20p per share may be last exit chance on Rangers Mark II


There was never any doubt that Honest Dave King would be ordered to make an £11m offer to minority shareholders in Newco Rangers after an enforcement today by the Takeover Appeals Board.

King’s counsel claimed he was “penniless” and unable to make good on the offer, which is a legal requirement on any individual or individuals acting in concert, acquire 30% of a company. I initially considered it was unlikely that many shareholders would accept the 20p price, but the Sinking Ship Scenario is in play. This may be shareholders last chance to recover any investment in Rangers Mark II.

Of course, none of this would have happened if they stuck with the Easdales and Mike Ashley, or Charles Green and Mike Ashley, of anyone else who was able to employ a Nomad or attract tens of millions of pounds investment.  But glib and shameless Geppetto wanted control and he pulled all the right strings.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the game tomorrow.




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    Is that not less than an Irn -Bru bottle?



    (Before they became worthless,coincidentally)

  2. Means he can disappear crying wolf about going to invest millions blah blah blah, when he has no money, a conman

  3. Good old Neganon, makes me look like the happiest of clappers.


    Despite that, I share his dislike of what happened with the season ticket screw up, and it was certainly a PR howler. The thought process in this one must be a belter?


    Or are Celtic responding to complaints from some ST holders about undesirables appearing next to them in match days? If that’s the case it’s a massive sledgehammer to crack a small walnut.


    I suspect it’s the start of a resell/buyback website to be started next season, which the ticket office will run. That will be fun with their record of doing the right thing.


    At least we have another wee diversion over at Chateau d’ Espair to snigger at. They are truly heading to a place where Espanyol will be offended at being compared to them. HH

  4. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    In the words of Doctor Evil and with pinky at side of mooth………………………………………………………………………










  5. J Mccormack- the ST letter was an own goal, with no real explanation of what they were trying to do, possibly a compliance issue? The Board tell as that they are Celtic supporters, did they ever get a liftover when they were young bhoys going to CP?

  6. A people and a cause on

    So having a pint with the brother in law about the new centre half and any more recruits coming over the hill


    That Arthur Shelby would be a good lad to have in front of the back four says I


    Really says he who does he play for


    A team in Birmingham says I


    Does he have any caps ?


    Yeah he has one with a razor in it

  7. Ah the very definition of a “squirrel” article from Paul.



    The freak show over at Ibrox is of course very amusing however closer to home the board are preventing people from giving their season tickets to friends and families. The faux apology issued by the Celtic SLO was clearly none sense as the stewards now start profiling people coming into the ground and challenging them.



    But hey let’s talk about the Huns cause, errr, err, we don’t want to talk about what the board are up to.



    Meanwhile the disdain the board have for the support is clear to all.



    Jmccormick this isn’t a mistake. It’s a deliberate strategy…..




    build it and they will come.



    Rather than slag off PAUL give us an alternative.


    There you go even a name





    thumbs up thingy

  9. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    22ND DECEMBER 2017 12:58 PM


    Season tickets etc: Some years ago when spent more time in Spain I used to give my tkt to no.2 daughter AFTER paying extra at tkt office only to be told that I could only ‘do’ 3 times!!!!



    Needless to say moved up to full book and she used it when I couldn’t .



    Now that she has own season tkt I am back to concession ticket and have been now for 2 years.



    ‘Funny old game’ at least being a season tkt holder at Celtic is!!



    ‘It’s my season tkt Oh No it’s not…. Oh yes it is…. Oh no it’s not… ad infinitum.




  10. The Season Ticket letter was an odd one. I read it several times and still couldn’t see what the point was. Very unlike Celtic’s communications, which are usually clear and concise.



    I suspect it was related to the moron who ran onto the pitch versus PSG. I think he was using a borrowed ticket. Celtic need to prove to the authorities they are doing all they can to be sure who is buying tickets and attending games, hence the letter. But ultimately, they are not going to crack down on the average fan handing his ticket to his brother/sister for the odd game.



