2 European Cups and 10 in a row


I may have told you this before, apologies if I’m repeating myself.  Around 20 years ago, in a TV studio minutes after a Rangers victory, a former captain, Terry Butcher (what ever happened to him?), told the audience, “David Murray will not stop until he’s won two European Cups and 10 in a row.”

Use of the personal term “he”, not the club name, struck me.  Murray was personally invested in this matter.  Such a burning desire did not make David Murray a bad person, he owned the dominant club in Glasgow, but the team he was dominating had all that glorious history.  If the boot was on the other foot, you’d want the same.  I would.

Perhaps if Jock Stein had stayed at Hibs, Celtic would have stayed in mediocrity, David Murray would have had a more affordable dream and the liquidation of his club would not have been necessary.

You know it’s true…….

On Tuesday’s STV report that Hearts manager, John McGlynn, said:

“How many fans would think they could win the league if Celtic weren’t in it at this stage? All [clubs’] fans would.

“That would cause great excitement and I think it would bring fans back to the game, at the lower clubs.

“If you look at the rest of us outside Rangers and Celtic, we’d all fill our stadiums if we thought we’d realistically have a chance of winning the league.”

There are screeds written and spoken about our game but the McGlynn Plan is the most productive comment I’ve read all year.  Well done to STV for the report, hopefully they will put the same questions to others in the league. This is the most important question for Scottish football right now.

It’s time for these clubs to throw off their downtrodden ways and genuinely compete for the Scottish title.

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  1. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on

    McCoist is only 3 years younger than Butcher….being a Hun isn’t good for you it appears.

  2. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    11:37 on 1 November, 2012



    How do you know ?……LOL



    I’m still about dalziel saying ” the famous Glasgow rankers” …… A Celtic fan called in and tore him to shreds ……… I was sitting listening, saying to myself ” COME ON, ask him if he meant to say ” Infamous ” ………dalziel lost the plot…..then he was challenged on the “o.. f…” comment……….his retort ” am gonnae still call them that anywaye” ……. It was absolutely hilarious…….



    Is FF quiet today ? ……. Should be winding up soon……..LOL ……..HAPPY DAYS

  3. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    11:50 on


    1 November, 2012



    ABSOLUTELY ……. we have been on our own for 125 years, and we’ll continue for 800 more

  4. greenjedi



    11:48 on 1 November, 2012






    ”No idea about the rest of the Cabinet, but Roseanna Cunningham is Catholic. But hey never let the facts get in the way of your tirade”





    She’s not in the cabinet.

  5. Paul 67


    I agree with you regarding the McGlynn plan, its what a lot of us have been wanting for a long time, a move to a better league. I think he’s stuck his neck out but he’s not being big headed to think that his team, or indeed any team would become champs.Would the crowds come flocking back? I certainly dont think Scottish football would hit the skids or go to the dogs!Oor easy wins so far this season highlights the gulf in class between us and the rest.More power to the McGlynn plan.




  6. Area 412



    11:53 on 1 November, 2012



    Henry Clarkson



    Where was your boozer in D&G?


    67Heaven … I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors



    11:54 on 1 November, 2012






    11:50 on


    1 November, 2012



    ABSOLUTELY ……. we have been on our own for 125 years, and we’ll continue for 800 more




    Why only 800 years ?


    For Ever is just the Beginning. imo :o)




    Off oot


    May God Bless Paul 67


    and ‘Every’ Internet Bampot



  7. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on

    67 Heaven



    I listened to the guy totally waste GD on SSB last night. Brilliant effortless Hun slaying.


    Those who haven’t heard should go on to SSB rewind..

  8. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    11:48 on 1 November, 2012



    You don’t get Catholic salmon…..but it does sound ‘fishy’ to me………(I’ll get my coat)

  9. Sftb @ 08:57,



    “I don’t think you’ve represented the counter argument well……. having been officially announced as Continuity Rangers, they HAVE an argument that we are the deluded ones……… if they go bust again, what is to stop Walter and his backers from buying them and repeating this trick…”



    Possible misrepresentation of the counter argument on my part, however I was trying to address their demise from a different point of view.



