2 January game and subverting Celtic


Discussions about normalising ticket allocation between Celtic and Newco were coming to a positive conclusion ahead of the first meeting between the clubs this season when it occurred to Newco the landscape may change by the time they visit Celtic Park in January.

In the late summer, we were back and gathering in our thousands at events, indoors and out, for the most part, jabbed and ready for the world.  When Celtic alerted Newco that an equal distribution of 7,000 tickets would depend on unrestricted access at public events, Newco went cold on the idea.  The prospect of government action with major sporting events in the middle of winter has been actively considered since.

Newco have the curious advantage of playing their most difficult away fixtures: Celtic Park, Pittodrie, Tynecastle and Easter Road, between now and 2 January, when facilities face the greatest uncertainty that they can remain open to full attendances, with or without variants.

Call me a cynic, but that 2 January date looks vulnerable to some of the Scottish Government influences you have become accustomed to.  They have yet to miss a trick when it comes to subverting Celtic.

This is Scotland.

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  2. Burnley78,



    Water is the simple most important fluid to put in to our body, IMHO.



    Just drink water Religiously, it is the most important. If you are @ 1 litre a day, get to 2, then 3 and really Pee for Scotland!!!!

  3. park the bus>blootir it>gooaall on

    You look at the TV.


    You see wall to wall liars being paid fortunes.


    For over seventy years.


    You decide on…..


    1. I hang on every word they that TV says?


    2. I know their all lying but I’ll listen anyway?


    3. I switch TV off, put the laptop on, read all of the views of the medics who are not allowed to share a platform with all of the 24/7 wall to wall liars on TV?


    4. I then throw my TV into the local place full of skip containers, I then ask myself


    “If the news is 100% lies, what must history be like?”


    Or does it all depend on who is telling us the history?

  4. Lionroars



    “You don’t speak on my behalf, stick that patronising arrogant tone where the sun doesn’t shine”




    Fair enough B. If you are telling me that you and Alex celebrated St. Andrew’s Day before it became a thing, then I have been proven wrong.



    I can assure you, without speaking on their behalf but just through observation, that nobody in Castlemilk or the other parts of Glasgow that I subsequently lived in were celebrating St. Andrew’s Day before 2007. There was no alteration to TV programmes or government announcements. I am led to believe that the town of St. Andrews may have done something to mark the occasion but nowhere else.



    I used the day to have an excuse to eat shop bought Haggis and enjoyed it.

  5. PTB/Respecta of the Chesney Jungle,



    If it wiz the Huns @ the National dump Stadium I’d have went. Aidan is going to the game with a drinking buddy. I reckon we will get the Trophy (fair racking up these elusive LC Trophies now)!!!!!!



    Gramma/Tequilla Slammer




    No More Switzerland for me!!!!




  6. SFTB


    Eating a haggis ffs, some people knew how to celebrate St Andrews day properly



    The day the Stone of Destiny returned to Scotland – BBC Newshttps://www.bbc.co.uk › news › — On St Andrew day 1996, Scotland had a date with the Stone of Destiny … He placed it beneath the Coronation Chair of Westminster Abbey in …

  7. Ernie



    That is quite funny. And def not.



    You are smart enough to see how ridiculous the current line being fed by these guys is.



    We had a jab which was going to prevent spread, then it wasn’t. Now we are being told to jab again to prevent the spread of a new bug we don’t even know anything about ?



    No experts are even endorsing this.



    Fear ha made normal intelligent folk suspend rational judgement IMO.




    I was thinking more bobby the barman in still game







    VG, 🤣🤣🤣 B



    Btw, you read one of my posts, I’m


    chuffed even if it was only because it contained SFTB in it 😊❤️👍



    Ps….tell C I was asking for him…. Both of you take care 🙏

  9. MARSPAPA on 30TH NOVEMBER 2021 10:52 PM



    I always read your posts B, I need cheering up



    I will tell C on Thursday



    Take care too amigo as we both know life doesn’t get any easier

  10. BURNLEY78 on 30TH NOVEMBER 2021 10:46 PM









    That is quite funny. And def not.






