25 May, mad McInnes, Leppings Lane Legacy


Derek McInnes faced a difficult challenge.  How do you stop Celtic, who have swept all before them, on their way to a third consecutive domestic treble?  His choice was clear: get in about them, barge, kick and shove whenever close to a green and white jersey.

After Celtic’s opening onslaught came to nothing, this strategy worked for Aberdeen for around 30 minutes.  At that point, the already booked Dominic Ball flew dangerously into Ryan Christie.  The latter took 6 minutes to be stretchered off; the former collected his second yellow.

Aberdeen should have pondered the wisdom of their aggressive tactics, but by now the outcome was no longer in doubt and they went down with studs up and hurling abuse.

Two minutes after play recommenced, James Forrest created space 25 yards from goal before despatching a magnificent left foot shot beyond Joe Lewis into the net.  It was a goal to match the occasion.  From that distance, on his weaker foot, the chances of scoring were remote, but James seems to rise to these Hampden occasions.

Jonny Hayes evaded Mikey Devlin and moved clear through on goal but the Aberdeen central defender pushed Hayes from behind eight yards out, resulting in an inevitable penalty.  Odsonne Edouard made no mistake from the spot.

It went from bad to brutality from Aberdeen when Lewis Ferguson lunged at Tom Rogic’s shin.   Ferguson had both feet off the ground when he came into contact with Tom.  Referee Craig Thomson was five yards away and issued a straight red card.  Tom answered this attack in the best way possible, by scoring from a rebound attempt at the resulting free kick.  He was fortunate not to have been the second Celtic player to leave on a stretcher.

To illustrate the extent of Aberdeen’s demise into indiscipline, Derek McInnes was ordered to the stand, where he joined his already-red carded assistant, Tony Docherty.  His team were dirty and occasionally thuggish.  I do not know if there is a way for a Scottish club to plan to beat Celtic, but there are many better ways to lose.

Had this been Neil Lennon, had this been Neil Lennon’s team, he would be hung out to dry by pontificating critics.  Instead, Celtic rose above the fury.  For once, we did not even have to endure the perennial Hampden flares.

The Scottish Cup Final takes place on 25 May.  Your script is written, Celtic….

As we walked to Hampden yesterday the conversation eventually came round the 1937 Final between Celtic and Aberdeen, which attracted 137,000 attendees, and the crushing at pay gates some of us experienced in the 70s and 80s.

We talked about the 1985 Scottish Cup Final, a pay at the gate game, when police opened the gates, allowing thousands of Celtic fans free entry into the Hampden terraces, then the league clinching game against Dundee in 1988, when Celtic continued to take money at the gate despite crowds breaking over the barrier due to crushing.  There was no such thing as a full house in Scottish football back then.

The FA Cup Semi-Final at Hillsborough between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest in 1989 saw the deaths of 96 Liverpool fans, crushed into pens with no way to exit.  Police opened the gates to alleviate crushing outside the turnstiles, resulting in hundreds of fans funneling into a tunnel, unaware they were blocking the only exit from the two central Leppings Lane end pens.

After the initial mistake to open the gates, systemic failures exacerbated the death toll.  Lies were told, compliant journalists were co-opted into a conspiracy and it is only now, 30 years later, that criminal proceedings are underway.

Until 1989 football was killing its fans through neglect.  Rangers decided to rebuild their ground after the 1971 Ibrox Disaster, which claimed the lives of 66 fans, but the loss of two lives on the same stairway a decade earlier, or incidents involving multiple injuries in 1967 and 1969, registered little response.  Celtic Park never had incidents like this, but if you were a fan in the pre-Hillsborough era, you will remember moments of mortal fear at one turnstile in particular.

The legacy of those who lost their lives on the Leppings Lane terrace 30 years ago is a safer game for us to enjoy today.

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  1. Her Brittanic Majesty Sevco Dictionary update



    Dominant = never off the back pages talking ribald doggerel

  2. graham spiers …another one time SB holder at ibrox…..annoyed by the sectarian singing……saying a section of celtic end singing the “sad orange song” noticed none of them never mention where the song orginated from !!!!! then describes the Celtic fans as green and white hordes……….another hurtin ersehole.

