1254125, transfer selling and sell out books


Thank you to everyone who participated in our auction for the Lionel Messi signed shirt, which raised £1020 when it closed this morning, a clear £20 more than the Celtic top signed by the Seville squad, which closed a few days earlier, you are a credit to the club.  Our summer fundraising for the 1254125 campaign and other good causes is off to an excellent start.

We have seven weeks until our first Champions League qualifying game but the qualifying rounds do not end for a full 12 weeks.  These timescales will determine how seriously Celtic take interest in our star players.  Right now, there will be little attention to these matters.

With a couple of new contract offers unsigned after 8 months, I expect Celtic will have a sale valuation in mind, but business is often done in the final days of the transfer window, and until then, efforts will continue to re-sign players.  Celtic are in the fortunate position of not having to accept an offer to keep the lights on, so if valuations are not met, as was the case with Gary Hooper in January, we can afford to let players leave for nothing.

Willie Wallace’s autobiography, Heart of a Lion, sold out initial stock at the mail-order fulfilment centre and several retail stores last week.  The fulfilment centre is now back in stock, all orders should be shipped and with you in a couple of days.

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  1. I’ve been “stuck in traffic” a couple of times due to the OO Neanderthal fests


    Once in Dalry and I’ve got my black and green CR SMITH away top on( circa 1989) …..thankfully they were that pissed and kept dragging their flegs over the front of my wee fiesta supersport that I got away with it



    bloody Ayrshire !!! Lol



    Btw it was August!!! Whits THAT about??? Tho i once saw about 10 of them and one panda car on a Sunday morning in NOVEMBER in Ardrosssan



    I laughed my bollox of cos it wis stoating doon on their sad erses

  2. I beg to differ with Paul. Celtic allowing players to walk out the door for free is bad management. If they won’t sign, we need to sell and re-invest.



    I also hope we do this as early as possible, the CL qualifiers are vital, having players coming and going between these games will leave us very vulnerable.



    I want to see a settled squad when we start playing CL qualifiers. We have no room for error.

  3. sipsini,



    Just to let you know that there aren’t too many seats available. I am in 108 at the minute. I wanted to move to 105 or thereabouts. The only seats were in 109.

  4. unionbearBhind on




    as posted previously I would rather arsenal bought vic & left him here to develop more re first team guaranteed & more European football, he’s only a youngster & would benefit from the experience?




  5. an dun,



    If it suits the club, it’s good management. In other words, if player A is the subject of a small bid, the club might make more money (to buy a replacement…) by keeping him, using his talent (he’s in the shop window) to qualify for the CL proper, and earning another £20 million.



    I think Paul is correct.



    Hail Hail!

  6. Repost.



    The Gooners allegedly in talks with Celtic regarding Big Vic? I guess if that is the case then they wouldn’t want him the CL qualifiers so he may well be gone as soon as the transfer window opens :-( IMO a solid +10 mill offer with a sell on clause and he will be for the offski despite his protestations that he wants to stay.



    Vics old coach has claimed “Wenger spoke to Celtic around a month ago and Victor’s father and his mother Mildred says he would prefer to go there before any other club.


    I will be speaking to his parents again in a week’s time and Victor also. But I already know that Arsenal have a big interest in the player”.

  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    An Dun,



    Agreed. If Hooper leaves on 31st August we’ll be scrambling around trying to get Leon Best – types in. Get new players in early to get time to bed in. Anyone who doesn’t want to play for this great club can go and see if they can get a better one.

  8. Paul67



    Neil Lennon deserves a holiday and I don’t think we’re a buying club at the moment, why should we be having completed the double and reached the last 16 of the CL?



    After MSM hysteria about whose buying our stars, and the summer signing madness dissipates.



    Celtic will spend to strengthen, as per usual.

  9. Arsenal sold Song to Barcelona for 17m he played against us in the CL who looked the better player, and why if it was Vic would we sell for just over have of what they got, serious bids only 15m plus, he only cost 900k and has a few years left on his contract.

  10. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    From last blog:





    12:37 on 3 June, 2013






    Totally agree with you on Johnny Russell. I think he could be a great player for Celtic for years to come. I also think that it is important to have a nucleus of players of quality who are Celtic supporters and know the importance of playing for the Club. Guys like Charlie and Anthony Stokes are the guys who dig deep when the chips are down, as they were against Kilmarnock when we were 0-3 down.

  11. SteveBhoy



    Point taken. That approach, however, leads to endless speculation and squad upheaval at a time when the team are playing the most important games of the season. Celtic can’t be going into the last few days of the transfer window with 2 or 3 players possibly coming in or going out. Get it sorted now (one way or another) and get pre-season planned to maximize our chances of CL football.

  12. Monaghan1900 on

    Operation Ramsden’s Cup on FF:



    “The Ramsdens Cup


    Few threads on here about expectations for next season and noticed a few bears saying the Ramsdens cup should be one of the minimum requirements.



    Personally I couldn’t care less about it and quite honestly see it as a bit of a nuisance. Maybe I’m on my high horse a bit but I see it as bit beneath Rangers and quite embarrassed to even be associated with it especially as the early rounds are around the same time that the CL group stages are taking place – where I believe we rightly belong.



