11 days until we gather with our 4 Japanese friends


Amid the easing of restrictions announced by the First Minister yesterday, there was no update on the limit for outdoor sports gatherings, currently set at 500.  The suggestion by Scottish Rugby, that they could move next month’s Calcutta Cup game from Murrayfield to Newcastle, prompted a private briefing that let it be known this ruling would expire to permit rugby (and football) to return to full crowds on 17 January.  The Edinburgh political/rugby types were relieved.

Given other changes announced yesterday, that positive LFTs should no longer go for a PCR test, it is guaranteed that infection rates recorded (as opposed to actual infection rates) will now drop, providing some credible-looking justification for the decision to loosen restrictions.

That means you, me and four of our Japanese friends will almost certainly gather at Celtic Park in 11 days to face Hibernian, although we will have to wait for a First Minister’s podium appearance next week for confirmation.

Planning anything for the last two years has been a lottery, but should this come to pass, the SPFL clearly chose the correct path in bringing forward the winter break.  I am sure both clubs opposed to the move will commend the League on their foresight.


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  1. stephenofderby on

    I agree with the SFTB about Mikey Johnson. Very few players can shift the ball and go past players from a standing start. He is electric. Once hes past his man most of us seem to agree that his decision making is poor. Although hes no longer looked upon as a young player he has suffered from a lack of games and therefore lacks a bit of experience. He also, in my opinion suffers from the curse of trying too hard. Its understandable. If he lashes one of those shots into the top corner when he cuts inside, makes a telling pass or two and plays a few games in a row where he is a major contributor to the scorelines then I think he may come good. Most of that stuff can be worked on and improved. His pace off the mark cant be trained. Thats his gift. I hope he brings it all together while hes still with us.



    Im fully vaccinated. I have friends who think Im mad. Im no expert on any of this but I trust Scientists, Doctors and Nurses. And they all have my admiration and respect.

  2. WITS been reading back…thanks for the lols. My problem with these people is their conflating caring for your fellow man with nazism. I imagine they’re like Terminators, as Kyle Reese says “it cant be bargained with, it cant be reasoned with, it doesn’t feel pity or remorse or fear, and it absolutely will not stop… EVER, untlil you are dead!



    Types like these drove me away…but that’s me letting them win…feck thum




  3. I would assume MJ has ample time at training every week to improve his decision making? His shooting? To practice looking up and passing to a better-placed teammate rather than trying the same move over and over again? Surely the coaches don’t just say “right Mikey, today I want you to work on beating the first man, cutting inside and shooting from the edge of the box. Keep doing it son, one of these days you’ll score a beauty.”



    He is too predictable. Defenders know what his signature move is. Maybe he can learn from Jota about how to mix things up more during the game, when to pass rather than shoot. There is a player there for sure, maybe not at the top level though.

  4. Deniabhoy.


    The thing that annoyed me during his injury time off,was the very fact that he ignored a muscle build programme that was there for him to do.


    Ryan Christie had a similar programme and came back with an extra 8lb of muscle on him.if MJ had bulked up he would be the better footballer for it imo.


    I feel the clock is ticking on him.he has great touch.




  5. Deniabhoy…agreed there is a player in there somewhere but the bhoy puts on blinkers wen he’s in or near the box…not sure you can coach selfishness out of a player

  6. stephenofderby on

    Deniabhoy I take your point. I doubt at Lennoxtown there are 55,000 amateur football managers ready to groan if you lose the ball though. Im not there at training but Id bet more of his stuff comes off at Lennoxtown than at Celtic Park. If we went to the market to find a comparable player most people on here would say hes not played enough. Maybe a loan would help him. Think he gets a bit of a rough trot. If he makes it ill be delighted and if he doesnt then hell move on and ply his trade elsewhere. Either way my opinion will be the same. I like him and think there is something there. If it turns out hes 100 miles per hour of useless pace then ill be wrong in my judgement. Wont be the first time…….

  7. Are we really hoping that our new Japanese bhoys are gonna hit the ground running when play resumes…seems naive…we do need better depth in our squad. Any chat on additional transfers this window?




  8. Oh…not seen too much condemnation about that Dick, Campbells comments re Japs. Overt or casual racism has no place in society, never mind the so called news media in a modern Scotland

  9. Deniabhoy,



    Yep fantastic song,great lyrics.For our GB division,looks and sounds like a match made in heaven.

  10. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels



    Fantastic read back this fine Oz morn, lots of humour, puns


    and let’s just say people with a different mind set to most regarding


    “ THE JAB “


    Just a wee bit disappointed “ Toasted cheese “ never got a look in🥺


    So I’ll just go and make myself some for brekky.




    Great to hear from you again, hope the family are all good .


    Looking forward to seeing you back down from the sunshine state


    and enjoying the hospitality of the Peninsula Celts, might be a wee tad


    cold for you though, it’s only been hanging about the 30 degs here🥵


    H H. Mick

  11. StephenofDerby – good reply, we all see things differently at times depending on a whole variety of factors. I bet you are right, that MJ almost certainly has more success at training than in games otherwise he wouldn’t be selected.


    But if you cannot reproduce that form in games, when it matters, then the pressure builds. It’s the nature of competitive sport. We all know people who had the talent to win – golfers, tennis players, swimmers, whatever – but who never made it. Put them in front of a crowd and even the simple basics allude them. Put them in that do-or-die situation, the chance to clinch a game, a title a trophy, and they make a mistake.