  3. I believe Mcinnes is quite a smart bloke.


    He knows when to employ widespread defensive dour tactics to win points [see Steve Clarke]


    He knows when to react and create a diversion for his woeful teams performance .


    He also knows when to turn down a job at a huge club even if expected dominance is ‘tangibly’ close.


    The muppet from mersyside is walking head strong into the managerial abyss [see John Barnes].

  4. Cheer up Derek McInnes


    Oh what can it mean


    To a, tax dodging bastard


    With a, shite football team

  5. LETS ALL DO THE HUDDLE ? on 15TH APRIL 2019 6:34 PM



    but a song insinuating that he is a member of a bigoted organisation should not be a polis issue either



    *unless the polis are members of said organisation lol.

  6. The first major cathedral I ever saw was St. Pauls. The second and forever my favourite was Notre Dame



    It is breaking my heart to watch it being destroyed.



    The only minor comfort comes from this report



    Our Lady of Paris (Notre-Dame de Paris), the Crown of Thorns and a piece of the True Cross are the most revered. Their fate was in question as the 850-year-old church went up in flames.


    Relics believed to be a piece of the cross on which Jesus was crucified, as well as the Crown of Thorns he wore, have been kept at the cathedral for centuries. The braided circle held together by golden thread has about 70 or so thorns attached. The relics were obtained from the Byzantine Empire in 1238, and brought to Paris by King Louis IX.



    The Holy Crown of Thorns is displayed during a ceremony at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris March 21, 2014. © Reuters / Philippe Wojazer


    The Holy Crown of Thorns is displayed during a ceremony at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris March 21, 2014. © Reuters / Philippe Wojazer


    All of the relics were saved and the cathedral’s treasury was preserved despite the damage, according to a Paris Match journalist who quoted Father Frederic, one of the priests at Notre-Dame, on Monday evening.




    On the Sunday after we beat St. Johnstone in 1998 to win out first title in 10 years I attended Mass in Notre Dame. When I came out, the English papers had been delivered to the newsstand outside the cathedral. I scoured each one for snippets of our victory. Eventually, to Mrs. HJ’s embarrassment, the news vendor told men no uncertain terms to buy one or leave. A right good telling off I got




    May Notre Dame rise again.

  7. Play for thum,…………. support thum……don’t decry thum……………..



    after aw we’ve been thru? Aw we’ve been subjected too?



    The sheer hunned-up, sleekit collusion………………..



    imo…………..hims a hun!



    ….and as for aw that ” Gaffer” guff when referring to The Auld Indulged Ned.



    Deffo Hun.



    ( HH )

  8. Pathetic, sad regurgitation of some other teams song from years ago. Unimaginative rubbish which is unnecessary. The same kind of garbage as he’s one of our ( your ) own. We have so many better songs ( Rebs or otherwise ) such as the fantastic rendition of Grace which 3/4 of the stadium joined in on Sunday. That’s the memorable stuff. The stuff we should (IMO) always feel so proud to be part of not the crap cheap embarassing rubbish like ‘cheer up’ and add appropriate managers name / insult.



    . Mcinnes teams give their all vs Sevco and others. He also turned thrm down for a pretty good reason too. His tactics were crap on Sunday. Anti football to be polite but that is a compliment to us and to be fair the physical approach has seen thrm get results in glasgow this season vs Sevco. We are just another level and he knew it.

  9. weebobbycollins on

    True story…Alex Rae floats into reception carrying a large Gucci bag over his shoulder…


    John Greig says, ‘What’s the big bag for…is it to carry your wages?’


    Rae replies, ‘My wages wouldn’t fit in this bag.’


    ‘Ach well! You can put them in yer mooth then.’ responds Greig…

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    To be getting called out for singing, be ex Oldco players is truly laughable, not excusing that song BTW…

  11. Brass neck and blow-torch comes to mind.



    We should be careful what we legitimise or dare I say dignify.



    There is great guffery afoot.



    The anti- celtic message management is clever and effective.

