2020 will be the year of the trader


It will not have escaped your attention that Scott Bain is the only senior goalkeeper under contract at Celtic.  Fraser Forster is floating around while we wait and see if we can afford to meet Southampton’s terms (assume nothing here), while Craig Gordon rejected a “vastly reduced” offer to stay.

I know how important Fraser was last season, so if at all possible, I would have him back, but as a general position, I would be reluctant to pay comparable rates to anyone not in the ‘absolutely critical’ category.  Football clubs everywhere cannot afford the contracts they paid last year.  Like Celtic, many have to pay expensive long-term deals, but there can scarcely be a club in the world that would not be happy to offload players to generate enough cash to keep them in grass seed.

With so much trauma in the market, the clubs who shed expensive contracts and take advantage of newfound value from places they could not afford to buy from a year ago, will make the biggest gains this year.

The challenge for Celtic is to find a keeper who can mount a genuine challenge as first choice on the “vastly reduced” offer we made to Craig.  The same is true for other positions we are looking to fill.  Having missed Champions League football for two seasons, we have to be frank and admit that despite closing in on a fourth consecutive treble and nine-in-a-row, there are better players across Europe than some in our squad.  2020 will be the year of the trader, let’s roll the dice!

I’m not against reconstruction on principle, but like everyone else in the country, the first thing I think of is, “What’s in it for my club?”  A 14 team top flight has two fewer games against bottom 6 (or 8) clubs.  These games do nothing for Celtic beyond cluttering up our calendar, so I’m happy with that.

Since Hearts have moved on from both the football-competency and arrogant-belligerence approaches to avoiding relegation, their latest proposal, for a 14-10-10-10 setup hit the “What’s in it for me?” question.  For most clubs the answer is nothing, beyond putting your name to a motion that helps a club that participated in an outrageous charade against the league in recent months.  Aesop could have told the tale of Hearts actions this year.

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  1. The Battered Bunnet on

    Bada, (from last thread) this from Krishnan Guru-Murthy provides some context.



    “If you frame this as the “don’t mention the war” episode but don’t quote the scene about “ni**ers” and “wogs” then it obviously seems absurd. If you call it the “ni**ers and wogs episode” it might make people think.”



    You can watch the clip here and make up your own mind: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ns0uRr6aPQE

  2. Fraser Forster


    Upgrade at Centre Half


    Upgrade at Left Back


    Left Winger



    Goodbye Shved, Gordon, Benyu and Bayo (loan to another SPFL team)….and a bunch of peripheries



    Lovely Jubbly csc

  3. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    the clubs who shed expensive contracts and take advantage of newfound value from places they could not afford to buy from a year ago





    So this answers my question, sort of. Raiding the Championship for players who were previously out of reach. Sounds good to me, lots of talent there – lot of overrated dross too though, need to be careful. I see £15m still being quoted for one striker but assume once a firm offer is on the table many of these clubs will struggle to say no to 1/2 of that or even less, their finances are that dodgy.




  4. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    Early article:



    *big news to come later, or


    *Paul67 is on a half day







  5. !!Bada Bing!! on

    TBB- Thanks for reply, a scene that wouldn’t be made today,it was of it’s time,they could still play it,and blank out those words IMO.

  6. Everyone, of all races, has racist, prejudiced and bigoted thoughts within them. And not just in their historical past, but in their current attitudes. A commitment to apologise for past misdeeds, if caught, is worth nothing if it does nothing to help you fight down the impulse to judge another as worthless on their colour, religion or politics.



    The blackface stuff and the 60’s language of comic greats like Galton & Simpson, Spike Milligan and John Cleese, while offensive, is small stuff compared to being tasered, choked and shot.



    But sometimes the small stuff has to be let go of, in order to show that, with current awareness, you are unwilling to cause needless offence.



    I’d rather we take an approach that doesn’t just delete and cancel racist scenes and pretend they never happened. I think the shows need to carry a printed acknowledgement that racist scenes have been cut from the original script. An asterisk if you like.



    No mainstream TV platform has ever shown the overtly racist Birth of a Nation, in full, but we are still allowed to see the racist clips so long as they are framed with a presenter acknowleding the strenght of the racism that existed. Now that the frankly awful film, Gone With The Wind has disappeared, what use is that if we just pretend it never existed? Far better to acknowledge it and to subtitle every scene with the message that this is a racist and romanticised version of the Southern US states and bears no resemblance to the actual lives of slaves, household or field.




    P.S. As well as asking after SOT and Big Jimmy, can we be reassured that bankiebhoy is still ok- not heard from him for a while.

  7. Pingback: 2020 will be the year of the trader Paul67 - Celtic FC News Aggregation




    You sad it all.


    I for one are of a generation that was brought up on a cinematic of ‘Good and Bad Indians and Darkies.


    Not nice, but that is hOw it was.

  9. “Dont mention the war”Fawlty Towers episode,now withdrawn by the BBC.Dear God,the world is getting crazier by the day.

  10. The Battered Bunnet on




    ““Dont mention the war”Fawlty Towers episode,now withdrawn by the BBC.Dear God,the world is getting crazier by the day.”



    A couple of wee corrections here.



    First of all, it has not been withdrawn by the BBC. It has been withdrawn by UKTV and Netflix.



    The episode features the colonel character discuss the correct use of the term “niggers” as being people from the West Indies, versus “Wogs” as people from India.



