11 days until we gather with our 4 Japanese friends


Amid the easing of restrictions announced by the First Minister yesterday, there was no update on the limit for outdoor sports gatherings, currently set at 500.  The suggestion by Scottish Rugby, that they could move next month’s Calcutta Cup game from Murrayfield to Newcastle, prompted a private briefing that let it be known this ruling would expire to permit rugby (and football) to return to full crowds on 17 January.  The Edinburgh political/rugby types were relieved.

Given other changes announced yesterday, that positive LFTs should no longer go for a PCR test, it is guaranteed that infection rates recorded (as opposed to actual infection rates) will now drop, providing some credible-looking justification for the decision to loosen restrictions.

That means you, me and four of our Japanese friends will almost certainly gather at Celtic Park in 11 days to face Hibernian, although we will have to wait for a First Minister’s podium appearance next week for confirmation.

Planning anything for the last two years has been a lottery, but should this come to pass, the SPFL clearly chose the correct path in bringing forward the winter break.  I am sure both clubs opposed to the move will commend the League on their foresight.


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  1. David66 on 7th January 2022 8:53 am



    I have a similar if not identical problem. My wife doesn’t work Fridays but normally does shopping and meets friends leaving the house to me but due to todays weather she has decided to stay at home cleaning the house!!! I’ll need to talk to her FFS.

  2. Feel a bit sorry for Leigh Griffiths, who is likely to get his jotters from both Dundee and I suspect us today.



    Some great memories fella but not sure he has what it takes to bounce back from this.



    Another one to chalk off the squad list.




  3. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels



    From a warm but wet Melbourne, thank goodness don’t need


    to water the garden.


    Just wakened from a two hour sleep, now do I blame the jab or


    a bottle of the rid biddy ?


    Sorry to see Soro go, thought there was a player there if he could


    control quite reckless challenges, but he lived the dream.


    H H. Mick

  4. Melbourne Mick,



    I share your frustration with Soro. Had lots of qualities to admire and I thought he really could have made that slot his own after Scott moved on but losing that ability to run headlong into the back of an opposing player and give away silly free kicks was doiung my head in (and I suspect Ange’s).



    Beginning to think we are seeing the start of Red Bull Celtic given their thing for an old squad player of ours. :)




  5. Again – Are we in danger of being worse off numbers wise after this window than we were before.



    I said we needed about 6 players before the window opened but that was on top of everyone being there.



    As I cannot see our Gamstring issues being quick fixes.



    D :)

  6. Melbourne Mick on




    Yes exactly, that running into the back of opponents.


    First thing we coach our young loons not to do, is it over


    exhuberance, bad coaching, or that old adage


    “ keep doing the same thing and expecting a different


    result….we’ll you know the rest.


    H H. Mick

  7. Melbourne Mick on

    DAVID 66


    Is that the same as a g string .


    Remember seeing one of them a few years back.


    A think it was at my wedding. 🤣


    H H. MIck

  8. One of the very few bright spots this time last season was when DT and Soro got some games and gave us much needed energy. I jumped to the wrong conclusion that he was going to be Brown’s replacement.


    For whatever reason Soro never kicked on, never claimed a starting spot. His tendancy to give away free kicks and cheap bookings does him no favours, his passing also can be haphazard, giving possession away cheaply.


    Hope he can rediscover his game, plenty of years ahead of him.

  9. Morning all



    DAVID66 on 7TH JANUARY 2022 7:06 AM


    Good morning all from a white out Garngad



    As I’m not back to work until Monday, anyone who has to leave the house today be careful out there.



    How ye doin Davy?



    Same here mate..no back till monday.dreading it tbh.


    will only be heading out to go to Albion for a few pints and a few frames of snooker..a walk i can do with my eyes shut..and usually do on tbe way hame😑



    Hail Hail Brothers

  10. Drew1967 I am good pal hope you are to.



    Enjoy the Albion been a long, long time since I was in there.



    D :)

  11. AT – I spoke to the big man yesterday and be has not been feeling lately.



    He was struggling to get Lateral flow tests so I managed to get some and drop them off to him.



    Going to call him today and see how he got in.



    D :)

  12. Has not been feeling well lately. Not that mumbo jumbo shit I posted above



    Right where is my specs.



    D :)

  13. Loved Leigh Griffiths but a bit like Anthony Stokes, bags of talent, but a tendency to self destruct.


    Leigh is still only 31, hope he gets a couple of lucrative years in the U.S, or somewhere exotic but the Celtic ship has sailed, if Dundee send him back, we should just pay his wages up to end of his contract & wish him Bon Voyage,

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