20 days to Midtjylland, a Halloween movie awaits


Few things delight you and me as much as reading, discussing, or writing about Celtic signing targets.  Mario this, George, that, Piero or Ko the next thing make the summer nights seem even brighter.  Celtic, it seems, have great plans, but as one of my early bosses once told me, if you don’t achieve some early progress, you will not be around to see those great plans come to fruition.

We are 20 days away from facing Midtjylland in Champions League qualification.  New signings from outside the UK are likely to have to isolate for around half of that time.  I know what you’re thinking, Ange Postecoglou is unbelievably brilliant and can transform a sow’s ear into domestic and European success.

He may have to.  Even if a goalkeeper, right back and central half arrive this afternoon, they do not have sufficient time to blend into a cohesive defensive unit.  Try to imagine our much-needed corner kick defensive practice on Zoom.  Or we could always just continue with things from last season….

We have seen the summer honeymoon movie before.  It often ends with an unseasonably-early Halloween film in August.

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  1. fairhill bhoy,



    found it a bit difficult again to access CQN through Samsungs web browser – on the pc its fine and Mahatma Dandy.

  2. for this samsung7 phone pete


    had a wee look there and tinkled bout.on phone it becoming crazy.



    You good mate? hope so,time to gather around Celtic.😊 another year to add on,been that way since we left St.Marys hall.there is no comparison




  3. FB 21:36 & 21:39,



    I thought I’d went Full Roisin.



    Ye have to have a laugh after that COVID destroyed Season.



    IMHO – The Big Man Owns this whole Production. You certainly couldnae make it up.

  4. An Tearmann


    I’m on Samsung Galaxy S10, DuckDuckGo browser, with Adblock plus. Very rarely any problem, occasionally get logged out (exception rather than rule). No ads. Good luck.



  5. An Tearmann on 30th June 2021 9:47 pm



    for this samsung7 phone pete



    had a wee look there and tinkled bout.on phone it becoming crazy.



    You good mate? hope so,time to gather around Celtic.😊 another year to add on,been that way since we left St.Marys hall.there is no comparison










    I kept my Samsung 6 for as long as possible – I dinnae believe in paying over the odds ALL the time. I even bought a Wireless charger when the Charger port had gave up.



    I’m on the 10 lite now and the Battery difference is Night and Day. I’ve always had heavy usage, but yer a hillwalker so I’m guessing you are not charging the phone Every day?



    You, and others like me & you, if we don’t update/upgrade are going to encounter many problems.



    I’ve dug this wan out for you………………………….




    This isnae Club Celtic, Club Ibiza, or even Said Aouita.



    Come on Celtic



    Come on Ange Bhoy



    And come on Dominic don’t let these bampots ruining/running Scottish fitba away with Anything.

  6. In ither news…….




    “Football” linked to 2000 kovid oootbreaks.



    Oh aye.

  7. !!Bada Bing!! on

    FB- I always enjoy your options amigo, Murray was box office again, sensational, lack of top level matches might catch him out but tto come back from the hip injury to now,is unbelievable, Resurfacing on Amazon Prime.

  8. Murray pity he signed up with the jersey suppliers to Sevco,no Hibbe would have done that ,anyway I think he is a Sevco Supporter,🌮

  9. timbhoy2



    You obviously know little or nothing about Andy Murray or his family background, or you would not even begin to suggest that. Total disrespect for one of Scotland’s greatest ever Sportsmen.

  10. PETEC on 30TH JUNE 2021 9:32 PM




    Lay off Bankier ffs, has he not a legally binding fiducial responsibility to maximise dividends to Celtic’s shareholders?


    Celtic were built to last, whilst Rangers have rot in their grave.


    Let the new war against Sevco be won.

  11. DESSYBHOY on 30TH JUNE 2021 8:35 PM


    Site is impossible to access from my laptop, a big we value your privacy notice which you cannot remove even by agreeing to accept , so this is from my phone.





    The above is the very SAME problem that Ive been having for over a week, on my Desk Top.



    This Privacy agreement Notice is slap bang in the middle of the screen.


    HH Mate.

  12. Sionnaigh @ 12:12



    “The chairman leads the board, sets its agenda and ensures it is an effective working group at the head of the company. He must promote a culture of openness and debate and is responsible for effective communication with shareholders”

  13. It’d be nice to have a fit and firing Griff in the team and it’s easy to say “keep him for a year” but look at it this way.



    Lennon didn’t fancy him and prefered midfielders; Kennedy didn’t fancy him; Steve Clarke didn’t fancy him; Ange apparently doesn’t fancy him.



    Can they all be wrong?

  14. SQUIRE DANAHER on 30TH JUNE 2021 8:30 PM


    POR CIERTO on 30TH JUNE 2021 6:58 PM




    “Summer 1987 wasn’t great either with Macleod, McInally, McClair and Judas all leaving at the same time, coincidentally also rectified by the return of Mr McNeill.”


