16 years ago today Larsson poured millions into Celtic bank


16 years ago today, a cameo performance from Henrik Larsson just after the hour mark, brought Barcelona their second Champions League title.  His two assists were enough to overcome the lead 10-man Arsenal held.

Celtic fans celebrated that title as that win ensured we gained entry to the following season’s Champions League group stage without having to endure the qualification rounds.  As a consequence, the club booked two summer tours, one to the USA and one to Japan, each earning multi-million pound pay cheques.  A year earlier, the best on offer was perfunctory warm-up games against Fulham, Leicester and Leeds.

The commercial department has already lined up a lucrative Australian tour for the World Cup break later this year.  After media coverage of the tile win in Australia this week, the optics of that tour now look great.  The challenge now is to fill dates in July and August with similar earners

Much of the world is still slumbering from post-lockdown blues, which has dampened appetite for the commercial risk surrounding events.  Still, the earning opportunities from pre-qualification is a substantial benefit to a club like Celtic.

Can you name the two who started that Barcelona-Arsenal Champions League final and who also played for Celtic?

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  1. Re the attempts by ex-players/managers etc to sanitize those with the deep rooted prejudices, I’m almost expecting Bomber Broon to implore them to attend Mass in Seville’s spectacular cathedral.



    Philmacgholliabain suggesting UEFA may have warned Sevco about the consequences of any Manchester-esq behaviour.



    Didn’t see it myself but someone just told me STV are reporting a party atmosphere in Seville. I think there was a party atmosphere in the early stages of Manchester too.

  2. WHAT IS THE STARZ on 17TH MAY 2022 6:13 PM



    Horrid experience.not nice my friend,you both take it easy,consolation is your not in Spain as you say



    Stay safe




  3. Occasional embarrassment and permanent disgrace




    As Ian Archer once described them

  4. I wonder will the Huns riot if they lose the penalty shoot out before the game. If they do, will they be the first team to lose a Final not having actually played in the Final?



    Earnest Logic CSC




    Hope you both have a magical trip followed by a long and peaceful retirement.



    Has the butler retired too?




  6. I am a Unionist in the married sense, but not a Unionist in the UK sense. Is that a contradiction? Can a Scottish Unionist be a Unionist, not in the Ulster Unionist sense, but in a non-Ulster Unionist sense? Oh dear, I wish I was as clever as Ernie.



    It’s not over even if you lose the penalty shoot out, a bit like having the divorce before the marriage ceremony.



    The Ernie patronizing CSC

  7. NEILBHOY on 17TH MAY 2022 3:35 PM



    Fill up July and August with similar earners?! Any chance we could actually be prepared for the Champions League instead? Or do we get two games in and state that we are better off in the Conference League? Board bonuses already assured though…








    So many questions!



    So much pish!



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. What is the Starz on



    Thanks very much


    Hope you well.


    An Tearmann


    Never any danger .Wife would have held them at bay while I ran to nearest Gendarme for help!!!

  9. If my Granny had baws…………………



    If my pre season predictions didny come true………………….




  10. KINGLUBO on 17TH MAY 2022 6:48 PM



    I think a wee prayer is in order for the poor folk of Seville, they will need it, poor sods





    Agreed. Genuinely.

  11. After years of hype, the EPL is class at the moment. Citeh are fluid destroyers, de bruyne is my fav EPl player. Liverpool are savagely precise. Bayern have collapsed to reveal a poor Bundesliga and Spain has realised the talent puddle has dried up and they paid ship loads of moolah. I’m looking forward to LFC v Southampton.

  12. It is really quite bizarre, the msm actively look for trouble from our supporters and rarely find any and in complete reverse they will pr for hours against the truth before collapsing and finally admitting the extent to any bother from old firm fc.



    Went from ‘party’ in Manchester



    To eventually having to admit attempted murder of 2 Manchester Police Officers.



    “But they were Chelski fans” Nope they were from Greater Glasgow area.



    Cam I ask did the msm report the truth about Barca when they wrecked it immediately or did they take their time?



    Probably a daft question but curious.

  13. BADA BING I agree surely we could attract 2EPL teams rather than 2from the English Championship,strange very strange .

  14. SCULLYBHOY on 17TH MAY 2022 7:30 PM



    ‘Can a Scottish Unionist be a Unionist, not in the Ulster Unionist sense, but in a non-Ulster Unionist sense?’








    Well your host on this site falls into that category, doesn’t he?



    As have generations of Celtic fans since the Club was founded.



    Maybe they’re all wrong and you’re right.



    But we both know that’s not true, don’t we?

  15. TIMBHOY163 on 17TH MAY 2022 8:10 PM



    CELTIC TRUST Does any of the Bhoys know how there meeting went today





    I believe the meeting only started at 7.30pm online.tonight mate.its open to members of The Celtic Trust.Doubt it will be finished just yet,if I see the minutes posted online will put them up in coming days.




  16. I am in one of those way down south village hotels tonight.


    In the bar doing some work after a day of meetings and taking a bit of scran.


    Minding my own business, all be it in a public setting.



    Southampton v Liverpool on tv.