  12. weebobbycollins on

    Can you imagine scenario in season 20/21 if we do the treble again next season?


    For THEM this is a living, daylight nightmare…


    Long may it continue!



    I grew up 2 doors away from Tony Higgins.


    Lovely guy. Always very good to me. We used to play tennis and sometimes golf together during the close season for him and the university holidays for me.



    Great family, all of them



    Tony was well into anti racism and anti sectarianism long before they became more widely appreciated.



    He was also an influence on my musical taste by introducing me to James Taylor and Carol King.



    Both he and I moved away from our family homes so i don’t see him often now.

  14. For me it’s the fact they have just strolled to a treble treble look odds on to do 10 in a row if not better, every chance they will eventually go past us in league titles won. 



    Some of them on Rangersmedia and Follow Follow seem to be getting it. I’m away to scrub my skull out with soap having looked at those sites and apologise for the language that follows (I’ve redacted a bit) but as they are direct quotes…





    The current board have been in power for a longtime and we seem no nearer to being this so called force King is banging on about.



    If the managers can get it the neck then so should the board, they employ them. But I can guarantee the (Celtic) will get 10 in a row before you ever see a “Board Out” banner at Ibrox.



    Remember the way they chased out the Kelly’s, they cared…. we don’t





    A sentiment that seems to be gathering some support on those blogs.

  15. weebobbycollins on

    Hrvatski Jim…I agree, smashing guy…next time you see him, ask him about that story…you may well ken the damsel involved…a neighbour perchance? He told me the story twice…so, it must be true. :-)



  16. Celtic should hope that the Lying King stays in charge at Sevco. He really is a con man and still the hoards don’t see through him. As long as he is in charge we will remain dominant.

  17. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Just followed a Twitter link to a picture of Ryan complete with bruising all over his face to compliment his primary injury.



    I would urge everyone to take a look.






    Hang your head in shame you classless hypocrite along with all the other Celtic bashing hypocrites.



    Good night and hail hail

  18. The songs and what to sing discussion i find interesting..i think our songs repertiore evolves,some are kept on and others are let go.i hope we learn from the weekend and let it go.



    Let the people sing,:-)



    Celtic cha cha cha



    Nanana na nanana na eh eh






    Walk on



    The fields





    Already forgot those dropped





    Best of luck Scaniel



  19. HJ-WBC- I was chatting to Tony a few weeks ago, my mate’s son goes out with his daughter, he’s looking well, really nice guy.

  20. HJim-WBC – BB



    I met Tony Higgins when I was working in his locality surveying properties. It was 30 minutes a survey. When I got to Tony’s House (I’d never met him before) I spent 2 hours in his back garden, drinking tea and chewing the fat in glorious sunshine. Top guy.s



    CHAIRBOY – from a few threads back… ?? Fine effort at decoding my message… I think!! I don’t even know what I was on about myself. Wish my phone had a breathalyser at times… Would prevent the drink & CQNing ?



    Neil & the boys… Well done – especially Oor Jamesiebhoy, who was crucial to my JF 1st goal and 3 nil to the good ghuys bet ? I also had a score on Celtic minus 2 @ 9/2



    This young, experienced squad have risen to every major obstacle they’ve faced, domestically, over the past 3 seasons. 3 more wins and we sweep the lot – Again???



    Last but not least…. Get well soon Oor Ryan ??



    Hail Hail ⚽⚽⚽????

  21. Celtic need to issue a statement, unequivocally condemning the violence being perpetrated against our players under the watchful eye of the MIBs and SFA supervisors.


    Ryan Christie’s injuries are a direct result of the specific instructions issued by poor wee McInnes.


    You claim you were upset by some hurtful songs whilst you sent out your players to maim their opponents, one very seriously.


    The evidence was there for all to see from the very start of the game. YOU sent out your players to physically assault their opponents.


    To think of all the crap in the press the previous week about Broonie and not a word about the appalling tactics Aberdeen and others employ. Get a grip!!


    Celtic players have been subject to this brutality in just about every game they have played.


    Come on Celtic, high time you took a stand against the violent tactics of our opponents.

