2:35 am


2:35 am. That’s what time it will be in Astana, and in Astana FC’s players’ body clocks, at full time tomorrow night. Whereas Celtic will play the away tie during our afternoon, Astana will fight their natural instinct to be asleep, which will be a clear advantage for Celtic.

They conceded two goals at Celtic Park last year, in added at the end of each half. We should expect them to tire during similar periods this time, particularly so as full time approaches. If the tie remains tight late on, we should re-energise for a final push against what should be increasingly disorientated opponents.

Marin Tomasov joined Astana last month. He earned two assists in his last game, takes set-pieces and can shoot from distance.

Their other attacking dangers are Twumasi and Kabananga. Both are fast wing-players, who will attempt to press Celtic as high up the field as possible, and will break forward at every opportunity

Astana’s key concern is in goal. They have two keepers vying for the no. 1 spot, neither good enough to make it his own. Nenad Eric is likely to get the nod against Celtic. He is weak in the air and noted to spill shots. There should be scraps for Leigh to feed from.

Defensively, they rely more on numbers than aptitude. While Twumasi gets forward quickly, he isn’t known for getting back to do the hard work. Kieran Tierney and Scott Sinclair should be able to exploit this down Celtic’s left.

Make no mistake, this is a tie Celtic should win, but Astana will be more difficult opponents than anyone we will meet domestically this season. We have a big night ahead tomorrow – the most important game Celtic Park will host this season.

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    For NA Tims


    Fox Sports 2 2:45 Eastern


    If you don’t have Celtic TV.


    If not, why not? You know it makes sense.




    I’d love him to stay also.


    However we could be left standing when the music stops.

  3. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    INVINCIBLE ‘GG on 16TH AUGUST 2017 3:43 AM



    Interesting turn of phrase.


    ” poorly advised by his representatives.”







    BRENDAN Rodgers has attributed the loss of confidence experienced by Stuart Armstrong to his failure to agree a lucrative contract extension with Celtic and suggested the midfielder has been poorly advised by his representatives.



    Armstrong was one of the outstanding performers in Rodgers’s team last season as they qualified for the Champions League group stages, won a Betfred Cup, Ladbrokes Premiership and William Hill Scottish Cup treble and went undefeated domestically.



    However, the 25-year-old, who was awarded his first Scotland cap against Slovenia in March as a consequence of his fine displays for the Glasgow club, has been unable to replicate that sparking form so far in the 2017/18 campaign.






    I have a wee bell going off in my tiny mind that Fraser Wishart is Armstrong’s agent.


    Could be wrong mind you.

  5. In Big Chris we trust !



    Someone earlier suggested that Man C may be waiting to see IF Celtic qualify for CL, and that extra £30 million or so.


    That makes sense to me, as City would then say to Celtic, ” no loan deal, a straight cash transfer ”


    IF, thats the case, then I think Celtic would be under pressure, to pay out maybe £8- 10 million ?



    Again, IF Armstrong is not liking Glasgows west end, and that is a problem etc….my advice Stuart is to simply move home, and remain at Celtic.


    Move next door to me and be amongst thousands of Tims every day, plus yer only 3 minute drive to Celtic Park…….simples.



  6. Pedro is a pure Heid Banger !



    His latest statements had me rolling in laughter, and imagine if those comments had come from Ronnie Deiia or even Brendan Rodgers….the smsm and the huns would be have a field day ( which the huns would probably invade )/


    BUT, cos Pedro is the scum Hun manager………he’s talking words of wisdom according to THEM.



    That big balloon McLeish said the other day, ” Pedro should keep his powder dry” ?


    What powder ?


    Is it illegal substances that are causing Pedro to talk utter drivel ?




  7. Good morning CQN from a grey, overcast but dry East Devon.


    Going to be a nervous old day.

  8. No need for anyone to be nervous……We are Celtic….embrace it.


    This is how it feels to be Celtic….” Hope in your heart, optimism, belief and so much more”.



    Take it Celtic……….its yours !



    IF….we do not get a great result tonight,,,big IF…..we still have the 2nd leg. Like Rosenburg….Astanta will be worried about Celtic scoring at their place.


    IF we qualify…………we will pull clear financially from THEM especially…..and their misplaced delusional ideas of somehow clinging to Celtics coat tails will be eradicated for years to come, and even the most delusional amongst THEM, will be forced to face FACTS !



    have a great day everyone…especially a great night.



    I’m due to go to the BV today to hopefully meet up with BLANTYRE TIM, and by the looks of it, a few other cqnrs.