    Instead of looking at the leftover bits and bobs I was looking at it from the RFC rescue master plan fronted by the Whyte Knight and ready for implementation this time last year.



    We have learned a lot in that time.



    The pre-pack would have allowed R@ngers to flush away all the debt and looming legal issues, leaving the Club in a strong competitive position.



    Now at that time only paranoid Tims thought that the Scottish Football Authorities would conspire to ensure the best outcome for R@ngers.



    Now that FACT is a matter of record.



    So this time last year… RFC have a workable plan to pre-pack and the SPL and SFA are going to facilitate them as best they can, the great and the good will turn the other way knowing what is good for the fabric of Scottish society.



    So if properly implemented R@ngers carry on regardless to January don’t sell Jelavic and strengthen the squad as requeated by AMcC.



    That was NOT a pipe dream. That was a clear and present danger.



    RFC – Debt free, New investors, CL Football, 4iar going on 5iar wanting 10iar.



    Reality a year later, DEAD!!!



    So we have to put up with the Smoke & Mirrors of NewCo really still R@ngers, Gerrymandering of the Scottish Leagues, Corrupting officials still inplace – TRUE



    Yet the reality as BlantryeKev said is we have won, they didn’t pull off their latest greatest scam and they died in the process of trying.



    Sure they are going to try and brass it out and claim their History but infact they have managed to do is pass the contagion from the OldCo to the NewCo, if SevCo can’t survive this (and I don’t think they can) the next Rangers manifestation will do what the last one should have done and start again.



    This is far from over but for us it’s popcorn time – just my opinion like.




  10. When i was being dragged up in sunny bellsmyre I had 2 football teams . My big team was Celtic and my wee team was Dumbarton.



    Do you think in years to come that glasgow kids will grow up to have 2 teams like that ? eg big team = Celtic , wee team = Sevco ?



    Just a thought




  11. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on

    Now my son is dragging me to Pittodrie .. I’ve seen almost all SPL teams this year. Hibs and AFC should be battling for 2nd but a good run by any of the others and it is for the taking. A league without Celtic would be a good thing for Scottish football. If we remain here then ensuring 2nd place carries meaning should be a priority.


    If and when Newco reach SPL.. They will also be in the mix for 2 nd spot in due course. :-)

  12. Greenjedi



    Thanks for that. It was not supposed to come over as a rant, merely an observation that in a country this size, and with the religious demograohic we have here, it is surprising (IMO) that there is only one Catholic in the cabinet. Moved to ‘research’ this topic, being a (former) supporter of and voter for the SNP for well over 20 years, I trawled through the Wikipaedia information on each of the cabinet members. Roseanna Cunningham was , of course, reared in Australia and therefore her religious affiliation was unknown, and I should have acknowledged that.

  13. EmeraldBee\o/ proud to be an internet bampot



    12:03 on 1 November, 2012



    Cunningham isn’t a member of the cabinet.



    There are no Catholics in the SNP cabinet.



    There never have been.



    Greenjedi doesn’t know the difference between being a minister and being a member of the cabinet.

  14. EmeraldBee\o/ proud to be an internet bampot




    11:31 on 1 November, 2012




    Auldheid @11.19



    And there is not one Catholic in Salmond’s cabinet! You would think that given Scotland’s demographic




    I see you have been corrected but I reckon that even if there had been a Labour Govt in power they would have been reluctant to tackle what all parties see as a vote loser.



    Now if if it could be turned into a vote winner where the country at large recognised the damage Scottish society is doing itself (and by God have the Rangers part of society damaged themselves by their attitudes) then maybe a consensus for the common good will emerge.



    If Pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses understanding there should be a new kind of day dawning over that part of Scottish society currently hurting – denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance (that the old ways not only did not work but actually killed them).