  22. AN TEARMANN on 15TH APRIL 2019 11:29 PM



    Good Post. Not looking to start another (yawn) songs debate… Just following on from your post and as well as those the songs that I love being sung…. In no particular order…



    Hail Hail (not sung enough anymore)


    The Celtic song


    Songs of current players, old players and Lions – KT, Oor Cal, Henrik, King Billy, Jinky, Tommy Burns…




    67 in the heat of Lisbon




    Ninetoes finder


    The Scott Sinclair song (although I feel this could be gone soon)


    Just can’t get enough


    Let’s all do the huddle


    God bless this lovely land of mine


    Soldiers song


    Uncle Nobbys steamboat


    Celtic symphony (without add ons)


    Adaptation of hymns



    My mind is is going blank now but I’m sure you can all see where I’m going with this… We have enough songs in our repertoire without the rebs or add ons. In fact I think we have the best and often copied song book of any British team. The Green Brigade deserve massive praise for this. There are also plenty Irish songs we could sing that are not rebs as such and I’d love to hear more of these.



    And one song that we don’t sing – that I would love, absolutely love if we did…. Is this one…



    Protestant Men https://g.co/kgs/XR8tJW



    I’d love to see the media and establishment response to that one. ?



    Hail Hail ??

  23. Once shared a Train ride with Tony Higgins and one of his friends from the Hook of Holland to Rotterdam, on our way to see Celtic play in the Feyenoord Rotterdam Tournament 1982, we had a laugh, to put it mildly. Played a game called spot the South Moluccan. :)) Yes I know, you had to be there!


    Losing 4-3 to Feyenoord in the Final.


    Arsenal were also there and we made a few friends with some of them, actually I think some of them still in touch with some other guys who were there too por cierto.

  24. Good morning CQN from a mild, dry but overcast Garngad



    With regard to Mciness, he was happy to listen to the bile/ songs of sectarian hatred at Ipox when he was a player and never spoke up.


    He has been to the bigotdome probably 3 times this year and never mentions their songs of hatred.


    Also for the Record, calling someone an Orange bar steward is not sectarian, it is pointing out a fact. It is a song Against an organisation that survives on the hatred of all things Catholic.



    Now let’s move onto the Hibees at the weekend.


    If we play with the same tempo as Sunday we will blow them away.


    We also need to start tucking away some of our chances.






    D. :)

  25. Also harking back to TT’s Clancy Brothers story. my father’s party piece was “It was the greatest mix-up that you have ever seen, My father he was orange and my mother she was green”…..although he swapped it around as my mother was the convert, and you know what they say about converts!






    I MAY have Posted about the Song ” The Orange and the Green” recently…I can’t remember ?


    My circumstances were the other way around, as it was My Da who was “The Green”. Sadly, due to My Mothers ” Family”…. namely Her Dad, who was an Bitter Twisted Orange Bassa and a Member of Glasgows CID, who was totally against his Daughter Marrying My Da etc, My Parents split up when I was only 16 Months old.


    I never knew My Mother, and I have only ever seen one Photo of her…and NO Contact whatsoever since she left Me with My Da, some 62 Years ago.


    Apparently, her Dad wanted Her to return Home to Him and Her Mother on the ” Condition”, that She didn’t bring…” That Catholic Brat” with Her ?


    That “Catholic Brat” was ME !


    So She returned back to Her Family without Me, never to be seen or heard of ever again, but I can understand that She must have been in some Torment, especially being only aged around 20 or so, and quite frightened etc , so i have never wanted to be too hard on Her for giving Me up.



    One thing that has annoyed Me, is that IF She did wish to see Me at any time over the Years, it would have been very easy, as My Da was a well known Guy, and she could have contacted him at any time thru his Workplace….but as far as I know…She didn’t ?



    Soon after their marriage break up, My Da went to do his National Service and was sent abroad for almost two years, during which time he left Me with HIS Parents to raise Me. I had the most wonderful upbringing that any child could ask for, as on his return to Scotland/Glasgow, My Da decided just to leave Me with My grand parents, and not unsettle me further.


