2012 all over again as clubs ponder


It feels like 2012 all over again. Supporters of all clubs and Celtic (of yes they were) on one side, the SPFL (SPL), SFA and directors of other clubs opposing. Back then, the issue was whether SPL accession rules should be changed to allow an applicant football club, then known as Sevco Scotland, to be invited into the top flight of Scottish football.

The proposal was eventually rejected 10-1, with Rangers voting in favour of allowing the applicant and Kilmarnock abstaining, but that result wasn’t always likely. For months the league debated this issue and Celtic stood alone. It wasn’t until fans made their wishes known that others had an epiphany: good governance is important.

The official line from the SFA can be parsed as: those who are up to their necks in this scandal have absolutely no appetite to discuss it anymore, and a solicitor has told us this is OK.

Where are you Aberdeen, Dundee United, Dundee, Hibs, Hearts, Motherwell, Partick Thistle, Queen of the South, St Johnstone? Do not for a minute think they are all waiting on guidance from the SPFL – they’re not.

Right now, clubs across Scotland are asking themselves what to do about the most serious cheating in Scottish football history. It would be wrong to characterise all of them as wanting to protect those they have mixed with for decades. Some have reacted like this, others just don’t know what to do.

It is the job of their fans to shine a light on the road ahead.

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  1. HAMILTONTIM on 7TH JULY 2017 11:54 AM



    This season has been incredible, to go undefeated on the 50th Anniversary of Lisbon has been incredible. Even better I got to see most of it with my best Celtic pal, Minx1888



    Today, in front of our family and friends and in the eyes of God we solidify that bond.



    Thank you for all of your kind words.



    Hail Hail and God Bless.

  2. As a season-ticket holding shareholder for close on 40 years, I am disgusted at the SFA/SPFL response to Wednesday’s High Court ruling. As a supporter who attended 99% of all domestic Celtic matches in The Cheating Years, I am one of many thousands of Scottish football fans hoodwinked by the corrupt organisation that runs our game. The silence from clubs is deafening, the silence of the lambs. We all know that would not be the case had Celtic, not Rangers (IL)/Sevco been in the same predicament. As we learned in 2012, the only way to instigate change of heart is via fan power and FAIR PLAY to Aberdeen supporters for their prompt poll and last night’s display. Where do WE go from here?



    A united Celtic support is a powerful force. We need to get everyone on board and make it clear that this injustice simply cannot be overlooked, the 14 “honours” won via unfair means must be revoked.


    With Mr. Doncaster likely to be in attendance when the flag goes up before the Hearts match on 5th August, that would be an opportune time to convey our feelings to Scottish football & a world-wide TV audience. If a picture paints a thousand words, imagine the visual impact of 60,000 red cards or red balloons in the air when our 48th championship flag is hoisted, either (or both) simply embellished with the number 14 (apologies of this has been muted already).



    Crowd fund to finance costs via the CSA, Affiliation, Celtic TRUST, North American Federation, CQN & other Celtic fan sites. Encourage fans of other clubs to do likewise in the 14th minute of subsequent games, a red card to the 14. As befits our charitable origins, surplus funding could be donated to the Celtic Foundation to support the 67 kitchens for Mary’s Meals.



    IF Telly Savalas was right, it’s time for the SFA to simply fly away.






    P.S. Ask Alex Thomson (Channel 4) to raise the flag – one of the few journalists to speak the TRUTH.

  3. It feels like we are standing on the shore awaiting the fate the ocean decides. It will either be a tidal wave or a gentile wave that doesn’t break the stride of the passer by.



    The passer bys need to be knocked over.

  4. What is the Stars on

    Hamilton Tim and Minx


    may I wish you long life and happiness together .


    Enjoy your day…





    My concern is why the clubs who were forced in 2012 to do the right thing are once again sitting on their hands.



    Every single one of them can trace moments-and many of them-where they have been done over by oldco newco or both.



    Every single one of them knows that they are favoured STRONGLY AND BLATANTLY by officials on and off the pitch.



    Every single one of them can trace their own individual problems to the arrival of a hyperspend footballing model with which they tried to keep up.



