12 former Euro champions compete for Champions League


There has been a bit of revisionist nonsense expressed recently which appeared to damn the achievements of the current team by comparing them to the great Martin O’Neill side, but Martin’s team were known to struggle in qualifying on occasion.

Let the record show, four wins from four games.  Three clean sheets, two of which were achieved away from home.  The remainder of the tournament will present stiffer challenges but Celtic are a completely different team than the side which lost heavily in Utrecht two years ago.

This is what planned, sustainable, progress tastes like.

The Champions League proper will be difficult for Celtic to win; no fewer than 12 former European Champions battle to reach the Wembley final, but we are one of them and we’re there on merit.  After a four year absence the excitement of those early Champions League nights at Celtic Park against Rosenborg, Porto and Juventus has returned to the club.

Bring it on.

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  1. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Wee blonde on SS1 said “Rangers play Falkirk tonight who BEAT them last week” Ok She’s a blonde but I like her!! <:o))

  2. I’d like Barcelona, Manchester City, Juventus in the draw. Certainly if I was a celtic player then that’s what I’d like.



    Hail Hail

  3. Can’t believe how many times Sion have been linked in with celtic stories since we played them. I’m not sure I had ever heard of them before that

  4. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    I think a quality centre back for either WIlson Rogne or Mulgrew or Wanyama would help all these players development every day. It would also help with their fitness and general health as Rogne and Wilson are constantly unfit.



    Playing a left back and a central midfielder as centre back does not help their development much in my opinion.



    HAil Hail

  5. Last night was huge.



    It defines – and makes – our entire season, and we’re not yet out of August.



    Prior to the Helsinki 1st game a few weeks ago, I would have bitten your hand off to do no better – but to be guaranteed – Europa League football.



    Lets face it, our knockout Euro record under Neil had been shocking…Braga, Utrecht, Sion.



    This season of all seasons, it would have been an utter disaster not to have Euro football, and I can’t say I was too confident when I heard Helsinki hammering some team 9-1 (?) on aggregate.



    But this young team, under a young manager has learned well.



    To be thru to the CL is an incredible achievement with the financial resources we have and the relatively small amount spent to put this team together.



    Our season has been made regardless of our CL performance. I have a feeling, the draw dependant obviously, that we will make 3rd spot.



    The Grudgeworths in the MSM, loyal laptop keyboards at the ready to report Celtic cash revenues down this season due to missing the Oldco/Sevco games….and in general bemoaning the fragile state of Scottish fitba……….



    ….must be sick.



    But have no fear, they will not be short of a moan and a dig at Celtic.



    The missing millions and turnip-heid type headlines at our failure to beat the Swedes will be replaced by affected incredulity that our board are not spending £15m on new players…….



    Well, if you are a Leckie or a Waddell, and are totally pig sick – naw, devastated actually – at Celtic success, Sevco humiliation etc, then I suppose you’d try anything…..



    Enjoy these good, good times Bhoys.




  6. Jungle Jim



    Purely based on numbers we need a centre half and striker. 16 players have been sold/released/loaned out this summer with only 1 player signed.


    The positives of this are youngsters getting their chance but we still need 2 or 3 to run with a squad big enough for domestic and CL football.


    Lenny in his post match interview mentioned the achievement of qualification with such a small squad of players and the injuries we’ve had.


    We now only have Wanyama & Twardzik for central midfield over next few weeks as Broonie joins Kayal & Ledley out injured.


    Brown, Samaras and Commons all played last night when not 100% because there was no one of sufficient ability/experience to play in such a big game.

  7. Good point.



    I’d like a striker for cover but want us to use Watt, he is going to be THE MAN.



    Creative CM with a bit of dig would be nice to compliment Vic. We could have a real powerful engine room in there with the right partner for him.

  8. One word for me to sum up season to date – professional. Neil has squad getting the job done and fully focused on their task, note the squad, not just the team,as is evident when he drafts so called fringe players for the SPL games. Looking good so far.



    SSN reporting Dundee united deny receiving bid from unknown club for Johnny Russell. Hope we are the unknown, his style of play is suited to our club and is one for the future.



    Hail Hail!

