128 seems impossibly indiscriminate


Banning 128 fans seems impossibly indiscriminate.  I don’t know how it was decided but it sounds like “those eight columns and sixteen rows” – painting with a very broad brush.  If so, the Club must meet with those in the affected area as soon as possible to allow fans who have had nothing whatsoever to do with vandalism or dangerous behaviour to continue to follow their club.  If such a letter arrived on my doorstep, I would want to face the Club urgently.  We’ve all been tarred by the pyros, banners and vandalism, but some are paying a higher price.

Unless there is specific evidence against an individual, the default expectation must be that bans will be lifted after interview.

Back in July, after the Club and the Green Brigade met to agree a way forward following some early season Uefa disciplinary problems, we wondered if either could control every last hanger-on hoping to ‘stick it to the man’.  Statements in recent days from both organisations show how impossible this has proven to be.

When I wrote my article on Saturday I didn’t expect the condemnation of the previous night’s incidents, from all sections of the support, to be so comprehensive.  We’ve seen elsewhere the damage procrastination and deflection can be.  There is no need to deflect.  We will not blame Chelsea fans. Nor is there need for ‘whataboutery’. Vandalising seats and throwing flares is now endemic in our game but Celtic fans are judged by higher standards. The Celtic support is characterised by by enormous generosity. Still.
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  1. desertbhoy



    12:14 on 10 December, 2013


    Off topic, and apologies for the intrusion, but is it next week we play Barca??

  2. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    CQN is not the place for divulging some info. However, I can assure you that the Celtic casuals were not there as a group on Fri night. There may have been one or two who went as individuals. but not collectively.



    The 25-30 casuals that I witnessed after the game were members of the Saturday Service (Motherwell casuals).



    They were chasing Celtic supporters not Celtic casuals.

  3. Dubaibhoy-"If I signed off the accounts it has been in good faith." on

    Football fixing claims: Alan Shearer calls for zero tolerance



    Former England international Alan Shearer says there needs to be a zero tolerance policy to anyone found guilty of fixing in football matches.



    Six people were arrested on Sunday over fixing allegations in the sport and have been bailed until April.



    “You are never going to stop betting but you have to stop the people inside,” Shearer told BBC Radio 5 live.



    “It just cannot happen. If anyone is found guilty then there should be zero tolerance.”



    Blackburn striker DJ Campbell was one of six people questioned by police in connection with fixing in football matches.



    The arrests were made following a story in the Sun newspaper on Sunday in which ex-Portsmouth player Sam Sodje told an undercover reporter he could arrange yellow and red cards in exchange for cash.



    Following the allegations, the government’s Culture Secretary Maria Miller has called a meeting with leaders from football, cricket, horse racing, rugby league and rugby union.





    Wonder what Campbell thinks of that statement?

  4. Very happy birthday to Lennybhoys Bhoy Conall.



    Re; the no interested in football…may have something to do with seeing you (LB) going to


    gemme dressed in hard hat,denim jaiket and a cellik scarf tied to each wrist.


    Youngsters today like to be stylish.HH

  5. NatKnow - Supporting Wee Oscar on

    I’m looking forward to the next Sevco “red card protest” on the 20th minute and 12th second of their next game

  6. ryecatcher



    12:16 on 10 December, 2013







    What school did you not attend??

  7. Dubaibhoy-”If I signed off the accounts it has been in good faith.”



    12:16 on 10 December, 2013



    ‘Football fixing claims: Alan Shearer calls for zero tolerance’







    I assume he would exempt testimonials from that approach.

  8. Paul,



    As I posted yesterday, I was ‘banned’ from attending pending investigation because I had given my ticket to another member of our bus who got a bit carried away. (toned down from yesterday)



    Two calls later I was at the very next match.



    No tears and snotters. No free the gm 1 campaign. No packing in of season ticket.

  9. Repost:



    Before the start of this season Celtic asked their supporters to take part in a survey. I suspect that many used the survey to state their concerns about the apparent misadministration of Scottish Football, and specifically, the apparent collusion by Scottish Football authorities and others in assisting a Rangers entity and phoenix of a club/company (clumpany) in liquidation due to financial and sporting impropriety on an unprecedented scale. It seemed that existing rules and laws (of business and football) were either being ignored or interpreted by often heavily conflicted officials to help preserve the notion of a new club as same club at the expense of sporting and business integrity. I wanted assurance that Celtic would vigorously oppose anything that conflicted with the proper application of rules, laws and the fundamental principles of business and sporting integrity.



    I think that at this time I am probably disappointed at the lack of any clear statement or lead from Celtic on these matters. That said, I am not privileged to know the Club’s strategy nor am I fully aware of the constraints within which Celtic must operate.



    However, I believe that the main focus for Celtic supporters at this time (notwithstanding the support of their team) should be the Scottish Football authorities and the many other groups and individuals that appear willing to go to any lengths to preserve a Rangers new club/same club phoenix, despite the unprecedented financial and sporting impropriety of the Rangers that is in liquidation. Do not forget that many creditors, including HMRC, have been cheated of tens of millions of great (sic) British pounds by an institution that has been held up as part of the fabric of our society. As far as I am concerned, that particular shred of dirty linen belongs permanently in the waste bin.



    Wanton vandalism, loutish behaviour, or agenda driven/politically motivated actions by individuals and/or groupings within or attached to the Celtic support only serves to deflect attention from what should be the most important issue which is the fair and proper governance of football in Scotland.



    The behaviour of a minority at Fir Park last Friday is indefensible. But if you want to understand the real issue for Scottish Football then compare the mainstream media time and energy devoted to the misbehaviour of a minority of Celtic supporters with that targeting the financial and sporting vandalism perpetrated by a club now in liquidation and its’ many heavily conflicted cheerleaders.




  10. What is a Celtic casual exactly? A casual Celtic supporter or some fancy term for a thug?



    They are a cancer and need to be cut out.

  11. Mibbes ahve been afflicted wi the Alzheimer’s efter aw, as ah wis sure the Barca game wis the morra.

  12. Somesaythedevilisdead on

    Looks like a bit of PR to keep the hordes happy. I’ll be surprised if 10 get their marching orders infact I would be suprised if 1 got a ban to be honest as it seems as said above indiscriminate to ban a whole section with no proof of bad behaviour.


    Anyhoo good luck tonight Celtic & hopefully with the pressure off we can put in an exceptional performance, as we’re certainly capable. HH

  13. Sorry to be pedantic but people from Carmyle are called Carmalites,unless your name is Walter Smith.



    Then you’re just called a Dober.

  14. Woke up in the morning, slaving for buckfast


    So that every ned mouth could be fed


    Oh, oh, the Carntyneites

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