  15. I am relishing these wonderful times but for me the key is –


    Ibrokes, the job will be done properly when football is no longer played there. A team in blue can rise from the ashes, I don’t care either way but I don’t want them playing there!




  16. Cultsbhoy



    I live in ‘oblivion land’ south of Hadrians Wall so ignorant to the core. What is SSB and do you have link? Sounds fab.



    H H

  17. After breaking news from Curly in the North East, the Glasgow Media have dropped their Liquidation stories for this sensational piece of news:



    “Sheep killed on Cuminestown to New Byth road.”

  18. Hail hail all


    Been stuck in Port adventura for last two days with the wee mhan and at last managed to get 10 mins to Masel wi the salou cooncil free WiFi !!!!



    Have read back on missed articles and I’m sitting on the beach now getting sand blasted while the Bhoy digs holes everywhere



    But not amount of sand could blast the cheesy grin off my face right now!!!



    Hail hail and ghod bless we Oscar and all Celts every where

  19. greenjedi – The SNP clearly have more important things to concern themselves with than anti-Catholic bigotry.



    Like jailing Celtic supporters, lobbying HMRC on Rangers’ behalf, making booze too expensive for plebs to enjoy, and forcing gay marriage on the country.



    You might want to bear that in mind when Jabba the Salmond and his English-hating chums have their referendum on what they laughingly call “independence”. (thumbsup)

  20. Chairbhoy




    11:59 on 1 November, 2012




    You know what makes me laugh out loud at all of the planning?



    Two things.



    One “If you want to make God laugh, make plans”.



    Two. How the twin footballing Gods of Malmo and Maribor made sure that sporting merit and not financial and behind the scenes skullduggery had the final say. The beauty of football is that no matter the odds against you every now and again the sporting element holds sway.



    That mob, being footballing heathens, never paid enough attention to the God of Football (and his acolytes.:)

  21. philvisreturns




    12:19 on 1 November, 2012




    You would almost think they want to lose the referendum the way they are behaving.

  22. bamboo


    11:36 on


    But we can relax , they really are – no more.


    Can they still even claim to be “the people”?



    “We are the zombies ! ?” sounds better.






    thats a call and response chant for some future fixture



    “we are the people”


    “you are the zombies”




  23. A wee point about Catholics in Cabinets – John Reid was in Tony Blair’s Cabinet and took us to war with Iraq. Tony himself later converted to Catholicism. Jim Murphy was in the Cabinet as well was he not at the time?



    No one in the SNP supported it. John Swinney had his first marriage annulled to marry his current wife in the Catholic Church in 2003 and he’s in the cabinet. If they were the rampant bigots some folk want to paint them as, Swinney would have been nowhere near the Cabinet.



    Being a Catholic is no guarantee of wisdom nor is being religious in any shape or form. Is everyone in the current SNP or ConDEM cabinet a practicing religious person? I have no Idea and nor do I care. I don’t vote for people based on their religion.



    I don’t care what someone’s religion is, I care about their competence – that is a bigger issue in government. Besides plenty people say they are a (insert religion here) but are they really? Do they practice what they preach or is it just another label to appeal to people to whom it does matter?

  24. Area 412 KevJungle



    They were Hotels, i upped the Landlord stage to Hotelier in one foul swoop -)))

  25. 67 Heaven



    Meant to include you with Cultsbhoy



    I live in ‘oblivion land’ south of Hadrians Wall so ignorant to the core. What is SSB and do you have link? Sounds fab.



    H H

  26. did anybody see Sky Sports news when they said the score



    “the rangers 0 Inverness 3” – or was it just me? – that is the first time in the media that i heard them called the rangers – is this because of what happened yesterday or was Jim White off las night?

  27. Snake Plissken



    12:23 on 1 November, 2012



    ‘I have no Idea and nor do I care.’




    You seem to know a lot about Swinney, for someone who doesn’t care.



    Can you just confirm that there’s never been a Catholic in an SNP cabinet?



    Some of your fellow nats seem a bit confused about it.

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