125 kit and an SPL comparison


A Hibs fan suggested to me on Twitter that as his team are wearing their home kit for next week’s Scottish Cup Final Celtic should take the opportunity to wear their 125th anniversary top. Despite there being 100 years precedent of Celtic and Hibs both wearing their home kits, recent rules (or perhaps customs) dictate that clubs are not permitted colour clashes.

That being the case, let’s take the opportunity to reach back to our founders and wear the anniversary kit.

Before that we have the small matter of Dundee United to play on Sunday. Celtic won the league by 20 points last season, 10 of which were gained after a competitor failed to come up with enough money to meet their commitments. Defeat at Tannadice could reduce this season’s winning margin to 10 points, in a season where everyone, even Hearts could afford to meet their commitments.

Who would’ve thought this SPL would be so competitive? Not me. More please.

Thanks for the excellent support for Willie Wallace’ autobiography. Orders in today from East Brisbane to West Didsbury and many places in between.

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  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


    Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh


    Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho


    Hee hee hee hee hee hee Heh

  2. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    Three is a magic number


    Ya it is, it’s a magic number


    Somewhere in that ancient mystic trinity


    You’ll get three


    As a magic number

  3. The Token Tim on





    I saw the suggestion on twitter and wearing the 125th anniversary kit seems a good idea!



    Although the idea of hampden being totally Green-and-White also has a certain appeal.



    Here’s hoping for the usual Celtic v Hibs Cup Final result too…..











  5. In the 2001 cup final, did both teams not wear away tops? I think we were in yellow and Hibs in white.



    If there is deemed to be a clash surely neither side should be permitted to wear home kit.




  6. But anyway lunch bells ring


    Take one hour and do your thanng! Bbbbbbbbb



  7. There once was a poster for a joke



    Made verse but a demon then awoke



    A voice “who said that”



    Taking the part of a twat



    Serenity yer priviliges are revoked

  8. midfield maestro on

    In my pit with man flu. What better pick me up than getting an email to tell me i have a place at cqn golf day. Dates never suited before, so this is my & PC67 virgin golf day. Canny wait.

  9. I’d be OK with the 125 kit for the final as I quite like it.


    Another good thing is that you can hardly see the sponsor’s name on the jersey



  10. He comes, he sees, he conquers


    He defeats and beats a load ay ’em


    Even though a wee bit bonkers


    He’s still first on the podium



    Dedicated to Serenity

  11. The only problem is I may now have to go out and buy the 125 kit.


    Seems like the right thing to do.


    I’d rather see the team in the Hoops though.


    Palacio67, good to meet you today, and thanks to you and LionRoars67 two Hoopy Tims on the way to the Final.

  12. Paul67



    Murderwell are closer to us because they didnt have an automatic 12 point deduction


    allocated to thon dead team which happens every year.



    They did try and compensate dead team by lying down to them in League cup.

  13. Cup Final Ticket arrived and signed for. Good job I was off today or it would have meant a trip to Cambuslang to collect it.

  14. Mort


    How hell can there be a colour clash of one wears hoops and other wears solid colours, no matter what colour they are? You can even distinguish in black & white if you have old Decca or RCA tele.



    Think we should wear the 125 strip.



    Mort, only pointing out how ridiculous needing to change in first place.


    Tears in eyes watching tributes to Tommy B, especially WGS speaking.




  15. Paul67



    Has it been competitive or have we just been poor in a number of games?

  16. unionbearBhind on




    we have been poor on occasions but MIB have been even poorer, just look back last years two cup finals says it all.




  17. HT, us playing poorly doesn’t mean the competition is poorer, it means we were.


    If we played like Barca in every game, or even to the level I think we can, the competition would be poor, but we don’t.


    Therefore the competition is greater.


    Just a though.

  18. Was not going to say but apologies to anyone in G69 areas who does not get their ticket.



    Postman went ” I don’t think it is anything to worry about as got quite a few to deliver” Without thinking I said it was cup final ticket.



    His whole manner changed…

  19. I take it a draw is still made to see who will be named the home team –



    This means the name first out the hat will get the home dressing room, their name is first on the programme, ticket etc. This might also mean they get to wear their home kit.

  20. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    Legends Tommy Burns, Bobby Murdoch…



    First ever cup final ticket arrived ( usually its via friend of friend stuff)… Now just myself and 4 kids to fight over it…





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