accountability in any governance scenario , corruption thrives.



    To that end the article contains in its conclusion a proposal for bringing about accountability via a Membership Service which does not require boycotts or withdrawing financial support to the Club that in turn can affect the team ,but instead enables the full support in their different forms to be much more unified in the way they challenge The Board on their policies and decisions and the consequences.



    Such a service allows the support to look up from the everyday enjoyable chatter and exchange of opinions on social media, whilst still enjoying those exchanges, and the idea comes from the 8 years of experience dealing with Celtic and those who are formally attached to them as supporter representatives actual and virtual, so the blogs whilst drawing on the past are looking to the future.



    It is a long and serious read to be sure but hopefully it will provoke engagement on reform of football governance by the SFA (which the narrative confirms was the aim of Resolution 12) but first governance at Celtic, so that the club never again finds itself in the position that required a whole new team to be built for this season as a result of absence of checks and balance in the past.



    The duplicity at play in the narrative resulted in legal fees of £11,266 for the shareholders who wanted wanted answers of which CQN followers provided £4,974 towards costs.



    Morally and In the spirit of reconciliation, moving on and unity this sum could be reimbursed to CQN contributors but because of the sheer logistics of refunding individuals, could be diverted to the Celtic Foundation for charitable purposes if Celtic were to ever make such a gesture to show us there is spark left to be become a fire of the moral basis on which Celtic was founded.

  9. “WHAT IS THE STARS on 6TH JANUARY 2022 4:02 PM


    Hot Smoked


    What is your point. ?”



    My point was that the tone of the posts ` disagreeing` with those who see Covid 19 differently from the majority .

  10. What is the Stars on

    Hot Smoked



    I still dont get your point


    “The tone of posts disagreeing with those who see Covid 19 differently from the majority…”


    Ok what about the Tone ???

  11. WITS and Hot Smoked dont waste any good air arguing over these whack nut, chumps.



    Life is to short.



    If something should not have been said just wish it away and it will go away. Remember.



    D :)

  12. Right to get back to footy and everyone can get on my back.



    But I think Martin Boyle can do us a turn.



    D :)

  13. Saint Stivs


    I thought the tone was derogatory rather than explanatory.





    I am quite happy to exchange with WITS. I enjoy his posts and usually agree with the content. I see this as a relatively small matter.

  14. “DAVID66 on 6TH JANUARY 2022 4:44 PM


    But I think Martin Boyle can do us a turn.”



    Who would he replace ( Even on the bench) ?

  15. Auldheid


    Sad state of affairs, good luck with the membership scheme if you’re involved in it.

  16. Hot Smoked – You can never have enough good players.



    An addition to the squad, it is then up to him the same as any player to play at a good level and keep team mates out of the team.



    Creates competition and keeps players on top of their game, ala Paddy Robert’s and James Forrest a few years back.



    Take care



    D :)

  17. What is the Stars on

    Hot Smoked



    Correct my tone was derogatory towards the conspiracy nuts.


    2 years into this pandemic now.Millions dead..Many millions more making great sacrifices to ensure the safety and comfort of their fellow citizens and still we get spoilt brats whining and whining about their “freedoms” and talking about Nazis and police state and other such nonsense.

  18. What is the Stars on

    St Stivs



    I will back you if you have been affronted


    But in return you must front me if I have been backed

  19. Martin Boyle or Mikey Johnston?



    There is no doubt that Boyle has had the more productive season so far and, by the way, he is only 28- not that old.






    When Boyle was Mikey’s current age, he was let go by Dundee in exchange for a player called Alex Harris- yeah- me neither. In 3 seasons with Dundee he scored 4 goals in 29 Championship games and 0 goals in 27 SPL games.



    At age and stage comparison, Mikey has achieced much more than Boyle did.



    I am still waiting for Mikey to fulfill his potential but I have more patience than most in the Celtic support on that matter.

  20. DESSYBHOY on 6TH JANUARY 2022 4:51 PM





    Sad state of affairs, good luck with the membership scheme if you’re involved in it.