    It led to our double-winning centenary season though, did it not? por cierto


    Yes it did


    That’s why I said, “coincidentally also rectified by the return of Mr McNeill.”



    I was emphasising that point, badly! :)) por cierto

  15. UNCLE JIMMY on 30TH JUNE 2021 7:00 PM


    Por Cierto


    “I missed the fans PC. Did the new CEO advise what model we would be adopting?


    Though, I assume we’re not now bringing in anyone as DoF, nor allowing the new man to bring in his own team.”



    I think the model has changed. Ange had them over a barrel. I think he told them that for him to come he wanted complete control over the football side of the business, akin to BR.



    I also think that he will bring in his own team, just on the basis of how he formed his answer to this question, and that the only thing hindering this is that the folk he wants are contractually not available at this time but will end up here.



    I have no proof of this only my opinion, so that’s not going to happen then eh? :)) por cierto

  16. celticforever on

    Love to see Griff back to his goal scoring best but if we are all


    honest his contribution was declining with each passing season



    its a big pity as I think a lot of what holds him back is his


    off the field lifestyle

  17. The Battered Bunnet on

    One of my 5 aside pals turned up to play the other night wearing an old Rangers FC top, an NTL sponsored one from back in the day.



    That’s an old top, I said. They went bust.



    There can’t be many examples of a bankrupt football club with a bankrupt sponsor emblazoned on the kit.

  18. celticforever on

    Big Jimmy



    i started getting that big Privacy box thing in the front of my screen but


    when I went back a page then forwarded again to latest page it was gone



    seems to work as i have done it a few times now in the last few days

  19. A beautifful heartfelt tribute to Peter Lawwell from Sentinel Celts



    Gone. But Not Forgiven.


    Bobby Murdochs 01 Jul 2021 15 comments





    Strictly speaking,today is the start of a new era. And also the culmination of a long hard fight to make it happen. But other people can explain that better,none more so than REBUS67 yesterday.






    “Today is PL’s last day as CEO. I wonder how much self awareness he has? His immediate legacy is a depleted and demoralised squad, a new manager without his backroom staff, a trophy-less season, an embittered fanbase, an organisational shambles with no head of recruitment and sports science, an under performing scouting system that was thin on the ground to start with, an academy that is shedding its top players to other clubs. Quite an achievement for 17 years of “building”.



    Good bye”






    An achievement indeed,all those years of unparalleled success that his fanboys are never tired of telling us about.



    And yet he leaves us with a similar income to when he arrived in 2003-and that figure is based on the last non-covid accounts,as even I wouldn’t blame him for a pandemic! So,to follow on from Monday’s article…



    He leaves us with our worst and most depleted squad in my recollection. COSYCORNERBHOY might be able to remember a worse one,and a good argument could be made for the one inherited by Tommy Burns in 1994,but I genuinely believe that we need at the very least-whether it be as a first pick or as cover-two full backs,two centre-backs,a winger on each side,three mids including a bruiser,and two front men.



    That’s more players than there are starting jerseys. Even the 1994 squad had enough in it to provide a base for recovery.



    This one,not so much.



    He has also overseen the trashing of our reputation in Europe. No investment from him until he knows which tournament we are playing in,and he habitually set his alarm for a couple of days before the end of the window. Then phoned up Dudu,and maybe a couple of people at various clubs,to see if there was anyone he could get for diddleysquat,people who wanted to leave but nobody else wanted. Leaving the manager with little chance of qualification in the first place,and less time to work with these new players than is clever.



    It’s like effing Groundhog Day!



    Fortress Parkhead turned into a bloody laughing stock. Quite an achievement indeed.



    But let us not take away from Lawwell’s achievements.I am not sure that anyone could have carried it off with the same aplomb as he did. To keep The Old Firm alive,even in the face of the minor difficulty of death!-is,I grant you,a work of genius.



    To then request proof of how it was done,the famous “Give me a smoking gun and I will fire the bullets” and then lie repeatedly to their faces even as he is demanding ever more costly proof? Well,you have to admire his front,doncha?



    Screw it,let’s put this utterly divisive and clearly self-interested t@@t behind us,forget about the micromanaging self-interested self-aggrandisement. Just forget about the whole damn lot. We have to hope,as I said on Monday,that there is really a new broom,a new plan,a new way of doing things.



    The transfer window opens today as well,and while AP might not have met his entire staff yet,I reckon he knows who he wants to keep and who he wants to replace. It is vital that he also knows who to replace them with. But not as vital as being backed to do so by his own CEO.



    However,our best bit of transfer business in this window is removing our best paid and worst performing employee from the payroll. A long overdue start,our first step on a long road.



    “Let the games begin!”






    Above article by BMCUWP

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