    Who were top dogs in the early and mid 80s before Souness then Murray arrived? It wasn’t Rangers,despite their spending



    Aberdeen,Hearts,Dundee Utd all had fantastic teams at the time. A mix of youth and experience. Mostly Scottish.



    Even Hibs won a League Cup.



    Enter the Tax Is For Poor People era,rules change but no-one else is told.



    Other teams with lower-but honest-budgets go to the wall scouting their own overpaid foreigners while Rangers are informed by BOS of agreed trigger fees for those teams’ better players.



    It’s a scandal. It’s a scandal which crystallised over a short period of time,aye,but its roots go much deeper

  6. Bateen Bhoy ***STRIP THE TITLES*** on

    Best wishes to Hamiltontim and Minx1888 on this very special day.


    I wish you a long and happy life togetherfull of joy and the making of wonderful memories.

  7. weebobbycollins on

    Hun tops…first, they disappeared off the shelves…a week later, they disappeared off the streets…


    Scotland’s shame right enough…

  8. One myth that keeps on being repeated is that Neil Doncaster can change things. He can’t. He is on the windshield that stops the flies hitting the driver of the car. The driver(s) of the car are the clubs of the SPFL.



    There is silence just now. You always feel the silence of night just before dawn.

  9. A STOR MHA CHROI on 7TH JULY 2017 10:32 AM


    Irregardless of falling circulation figures. democracy needs a traditional ‘free’, responsible, and ‘accountable’ press.




    The alternative might just turn out to be a bigger and nastier nightmare.



    This is the argument that the media use when it is caught out in things like the Millie Dowler affair.


    In a desperate attempt to fend of tighter regulation, this is usually accompanied by the promise to amend their scurrilous behavior.


    Their contrition never lasts long and soon it is the same old same old.

  10. Delaneys Dunky on

    Very best wishes today and for the future to Hamiltontim and Minx.


    God bless you both.

  11. A Stor Mha Chroi on




    That is the paradox mate… the certifiable press could not be relied on to tell us the truth and we have shown, repeatedly we don’t have faith in them, and the only alternative to them is the internet equivalent who bring us quack stories about the huns getting their potable water via the local Church of Scotland, utility levy free, which turns out to be a crock of shit… so which liar are you going to put your faith in?



    Which internet warrior is going to be certified to go to Palestine or Syria or Iraq or Columbia and report objectively, without a contract of employment nor a fag skin to wipe his arse with?



    So where is the MSM going? Where do we want it to go?



    Which is more vulnerable and accountable,,, the organisation that invest heavy coin in airfares and insurance and life insurance for its writers and has assets to lose, and potentially the life of one of its employees, or the one man, two bottles of wine to fuel the imagination, donate to me, I have a spewed on keyboard and it really needs dry-cleaning today or I won’t write anything tomorrow, whoralist?



    Hard place, caught, hard place.



    I don’t have the answer but I can see the tumour grow.

  12. I’ll repost, it seems pertinent – on 7TH JULY 2017 12:04 PM (edited)









    AULDHEID @ 8:36 AM,



    Thanks for your input ghuys… we need some clear guidance and a clear path forward.



    Something that has struck me through these whole shenanigans pertains to both these posts, it’s this… Just how tuff it is to convince the folk who won’t see Justice done, either through conviction or design, the blatant wrongs committed by Rangers…



    It breaks my Heart sometimes when watching something like the Olympics and seeing someone get eliminated or disqualified through a minor breach of the rules or technicality.



    Four years hard work, down the drain due to an incorrect piece of equipment, or wearing the wrong number or crossing a wrong line or barrier.



    But Dems the rules, no excuses, no exceptions… it’s the way it works…



    What Rangers did was to utilise schemes to give their Club and their Sportsmen an unfair advantage that profited then in Sporting terms and Financially – both in breach of the rules.



    They used Subterfuge at best and possibly Fraud to cover these advantages up, while others stuck to the rules.



    Why anyone, let alone Sporting Bodies and Administrators would try to prevent a REVIEW of these events is quite Frankly Ridiculous.



    There are NO excuses for prevarication, Certainly not, for negative Financial impact, nor to Cover up for those who are up to their necks in this scandal, either through incompetence or mendacious actions.