  9. tmwtl @ 12:02



    Whilst I am glad that Forster is less likely to be injured by being kept out of the Engerlund squad I am equally dismayed that he is kept out by a guy who is flapping for Birmingham in the Championship and a guy that wasn’t even that good at Motherwell. Woy just as ignorant as the rest of them down there, even with his world travels.

  10. derrydave 11:44 on 30 August, 2012………..



    Where abouts are you in Cebu??????


    This week’s game will not be shown on any Philippines channels but anywhere with comcast should be able to access it through channel 401…….



    Regards & Hail Hail



  11. Jungle Jim




    Neil Lennon has stated that his squad is not big enough and they have struggled with the ongoing injuries. I will go with his opinion.

  12. zybszek what fantastic video clips i must say that authorities everywhere in Europe seem intent on diluting the atmosphere at games, seeing all those flares flags and banners is a truly awe inspiring sight

  13. estorilbhoy



    I’d guess that its Huddersfield who have bid for Russell. They are interested and will have Rhodes money to spend.


    If Lenny wants him its now or never.

  14. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo



    You canny still be classing Mulgrew as a left back, sh-urley!



    Spine of the team to build round for me and first picks no matter who comes in are:









  15. Kayal and awe naw


    I accept your points re squad strengthening but my reading on here is that people are referring to automatic first team selection players.




  16. philvisreturns


    10:41 on


    30 August, 2012


    Italian supercars are a lot of fun on


    the odd bank holiday weekend jaunt


    when the weather is nice, but they’re


    horrendously expensive in upkeep


    and notoriously impracticable for


    workaday commuting.


    For the money I’d rather have


    something good but practical, like a


    Mercedes or a Lexus. (thumbsup)




    My Dear Friend,Philvis…







    Excellent Choice..!!




    Vorsprung Durch Tecknik..An’ All..



    Don’t Reckon You’ll Get Much Of A Trade In For The Ol’ WonkyTrabant….



    Even Assuming It’s Still Got Three Wheels….



    It’s Giving Off So Much Dense Smoke….That Ye’ll Have To Replace The Engine And Get A New Set Of Wiper Blades….



    Just To See Where You’re Going….



    Then,There’s The Vexing Problem Of The Totally Impractical Left-Hand Drive….



    Much The Same Goes For The RobinReliantTressell…..OK if You Just Want Something Really Basic,Just For Potterin’ About….



    Will Certainly Get You From A-Z…But You’ll Be Goin’ Roon The Hooses Tae Get There…



    Bit Sluggish And Heavy On The Road…And You Have To Be Careful On Corners,As It Is Inclined To Lurch To The Left..



    Have You Had A Look Under The Bonnet Lately?



    Just To See What The Hell’s Going On There..?



    Clear Out Any Cuckoo’s Nests And Suchlike….?



    Suppose If They’ve Got Some Auld Country Vicar Looking For A Wee ‘Run-Around’…They Could Give You A Deal…..




    Other Than That….Looks Like You’ll Be Having To Part With Your Pink_ Anal Ka ,’Penelope’…..



    Remember To Remove The Saint Julian Medallion From The Rear-View Mirror



    Before You Wave It Goodbye….




    They Just Don’t Make Cars….Like The Ol’ “Standard 10″….Back In The Day….When The World Was A Bright And Happy Place….And Britannia Ruled The Waves..







    Gotta Go….



    Oh…C’Mon The Hoops..

  17. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    Anybody think the SFA will be lenient on the manager that’s found his level and his chairman because of our our reeesult last night?

  18. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    What happened to CQN last night just couldnt get it. After 6 malts (house measures) I gave up.

  19. Tony Watt has one thing that Tony Stokes hasn’t …strength,speed,stamina,directness


    and confidence…………………………………aw right that’s more than wan thing.

  20. philvisreturns on

    cardiffbhoy – The England football team is like alcohol-free lager or decaffeinated coffee: utterly pointless.



    Much as I’d love to see our English bhoys get the recognition of a call up if that is their heart’s desire, they’re not going to win any trophies with England. (thumbsup)

  21. Tully57 said:



    “The missing millions and turnip-heid type headlines at our failure to beat the Swedes will be replaced by affected incredulity that our board are not spending £15m on new players…….”



