11 short days before CL duty


Work ahead of the new season is underway in earnest after Celtic came through a game in Austria against top flight Russian club FC Krasnodar in Austria yesterday afternoon.  Every hour has to be carefully planned from now on.

Ronny Deila has only 11 days before taking to an Icelandic field on Champions League duty.  Players need to step up, from 45 minutes against a fellow-preseason team, to 90 minutes of competitive action against a team who are already midseason.  Pushing muscles too hard now will be counterproductive; players need a planned gradient of training, rest and games to get them as close to peak condition as possible.  No matter how well this goes, the players will be short of their peak for weeks.

Trying hard not to think or talk about signings but it’s good to see Craig Gordon confirmed.  Fraser Forster is the most committed professional at the club, so he’s not a player who needs to be driven to improve, but we all need fresh incentives to go back to the well again, and the arrival of Craig will give Fraser fresh focus after returning from a disappointing World Cup campaign.

Welcome to Celtic, Craig.

There are around 36 CQNers already out on Aberdour Golf Course in what could be described as ‘fresh’ conditions.  A great night lies ahead.

This year we are raising money for Glasgow the Caring City and The Cookiejar Foundation. We have two copies of this magnificent canvas, signed by Billy McNeill, one is available to the highest bidder on ebay here.

The other is available for raffle. Every donor to this JustGiving page gets an entry in the raffle. The minimum donation is £1, which we can all afford to participate in, although you can donate as much as you want. Our thanks to @BarryMcGonigle for the image on the canvas and OPG Graphics for creating the work.

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  1. Jist Watched the Game in Re-Run..



    Man o Man…



    The Second Half Pairing , in the Middle of oor Defense..



    of O’Connell n Findlay.. Ah thought..



    Wiz a faur Mair Steady n Stronger Pairing, than.. the first hauf Pairing o’


    .. Virgil n Charley!



    Say Whit?



    Yep.. Ah must tell the Trewth n Shame the Dee- el!



    In the First Half it wiz only a Coupla Brilliant Saves fae Cool Haun.. that Saved..



    oor Two, Very Experienced, Central Defenders… thur Blushes.. when they left the Back door Wide Open.. n wur caught oot very Badly.



    The Goal Whit we Loast .. wiz a Comedy of Errors. that allowed the Russian Player.. an easy Score..






    Ah tip Ma Hat tae .. O’Connell n Findlay.. Two very Impressive Youngsters..



    Who else did Ah Likey?



    Why Leonardo wiz Brilliant.. Great Goal-Keeper.. that Kid..



    Did we Jump the Gun?



    Mebbe, we are gonna hiv wan of those “embarrassment of Riches”.. well… Embarrassments…in oor Goal Tending area..that ye Hear tell.



    Yeah.. Ah think that we Jumped the gun..



    Fur.. Noo we are gonna Hiv.. ” Faither”, Gordon.. who Ah suppose Wull Become oor Number Wan ,when Forster..hears the Call o the wild…. Heads fur the “tall n Uncut”..n… Cool Haun, who is No Slouch.. plus, the Kid.



    But.. Fasan, himself,


    in last evening’s Showing..is Very Capable of takin over Fae .. Forster…as oor Noo


    Number wan.



    No Bother.



    In Ma opinion.. we Jumped the Gun.. There wiz nae Need tae Sign Mr. Gordon.. who, although… Ah am sure He wullnae let us doon.. but..



    In Ma Opinion… We coulda..held back.. in Signing the Veteran goalie… n saved a Few Bawbees, by Bringin..in Master Fasan..as Mr. Forster’s Replaccement.


    This Kid is Pure Dyno—– Mite!



    Who else impressed..??


    McGregor.. Looks a Handy Player..



    Lee, wiz Fine.. But. Pukki.. Looks like he is Coming oota His Shell.. Ah Liked Pukki.



    He may chinge a few Opinions.. Yet.



    Celtic, looked like they Mean Bizness,, ofWhich Ah am awe in favor.



    Yes, Virginia..



    Looks Like,. Ronnie Dee n Me.. ur gonna enjoy…



    The Beginnings o’ a Beautiful Friendship.



    He is Ma Kinda Fitba’ Coach.



    Notice,oor Goalies , acting, Obviously On Ronny’s Instructions…wur mair Inclined tae Lob the ba’ tae a Well Placed colleague..rather than Thump the Ba’ ,up the Park.. where is wid be ,Gleefully Captured by wan of the Opposition… nine times oota ten.



    Sheer Madness!