    Hail Hail

  13. A Stor Mha Chroi on




    Mate, for the sake of argument… all journalists are criminal. Let’s unemploy them all en-masse.






    They’re all cutting the grass.



    Oh! shit…



    an information vacuum. But. But. The public want to know what the weather in East Kilbride is.



    Who are you going to replace the replaced journalists with?



    My thoughts mate, influenced by nobody else.

  14. celticforever on

    One thing I thought about was that although we are talking about 14 trophies which is now proven that the Huns cheated it should actually be going back to the Souness and Mo Johnstone era or even before when Murray first procured the Huns because it is pretty certain tax rules were broken since then



    We are probably going for 35 in a row if truth be told

  15. Minx1888 and Hamilton Tim


    Hope you have a grand day and best wishes for your future together.



  16. I had to laugh earlier visiting my auld Dad. I was appraising him of the scandal and mentioned the lack of action from the SFA. “What do expect?” says he. Them and the SFA are synonimous and then he shook hands with himself.




  17. the long wait is over on

    A direct quote from the Supreme Court decision:-



    “24. The Scottish Football Association (“SFA”) required football clubs to register players’ contracts with it. RFC registered the contracts of employment but did not disclose the side-letters to the SFA.”



    So RFC , deliberately, failed to disclose letters which were material to the player signing for RFC and contained details re remuneration which is , and always should have been , subject to UK PAYE taxation so that millions of pounds of tax went unpaid and the SFA do not consider that worthy of further investigation / discipline.




  18. Best wishes to HT and the MInx, enjoy you day.






    Stripping titles sounds harsh hence why the smsm use the phrase, maybes we should concentrate on the illegal registration of their players for more that 10 years, they hid the side letters from both the sfa and HMRC, fraud and tax evasion imo.


    What about the two andy goram’s only getting a grand a week, yet nothing was said, they have been cheating since minty walked through the door, that’s for certain

  19. TONYDONNELLY67 on 7TH JULY 2017 12:48 PM






    Yes sure mate call it what you like, it’s interesting times we live in, the MSM are easy to trip up because they are predictable and circle the wagons as they are doing now.




    The blogger or ordinary guy will just come right out with the truth, , they all have different angles on things but eventually they all get to the truth.




    And that’s a thing that the SMSM are immune too, they do what they’r told.

  20. Want an opportunity to demonstrate against the SFA and Regan?


    How about another Bannockburn moment?


    21/07/17 (2 weeks today) Scotland v England U16s at Forthbank Stadium Stirling.


    Sky and the English Press are bound to be covering a game that will be attended by a few hundred (+ the obligatory dog). All it would take to fill the stadium (capacity 3808) with Demonstrators is – if 0.05% of the Supporters from every Club within Scotland turned up armed with posters and banners calling for ‘Strip the Titles’ action.


    An early opportunity for Supporters to make their voice heard (get it out there) at a centrally placed location.


    How many Supporters’ Bodies would be up for it?

  21. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    A big and mighty HAIL HAIL to HT and Mrs HT (nee Minx) on the nuptuals.



    Have a great day, and a great life thereafter.



    Don’t stay up too late at the reception [ like I did – last man standing on the dancefloor, but wife in bed three hours earlier :-o ]






  22. Oh and it just wasn’t the tax they didn’t pay, they are due more than ten years of NIC as well, that must amount to a fair few millions, thieving scum

  23. —–



    After A NIKE Tuesday And A NIKE Wednesday….



    Is A NIKE Friday Too Much To Hope For ??



    “Go On ! Go On..!” Says Mrs.Doyle..






    Where’s CQN’s Very Own Father Jack Hackett These Days…..?



    Has CorkieBhoy Taken A Vow Of Silence…



    Or Is He Just Struggling To Get Out Of A Strait-Jacket In Craggy Island ?





    Jacob Rees-Mogg…..



    For Our Next Glorious Leader….




  24. A Stor Mha Chroi on

    Correct me if I am wrong Paul67, but I thought both Kilmarnock and Dundee (who were club 12) both, were not allowed to abstain from any vote.

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