2 European Cups and 10 in a row


I may have told you this before, apologies if I’m repeating myself.  Around 20 years ago, in a TV studio minutes after a Rangers victory, a former captain, Terry Butcher (what ever happened to him?), told the audience, “David Murray will not stop until he’s won two European Cups and 10 in a row.”

Use of the personal term “he”, not the club name, struck me.  Murray was personally invested in this matter.  Such a burning desire did not make David Murray a bad person, he owned the dominant club in Glasgow, but the team he was dominating had all that glorious history.  If the boot was on the other foot, you’d want the same.  I would.

Perhaps if Jock Stein had stayed at Hibs, Celtic would have stayed in mediocrity, David Murray would have had a more affordable dream and the liquidation of his club would not have been necessary.

You know it’s true…….

On Tuesday’s STV report that Hearts manager, John McGlynn, said:

“How many fans would think they could win the league if Celtic weren’t in it at this stage? All [clubs’] fans would.

“That would cause great excitement and I think it would bring fans back to the game, at the lower clubs.

“If you look at the rest of us outside Rangers and Celtic, we’d all fill our stadiums if we thought we’d realistically have a chance of winning the league.”

There are screeds written and spoken about our game but the McGlynn Plan is the most productive comment I’ve read all year.  Well done to STV for the report, hopefully they will put the same questions to others in the league. This is the most important question for Scottish football right now.

It’s time for these clubs to throw off their downtrodden ways and genuinely compete for the Scottish title.

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  1. Houl yer wheest






    Thanks for the correction to my previous post. I had obviously been mistaken on Tuesday when I heard the draw was on Thursday. I stupidly thought they meant THIS Thursday.

  2. philvisreturns on

    South Of Tunis – At least the real Athens has the weather… (thumbsup)



    gerryguk7 – where do you get the 85% from?



    It’s a rough guessestimate, I’m not trying to write an encyclopedia here.



    That’s not many considering there were about 900 Regulations last year.



    900 reasons to be free of that anti-democratic den of crooks and Belgians.



    Ergo, in the vast majority of instances, the UK Government retains a veto on legislation within the EU



    That’s just a straightforward lie.



    The pace of legislation from the EU has also slowed down since its post Single European Act 1986 peak.



    No it hasn’t.



    The SEA strengthened the single market and was heavily backed by the British government of the time.



    So what? Maggie was wrong.



    More to the point, the Union can only legislate where it has a specific competence identified in the Treaties.



    Who decides what is a competence identified in the Treaties? Ah yes, the European Court of Justice, a body of thimbleriggers dressed as judges whose job it is to constantly “discover” exciting new ways to expand the EU’s power. Anybody with the slightest familiarity with its corpus juris could tell you which way the ECJ bends.



    I can understand you being anti-EU, without agreeing with you, but I don’t accept your analysis of particularly rampant legislative over-reach by the institutions.



    The EU is an oppressive and grotesque institution that has ruined entire countries such as Ireland and Greece. It should be utterly destroyed before it finishes off the rest of Europe.



    Anybody who has ever worked for the EU should be put on trial and then herded into a spaceship and shot into the Sun. (thumbsup)

  3. Celbridge Celt on




    If Celtic put out a team with no Catholics… would you have a problem? Would this be a conspiracy?



    Why would it be so important to you?



    Lose the obsessions – it makes you come across all Paranoid and ruins the blog.



    Paul’s comments in his blog reminded me about how tough it got in the 90’s… I kind of think I’d take it again now… if it meant where our club is now and where “The them” ended up… expired.

  4. Cultsbhoy @ 13.31



    Genuine Celtic supporters know that Gordon Strachan’s love for the club is sincere. He is also, like Lenny, one of the rare people in football who is not a complete mercenary. He tore up his contract at Middlesbro when he could have held out for massive compensation. How many managers do that? Look at Craig Levein, a complete failure as Scotland manager, who won’t do the decent thing because he can get a huge pay-out.



    If you can’t overcome your irrational hatred of Gordon Strachan, then at least don’t keep polluting the blog with it.

  5. Houl yer wheest



    Cheers for that



    What a total embarrassment the SFL are. A week after the semi finalists are known, the draw is made



    Its no wonder fans are giving up on the LC

  6. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    Apparently the draw is being made in a school in Glasgow.

  7. harryhoodsdugbitme on

    I hate politics. But each to their own. I also used to hate rankers. But they are no more so all is peaceful in my life. There. HH.

  8. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    If Levien gets the sack can the sfa forbid the new man from wearing a shell suit and sun glasses.




  9. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    its a bit rich you telling us who and who are not good Celtic men, especially after admitting you are bringing your children up as aberdeen supporters.

  10. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    I used to hate people who drank alcohol and swore a lot.



    Now I am that man.



    Shame so it is.

  11. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    That’s why I love the blog.



    You are never wrong for long.



    Cheers mate!

  12. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    greedy\stupid national govt and tax evasion ruined both those countries, the EU did not make national policy or decisions.

  13. philvisreturns on

    Philbhoy – The man with no surname doesn’t wear a shell suit or sunglasses. I’m sure the SFA would happily have him back. (thumbsup)

  14. I think Mr Turnbull Hutton summarised wonderfully yesterday, what a wee bigoted cess pit we are and that the SNP really dont want to change that.

  15. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    Sorry, i’d moved on from that post.



    I agree, they would have him back in a minute.



    But would they survive the public outrage that would obviously follow?

  16. Steinreignedsupreme on

    philvisreturns 14:12 on 1 November, 2012



    Philbhoy – What’s Watty doing these days? (thumbsup)






    The late Mr. Smith has recently been released from hospital having now fully recovered from the serious injures sustained in the stampede by potential employers.