    I posted a few days ago that Nicholas and Burley were already screeching for us to spend the Ki money immediately. I think your prediction will prove accurate. Indeed, if we were to buy Russell and Del Pietro (unlikely, I know) they would be critical of our lack of ambition in the market. We cannot win with the Scottish MSM and that is one reason why all Celtic fans should ignore them.



    JJ (offsky. Cheerio).

  22. Can we dispense with talk of expensive Del Piero bawbles and concentrate on building our OWN heroes & idols please!!!


    I would have thought that Hooperman & Jamesy [or any of the current Team for that matter] would get much more of a kick seeing THEIR names on the fans backs.


    Let’s inspire our bhoys to great things and forget such sideshows!


    Planned, sustainable progress…that’s the ticket…well said Mr. B!

  23. bubblegum



    We were talking about signings in the pub after the game and the opinion was that everyone likes the Hoopers, Kayals, Wanyama’s coming in but we want a NAME to lift everyone connected with the club.



    Makes sense to me.

  24. TheBarcaMole 12.35



    Am staying at the Radisson Blue in Cebu City – have no idea where that is relative to you – will be my first time in Cebu, first time in the Phillipines in fact ! What is Comcast ? Local cable TV ?

  25. Depending on ‘the luck of the draw’ and other factors we are quite capable of making the last 16- no?



    WGS’s teams did it twice!



    Why not this season?




  26. Imatim and so is Neil Lennon on

    2010 Never Again



    Stand up for our Leader – Neil Francis Lennon – A Celtic Legend

  27. IT’S the moment every Celtic supporter has been waiting for and you can find out who Neil Lennon’s Bhoys are facing in this season’s UEFA Champions League LIVE on Celtic TV – with the live show FREE to all.



    With the draw taking place this evening in Monaco, the club’s official online channel will have a special live edition of the Huddle Online, with Celtic great Tom Boyd joining host Tony Hamilton in the studio.



    And all Celtic supporters will be able to watch the live show tonight on http://www.celticfc.tv – as it is goes out on Freeview in the Live UCL Draw section of the site!



    Tony and Tom will tell you the draw as it happens and give their view of our opponents in the group stages.



    They will also go through our route to this season’s group stages, looking back on the games against Helsinki and Helsingborgs IF.



    The show starts at 4.45pm tonight on Celtic TV and will continue through the draw – which is scheduled to start around 5pm.

  28. godblesstommyburns on




    “The Champions League proper will be difficult for Celtic to win…” …again



    About a year ago an eejit claiming to be a Celtic fan called Clyde in response to an alleged bid of £2m for Samaras. He “joked” that he would PAY that sum to be able to drive Samaras to the airport. Correction , he made the point two. three , maybe four times attempting to milk a few more sniggers from the tw*ts on the panel. Maybe he just felt his joke was so funny it was worthy of a few repeats. Or maybe he was concerned that his sledgehammer wit may not have penetrated the skulls of some of the listeners so , just in case , lets hear it one more time – “I would PAY £2m to drive him to the airport…”


    God , how i wish that guy , and everyone else who jumped on the get-samaras-tae-fu*k bandwagon could be made to stand on the center spot before the game on Saturday. Give him a microphone and have him repeat his “joke” as highlights of every Samaras display since then are played on the screens.



    And while i am at it ( having just been given the PW to be able to post ) as a support act we can have keevins repeating how , with Celtic 3 down at Kilmarnock and RFC about to beat (?) St Mirren “they would go on to win 4-in-a-row and that they were now building a solid base camp which would allow them to mount an assault on 10-in-a-row”



    I dont know who pisses me off more – the scottish press or the Celtic “fans” who give them fuel – maybe a poll could be organised?

  29. Philvis – I don’t disagree mate, but for guys like Forster and Hooper, they will undoubtedly have international ambitions, this would also make them more valuable assets for the club should we wish to sell them in the future , and it also increases the profile of the club. On the other side the fact that Hodgson, and Levein, are too clueless to realise that Forster, Hooper and Commons are better than players in their squads will hopefully keep the lads fit, and hungry for more success with Celtic.

  30. Blindlemonchitlin on




    His chief weapon is surprise, surprise and fear….



    His two main weapons are fear, surprise and ruthless efficiency…..



    His three strongest weapons are fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency and an almost fanatical devotiion to the Pope…….



    AMONGST his weaponry….



    I’ll come in again.

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