2 January game and subverting Celtic


Discussions about normalising ticket allocation between Celtic and Newco were coming to a positive conclusion ahead of the first meeting between the clubs this season when it occurred to Newco the landscape may change by the time they visit Celtic Park in January.

In the late summer, we were back and gathering in our thousands at events, indoors and out, for the most part, jabbed and ready for the world.  When Celtic alerted Newco that an equal distribution of 7,000 tickets would depend on unrestricted access at public events, Newco went cold on the idea.  The prospect of government action with major sporting events in the middle of winter has been actively considered since.

Newco have the curious advantage of playing their most difficult away fixtures: Celtic Park, Pittodrie, Tynecastle and Easter Road, between now and 2 January, when facilities face the greatest uncertainty that they can remain open to full attendances, with or without variants.

Call me a cynic, but that 2 January date looks vulnerable to some of the Scottish Government influences you have become accustomed to.  They have yet to miss a trick when it comes to subverting Celtic.

This is Scotland.

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  1. Paul67 et al



    This time last year our host was advocating a return to the terraces. Except there aint no terraces.


    He was looking to Germany as for legal parameters that could be applied in Glasgow. Sadly he didn’t understand the rules as they applied within that Federal Republic. Had he done so he would have realised that applying them to the dear green place would have led to Celtic playing in front of an empty stadium. Which we were already doing. Forgive me for not looking to this site for any kind of advice – guidance – predictions in relation to Covid 19. In any of its’ variations.

  2. CELTIC MAC on 30TH NOVEMBER 2021 1:47 PM




    Talking of Germany and Covid, is it true that you have to be fully vaxed before you can be euthanised?

  3. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Decent enough grenade lob Pablo.



    Bit of “2 days out from match day” fair?



    If all goes well, no one will remember this.



    If any closedown timetable smells fishy?



    “Ah tellt ye !”




    Personally find the colour of one’s rosette irrelevant.



    Plenty of stupidity, ignorance and small mindedness in the political classes to go round.



    IMHO, based on recent behaviour, there is sufficient evidence that the current “Scorrish Government” don’t play it straight with us.



    As to why that would be?






    Just like referees …. there is no tangible downside (performance evaluation, pressure, scrutiny, analysis, discomfort, consequences?) arising from their approach.



    If there were, this would change right quick.



    Ask not what your club can do for you ……….




  4. Has anyone heard from BANKIEBHOY? Seems ages since he posted, and he was on here very regularly.

  5. The Ibrox legions may on the face of not want a separate Scotland, but they would own it if it ever transpired. They would pick themselves up, dust themselves down and force their will, socially & politically, on our Catholic/Iŕish/Celtic 15% minority. They will have been enabled by those among our ‘kind’ who cannot think these things through and who vote SNP just to “**** the Huns”.The fact that their own families would endure 10/20 years of austerity & hardship seems of little consequence as long as they can shout “na na na na na na” at the Rangers community.



    The days of the “what school did you attend” may make a brief comeback – but it will be very brief as Catholic schooling will disappear under swingeing cuts in the first five years with no fiscal transfer under Barnett and a deficit heading towards £50b.



    When bankrupt Scotland has to put the squeeze on, who do you think will hold the ‘whip hand’? Certainly not the minority. Sectarianism, bigotry & cronyism will run riot.



    We have more friends in the UK than the whole of Scotlland’s population put together.



    Sturgeon & the SNPcult stymied us last season – why wouldn’t they do it this?



    But if you think the fix is on in football – wait till the unlikely scenario of Indy……they will squeeze us till our pips squeak.



    SNPcult – original composers, together with the Church Of Scotland, of the Famine Song( before Sloop John B). The Church to it’s credit has apologised,the SNPcult never has.

  6. Paul67



    No idea why Celtic would wish to revive the fixture Sevco couldn’t thole ?



    Partying in the Broomloan Rd stand was what done it, and Celtic had no option but to reciprocate, why we would want anymore than the 850 Sevco paedo singing, sectarian, low lifes back inside Parkhead, beats me.



    £49.00 to see a new club was a slap in the face for all of the other SPL clubs, sheer ‘old firmism’ symptomatic of the problems we have in ‘Direction’, its not ‘normalisation’ of Sevco we need, its marginalisation.

  7. onenightinlisbon on

    Aye the new variant loyal is out to get us…..ridiculous.



    Any comment Paul about Bernard Higgins or the fact that the police fined good honest folk collecting for a foodbank?