    I do however think it could be a good chance to play the young players and get them some competitive experience much like some of the big EPL teams do in the League cup.”




    “Anyone know when the draw for this is ?”




    “Reason being the tarriers will not have this in their history either”




    “McCoist isn’t up to winning it. Sad but true. Bitchslapped at home last season was humiliating.”




    “Last seasons, without a preseason, well, it was different.


    This season, we should win the Ramsdens cup & have the league won by December.”




    ” And yet McCoists team were seconds away from knocking out the team who won it.



    The decision to award QoS a corner when it never was and the failure to correctly apply the rules and send off the player who eventually scored the winning penalty were massive factors in us losing that tie.”

  13. AnDun I agree with you, if they don’t want to stay with us,their heart isn’t in the fight. give me one volunteer any day than 10 conscripts.Turn them in for cash!


    Glass twothirdsfull. A club better than Celtic, don’t think they will find it frankly, co we are the bestest bestest in the whole world.



  14. unionbearBhind on

    obviously hooper doesn’t realise he is at the best team in Europe, he hasn’t caught the Celtic bug? if he goes it wont be long before he realises his mistake, but if he goes it should be sooner rather than later, like him as a player he reads the game really well & adds to overall team, but again no point if he doesn’t want to be here we need a replacement to gel with rest of team asap.




  15. dessybhoy


    12:47 on


    3 June, 2013


    Arsenal sold Song to Barcelona for 17m he played against us in the CL who looked the better player, and why if it was Vic would we sell for just over have of what they got, serious bids only 15m plus, he only cost 900k and has a few years left on his contract.




    Vic doesn’t have that long left on his contract and if he doesn’t sign an extension it won’t be too long before we lose him for nothing. 10 mill cash plus a sell on clause which could mean us receiving another 2 or 3 million in 3 years is good business for a player who cost less than 1mill. It is pointless making comparisons between Song and Vic a player is worth what someone is willing to bid for them and unless we get 2 or 3 teams with serious cash getting into a bidding war for Vic 10+ million for a player from the SPL is excellent business.

  16. Dessybhoy you’re 100% correct.



    Wanyama looked head and shoulders above Song. I’d be really disappointed if we lost him for less than £13m-£14m. Almost every big club in Europe has been linked with him.



    At least the media seem to accept the starting price is £10m.



    To be honest Peter Lawell usually gets top dollar for our players….if he does go I’m sure we’ll get a good fee!!

  17. Slabhoy - Duntocher is Green and White on




    Spot-on, whilst we should sell if the player wants to go and the price is right, £10m is too low for Wanyama. I’d prefer to keep him to contribute to a £20m revenue opportunity which is the CL…

  18. “We could, and should, have won the Ramsden’s Cup?!”








    Hello team



    just after the Barcelona game a few of us took the pledge and took part in some events to support the 125 4 125 charity



    Since then our aim is two fold



    1. To promote the charity and engage with at least one other member of the global Celtic family to do the same



    2. raise some money “1.25” “12.50” “125.00” every bit counts



    With a few events still to come up,



    1888 mile cycle


    Climb of Ben Nevis



    We are hoping to maximise donations and would appreciate any donations towards 125 4 125 cause









  20. Snake Plissken on

    I don’t want Vic to leave but if he is to go then it must be to a club of some standing. Going to no marks like Stoke or Newcastle is beneath him and us quite frankly.



    Getting business done early is key here in and out.



    Getting a huge wad of cash means we should have a significant spend this summer.

  21. For all you CQNr’s from The Shire, who are already suffering close season withdrawal symptoms, why not get yourselves down to The Hamilton Palace Sports Grounds on Saturday and Sunday!



    Blantyre Soccer Academy will be holding their second annual “Reamonn Gormley Memorial Soccer Festival”, for teams from 1996 – 2007 age groups, in aid of The Good Child Foundation Thailand, and Yorkhill Children’s Foundation.



    Games will be played between 9.00am and 3.00pm each day. I’ll be there on Sunday with my wee team, Moorlands FC 1999’s, who are currently doing very well in the Cumbernauld & Kilsyth Youth League.



    “MON THE REDS!” :-)

  22. Arsenals need is for a player in Victors mould. They also need a player in before they play THEIR CL qualifier.



    They can’t risk a last minute signing, who won’t have played with teammates



    We can play our team from last season, and we will be better than anyone we could face in the qualifiers That doesn’t mean we automatically win, but we should be confident of Qualifying



    Failing to qualify is a disaster for Arsenal. We are holding all the aces in our negotiation. We will post a profit in excess of £10 million , we have no debt , and we will be able to sign better prospects than the last crop ( that doesn’t mean they end up better)



    Nobody will leave , except for a hefty premium over value

  23. bournesouprecipe



    Not that I’m disagreeing with you, but “too left footed” (and by that I mean in the footballing sense – only in Glasgow….)? As a left-footer myself, I give you Di Stefano, Cruyff, Maradona, Messi and so on. In fact 4 of the possibly 5 greatest footballers in the world have been left footed. You never hear of anyone being criticised for being too right footed.



    Oh, and the 5th? Bertie Auld. Come to think of it, he was left footed as well…

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