    With the approval of John Cleese, this scene was edited out of the BBC’s version of the episode in 2013.



    UKTV and Netflix were broadcasting the original unedited version, which has now been withdrawn. They’ll likely show the edited version in due course.



    The story has nothing to do with “Don’t mention the war”.



    Hope that’s helpful.

  11. SFTB,



    Where does it end.?



    As some of us predicted ;The battle of bannockburn site was just defaced.



    What next. ?


    Rip down every monument and statue that may offend someone. ?


    Burn the history book in public bonfires, McCarthy style purges of past actors and films, a Spanish style inquisition ?


    All while leaders like Justin Trudeau shout one thing while his multiple disgraceful actions demonstrate another.



    Many may say that the Green Brigade have demonstrated mega hypocrisy by changing Glasgow street names while socialising and drinking in the Merchant City for years.. ?



    Where does it stop. ?


    Presently the evil of modern slavery in all its forms exists daily.



    I really don’t know the answer, Does anyone. ( With the possible exception of George Orwell)




  12. TBB


    In the spirit of helpfulness, I do believe the`colonel` was a Major.


    ( Spoken with a tongue in cheek ).



    Nevertheless, thanks for that clip. I was unaware of it and I just know that it will come in useful when the less than liberal minds of the Arbroath intelligentcia offer their views on statues and street names.


    Thanks again.

  13. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe,


    Catch a tiger by the toe.


    If he hollers, let him go,


    Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.



    There are plenty of us on here who sung that song at school only the tiger wasn’t in the original version. Racism was endemic in the UK in those days. TV shows like Love Thy Neighbour, Till Death Do Us Part and even the Fawlty Towers ‘Don’t Mention the War’ episode we’re highlighting the existence of racism not glorifying it.


    Most of us have grown up and see what racism does to society but unfortunately many haven’t.


    We can’t erase our past nor should we because where does it end? Do we want to forget where we are and how we got here? If we do then through time we will end up back at the beginning. Should we forget the Holocaust and erase it from our memories because it was carried out by racists?


    Removing statues doesn’t remove racism education does.

  14. Greenpinata



    You don’t need to have all the answers to take a step forward.



    If someone considers something offensive, you have to consider whether it is worthwhile continuing to give that offence or whether there is a bigger issue at stake.



    The identity stuff about statues and old TV and mixed toilets etc; are much smaller stuff and can be debated but, first, we have to stop condoning or turning a blind eye to “judicial” killings, colour discriminating beatings and sentencing, and trying to manouevre ourselves as white males onto the victimhood step.



    Justin trudeau has done more good than harm, despite the appaling “blackface”.

  15. RT @graham1A


    8 years ago today, one of the greatest lines ever spoken. From Duff and Phelps: “HMRC has taken the view that the public interest will be better served with the liquidation of The Rangers Football Club”

  16. “Football clubs everywhere cannot afford the contracts they paid last year. Like Celtic, many have to pay expensive long-term deals, but there can scarcely be a club in the world that would not be happy to offload players to generate enough cash to keep them in grass seed.”






    Let’s not be misers here.



    The club amassed about £37.7 million to ensure financial stability for rainy days. If the club is able to sell out season tickets at full price they will also have another income stream protected due to loyalty from fans.



    I wouldn’t want the club offering up £10 million for Fraser Forster… but bringing him back on loan on a similar arrangement isn’t too much to ask.



    There’s no doubt some bargains out there. FC Copenhagen brought in Karl-Johan Johnsson for £1.5 million from Guingamp. He was excellent against Celtic and is the biggest reason we were eliminated.



    But do we roll this dice THIS season? Come on now…



    There’s a deal to be done for Fraser. We might have to take risks in other positions after all…

  17. Pog



    ” Removing statues doesn’t remove racism education does.”



    I agree and believe that the `offensive` statues could be used to educate people re the `values` of a society which thought slave-traders etc worthy of such a monument in the first place.

  18. 2020 will be the first year I’ve had a pony tail.



    I hope no one is offended by it.




  19. Friesdorfer



    Of course not ! The Emerald Express would not seem out of place were it en route to a showing of University Challenge .

  20. SFTB,



    I am gobsmacked.



    Substitute Treadeau for Johnston or Trump. Can you even begin to imagine the outcry ?



    So by your theory all racists all equal, but some are more equal than others.


    ( George Orwell actually predicted many things )



    Cheers, HH and stay safe.

  21. Hot Smoked,



    I know you live in the vicinity of Arbroath. Have you ever researched the unsung history of Montrose.?


    Cheers and HH.



    ‘Everyone, of all races, has racist, prejudiced and bigoted thoughts within them.’







    No they don’t.



    It’s learned behaviour. It is not innate.

  23. SFTB


    i was in an interesting discussion recently on the Young Ones episode where there are 2 blatantly racist policemen



    it was satire at its most shocking and looked to show up racism and police brutality way back in the early 80s.



    Very clever but very hard to watch



    A lot of the DVDs and VHS had that scene deleted even back then



    The problem seems to be that the casual observer on Gold would not know that the writers were at the vanguard of alternative comedy and railing against racism, bigotyry, sexism , hypocrisy , right wing politics and sometimes left wing politics too

  24. ….☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️..





















  25. Bognorbhoy


    Unfortunately it doesn’t seem that the SFA, SPFL and the media know the meaning of liquidation.

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