2:35 am


2:35 am. That’s what time it will be in Astana, and in Astana FC’s players’ body clocks, at full time tomorrow night. Whereas Celtic will play the away tie during our afternoon, Astana will fight their natural instinct to be asleep, which will be a clear advantage for Celtic.

They conceded two goals at Celtic Park last year, in added at the end of each half. We should expect them to tire during similar periods this time, particularly so as full time approaches. If the tie remains tight late on, we should re-energise for a final push against what should be increasingly disorientated opponents.

Marin Tomasov joined Astana last month. He earned two assists in his last game, takes set-pieces and can shoot from distance.

Their other attacking dangers are Twumasi and Kabananga. Both are fast wing-players, who will attempt to press Celtic as high up the field as possible, and will break forward at every opportunity

Astana’s key concern is in goal. They have two keepers vying for the no. 1 spot, neither good enough to make it his own. Nenad Eric is likely to get the nod against Celtic. He is weak in the air and noted to spill shots. There should be scraps for Leigh to feed from.

Defensively, they rely more on numbers than aptitude. While Twumasi gets forward quickly, he isn’t known for getting back to do the hard work. Kieran Tierney and Scott Sinclair should be able to exploit this down Celtic’s left.

Make no mistake, this is a tie Celtic should win, but Astana will be more difficult opponents than anyone we will meet domestically this season. We have a big night ahead tomorrow – the most important game Celtic Park will host this season.

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  1. I watch whatever football is free in the old USA.


    Celtic is the only team i would and do pay to watch.


    There are a few English teams i personally don’t like for various reasons.


    Liverpool games are decent to watch as their attacking prowess and shit defense usually ensure goals.


    But i always watch dispassionately as i do not support any other team.

  2. BT- we used to bike it to new Brighton,a think west Kirby was good to, memory not my best ,it’ll come back pall

  3. Rovers through on penalties.



    Coatbridge will come to a standstill as a victory parade leaves Cliftonhill and heads for the whifflet, stopping at McDonald’s on the way for a burger.



    The magic of the cup!




    Sorry to hear of your friends passing.



    May he rest in peace.



    Prayers said for those who remain.

  5. Delaneys Dunky on




    The tricks I learnt fae the Wavertree and Toxteth mobs was eye opening at 18. Glasgow was a third world city in comparison. Mental dudes who still control all England.


    Mental Port grafters.

  6. Astana-



    You are getting it.


    Elbows urnae gonnae Save Ye.#



    Get the BALL ON THE dECK,


    fANTASTIQUE Celtic


    DD .CSC

  7. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Fairhill Bhoy



    Scouse Tim never seen a colour telly till he went to Birkenhead:)





  8. Delaneys Dunky on




    Magic! Seeing you and your gorgeous lass again, will make my night. Won’t be Lisbon weather tomorrow though. :)


    Hail Hail Glen Daly

  9. In Manchester tonight and tomorrow, so will be in O’Sheas for second half tomorrow night. Work will keep me occupied till then, that’s a good thing as it will save me severe stress.


    Watched first hour of Liverpool game tonight and to be honest , you will not like this, in my opinion our own team would have struggled against either of them. Just my opinion.


    There is an athleticism and organisation at this level , that we aspire to at the moment.


    Given time and money we will get there but only if we maintain our level of progress of the last 12 months.


    Concentration and discipline are vital at the top level now; they have to be as the rewards are so high.


    I hope we are planning to get there and not just be happy to be kings of our own wee midden.


    Scottish football will always survive as we have a football culture, the worry is that we allow ourselves to slip back into the cesspit of sectarianism which is financing the other lot across the river.


    We should ignore their petty and retarded view of what is important in sport and football.


    Good luck to all the Celtic family tomorrow and God willing we will achieve the result we desire, we have earned nothing yet however we have a chance to lift our club further away from the domestic panorama. HH

  10. Celtic twitter feed tweets match report from tonight and gets inundated with replies asking whats happening with Paddy. A lot of boys and girls will be disappointed tonight.

  11. Delaneys Dunky on




    The last time I played Ryan in Lucky Break Clydebank, we retired in shame at our effort.


    Stella was on promotion. The two were linked. :)

  12. Delaneys Dunky on




    SA isnae a fitba supporter. He is an academic fae Inverness who is brilliant at fitba.


    Ibrox last game spooked him.

  13. Delaneys Dunky on

    SA and GMS sharing a flat on Byres Road and getting it fae huns when they are out disnae suit a pair of Highland Laddies. Sad.

  14. Banned frae.



    Celtic Dumbarton, Belfast, Derry.




    Jamesie – Celtic



    Downpatrick is.



    Don’t even THINK about goin’ there. Fantastique, absolutely.




  15. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    Better late than never! @ColinKazim rejoins #CelticFC on a six month loan deal. Welcome Home! #BigZisaCelt

  16. Delaneys Dunky on




    Big game tomorrow. Canny wait. Vocal chords will be needed. Pure honey for me pre match.


    Hail Hail

  17. STRINGER BELL on 15TH AUGUST 2017 10:24 PM



    Rovers through on penalties.



    Coatbridge will come to a standstill as a victory parade leaves Cliftonhill and heads for the whifflet, stopping at McDonald’s on the way for a burger.



    The magic of the cup!




    Coatbridge been at a standstill since Langloan Iron Works closed. ;-)))