    Yep.. Changed days,all Roon… at .. Ridgemont High.. Right enuff!





    Still, Laughin’





    Did a detect a flash or two…of the “Old Kayal”..in last Evernings Farago?



    Yes .. Ah did.. Did Anybuddy else?



    Mebbe, Kayal, wull return tae his Initial Form.. Ah hope he Diz..

  2. Moonbeams, I’m glad it is your last word on it. I too have crossed swords with TD67 but I won’t say anymore about that either. I’ll refrain from having the last word, so I will let your last word be the definitive last word.

  3. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Thunder Road


    15:45 on


    4 July, 2014





    I miss loads here and i had no idea you were over!



    Are you hitting the pool tomorrow?



    Would be good to blow the froth off a few :)





    I`m in Lane Cove ,Sydney.


    Kit and Summa have my details.



    I`ll be in that.


    Just byo,ya bass.



  4. macjay1,



    The Time draws near, a time to rejoice really.











    I never got to see the game last night but I can see Beram getting the chance to come back to life, so to speak. What an amazing boost that would be.

  5. Kojo



    Watching the second half last night I thought “Kojo will be loving this”



    I was right.



    It might be that some of the youngsters will become first team picks rather than just bench warmers.



    Would not surprise me if CG was understudy to the young lad in Goal with FF offski.

  6. I agree with most of your analysis Kojo. In particular Fasan was first class in restarting play quickly with a quick accurate throw to a well placed defender. I thought McGregor was real class but as I said last night you cannot read too much into performances in bounce games. I remember watching Momo Sylla play like Messi in a pre-season a few years back. I have always rated Pukki and I’m confident he will make a lot of CQN’ers eat their words before the season is out.

  7. geordie munro



    16:22 on 4 July, 2014



    Djokovic safely negotiates his semi.





    yes but how did he get on in the tennis




  8. Nice to see the CFC ‘Pool’ had a good 3-1 run-out last night – hopefully more of the same to follow. Sharpness of foot and thought will go a long way towards getting us through the upcoming CLQs.



    Expect similar scorelines in the WC 1/4s – time for a bit of a goal-feast!

  9. Kojo I concur with your post, just a word of caution let’s see them perform regularly like this and I’ll be well happy. Good feelings about this season. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  10. macjay1


    I would be interested in the stats you referred to earlier. Do you have a link?




  11. praecepta



    16:37 on 4 July, 2014



    Nice to see the CFC ‘Pool’ had a good 3-1 run-out last night – hopefully more of the same to follow. Sharpness of foot and thought will go a long way towards getting us through the upcoming CLQs.



    Expect similar scorelines in the WC 1/4s – time for a bit of a goal-feast!





    I hope so. I think both games tonight are very evenly matched, hopefully they will all ‘go for it’.



    The goals drought in the first knockout round has really made the markets very tempting.

  12. Thunder Road on

    Fitty again :P



    Nice of them to organise this world cup thingy to help us kill time between Celtic games :)

  13. Petec



    at 16.25.







    Nice tae Meet ye.. wance again!



    Kayal, in Ma Opinion…




    Needs a Steadying Influence.



    Someone, tae Straighten oot his Foibles..n they ur Legion.



    Ronnie Dee, is the Very Man tae Dae it, tae.



    Kayal, Hiz an Abundance o’ Fitba’ Talent.. but, he is Like an Unbroken n Awkward.. Colt.



    He has a Loata Extra Oomph in his Humph,,, that ,, Biles Over.. n is wasted..



    fur He canny


    seem tae Contain it..or.. use it tae his advantage.



    If only he could Get a Firm Command of his Gushing Over- Exuberance..n direct it , where it wid dae


    the Best Good..



    Yes.. Ah believe that Kayal Could Become a Real Beezer..may even become a Dandy.. But, at this Point ,in his career..



    He is Playin..



    Mair like wan of the “Bash Street Kids”!



    If……… Onlee….



    Nice Chatting ,Pally..as Alwiz.






  14. bournesouprecipe on




    Nicely done.



    Klose Ozil and Muller, – Germany are taking this seriously

  15. WeefratheTim on




    BBC Scotland are covering our opening CLQ game live. Wtf has happened to them?



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  16. spikeysauldman on

    thunder road



    sitting here in brace 5 weeks post op


    ruptured quad tendon (during 7’s)


    if i can play again – even in goals – then i will


    49 soon ;-)

  17. Hebcelt



    Hiya, Pally?



    Please tae Greet ye..



