12 former Euro champions compete for Champions League


There has been a bit of revisionist nonsense expressed recently which appeared to damn the achievements of the current team by comparing them to the great Martin O’Neill side, but Martin’s team were known to struggle in qualifying on occasion.

Let the record show, four wins from four games.  Three clean sheets, two of which were achieved away from home.  The remainder of the tournament will present stiffer challenges but Celtic are a completely different team than the side which lost heavily in Utrecht two years ago.

This is what planned, sustainable, progress tastes like.

The Champions League proper will be difficult for Celtic to win; no fewer than 12 former European Champions battle to reach the Wembley final, but we are one of them and we’re there on merit.  After a four year absence the excitement of those early Champions League nights at Celtic Park against Rosenborg, Porto and Juventus has returned to the club.

Bring it on.

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  1. Any truth in the story some Zombies infiltrated the Helsingborgs end last night and thats what the trouble was as they tried to put some flags out?

  2. The Ghood will prevail on

    Bring it on indeed Paul!


    Last night was… BRILLIANT! Virtually tension-free; seldom have I enjoyed a game at Parkhead so much. And today is a great day to be a Celt!


    Thank you Neil Lennon, thank you.


    Hail hail the Celts are here!

  3. Real Madrid


    Sporting Braga


    Spartak Moscow



    for a fighting chance…..





    Man City





    for the glamour………



    Bring it on




  4. Green Lantern (((((0)))))


    11:31 on


    30 August, 2012


    Any post match comments from Hareide?


    I noticed that Neil had a wee dig at him for previously showing a lack of respect to the team.



    He was quite complimentary. Thinks we have players who are matchwinners and will get better. He also thinks the home crowd will have a positive effect.

  5. LordLuvRocket



    SkySports start talking cack at 4.30 and try to spin it out over the next 90 mins. Eurosport show tha actual draw and doesn’t start till 4.45pm.

  6. Whatever the Masterplan is for Celtic and our fans All Around The World i hope our champions league exploits will Live Forever in our memories D’You Know What I Mean Whatever happens we need to Roll With It and Don’t Look Back In Anger.Must go I’m Outta Time.

  7. RogueLeader



    11:27 on 30 August, 2012





    If we get Del Piero then we both know who will come out of Pot 2, and he will score against them. Those fairytales always surround our club….





    …and you know who will come out of Pot 4….Spartak Moscow..

  8. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Del Piero No No No we dont need an ageing superstar to join us on big money to top up his pension stick with the strategy Celtic of buying promising youngsters.Having watched the two games with Helsinborg I cant remember ever watching us been outplayed so much and not loseing a goal and going on to win the tie last night the stand outs for me were Wilson,Wanyama,Commons and Sammi but overall there were no poor showings from any of our players well done Bhoys you did us proud.H.H.

  9. Having initially being against signing Del Piero, and I still don’t think it’ll happen, I’ve changed my mind and would look forward to seeing him in the Hoops. The benefits for the youngsters are obvious and he’s the same age as Scholes who is still doing it in the so called best league in the world.

  10. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Well done to one and all conected to our club – we are in a great place – the team look strong


    As fo Champions League group – I welcome any team – no matter who we play the atmosphere will be electric


    But there will be a few in pot 2 that wont fancy a night in Glasgow and ALL in pot 3 will be relieved if they avoid us




  11. Paul67 etal.



    Not long home from the game,and I must admit this Celtic team is the most accomplished I’ve seen in the last 5 yrs,they’re beginning to look like a team that can go a long way.


    I listened to the manager after the game last night, re signings, and what his plans were for the future, what interested me most was what he said about giving more money to the youngsters in the squad,it may have been a bit of hyperbole but I hope it was fact,If his intentions are to keep this team together,then sweetners for the young ones are a must.


    I hope we get a draw that will attract me to travel again,some sun on my back and a Celtic displaying they’re up for it,what’s more to want ,roll on Saturday,and Hibs,a good result required.

  12. If we are drawn against clubs who are located (quite) near to an airport used by Ryanair, just watch the prices shoot up 500% in the space of a few minutes!




  13. Summa of Sammi….



    Haha, she fancies me, or says she does. Just wondered how they got in thats all. HH

  14. FF doesn’t get a call up for the England squad for the upcoming qualifiers



    Hodgson calls up 18 year Jack Butland who had a mare at the Olympics and has committed howlers for Birmingham this season already

  15. Haven’t had the chance to post since getting back from the game last night.



    Immensely proud of the players and deleriously happy for Lenny, it really is an incredible achievement to get a Celtic team to the CL group stages when you consider how young they are and how cheaply the squad has been assembled.



    I know that many will be wishing for the so called poorer teams from each pot in this afternoon’s draw but personally I want the biggest name from each pot to be picked out alongside us.



    Can we get Real Madrid and Chelsea or are they in the same pot?

  16. .



    MC(Sevco Lubber)Bhoy..



    No Worries mate..



    The Last thing on a Celtic Fans mind in the Next Few Hours in the Sevco Franchise..



    We are Back.. It’s been 4 Years..



    We Have the REST of Our Lives to Slag them Off..




  17. TMWTL



    Good, the fewer members of our squad who go away on international duty, the less chance there is of them being injured.



    We all know that it’s a joke not to include FF in the England squad, that’ll do for me.

  18. Dont want to break the blog with the link,



    but if you get a chance look at the UEFA.COM official reports and pictures of last night.



    Stunningly good.



    And I hope we were white soaks every chance we can

  19. i do like the signing strategy of Celtic as in buying them young ,developing them then selling on for a healthy profit that’s the way it has to be now but Del Piero in the hoops would be superb as we are talking about a football legend here.

  20. Beamishismypint on

    From SSN:


    Southampton are reportedly in talks with Japan international Maya Yoshida. The £2million-rated VVV Venlo defender is also believed to be attracting interest from Celtic.

  21. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    brogan rogan trevino and hogan supports kano 1000



    09:24 on 30 August, 2012



    What a fantastic post ….. Great read….thank you…!!

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