2 European Cups and 10 in a row


I may have told you this before, apologies if I’m repeating myself.  Around 20 years ago, in a TV studio minutes after a Rangers victory, a former captain, Terry Butcher (what ever happened to him?), told the audience, “David Murray will not stop until he’s won two European Cups and 10 in a row.”

Use of the personal term “he”, not the club name, struck me.  Murray was personally invested in this matter.  Such a burning desire did not make David Murray a bad person, he owned the dominant club in Glasgow, but the team he was dominating had all that glorious history.  If the boot was on the other foot, you’d want the same.  I would.

Perhaps if Jock Stein had stayed at Hibs, Celtic would have stayed in mediocrity, David Murray would have had a more affordable dream and the liquidation of his club would not have been necessary.

You know it’s true…….

On Tuesday’s STV report that Hearts manager, John McGlynn, said:

“How many fans would think they could win the league if Celtic weren’t in it at this stage? All [clubs’] fans would.

“That would cause great excitement and I think it would bring fans back to the game, at the lower clubs.

“If you look at the rest of us outside Rangers and Celtic, we’d all fill our stadiums if we thought we’d realistically have a chance of winning the league.”

There are screeds written and spoken about our game but the McGlynn Plan is the most productive comment I’ve read all year.  Well done to STV for the report, hopefully they will put the same questions to others in the league. This is the most important question for Scottish football right now.

It’s time for these clubs to throw off their downtrodden ways and genuinely compete for the Scottish title.

Still looking for a ticket for Celtic v Barcelona?   Equally keen to acquire a Wee Oscar wristband?  A CQN’er has very generously offered his ticket for next week to raise funds for the Wee Oscar Campaign.  You can bid for the ticket/wristband package on ebay.

Tell everyone who asks you for a ticket to bid on the auction.

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  1. Ten Men Won The League



    13:33 on 1 November, 2012



    Over in Doha>>>



    Just reading back a bit and saw this. Give us a shout if you fancy a beer or something in Doha habibi! See if we can drum up one or two of the Doha CSC for ya :)



    Hail Hail,



  2. philvisreturns on

    canamalar – That is very kind of you. I was a little bit worried that you weren’t going to tolerate me there.



    It was like in that film “Back To The Future” and you’re Biff, and I’m George McFly. I was worried you’d come into the diner with all your mates and Billy Zane and beat me up, and then I’d have to come to the Enchantment Under The Sea ball and find you in the car with Lorraine and I’d be all like “Hey you… get your damn hands off her!”, and you’d be all like trying to break my arm and then POW! I’d knock you out with one punch and everybody would be all like “That’s George McFly!” and then Lorraine and I would dance and Marty’s disappearing arm would go back to normal because the timeline has been restored and whatnot, apart from the Libyans back in 1985 who are still angry and armed with assault rifles, an RPG-7, and a VW camper.



    Anyway, I’m glad we avoided all that and I accept your humble apology.



    Just see to it that you aren’t naughty again or you will be chained back up in your chair by the Fratellis. (thumbsup)



    Algarvian – Ally’s just festively plump. (thumbsup)

  3. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    a lot of people just dont like his fascist politics

  4. The Battered Bunnet on




    Yip, it seems to me if the Union is dissolved then the UK axiomatically is disestablished, and so are myriad corollary agreements left and right.



    Maybe just become Sicilian :¬)

  5. canamalar @16.02


    Well that`s OK then 0:-)





    Quite right. Jim Royle makes the point perfectly about the more humorous and stronger impact of our own version.


    Incidentally, is “ass” OK on here but our version is seen as a language violation?

  6. Moonbeams WD. Kano 1000 \o/ Supporting Neil Lennon 100%. Champions. C’mon Wee Oscar.



    16:09 on 1 November, 2012



    Kenneth Mure.

  7. philvisreturns on

    Geordie Munro – I was slightly concerned at the feedback that a lot of people secretly detest me too, but what am I to believe – common sense, or canamalar?



    Sometimes I feel like Lindsay Lohan in “Mean Girls”, and not just because of my secret drinking. (thumbsup)

  8. The Battered Bunnet


    16:21 on


    1 November, 2012





    Yip, it seems to me if the Union is dissolved then the UK axiomatically is disestablished, and so are myriad corollary agreements left and right.






    There are a few unions not so sure England, Wales and NI wouldn’t just carry on as the UK without Scotland. I mean Malaysia maanged to carry on when Singapore left that federation.

  9. The Battered Bunnet



    The Unionists are trying to refer to a post Independence UK as the Rest of the UK, ie RUK, as opposed to the technically more accurate ‘Former UK’.

  10. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    Jungle Jim,


    it appears to be, most americamisms are ok, 51st state :o)

  11. What is CQN like this afternoon?



    Zbyszek cracks a brilliant joke about Cracow (the bit about OldTim and Blantyretim having to leave glasses of milk and water to join him in the flounce from the anti-football bar) and no one even gives him credit.



    Very well done, Zbyszek.





    And as for you, TBB: “There wasn’t so much as a border between England and Wales until Henry VIII defined one for local tax and law enforcement purposes.”



    Get thee to Radio 4 Extra’s bit of the website to listen to a dramatisation of an Ellis Peters mystery in which Brother Cadfael, quite clearly, urges a young couple to take some horses and some treasure and flee through the forest to Wales. This way before Henry VIII and must be correct because Brother Cadfael is always correct.

  12. It is still a UK. I was watching that Story of Wales prog with Hew (my parent’s couldn’t spell Hugh) Edwards, and there was an Act of Union between England and Wales.