    Cruel world for certain. The lad will want nothing more than to be a success.

  12. SFTBs,


    Sorry mate,love your posts,but Mikey Johnston has achieved nothing with us,and very sorry to say,he never will.If Boyle had half his skill,he would be World class.A total waste of a great talent is how Mikey will be remembered.

  13. Hi Mick…enjoying the updates re the young guns…coupla questions…is there still a full league league card for them, and any gen on any young Aussie league players who could make the step up? Ps pfff 30 degrees…pretty sure our Desmondo has 33 🤣




  14. Just booked my tickets for the Celtic B game versus Gretna 2008 game next Saturday ( now there’s a club who know how to be liquidated and stick to the rules). If young Mr Kenny gets a game I’ll post a progress report for WITS and CORKCELT…. Think Hot Smoked may also asked for same.


    9 year old Grandson plays there 3 or 4 times a year and their pitch is still grass so young team should benefit. Really looking forward to it.

  15. Scaniel…nice one, enjoy the game. But am sure any assessment will include the annoying “young but raw”. Far too few of our young players seem to be able to make the step up, alrhough quite a few do seem to be able to make a living in our league.




  16. Melbourne Mick on




    Some very good players down here in the top leagues but imho


    I think big Ange is shopping in the correct place I.e the J league.


    Hope all is good in your world.


    H H. Mick



    I agree with the SFTB about Mikey Johnson. He is electric.




    You might be right. I hope so.


    There was a moment in the Jullien/Foster LCF against Sevco where he might have sealed the support’s undying love. One on one with McGregor – he missed. It happens.


    On the other hand, JJ was 23 or 24 before claiming a permanent place in the side.

  18. Turkeybhoy…a tea dance? That has to be confirmation that you’re living in the past 😂 Have restrictions been lifted there?




  19. Melbourne Mick on




    Meant to add we only got a third of a season last year because


    of the lockdown, and now we are just starting pre season training


    with the hope of no more lockdowns but who knows?


    My young loons are moving up to u20s this year, it’s a big ask for


    mostly 17 year olds but they’ll get stuck in, specially the ones who


    wear the hoops.


    H H. Mick

  20. Mick…like all decent human beings am observing Covid protocalls, meaning av only seen my folks a handfull of times (auld man is shielding due to COPD) in a couple of years…they aint getting any younger, there is guilt there but they understand. Apart from that lol…am only dealing with mental health issues 😂 thanx




  21. Mick, does that mean that they’re no longer a mixed sex team? Guid luck to they loons




  22. Johnson needs to play games but it’s very clear he ain’t ready for us just yet. Have watch lots of games in which he threatens but final ball always fails him.



    I expect the 3 japanese bhoys to hit the ground. 2 of the 3 are coming from teams that play exactly the same formation and style ange plays. 1 of them has played directly under him already. The other has the skillset he looks for in all his players, pace, pressing, workmate and controlled aggression.



    I reckon we could have a very good team if we can get another quality winger and leftback. The later is very unlikely




  23. Melbourne Mick on

    Meant to add AGAIN lol.


    My old heart was bursting out my chest last night, the weemhan


    all 6’ 3” of him and his tim mates all with their new hoops tops on,


    what a glorious sight.


    I knew right then why I put up with sore backs, leg cramps and all


    the rest that goes with old age ☘️


    H H Mick

  24. the long wait is over on

    AN TEARMANN on 6TH JANUARY 2022 7:09 PM





    The thing that annoyed me during his injury time off,was the very fact that he ignored a muscle build programme that was there for him to do.



    Ryan Christie had a similar programme and came back with an extra 8lb of muscle on him.if MJ had bulked up he would be the better footballer for it imo.



    I feel the clock is ticking on him.he has great touch.













    Genuine question.



    Do you know this for a fact or just suspecting it ?



    If the former and he plain refused to do what was asked of him/ he was told to do then


    why would we persist with him?



    If that is the case he should be punted imho.

  25. Melbourne Mick on




    Mixed sex teams stop at under 15 at our club, but we mix


    sometimes at training just to give the girls an idea about the difference


    in speed and thought with the boys, although when we had


    young Jacinta from the Celtic ladies team here it was the other


    way about, think that was mainly because the boys stood


    with their tongues hanging out watching her 🤤


    H H. Mick

  26. Melbourne Mick on




    Bloody great photo.




    Got my booster yesterday and trained last night ,


    think that’s why I’m up and on the blog so early


    this morn ?


    H H. Mick

  27. Long wait is over.


    Its a havering piece of guesswork typed to protect my own lines of com at our club.theyv always been right.:-)



    MJ knows the pressure is on him this season.he is some footballer.I hope he manages to become that footballer with us,but as you point out the asset management side kicks in and he will be away as their are many to replace him.





  28. Burnley 78



    Apologies in advance if I’ve misunderstood your post but are you saying that despite being unvaccinated you are looking forward to attending the Hibs game?

  29. TLT at 8:13


    Yeah, need to get my platitude bingo lexicon looked out:


    Touch like an elephant


    Cannae tackle a fish supper


    Big balloon




    The next Maestro


    Wand of a left peg


    Just witnessed the future of football…..



    Cannae wait!




    Good grief ……..your really addicted to the pricks.


    Are you using your darts.


    By-the-way WITs out Bamming the Bam …..really.

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