    Hope AULDTIM is no lying upside doon in a corner drunk when I arrive ?


    Joking OT.



  9. “It doesn’t matter how the first game ends. We are still going to be in the Champions League.






    Let’s see if that comes back to haunt the Astanta manager

  10. Cultsbhoy says Hail Hail to Hector and Brendan on



    2-1 over there


    Job done..



    I think this the likely type of scores we’ll be seeing in most games at this stage in the competition.

  11. Being reported Donald Trump FC manager Pedro thinks losing to Hibs will make them stronger.



    Good reply by someone on Twitter.



    Lose to Hearts and they will become invincible. :-@)))




  12. SCULLYBHOY on 16TH AUGUST 2017 7:53 AM


    Actually I watched video from Stoilov press conference and read BBC and other websites.


    Stoilov did not say- “It doesn’t matter how the first game ends. We are still going to be in the Champions League.”


    True question and answer:



    Question: What will be good result for your team tomorrow?



    Stoilov answer:I’ll be happy with every result, but the most important thing is we would wish our self to be at the Champions League draw next Thursday.



    There are few more false news from that press conference.

  13. The intimidatory nature of the CP crowd and atmosphere isn’t being mentioned in the run up to the Astana game tonight.



    Good. It does have an impact on how Celtic perform, the stats would back this up over the years.

  14. Cultsbhoy says Hail Hail to Hector and Brendan on

    Word that Pedro has insisted Hunco (now faintly ridiculous) run out classic.. ‘Simply the Best’ by Tina Turner is to replaced by Kelly Clarkson.. ‘ What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’…

  15. An islamaphobe, a white supremacist and a sexual predator walk into a bar. The barman says “What’ll it be Mr Trump?”



    Just keeping my mind off the footy Nerves.




  16. If possible could someone please post the link from YouTube of this episode from the 1970’s of ” Till Death Do Us Part”.


    I don’t remember seeing this episode before, despite remembering the show being shown in black and white.


    This episode which I watched this morning, includes the magic of Spike Milligan.



    If you are easily offended then don’t post and/or view the link, but please remember that the the writer of this classic comedy Johnny Speight, really shows the lead character ” Alf Garnett” to be the racist and ignorant bigot, that the writer wanted to be shown up for what he was.


    This was obviously before the PC Brigade took over.


    At the time and in earlier episodes, Johnny Speights was forced to go on chat shows etc, to explain that no one should be offended by the language that “Alf” uses, as the joke is all on Alf the bigot.



    ” Till Death Us Do Part” SSE07 Paki-Paddy”.


    Its comedy gold imo



  17. Moonbeamswd



    That was one hell of a long post regarding Trump’s speech in New York. Given that this is a football blog could such long posts about non-football matters not be confined to a link. It took ages to scroll past.

  18. weebobbycollins on

    Morning chaps…So! If the huns lose every game for the rest of the season, will that make them champions?


    And petitioning Glibby for a safe standing area in the copland stand…”Aye!” says he, “as long as you pay yer money, you can all stand in the copland road for as long as you like. It’s quite safe, I suppose.”….


    mibbe safer… :-)

  19. Disappointed we didn’t get Paddy on time.A guess is the add ons Fulham have with Man C, were difficult to get round.

  20. weebobbycollins on

    TOSB…@ 8.43…tell me that was tongue in cheek…this is a blog for (Celtic) football fans to discuss politics, make up puns about fish and even talk about football occasionally. Trump and Pedro are great for the blog…





    Aye,unless we allowed ourselves to be sidetracked occasionally,the site could flounder.




  22. weebobbycollins



    TOSB…@ 8.43…tell me that was tongue in cheek…this is a blog for (Celtic) football fans to discuss politics, make up puns about fish and even talk about football occasionally. Trump and Pedro are BRILL for the blog…






    Fixed that for you…






    TOSB…@ 8.43…tell me that was tongue in cheek…this is a blog for (Celtic) football fans to discuss politics, make up puns about fish and even talk about football occasionally. Trump and Pedro are great for the blog…






    It wasn’t tongue in cheek. I do agree that the blog covers a lot more than football, politics, puns, the cuddles, food, holiday destinations, pubs etc and I enjoy it all. What I am saying is that particular post was probably life ne’er than any on here that. I can remember and, in my opinion, would have been better expressed as a link. Others are entitled to their opinion (as well as me).




    Still early in the season mate.



    Need more match practice and contract talks are a distraction….Seriously have you ever dealt with Three customer service???