    A lot of younger types in, suntans and muskles, skip hat and sunglasses, loud and proud.



    Cheering when Southampton score, its met with a roar,



    some others respond, oi whats your game, you want city to win this ?



    nah mate, we are spurs and chelsea, anyone but liverpool , scouse ^%&nts booed the queen.



    where to even start.

  17. TOM MCLAUGHLIN 11:27


    (previous article)



    Why are you so terrified of independence if you’re so sure it’s not going to happen?




    Tom, of course I am terrified of the prospect, however remote, of independence – in the same way that I am terrified of another pandemic, even more destructive than Covid. We see/have seen evidence every day how either event could reek havoc on our lives.



    It takes no effort to APPROVE – i.e. stick your cross against the SNP candidate with a “let’s try it and see what happens” attitude, backed-up with no relevant economic reasoning, just the cult’s “it will be alright on the night” guff. They tried it with the “thick’ White Paper in 2014, and if people had been stupid enough to swallow it, we would still be in the hands of the IMF to this day.



    It does however take effort and explanation to DISAPPROVE – I do so out of concern for the working population of Scotland….and also those who depend on the state pension, various benefits, including UK Tax Credits, which ironically many who vote SNP could not live without.



    If you want to call the above “drivel”, of course you can – it is my honest opinion – you take a different view – I respect that…..I certainly would not call it drivel.

  18. ernie lynch on 17th May 2022 8:20 pm



    SCULLYBHOY on 17TH MAY 2022 7:30 PM







    ‘Can a Scottish Unionist be a Unionist, not in the Ulster Unionist sense, but in a non-Ulster Unionist sense?’











    Well your host on this site falls into that category, doesn’t he?



    As have generations of Celtic fans since the Club was founded


    Maybe they’re all wrong and you’re right.



    But we both know that’s not true, don’t we?





    How many times must I tell you that I was born in England and grew up in the North of Ireland? I have no interest in Scotland, bar that Celtic grew up here (an Irish club in a foreign land).



    It is typical of the bully that they transfer their tactics to those who dare to counter them.



    I simply pointed out to you and JHB fellow Unionist, that you do not like anyone trying to offer a view point you don’t like. He resorts to political catchphrases to stereotype and feed prejudice, and you occasionally use that, but mainly use sarcasm dressed up as wit.



    Just let other people express a point of view, debate it, it is the basis of democracy. I think Fianna Fáil in the South of Ireland were once the Republican Party, are they now?



    Bully using insult dressed up as wit CSC

  19. Evening all.



    Firstly can I say I would not wish this health matter on anyone, Asthma.



    Watched a Liverpool fan pod discussing the amount of Liverpool players who are registered as asthmatic, something like, 75% of the squad, the national average is roughly 15%.



    I have no idea how they gained their information.



    Klopp has a history of medical gymnastics, slippy now Wee Gio might be engaged in similar practice.



    I know, I know, it’s the usual ‘they’re at it, well why wouldn’t they, they have manipulated all sorts of shannigans previously.



    Now, I am no medical expert, fortunately I do not suffer from asthma. Please correct me if I am wrong, that to combat that horrible affliction you require a steroid booster?



    Again, I hope those who suffer from this terrible affliction understand that I never meant to belittle your health issue.



    It would be interesting to me, how many OF FC are now registered as ‘asthmatic’. I have no idea how you access that info, the guys from the Liverpool podcast accessed it, so maybe we can.



    Right at the start of this post I stated that, fortunately I do not suffer from this horrible affliction.



    I remember watching earlier Aaron Ramsey playing for ‘them’ in Europe, in extra time playing like a man posessed, the guy whilst playing in Italy for 2 years played just over 80 mins football.



    He will be starting tomorrow night.



    I again apologise for my lack of health knowledge issues regarding asthma .



    One question that I would like to ask, does the weather / climate affect the need to increase the booster, or does it not make any difference.



    Apologies to the blog if this sounds like a lot of keek.



    Brian ( wierdo ) :)

  20. Tom McLaughlin on

    On 26th May 1967 when Celtic flew into Glasgow Airport with the European Cup, they were welcomed by Rangers chairman John Lawrence and another board member. They shook Bob Kelly and his fellow directors by the hand and congratulated them on their famous victory.



    Similarly, in 1972 when Rangers brought back the European Cup Winners Cup, Bob Kelly and a fellow director were at the airport to meet and greet the Rangers directors.



    In the extremely unlikely event that Rangers win tomorrow, how would Celtic supporters react if Bankier and Nicholson were to meet the Rangers directors off the plane on Thursday with the Europa League trophy and congratulate them on their victory?

  21. Pray for the light of the soul and the dearth of hope beholden by what they call the smsm.

  22. Interesting watching The Nine from Seville, and from the scenes shown during the day, there seemed only to be hundreds, a couple of thousand tops of supporters in the City centre, scattered around here and there. On radio Roddy was predicting one hundred thousand in situ tomorrow while Chris McLaughlin on TV went for one hundred and fifty. Tens of thousands could arrive tomorrow of course, many from the South Coast, but for now no packed squares of supporters.

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