12 former Euro champions compete for Champions League


There has been a bit of revisionist nonsense expressed recently which appeared to damn the achievements of the current team by comparing them to the great Martin O’Neill side, but Martin’s team were known to struggle in qualifying on occasion.

Let the record show, four wins from four games.  Three clean sheets, two of which were achieved away from home.  The remainder of the tournament will present stiffer challenges but Celtic are a completely different team than the side which lost heavily in Utrecht two years ago.

This is what planned, sustainable, progress tastes like.

The Champions League proper will be difficult for Celtic to win; no fewer than 12 former European Champions battle to reach the Wembley final, but we are one of them and we’re there on merit.  After a four year absence the excitement of those early Champions League nights at Celtic Park against Rosenborg, Porto and Juventus has returned to the club.

Bring it on.

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  1. Did he say


    We got our first “oozin arse”??…..oh it wis oos and ahs….. I thought he HUD spotted jabba

  2. Group Z –



    Civil Service Strollers


    Forres Mechanics


    Gala Fairydean



    regional cup ,



    whos out next ?

  3. ASonOfDan




    17:17 on 30 August, 2012




    Do not want Group E horrible fixtures!




    Thinking the same

  4. • itsabouttim


    17:23 on 30 August, 2012


    Big Joe


    Go lie down for an hour, we’ll get back to you.


    Cant, just opened another bottle………




  5. Noooo!



    Nearly home and I hit a black out zone until I get in. Damn you Network 3!!!!

  6. Algarvian



    17:25 on 30 August, 2012



    “H looks very doable.”



    I have to assume you are not talking about the bloke who was in Steps