  17. philvisreturns on

    canamalar – Some people, intellectual snobs, try to pooh-pooh low information individuals when they venture into subjects of discussion beyond their ken.



    I’m not one of those snobs. You keep on trucking, pal. (thumbsup)

  18. “how tough it got in the 90′s…”



    Cellbridge, understatement of the day. I remember the first 4 or 5 seasons of the 90’s when ‘they’ were signing quality England caps and finishing 2nd for us was only a pipedream.



    79 caps, agreed.

  19. philvisreturns on

    Philbhoy – But would they survive the public outrage that would obviously follow?



    Yes. (thumbsup)



    Steinreignedsupreme – The late Mr. Smith has recently been released from hospital having now fully recovered from the serious injures sustained in the stampede by potential employers.



    I hear Ally needs a mentor… (thumbsup)

  20. Philboy



    The SFL are a shambolic organisation run by that muppet Longmuir



    If it was up to me i would play the Development squad in the LC



    I would treat the competition with the contempt that Longmuir & Co are currently displaying towards the paying public

  21. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    ah, the cant argue with the facts, lets attack the poster ploy, good thinking, it works for loads of people on here.

  22. miki67


    13:45 on


    1 November, 2012


    Ian Duncan Smith is a Catholic. Really?






    Not sure how this started, but wanted to add that Chris Paton is a Catholic, and remember reading some yeras ago that he was highly regarded and in line for the top job, he didn’t get it. It may be due to the constitutional issues around the Act of settlement.



    I don’t usually simpathise with Tories, but there you go.

  23. Paul67 et al



    Momentous day indeed and not just for the club formerly known as Rangers FC. Time for Celtic to end its’ association with the “the Old Firm” once and for all. Only last night, Roddy “Old firm” Forsyth was praying for a revival of the brand, although that was before the game started. Time to end the hypocrisy. Old Firm no more.

  24. philvisreturns on

    greenmaestro – Chris Paton is a Catholic, and remember reading some yeras ago that he was highly regarded and in line for the top job, he didn’t get it. It may be due to the constitutional issues around the Act of settlement.



    Patten is a left-footer.



    He never became leader of his party because he’s not a proper Tory. He was always a wet.



    IDS is both an actual conservative and a Catholic, and he was leader of his party and would have been PM if he had won a general election. (thumbsup)

  25. The Battered Bunnet on

    When/If Scotland leaves the UK, what will the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland call itself?



    The Kingdom of Great Britain was constituted with the Treaty of Union between the Kindom of Scotland and the Kingdom of England in 1706, while the “United” and “and Ireland” bit came around in 1800 when the ‘Kingdom of Ireland” was brought into the family formally.



    However, the Kingdom of Ireland was little more than legal legerdemain by Henry VIII after he lost his Lordship over the island when he left the Church, and in any event 80% of it is no longer in the ‘UK’ anymore following the creation of the Irish Republic.



    That leaves poor old Wales, who have never had their own Kingdom, albeit there were a cabal of Kings running various parts of the country until Longshanks took them alll out and ran the place himself.



    There wasn’t so much as a border between England and Wales until Henry VIII defined one for local tax and law enforcement purposes.



    Essentially, the territories of Wales and (what’s left of) Ireland have been little more than provinces of the Kingdom of England, which of course is part of the Kingdom of Great Britain, united with what’s left of Ireland.



    When/If Scotland breaks the union and goes on its own, what on earth will what’s left call itself?



    It can’t call itself ‘Kingdom’ of anything on account that the ‘Kingdom’ will still exist, albeit split into two sovereign nations: Scotland and er.. the rest.



    It could call itself “Part of the Kindom of….” which would be pretty accurate but lacks a little caché.



    The Disunited Kingdom is apt, as might be the Disintegrating Kingdom, but there’s an issue there with gravitas.



    Perhaps they’ll take a leaf out of the football press and call itself the Kingdom of the Greatest League in the World and some Diddy Leagues.



    Or continuing the football metaphor, what about the New Country of Britain and NI, or Newco. Newco would sit between New Caledonia and New Zealand at state funerals and such like.



    Anyway, given that the current member of the EU is the United Kingdom etc, and that United Kingdom will constitutionally cease with the dissolution of the repeals of the Acts of Union, when/if Scotland skies the park, looks to me as though the EU will have two applications for membership, or maybe not…



    If Scotland goes it alone, what remains of the UK will have to decide whether or not to join the EU.



    If you were inclined to the UKIP end of the English political spectrum, you might keep that fairly quiet. You could be out of the EU in 3 years time without having to do a thing.



    Scots wha hae as they hum down Westminster way these days.

  26. Steinreignedsupreme on

    philvisreturns 14:21 on 1 November, 2012



    “I hear Ally needs a mentor… (thumbsup)”



    If the rumours are true he may be about to get one.



    But Smith’s ‘wily old fox’ credentials will be destroyed if Charlie Green has persuaded him to jump aboard the good ship Sevco.



    We can only hope Walter accepts the invitation.

  27. For clarification, my agreement of 79caps @1421 was in reference to his post @1403 not the one @1420.



    Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. Sleep easy ;)

  28. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    It looks like Celtic fans are treating the League Cup with contempt already.


    14,000 or so at CP on Tuesday.

  29. I think the gloating at the travails of our friends from Govan has been overdone, so I decided to write a song for them to sing at their next game to cheer them up a bit, so here goes.



    Alloa Alloa


    We were the Billy Boys,


    Alloa Alloa


    We used to make some noise.


    We got up to our necks with debt & lies


    and Hector made us die


    and that is now why we are the Zombie Boys.