2 January game and subverting Celtic


Discussions about normalising ticket allocation between Celtic and Newco were coming to a positive conclusion ahead of the first meeting between the clubs this season when it occurred to Newco the landscape may change by the time they visit Celtic Park in January.

In the late summer, we were back and gathering in our thousands at events, indoors and out, for the most part, jabbed and ready for the world.  When Celtic alerted Newco that an equal distribution of 7,000 tickets would depend on unrestricted access at public events, Newco went cold on the idea.  The prospect of government action with major sporting events in the middle of winter has been actively considered since.

Newco have the curious advantage of playing their most difficult away fixtures: Celtic Park, Pittodrie, Tynecastle and Easter Road, between now and 2 January, when facilities face the greatest uncertainty that they can remain open to full attendances, with or without variants.

Call me a cynic, but that 2 January date looks vulnerable to some of the Scottish Government influences you have become accustomed to.  They have yet to miss a trick when it comes to subverting Celtic.

This is Scotland.

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  1. FrankTerry,



    Thank You for the link.



    More questions than answers for me I’m afraid.



    I wonder if he took steroids and compromised his own immune system Radically.



    Who knows?



    Lets be honest here thats not the normal shape of a dude. He is RIPped beyond belief.



    Hopefully this variant is the death knell of the Pandemic. Somehow the ptb like exerting these powers so theres still a few letters in the Greek alphabet 2 go!

  2. PETEC on 1ST DECEMBER 2021 9:01 AM



    Speak for yourself, don’t we all have abs like that :-)

  3. “PETEC on 1ST DECEMBER 2021 9:01 AM




    More questions than answers for me I’m afraid.”



    I don`t know how many questions there are but , for me , there is only one answer: Get vaccinated !

  4. I see James Forrest is demolishing some crap headlines/non-story from the Retard allegedly saying that Celtic will have to pay a massive fee for Cameron-Vickers in the summer if we want him to stay. Because the ‘writer’ has inside information!😂



    I loved this wee snippet near the end of his article, mainly because it reflects my view 100%.



    “You always know that Celtic is building something and playing well when this kind of stuff starts to happen.”



    Yep, as predictable as day following night.

  5. GREENPINATA on 1ST DECEMBER 2021 12:21 AM








    ‘Why is this a largely uneventful date ?’







    Papist overtones?



    Fixture congestion (Burns night, Hogmanay exhausting available resources of national expression)?

  6. “ERNIE LYNCH on 1ST DECEMBER 2021 9:26 AM



    Fixture congestion …?”





  7. CaddingtonCommon on

    Yet again a Daily Retard headline before a match.


    So predictable.


    Hail Hail


    Stay Safe

  8. I know I am guilty as well but can you imagine going on to a PoliticsQuickNews or CovidQuickNews (CQN) and the posts were mainly about Celtic?



    So, to get back on the Blog`s intended subject,is there anyone who thinks:


    a) We should not sign Carter-Vickers;


    b) If we SHOULD sign him, how much?

  9. shuggiebhoy



    Ever read ‘The Power of Myth’ by Joseph Campbell?


    Or heard him discuss it in the 1980ss PBS television series?



    Or seen ‘The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance’? (John Ford)

  10. CCV on transformative site ..



    Current market value:




    Last update:


    Jun 8, 2021


    Highest market value:




    Oct 16, 2019

  11. Does anyone think Liam Boyce would have been a better option to buy as centre forward than Giakoumakis?



    Anything to get some Celtic chat going .

  12. Hart — Definitely Celtic class;


    Ralston –almost;


    CCC —Definitely;


    Starfelt —sometimes;


    Juranovic —probably;




    Mcgregor —definitely;


    Townsend — potentially;


    Bitton — occasionally;


    Forrest —definitely;


    Kyogo — definitely;


    Jota —definitely.



    Abada — Not for me;


    Giakoumakis –Not for me so far;


    Johnston —frustrating.


    Soro —not for me.




    Welsh — currently decent cover;


    Montgomery — likewise;


    Taylor —and again;


    Ajeti…not for me.


    McCarthy ….jury`s out;


    Welsh…decent cover.

  13. Susie Dent 💙








    Word of the day is ‘apanthropy’ (18th century): the desire to be away from other people and to be left alone.

  14. CONEYBHOY on 1ST DECEMBER 2021 10:03 AM





    Turnbull has obviously not made much of an impact on me !!

  15. JVR



    we hardly ever but strikers from the SPFL for some reason. I think Griffiths was the last one (from Wolves but had been playing for Hibs on loan). Tony Watt before that but he was a dev squad signing.



    Always found it strange that we buy guys from abroad for multi millions who are unproven and we baulk at domestic strikers. Sometimes our rivals want too much money but this isn’t always the reason

  16. glendalystonsils on




    If only we could find another Willie Wallace or Joe McBride playing in our league . Boyce , I’m not so keen on (although he might be as good or better than Giacoumakis).

  17. I think the main point to there being so many ex-players of that other team doing work in TV is because hardly any of them, I can’t think of one, is currently employed as a Head Coach or manager, there you have it. Oh, wait a minute didn’t GVB play for them :)) por cierto

  18. Lots of Scottish strikers shine for one maybe 2 seasons, Shankland & May to mention just 2. Hardly the way to a top team transfer! Remember the Motherwell striker Willie Pettigrew? English scouts said of him, “all he can do is score goals”, what chance did he stand! :)) por cierto

  19. Squad strength, individually and collectively ? Would prefer to wait until we arrive at teatime on January 2nd before making that assessment.



    These guys were put together as a team at pretty short notice. They deserve a bit more time to find out if the jersey fits or it’s too big.

  20. BBC quoting 10m for Vickers. No way we would pay that much when we have Starfelt, Welsh and Julienne on the books.



    5m max or we go out and buy a back up defender for 2m



    Personally i’d like him to stay

  21. News this morning that Celtic are shocked at the price Spurs are asking for the permanent transfer of CCV make little sense to me.



    Whether it’s £3.5, £6 or £10 million, I’d like to think the Club are aware of the terms of the agreement and won’t be shocked by any developments over the next few months.

  22. Good morning from a wet and windy North Staffs


    CCV would be a yes from me.



    Daily rectum at it as usual

  23. CCV is the best CH at the club at the moment a no brainer for me, sign him up.



    As much as I criticise this board I don’t believe they have him on loan without having agreed a sign on value, surely even our bunch of free loaders would not have done that?



    He doesn’t qualify for Ireland so we probably would have done due diligence.

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