    No? Thought not….

  8. What role did Bernie Higgins play in the ticketing of collection vans at the weekend?


    Does anyone have any specifics or is it just guilt by association?


    Something which, oddly enough, is one of the arguments for not appointing said person.

  9. onenightinlisbon on

    UNCLE JIMMY on 30TH NOVEMBER 2021 3:07 PM


    What role did Bernie Higgins play in the ticketing of collection vans at the weekend?



    No proved connection but….

  10. I love it when the cult supporters have a pop at Higgins.



    What exactly has he done to offend them, other than to implement legislation introduced by their political party?



    It’s bizarre.

  11. ernie lynch on 30th November 2021 3:38 pm



    So now you’re supporting Higgins?


    Wilson, Higgins and Bankier, some choice of pals.


    Funny how protecting the union ensures that all principles go out the window.

  12. % he/she/it is back :-) cheered me up that did.


    % has of course changed but never mind we got a %!!!! Hurrah!!

  13. Its bizarre SNP cult takes over large sections of the Celtic support certainly bizarre to the groups who opposed the OBFA act



    Laughable risible political tribalist nonsense from the usual CQN dog whistle respondents



    The Celtic support is almost completely united against Bernard Higgins, now fans must demand an answer from current CEO, Michael Nicholson. Supporters groups are therefore launching an email campaign to enable individual fans to have their voices heard


    Over 200 fan orgs, media and clubs signed an open letter to Michael Nicholson declaring they would not recognise nor engage with Bernard Higgins. There was no reply.



    We’re now asking everyone to tell Michael Nicholson again:




  14. JHB



    I can and do accuse people on here of being wrong, as is my right and the right of anyone to accuse me of being wrong.



    But you are just an out and out LIAR as evidenced by your latest disgraceful piece of political muck-raking.



    It was you and liars like you who in 2014 knocked on the door of my frail and octogenarian parents and told them that if they voted for independence they would lose their state pensions.



    I sat in a pub with an MP who told me that the SNP would love to get rid of Orange Walks from our streets and that the FM sees them as anathema and an utter embarrassment to a modern Scotland. However, they know that such a move now would have a disastrous effect on the independence vote.



    After independence, all bets are off.



    For you to say that the Orange Order will love independence is another of your and your kind’s bare-faced lies.



    Shame on you.

  15. onenightinlisbon on

    Think back to the celebrations in the square in 2014 when the No vote won.



    Looked like it did a few months back…very much doubt that these neanderthals have changed their minds and now want an independent Scotland…

  16. WISHAW TIM on 30TH NOVEMBER 2021 5:49 AM


    Marsapa , ya big rascal 😉 , going to london fri morning! are you working in wishaw thursday? hope you’re good bud







    If you cut out yir shit/ fishing people would actual like ye NOBBY😂😂😂….



    Im at a pals in Wishy (Coltness)….if ye fancy a chat and a beer about 3 ish let this aul duffer know .



    Is London work or pleasure?

  17. iI it too much to ask that you guys play the ball and not the man? Why all the mud slinging? Bizarre.

  18. Sutton: “I’d like to thank The Hydro for letting me in tonight, not all establishments in Glasgow will have me.

  19. TIMMY7_NOTED on 30TH NOVEMBER 2021 3:46 PM


    ernie lynch on 30th November 2021 3:38 pm







    So now you’re supporting Higgins?











    I’m merely pointing out the hypocrisy of people like you who criticise Higgins for enforcing legislation you voted for.



    You have to admit it takes a bit of a brass neck to do that.

  20. I’ve seen it said on here before, but its probably worth repeating,



    blogs like this depends on opposite views in order to make it interesting,



    can you imagine we all come on here chanting ‘we love you Celtic, oh yes we do’



    how long would that hold your attention for?



    diverse views in my opinion keep blogs like this alive,



    so when someone comes on with the sole intention of ridiculing or insulting another poster,



    that’s the type of post – certainly if there are too many of them – that will eventually get blogs like this shutdown,

  21. WISHAW TIM …..



    If you leave it till you come back from London we could maybe get FAIRHILL BHOY to grace us with his presence .



    Anyhoo…… stay safe and enjoy your trip pal😀👍 .

  22. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 30TH NOVEMBER 2021 4:09 PM



    I thought we were supposed to believe that the SNP would disappear like snow off a dyke once they achieved independence?




    Surely they haven’t been lying to us all about that as well?



    I’m shocked I tell you. Shocked.

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