    So i have no idea if my Mother is still alive or Married again, and maybe I have half Brothers/Sisters that i know nothing about…but I can’t dwell on that either.



    This wee “Sad” story had the most marvellous ending, due entirely to My grand parents and the rest of My immediate Family, who made sure that i was brought up properly….and who also SPOILT Me rotten ”



    I had a fantastic childhood….i was one of the lucky Ones.





    My Da bought Me that record back in the 1960’s, and Ive been singing it ever since.

  26. HRVATSKI JIM on 15TH APRIL 2019 10:27 PM






    I was on a SFA Coaching Course back in the 1970’s and Tony Higgins was a Hibs Player at the time and he was also on the Course. At the very 1st session, in a Classroom, by way of introducing ourselves to the rest of the “Class”, you HAD to stand in front and speak about anything for Two Minutes ?


    My being only around 19, and the youngest ( Pat Nevins Dad was also there), it was very unnerving for Me and some others…however when it came to Tonys “introduction”…He didn’t speak…He belted out a POP Song in full…such was his confidence ! That helped to relax most of us from then on….however…whenever we Played any practice games maybe 8 a side….It was impossible for Me to get the Ball off of Tony due to him having Thighs like Tree Trunks, and My being a skinny young kid.



    Also, after each Coaching Session ( in Easterhouse), Tony and a few others would take Me to one of the local Pubs for a wee Bevvy and a laughs.



    I met him once more many Years later around 2002/2003 in My place of work, and I mentioned the Coaching course etc, and he claimed that he remembered me..which hopefully was true ?


    He was/is a very Good Guy and was great company back then.


    That particular day, Tony was with Frasier Wishart who was part of the PFA at the time…it was a Friday, and Celtic were due to raise the SPL Flag the following day at Celtic Park and i mentioned to them both that i was “Going to see the Flag being raised”….Mr Wishart didn’t appear too impressed…but Big Tony just laughed and said “Enjoy your day Jimmy Boy”.



    From around 2004, i would Drink and go to see the Celts with some “New” Mates every week. One of these new Mates had played against Tony Higgins ( I think they went to the same school…St Augustines in the Milton ?). During one game, MY “NEW” Mate in latter years, was Playing against Tony, and they had a few Tussles and Verbals etc………..My mate admitted that after the game….Tony BATTERED him in a Square Go !



    My Mate wasn’t a Wee Guy !




  27. Me NO likey McInnes…



    and as others have said on here….He was Happy to Play for that Mob, take the money…and most likely would Join In with their Songbook whether in the dressing Rooms or at Supporters Functions !


    As for Radio Scotland and/or Clyde…I ONLY listen to some of Match commentaries when I am left with NO OPTION WHATSOEVER !


    I certainly do NOT listen to their Phone Ins etc, as soon as a Celtic game is over…I immediately switch AFF…Simples.



    Why some Celtic fans would WANT to listen to that Hun Crap, is beyond me ?




  28. I voted yesterday for :


    POTY: Calmac;


    Young POTY: Kris Ajer:


    Goal of the Season: Broonie V St Johnstone.



    I am not certain I truly believe Broonie`s was GOTS but he certainly deserves something !







  29. SCANIEL on 15TH APRIL 2019 7:08 PM




    My Post about the Song/record.. ” The Orange and the Green” was largely for you…and others to read IF they so wish.


    Apologises for my going on about My Family issues from the 1950’s, but that Song always did remind Me of what happened between My Parents etc.




  30. My votes went….


    POTY …Calmac


    Young POTY…Kris Ajer


    Goal of the season….Wee Jamesy v Hibs…..especially after it was only Days after rodgers done a “B1”



  31. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    reble treble, who’d a thunk it!



    The game on sunday will help the team believe they can get over BR’s departure. It’s a huge blow if we lose RC. We’ve been very narrow without him /without him and calmac. Hayes is getting better with more game time. He’s got to be first choice over ss though I hope lennie gets ss back to running; BR got him turning in and back rather than running like fugg. Back 4 for the final – that’s a difficult one. Mind you, we’ve got to win the league first.

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