    Its like building a hut, a bit of help will be needed. ;)

  21. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    THE HAND OF GOD @ 3:04 PM



    watched “Old Firm (before liquidation) goals” on Sky last night 19 for Rangers 10 for Celtic (maybe missed the odd one on fast forward)…paranoid ?…as time told us back then not paranoid enough.






    The Hand Of God …



    Cancel Sky subscription?

  22. Bamboo/ Burmley78/ WITS & Hot Smoked



    I am wary of disinformation spread on Covid but I don’t think it can be shouted down or cancelled. That approach tends to drive it back into its Reddit boltholes where they “do their own research” by spreading and swallowing each others’ peer-unchecked made up nonsense.



    When issues like the deaths of young athletes , allegedly due to Covid, get accepted so readily without scrutiny in that community, I look to those that take the time to evaluate and , if proven to be false, refute this nonsense with evidence.



    This article confirms that not a lot of care has been taken, fairly typically, to ensure that this padded list in circulation were all footballers, were all young men, had no underlying issues or indeed had been vaxxed in some cases.



    The very principle of somparison studies involves comparing what is happening with Covid and what happened pre-Covid. Nowhere in the “doing my own research” field do you see any attempt to consider alternatives, e.g the number of young athletes or footballers that suffered deaths or heart issues pre-Covid (Marc Vivien Foe, Asa Hartford, Stuart McCall, Evancder Sno etc)



    Here are a few articles which have debunked this latest attempt at spreading a lie around the world before Truth has gotten its boots on. I understand the hard core Tin Foil lot will dismiss these facts as Fake News, MSM crap or “they would say that, wouldn’t they”, But we cannot live in a world that just decides winners by who shouts the loudest; we have to retain a faith in the scientific method and the power of evidence, cros-tested by your sceptical and competitive peers.













  23. What is the Stars on







    You are a better man than me ….or at least you have more patience than me when dealing with the …..(now this is where I would have said nuts/quacks etc ) but I wont this time !!!!!

  24. City of Toronto just fired 450 for not being vaxed.


    Radio guy asked for anyone who was sacked to phone as he couldn’t understand why you would leave such a job because of a vax……….great pay benefits etc.


    Guy phones in he was a chopper pilot……….so why did you not get vaxed the usual come back my civil libertie government are not going to tell me what to do, so have you been vaxed………none of your business……….ok what are you going to do…………i have had enough of this country i’m off………..to where……….Serbia,Columbia,Mexico may be Brazil but i’m outa here.End of phone in.

  25. on the subject of conspiracy, i watched a doc on RTE last night about the Capitol riot. An excellent programme that gave air time to alternative viewpoints and had senators, rioters, police etc all interviewed.



    It was pretty shocking to see all the footage in one place and I could feel the various emotions palpably.



    It looked really scary for the police in general but the most shocking part was them showing the female rioter being shot and the aftermath. Was not expecting that.



    The one thing that nags me about the Democrat senators decrying the attack on democracy was that the Obama government was happy to see it happen in Ukraine, successfully.

  26. A wee meander to another time 1974-76



    Larry Herman (outof NY) – CLYDESIDE









    John Hendry, Turner, Boring & Facing Turning Wheel for Ships Main Engine; John G. Kincaid Engineer






    Franz Beckenbauer Celebrating Bayern Munich Football Clubs Victory in the European Cup; Albany Hot






    Clocking Off After Shift; Scott Lithgow Kingston Shipbuilding Yard, Port Glasgow.




  27. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Has anyone noticed that these days you don’t go to a night club, you ‘rock up’ to a night club – whats that all about? Maybe I’m getting old.

  28. ROCK TREE BHOY on 6TH JANUARY 2022 6:15 PM


    Has anyone noticed that these days you don’t go to a night club, you ‘rock up’ to a night club – whats that all about? Maybe I’m getting old.




    I still call it a disco so don’t worry!

  29. SAINT STIVS on 6TH JANUARY 2022 6:24 PM


    if anyone is looking fur me i am poppin up to the dancin




    fur a lumber?

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