    Ah am Glad that Ye Agree wi’ Ma Observations of last Night’s Encoonter, in Austria.



    Sure, of Course, as you hiv Averred..



    the Kids Must Continue tae Impress.. N.. More Importantly..



    Tae Improve..



    but,, Ah really Like.. Young Master O’ Connell… n Master Fasan,as well.



    Yes.. Ah must tell ye..



    that.. Good as Master Fasan is..



    Ah like..



    anither Young goalie, in oor Present Yoof Set-Up… much Bettah..



    his name is.. Kid McCabe…an Irishman Is He.. n.. He is The Best Young Goalie in Britain.. but, no many folk know that…



    But.. Ah dae..



    He is a Real.. “Steady Eddie”.



    Nice Chatting, pal. as evah.






  18. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on

    Got ma cairry oot for the neighbours BBQ , 20 x 500ml bottles of premium König Pilsner for €6.80 – 34 cents a bottle. Special offer needs to be consumed by 10.07.2014 – it won’t see midnight.


    Auf geht’s Deutschland.

  19. Kojo



    Think Kayal might be more of a Topper and Beezer if you catch my drift:o)



    Ready when you are C.J. Was it CJ (ed)

  20. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Jungle Jim


    16:42 on


    4 July, 2014



    Deaths during the race have occurred several times. In both 2000 and 2008 a competitor died of a heart attack close to the finish line of the race.[8][9] After the 2008 death, medical academic Michael O’Rourke noted that a runner developing arrhythmia and cardiac arrest happens most years but that the sufferer is usually revived.[10]




    Sydney City to Surf.


    Not in itself conclusive ,but symptomatic imho of a statistically relevant phenomenon.

  21. Marrakesh Express on

    The anti-racism message is broadcast from Rio to a world audience..


    Meantime in Bridgeton, Larkhall and Shankhill, a different message is in full rehearsal.

  22. Thunder Road on



    15:59 on


    4 July, 2014





    15:04 on 4 July, 2014



    petec @ 1500



    Brilliant, nearly spilled ma coffee there. :-))



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.





    nearly, glad it didn’t happen. Just dinnae be expectin’ me to become some sort of Comedian. :))













    Thunder Road



    15:12 on 4 July, 2014









    Even the goldfish would have that wee thing!



    It is quite possibly the most adorable wee fish that i have ever seen!



    Bet the thing is poisonous though and probably deadly……and as much as it is adorable…….anyone that has the misfortune to come into contact with it……will not stand a chance ;)






    The ole Mind games are starting early, dinnae be expecting me to be a shark, still to get a fourball team for the Styx games, hey Joey T.






    Just teasing.



    Craic is good.



    Im crap at doubles though(and probably at pool in general now)……too placid and change my game toooooooooooooooo much in consideration of my partner and then like to let them do whatever they want to!


    Not a good combination but hey ho…..if anyone wants me to join them, then i am honoured!

  23. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    Heading to the CQN pool tournament tomorrow



    Can anyone advise me on suitable attire : shorts or speedos ?







    I got the email, my apologies for not getting back to you sooner.



    4th of July over here is like New Years Eve in Scotland only worse. No excuses though.



    Mrs RWE eventually landed at 10.45pm last night so we got home at around midnight.



    House on my street got hit by lightning and caught fire.



    Have another CQN Tim and family visiting tomorrow so the flag will get an airing :o)



    Thanks as always




  25. El Diego Bhoy






    Ah hiv Missed oor Chats..



    How Ur Ye.. as well as. ..that …



    Pair o’ Beguilin’ Beauties,that Ye n Yer Sweet Wife…Hiv gien the world?



    Ah get yer Drift,pal…



    n.. Ah appreciate the Humor..



    Yes.. Celtic,ur gonna Mak the “Sweet Sixteen”, agin ..



    Ah hiv a Loata Confidence ,in that Predo..tae.



    Ronny Dee, fae the Isle o’ Capri.. a Miracle Man..is He!( Isle o’ Capri??…ed)( Look.. It Rhymes.. Right?.. widya want fae Me… Shakespeare?)



    Nice chatting,palomine.. as Alwiz.






  26. Always nice to see goals…



    But I prefer to see the rules enforced..



    Blatant arm into the chest by Hummels..which is illegal under FIFA Rule 12.



    If that had been against us, we’d have been correctly howling for a free kick.



    I suspect that even in the EPL that would be the case.



    Should be 0-0 but it isnae.



    Themorethingschangethemoretheystaythesame CSC

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