  13. canamalar @16.29


    Is “americamism” their way of saying ” americanism” ?



    PS 0:-)



    Just in case you take me seriously and I get the treatment!!


    Cheerio for now.




  14. Celbridge Celt



    14:01 on 1 November, 2012






    If Celtic put out a team with no Catholics… would you have a problem? Would this be a conspiracy?



    Why would it be so important to you?’





    The SNP emerged from a swamp of anti Irish Catholic bigotry.



    Some of their founder members expressed views about the Irish Catholic population in Scotland which were on a par with what the Nazis said about Jewish people.



    Being aware of that background I think it’s only right that their current actions should be scrutinised.



    Maybe some day the SNP will find a Catholic good enough to be a cabinet member.




  15. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    the fascist buffon is part of a small community, its unlikely he gets much honest feedback. Even if he did, his vanity would not allow him to accept it.

  16. Philvis, well I think yer aw right.



    That might be due to the fact that what I know about politics you could write on the back of an ice cube with a felt tip pen.



    Maybe I’m too stupid to offend. No answers please.



    That said, I’d rather you weren’t quite so personal about our former prime minister and patron of the John Thomson committee;)

  17. Afternoon all,



    I’ve just looked in for a few minutes as I’m off again shortly. Was it not popularly opinion that the findings of the FTT were to be made known today? Any news on that front?

  18. ernie lynch said:


    “Maybe some day the SNP will find a Catholic good enough to be a cabinet member.”



    Jungle Jim said:


    Maybe some day the SNP will find someone good enough to be a Cabinet member and that person will be a Catholic.

  19. Right ladies



    Play nice.



    I’ve got 7 hours work to cram into next 40 mins.



    HH & ktf

  20. Alasdair MacLean on

    Charles Kennedy has been my MP since 1983.



    The first I knew he was a Roman Catholic was 2 minutes ago reading this blog.



    Kinda emphasises my usual point about this Catholic / Protestant thing being a central belt issue.

  21. Jayzus, I’m in such a rush so apologies for how that reads. Think you should get the gist though.

  22. South Of Tunis on

    philvisreturns @ 16 26.



    I don’t detest you but I do wish that ” fascist ” you would drop your faux belief in Hayek and all that libertarian free market stuff and be honest about your love for Dirigisme

  23. philvisreturns on

    31003 – Thanks but I feel a little bit guilty for poking fun at Ally McCoist’s chronic obesity. I’d sugarcoat it but he’d probably eat that too. (thumbsup)



    ernie lynch – The SNP emerged from a swamp of anti Irish Catholic bigotry.



    I just love that image… Swamp Thing… with a bowler hat and sash! (thumbsup)

  24. We could though, get a fancy acronym like FYROM, (former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) we would be FBROS. (former British Republic Of Scotland)


    Don’t know if it would help the national team though. :(

  25. Alasdair MacLean on

    And PS, I’ve never voted for him because I think he’s rubbish at representing the oil fabrication industry in Ross-shire.



    Alec Salmond on the other hand has done wonders for St Fergus oil terminal in Banf and Buchan.

  26. Marrakesh Express on

    Would anybody else agree that McCoist is getting the easiest ride ever in the history of Scottish football? It goes without saying that his record is god awful and all this crap about him being a rookie manager? He’s 50 ffs and was been spoonfed by no surname during his apprenticeship, but then again maybe thats his problem, learning from Mr Negative.


    When you think of the way the press hounded and ridiculed Vogts, Burley, Mowbray and Skovdahl (uncle tom keevins still laughs at him) who were all operating at a higher level than the wee troublemaker with a budget bigger than his whole league put together. They do the huns no favours though and here’s hoping they stay off his back.




  27. philvisreturns on

    South Of Tunis – Thank you pally.



    canamalar thinks The Road To Serfdom was a Bob Hope and Bing Crosby comedy. (thumbsup)

  28. Ten Men Won The League



    Yep I will do :)



    Still working on the game for Sunday but failing that will catch up Monday night, I’ll drop EN a wee message see which Qatari den of equinity he’s planning.



    Hail Hail,




    junglejim.as i remember you were good at football and i was the clever one.after reading your last post i think i will go outside with a ball and try again.jist sayin like.

  30. Philbhoy – 14:51 on 1 November, 2012


    I played football …… against a team …. of trainee Catholic priests… game was abandoned in first half due to a mass braw.




    The priests had a team in one of the Glasgow leagues in the late 60’s early 70’s, Glasgow Colleges league I think, they were always one of the hardest and dirtiest players going

  31. Marrakesh Express



    16:45 on 1 November, 2012



    ‘Would anybody else agree that McCoist is getting the easiest ride ever in the history of Scottish football?’





    Am I the only one that thought of Hazel Irvine when I read that?

  32. Mike in Toronto on




    There are a few places that I favour at the moment….none over the top expensive… Toritos a tapas place in Kensington… Batifole – my favourite little french place in Chinatown east, or the Cottage (Pat McMurray’s new place .. its like an old Irish cottage inside – peat fire – and great oysters and beer)… For something a bit higher end, Nota Bene is owned by one of my favourite clients, and is a really nice meal….just a few thoughts… but, if noe of those are suitable/catch your fancy, give me a call, ( think you have my number… otherwise, get my email fromP67) and I can give you a few more names.



    My sister’s still not dealing with my dad’s passing well, so she’s not been talking to any of the family since … so I haven’t seen the boys in ages, and probably why I haven’t been coming up to the club as much… but, I’m hoping she’ll come out of it soon, as I really miss the boys.



    We’ll catch up soon.

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