    On the Sevco pantomime, I’ve struggled to follow the logic of the TAB case. I don’t understand why only King is in the dock if he was acting in concert with others. Why is he the only one before the beaks?



    Ultimately, I suspect he will have to walk away. Where that leave them now is anyone’s guess.

  11. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Hmmm – very convenient timing. Murtinho manager till the end of the year, loses a game then gets the job till the end of the season? Wouldn’t be a distraction by any chance, Jim?


    Wonder if he will still be on his U20s wage…..?


    Anyway, very strange for a “massive club” to be able to go on for so long without a proper manager.


    Do hope Dave sticks around though.

  12. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    The stewards are acting like nightclub bouncers requesting FB pages etc, this is simply unacceptable

  13. Jc2 I have no desire to set up a site. I post here very occasionally these days but I have always contended that CQN is peddling the boards line. Nothing has happened to disprove it. So I (and a few others ) reserve the right to counteract what is clearly propaganda.



    Italybhoy this is a campaign for the board to get to “sweat their assets”. Lots of season ticket holder can’t attend matches (worsened by stupid kick of times and match days thanks to a crap to deal). Most give them to friends and family. The board see an opportunity to,sell seats twice.



    Hence the campaign to,stop people passing on books. A letter (trying to,blame rules and regulation) and the stewards stopping people who are clearly not the holder (females with a male st, people too young to be that st etc). So the stewards are clearly profiling people coming through the gates against a profile that should be the st holder.



    The board have previous in using rules and regulations to pretend they just had to do things.



    There was the classic you can’t have lateral movement because the stadium will be shut down only for GCC to publicly deny any such threat. The club giving all season ticket holder details to the police, claiming they had to. When in fact they acted illegally.



    This is just greed (coupled with contempt of supporters).




    i think you 2 have started on the sherry early. no offence to the celtic stewards but they couldnt profile mickey mouse ears with tracing paper.

  15. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    my nephew was stopped on Wednesday evening, been to all home games this season and most away games, no one but him uses the ST, so he was just unfortunate then…



    No sherry for me, magners today to hit back at the Shenaz curry and excess beer from last night

  16. The never ending delights –



    A fun lunch time news item re the country formerly known as Great Britain flexing it’s Post Brexit Sovereignty by re introducing Blue passports ( at a cost of @ £ 450 million ) . Newsreader struggled not to smile as she stated — there was never any obligation to have a Burgundy Passport in the first place / Great Britain had opted to use the EU Burgundy one because it was cheaper to use the already existing template etc ..

  17. NegAnon2 on 22nd December 2017 12:51 pm




    Ah the very definition of a “squirrel” article from Paul.



    The freak show over at Ibrox is of course very amusing however closer to home the board are preventing people from giving their season tickets to friends and families.





    Is this factually correct? I believe you are allowed to let someone else use the season ticket as long as you notify the TO in advance.



    I agree the letter and the stewarding should have been handled better but on the other side of the coin I fail to understand why people who are not entitled to use a concession ticket would defraud the club of money.



    Is it really so hard for people to abide by the rules that are in place?

  18. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Thanks to BT for doing the biz for me


    That BMCUWP is never around when you need him :) :) .

  19. the only way to profile season ticket holders would be to stop every person once the ticket had been used,inside the stadium, and have photo id and there is just no way there is enough time for that, they would be stampeded. face recognition software also would mean no hats beards etc, i honestly have never seen somebody being checked. so why dont we give it a few weeks and see why this insane letter was sent instead of using it as an excuse to attack paul/board.IF there is an issue then the fanbase can address it.

  20. NEGANON2



    Don’t question your right to oppose view on here


    I would encourage it.



    However wouldn’t mind a positive contribution


    now and again.



    Happy Christmas



    : > )

  21. i think perhaps you and i have a different idea of what “positive contribution” means, but Merry xmas to all tims and looking forward to deepening the Huns misery ,if that is possible