16 years ago today Larsson poured millions into Celtic bank


16 years ago today, a cameo performance from Henrik Larsson just after the hour mark, brought Barcelona their second Champions League title.  His two assists were enough to overcome the lead 10-man Arsenal held.

Celtic fans celebrated that title as that win ensured we gained entry to the following season’s Champions League group stage without having to endure the qualification rounds.  As a consequence, the club booked two summer tours, one to the USA and one to Japan, each earning multi-million pound pay cheques.  A year earlier, the best on offer was perfunctory warm-up games against Fulham, Leicester and Leeds.

The commercial department has already lined up a lucrative Australian tour for the World Cup break later this year.  After media coverage of the tile win in Australia this week, the optics of that tour now look great.  The challenge now is to fill dates in July and August with similar earners

Much of the world is still slumbering from post-lockdown blues, which has dampened appetite for the commercial risk surrounding events.  Still, the earning opportunities from pre-qualification is a substantial benefit to a club like Celtic.

Can you name the two who started that Barcelona-Arsenal Champions League final and who also played for Celtic?

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  1. Tom McLaughlin on

    Forest v Sheff U on Sky. Championship play-off semi-final 2nd leg.



    2-1 Sheff.



    3-3 HT in extra time.



    15 minutes away from a penalty shoot-out.

  2. Tom McLaughlin on

    Commentator said the Championship play-off final at Wembley is the richest game in football as it is worth £180m to the winner.



    Extraordinary – Martin O’Neill

  3. I tuned into the penalty shoot out – very enjoyable! Then got out a beer to watch the match, but nothing!? WTF.



    Earnie patronize and mock CSC

  4. Well done Forest, go on and win it – Two times European champions – you deserve to be in the top tier together with other champions: Aston Villa, Liverpool, Man Utd & Chelsea. Martin O’Neil will be delighted!!!

  5. vinniethedog on

    Belmontbrian…I’ve long suspected a bit of extra help…started with Gerrard…so the Liverpool connection might be right…..I then wondered if wee Jimmy Bell was slipping something into their drinks ……but the asthma thing is interesting

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    HUNDREDS of Rangers fans have seen their Seville flights cancelled on the morning they were due to fly out for the Europa League Final.



    Glasgow Airport has announced that the 05.00 and 07.15 charter flights to the Andalusian capital tomorrow would not take off

  7. Asthma is a right bugger, I was diagnosed at age 53, in the summer i couldnt run 100 yards without the inhaler, to say it improves my performance is an understatement!,In my layman terms its like a turbo charge, all of a sudden I have oxygen available to me that i wouldnt normally get, so I suppose the same.would happen for non asthmatics taking the inhaler! Not to mention the steroid tablets which have me running about like a madman.

  8. Moderator.



    On From earlier.



    Just checked emails again and zero from last week.


    If you can put up an email address and you can forward me those e-mails to me .



    I have asked for your email now here ,half 4 and earlier on the other blog.sup?



    I am not getting your emails.


    you are not communicating mod.you said last week you emailed me.


    I posted then asking for an email address as I told you then no e-mail was received.


    Look forward to replying to the e-mail address.




  9. B2b



    Think hot smoked asked Ernie answered b2b.


    Changed precariously since then with wee Liz Truss speech in parliament tho,and will change internationally with all previous treatises defaulting.The tory party of law n order,who’d a thunk it,they have a linguistically challenge time coming up to me they lie.



    Hope you had a good day Saturday.




  10. Surely the footballing God’s cannot allow the forces of darkness to prevail tonight.

  11. Tom McLaughlin on

    BBC Radio Scotland news at 6:30.



    Ahead of tonight’s game, Glasgow City Council has removed wooden benches from George Square after vandalism by football crowds last year.

  12. Good morning all from a sunny Garngad



    Tom – After talking to Svco bosses GCC have decided to remove the benches. Even the hun hierarchy know the hordes cannot be trusted.



    I hope the Frankfurt fans descend on Seville today and we have a lovely showpiece .



    Do I want trouble?



    Its immaterial what I want, it’s what I know and the sevco support cannot behave, nothing surer.



    Mon the Franfurt.



    Let’s hope Franfurt turn them over on the pitch as well.



    D :)

  13. Tom McLaughlin on




    I know exactly what you mean.



    Note how the BBC said the vandalism last year was caused by “football crowds”.

  14. One spooky fact for this dear place.



    By far the busiest traffic day on this site in the past 12 months was the 12th August 2021……



    One common denominator is that a certain Slovenian referee took charge of a rangers match in Europe that night when they played Malmo at Ibrox. The same chap in charge tonight…….



    A second common denominator will hopefully be that it is the second time they will be beaten / knocked out of a European competition this season.



    Let’s hope tonight is the new busiest night of the year for the blog. Only to be beaten by Saturday night after Hearts win the Scottish Cup.



    Don’t blame me for the fact they their defeats are traffic generators on a Celtic blog. Thems jist the facts. It’s maybe just that when we win we are out celebrating more.



    Hoping for a busy blog this next few days.

  15. Apologies it was the 11th /12th August ! The day after their Malmo exit. Sentiment is same though.

  16. celticforever on

    Funny how the Glasgow City Council did not


    order the benches to be removed prior to


    our celebrations after collecting the league


    trophy last Saturday



    Just tells you that they know who causes the


    biggest trouble in our city



    Any cmon Frankfurt both on and off the park

  17. So The Celtic Truss is in turmoil – heading for the knacker’s yard – neither giving, nor, getting support. Who needs them,or, any other self-appointed faction within our family? Who gave them the right to use the Celtic name?



    We have survived and prospered for 134 years without the need of a fans’ splinter group, a ‘militant tendency’, stamping its feet and using Celtic as a platform for its self-serving & ‘cooked-up’ agenda. Like those other paragons of virtue, the GB faction, with its overt political agenda; who offer noisy, somtimes conditional, backing, to maintain verisimilitude.

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