    It’s just that I was reading earlier about an ex Chippendale, 42 year old fitness fanatic, anti vaxer who died of covid.



    Just unlucky I suppose.



    Probably nothing to do with him refusing the vaccine.

  11. Lionroars



    What should I celebrate B?



    A chuckie that warmed the bum of various feudal monarchs in Scotland, England and Britain?



    We started the day celebrating Barbados throwing off a monarchical relic and we end up fetishising one??



    Haggis is not to everyone’s taste but it’s better than a stane under yir erchie.

  12. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Lionroars67 on 30th November 2021: 10:43PM



    Every Scotsman, fit to pick his teeth with a skean dhu, knows the Stone of Destiny is kept hidden behind the Guinness kegs in the cellar of the Arlington Bar.



    Were you not dancing with David round it at this morning’s ceilidh? Gooseberry.







    What three things would you save first if your house was being destroyed by fire?





    1) my Celtic season ticket


    2) my Lisbon Lions poster



    3) one of the twins

  13. ernie lynch on 30th November 2021 11:06 pm



    BURNLEY78 on 30TH NOVEMBER 2021 10:46 PM








    That is quite funny. And def not.






    It’s just that I was reading earlier about an ex Chippendale, 42 year old fitness fanatic, anti vaxer who died of covid.



    Just unlucky I suppose.



    Probably nothing to do with him refusing the vaccine.







    Can you link to this story ernie, or were you being ironic?

  14. SFTB


    The celebration of Saint Andrew as a national festival among some social strata and locales is thought to originate from the reign of Malcolm III (1058–1093). It was thought that the ritual slaughter of animals associated with Samhain was moved to this date so as to assure enough animals were kept alive for winter.



    T, you need to adjust your social strata and locale on St Andrews day get rid of that stiff British upper lip



    What should I celebrate B?



    I know I have never celebrated anything British, never identified or understood what being British was or is the stone is symbolic T as you know, being a republican I don’t fetish over the return of the divine right to rule of the Jacobite kings



    Off to ma cot Parkheadcumsalford desperate to chat about Celtic, you can get your revenge on the 5 a side court T, I’m so slow now easy caught, got to rely on my one-trick pony… good night

  15. At 4.08 hrs yesterday I wished everyone on CQN a happy and peaceful St Andrews Day


    I went on to wish my workmates the same.



    Why is this a largely uneventful date ?



    Anyway, I’m home and really privileged to take in the Hearts game on Thursday.



    Can’t wait.

  16. Good morning bhoys from the Garngad, weather, dark and cauld.



    Mon the Hibees indeed Petec.



    Must dash busy day ahead, no fighting now.



    D :)

  17. To the best of my memory, and knowledge St Andrew’s Day was never a holy day of obligation, in the Calton or anywhere else. Still a key date in Scotland and elsewhere, not least Barbados, which celebrated its’ Independence Day on that day in 1966, and becoming a Republic yesterday. Of course St Columba, and indeed St Ninian before him, in bringing Christianity to Scotland, would be worthy National Saints, but they did not know Jesus, like Andrew did, nor introduce their brothers to him. In some ways the Saints are, for me the most important part of the Christian memory, and while others may dismiss it there is something about the St Andrew’s Cross that evokes the memory of the Crucifixion itself. Like it or not, and there are some on here who despise it, that Cross is an important part of Scotland’s history. We all know the story, well some of us do, of the symbol appearing in the sky before an important battle in time gone by, and the fact is it can and does appear skyward in a clear blue sky. More often now it has to be said since the advent of the jet plane, but even still whenever I see it form I see St Andrew’s Cross, and I think, that is the Saint that saved Scotland, and that is not easily forgotten.



    En route to the Promised Land later today, and to Paradise tomorrow.


    Where is St Christopher when we need him?

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