12 former Euro champions compete for Champions League


There has been a bit of revisionist nonsense expressed recently which appeared to damn the achievements of the current team by comparing them to the great Martin O’Neill side, but Martin’s team were known to struggle in qualifying on occasion.

Let the record show, four wins from four games.  Three clean sheets, two of which were achieved away from home.  The remainder of the tournament will present stiffer challenges but Celtic are a completely different team than the side which lost heavily in Utrecht two years ago.

This is what planned, sustainable, progress tastes like.

The Champions League proper will be difficult for Celtic to win; no fewer than 12 former European Champions battle to reach the Wembley final, but we are one of them and we’re there on merit.  After a four year absence the excitement of those early Champions League nights at Celtic Park against Rosenborg, Porto and Juventus has returned to the club.

Bring it on.

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  1. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    Both fabulous players.



    I prefer Joe Walsh’s song writing to Bernie Leadons



    Hail Hail

  2. Good to see we got rid of that big dumpling Wilson to Ipswich when no-one was looking and brought in the smoothly efficient and mobile Kelvin as his replacement.



    Doppelgaenger CSC.

  3. The guitar on the a cappella version of Hotel California is disappointing to the point where you just want to say ‘you shouldn’t have bothered’.



    Hail Hail




  4. Kojo



    Marvel Comics?



    Are you psychic?



    I was given a parting gift from a guest we have had staying with us the last few weeks this morning. It was a vest with none other that The Incredible Hulk on it!



    long story..




  5. Estadio



    I see what you did there.



    Sometimes you don’t get the credit you deserve for the subtlety of your wee jokes.

  6. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Awe Naw




    Boyd that got done at Brechin for sec singin. Callaghan, Mc Killop, Mc Creadie. Brawley? I knew a man called Brawley he was brot up in the Falls Rd.

  7. Snake Plissken on

    I’d rather have Tony Watt than Jordan Rhodes.



    I’ve seen both players and think our Bhoy is the better player. Far more mobile and more hard working and doesn’t cost a stupid fee.

  8. Bigphil47



    Regarding your post yesterday my couisn who lives in las Vegas when not watching the games on CH67 goes to the Crown &Anchor pub located at East Tropican Ave Las Vegas you can check this pub out on the web and he says it is very good open 24/7 and was showing the game yesterday






    Great to meet you in the lounge






    Thank you for looking after my wife

  9. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    No wonder I didn´t know who you were talking about. McKillop and Mc Creadie are hun names no ?



    A wee slap on the wrist. No surprises. It was the filming of their behaviour by non police huns that seems to have upset them the most



    Mhhhh…………. I wonder why



    Hail Hail

  10. Any news from Hampden on Mcmoists and Chas Greens disrepute hearings?


    Or will they release it when the CL draw is made?




  11. Sixteen roads to Golgotha on

    Celtic have earned all the other SPL clubs an extra £1million payment from UEFA.



    It’s on the website now so it is.



    Yo-ho-ho Sevco,yous get nothing!

  12. Macjay1



    In a train at the moment, going home. Legia against Rosenborg after. Will reply when see you again soon.





    Joe Walsh



    I like The James


    Gang. One of those forgotten bands who did not get enough credit.

  13. VogueP



    Here we are.



    I pondered whether I should have the first pic of these two on my blog, but hey were all inclusive…..aren’t we!



    All the Hs



    Hail hail




  14. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Uv got to question Rhodes ambitions. Years in the Lg 2 in England with Blackburn or 10 years of UEFA Champions League with Celtic?



    Tony Watt or Rhodes? What a shocking stupid question!!

  15. Sixteen roads to Golgotha on

    They already get half a million,so that is £1.5million divided by 11 = around £136,000 for each club.



    Not bad,not bad indeed.



    Hahaha Keevins.

  16. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Awe Naw



    Not the ones I know they urny!! Dr mc Killop In Coatbridge Mc Creadies buses in airdrie run buses to Ireland all the time.

  17. Obviously talking to myself again.


    Time to harrumph off and forget about it all for a while.


    Not that I really care, you understand?

  18. Malorbhoy,


    You’re very welcome – a lovely lady – keeping up that old Dunfermline/Celtic connection!


    Good to see that seat being used for once!!

  19. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    So today we have Champions Lg draw and 2 morro we have transfer window deadline day. Or if ur a sevco fan its Thursday and Friday!!

  20. My dear,dear,dear,friend..Aikibhoy





    Ah COULD Lie.. and tell ye..



    That Ah AM PSYCHIC..






    Ah Wull~



    Yep.. Ah am Psychic!



    As as maitter of fact.. Ah jist luv..Comics…American.. and British..



    Ah jist luv tae read… Auld copies o.. the Rover, Hotspur, Wizard, Adventure… and..


    don’t furget.. The Dandy.



    Ah hiv a pal.. Who has a Vast Horde of British Boys Adventure Comics o’ Byegone years..



    Many a night..When Ah pay him a Visit.. the Baith o’ us.





    Crack open a Few Negra Modelas… and Jist sit in his Study..and Hiv a wee satisfying and quiet… Read


    o’ Tales fae his Collection.



    Alf Tupper.. and Wilson.. are Ma all time Favourites..



    Nice Chattin’ Pally…





    Yer pal…who likes ye aloater



    Still, Laughin’

  21. “Champions'” League:



    How many national champions in Pot 1? – TWO



    How many national champions in Pot 4? – SEVEN

  22. Always prefered the Flying Burritto Brothers to the James Gang!



    Just a personal choice!




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