12 former Euro champions compete for Champions League


There has been a bit of revisionist nonsense expressed recently which appeared to damn the achievements of the current team by comparing them to the great Martin O’Neill side, but Martin’s team were known to struggle in qualifying on occasion.

Let the record show, four wins from four games.  Three clean sheets, two of which were achieved away from home.  The remainder of the tournament will present stiffer challenges but Celtic are a completely different team than the side which lost heavily in Utrecht two years ago.

This is what planned, sustainable, progress tastes like.

The Champions League proper will be difficult for Celtic to win; no fewer than 12 former European Champions battle to reach the Wembley final, but we are one of them and we’re there on merit.  After a four year absence the excitement of those early Champions League nights at Celtic Park against Rosenborg, Porto and Juventus has returned to the club.

Bring it on.

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  1. We need a big team from Pot 1 who will take points from all the others while leaving us a chance of taking some points from the home game, Man Utd fit the bill. I’d say Real Madrid but I’d begrudge giving them any points at all.



    Pot 2 I’ll go with Benfica or Braga, both teams we have a decent chance of taking/losing points against.



    Pot 3 I’ll go with Olympiacos and Anderlecht (Lille at a push), again teams we can win against on our day. The Greeks are no longer unbeatable at home.



    Pot 4 – Celtic.

  2. Patience grasshoppers it’s all good, we’re in it, or would y’all rather some wee larry grayson chillin his baws at the Forge :)

  3. Mulgrew is not a LB for me anymore, he’s established himself as first choice CB and is flourishing.



    Wilson was excellent last night, Rogne has been consistently good when he is played.



    Thats two from three for a solid partnership. Two injuries and we have VM or ML to cover in emergency, both have done a job there. I trust all 5 of them at the back



    Don’t forget that in the last two seasons we have set club domestic clean sheet records.

  4. aw well



    pointless on now… and I don’t mean the crap in Monaco, please put me out of my misery..

  5. Buffalo Bills Bhoy on

    Open it smoothly, quickly, softly…or hardly. WHAT??! Who is this guy presenting? Awkward!

  6. Buffalo Bills Bhoy on

    “We are all sweating here” – suddenly my interest went up only to be disappointed again ;-)

  7. SonsOfErin



    Posted pretty much the same thing myself earlier – i hoped for madrid though, as they should wipe the floor with everyone else, meaning us, Anderlecht, Braga (fingers crossed) can fight it out for second.

  8. Ah think the paint I’m watching has dried and the pot I was keeping an eye on has now boiled!!!!!

  9. Estadio Nacional on




    Ive not got a ‘uk’ number, will text you my Scottish one, thought I had done last week.





  10. Alasdair MacLean on

    Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City and Manchester United await the Champions League draw, plus latest from the Paralympics.



    BBC website headlines.


    Does it get on anyones elses nerves?

  11. kdc




    17:13 on 30 August, 2012





    I think its too quick to count on Wilson and would rather have ML and VW play where they are supposed to. Once Rogne’s Injury proneness is taken into account there is definately still a need at the back. If Izzy gets injured we will need charlie in there anyway.

  12. A – Porto, Dynamo Kiev,


    B – Arsenal, Schalke


    C – AC Milan, Zenit


    D – Real Madrid, Man City


    E – Chelsea , Shaktar Donesk


    F – Bayern, Valencia


    G – Barcelona, Benfica,


    H – Manchester United, Braga