Nailed-on starters missing isn’t always good news


It’s always dangerous to welcome news that an opponent will be without an automatic first choice player – think back to last month, when news of Leigh Griffiths’ injury broke, forcing Brendan Rodgers into playing Moussa Dembele against Newco. Well-resourced teams have strong squads, but for every Dembele waiting in the wings, there are a dozen or more Pukkis.

So while news that Borussia Monchengladbach are likely to be without striker, Raffael, winger, Thorgan Hazard and central defender, Andreas Christensen, is encouraging, it’s no more than that. It’s little more than Celtic replacing Roberts, Griffiths and Sviatchenko (three nailed-on starters at the beginning of the season) with Forrest, Dembele and Simunovic.

The absences will have no impact on Brendan Rodgers game planning, but it might play on the mind of Gladbach manager, Andre Schubert, who is dealing with the first run of sustained disappointing results since he was promoted from Gladbach reserve coach last season.

Manchester City looked vastly more accomplished than Gladbach when they met in the opening group game, so the draw City took at Celtic Park, and the manner in which they were forced to fight for it, is likely to convince Schubert that a point would be a good result for his team.

A draw would be an inconclusive result for both teams chances of finishing above the other, but a win for either team would be the most important result of the group.

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  1. MoonbeamsWD ‘Stand up on 15 for the GB’ on 18th October 2016 11:58 am



    You may well right. I remember just before the game started the fans were singing Walk On and Ayala (I think) stood just outside the centre circle looking around at the whole stadium. Awestruck.



    How we didnae win in normal time or extra time is beyond me! Henke missed a sitter and skied a penalty in the shootout and big Joos missed his penalty twice!



    Fantastic atmosphere but it couldn’t quite carry us through!



    FAC the Act




  2. DresdenCSC on 18th October 2016 12:07 pm



    VFR800A8 – Thanks for all your efforts on the repeal of the OBAF legislation. Signed today





    Good man; keep them coming!




    FAC the Act




  3. Thomson in charge on Sunday. It makes me uncomfortable at best. I despise the clown, simply an awful referee, the sooner he chucks it the better. This is where the value of having Sutton as a pundit will come in handy.

  4. Brother Thomson the MIB on Sunday, i don-t think a bookie would have given you odds on that…



    ACGR Thank you for making me smile with yer wit ya roaster :))))))))





    Haste ye back sir

  6. BSR, I’m not sure I would be classing Gladbach as necessarily “technically better” than Celtic.



    I doubt if they will have a central defender as technically good or aware as Kolo Toure; Sviatchenko and Simunovic are hardly traditional “clear yer lines” centre halves. KT at left back – nuff said (rewatch his run against Murderwell on Saturday).



    Brown and Bitton are both technically gifted and tactically aware; Bitton the better technically of the two, but not by much.



    We will really struggle to create though, with the “technically inferior to Germans” Tam “twinkletoes” Rogic.



    Out wide Scott Sinclair roasted the experienced Citeh international fullback – must’ve been a fluke. And if James Forrest isane technically good enough, we might have to make do with the carthorse that is Patrick Roberts.



    Dembele couldnae hit a barn door wi’ his erchie I suppose, so we might have to stick wee Shorty up front!



    Aye, overall a technically inferior team. :>)




    FAC the Act




  7. They’ll need more than Thomson on Sunday you kidding me? I’m not surprised they’re pulling they’re usual strokes, same old, same old, in every department we have them all over the park, Brown said it, men against boys, this is a team we pumped 5-1 a few weeks ago, they’ve not pulled a super star from anywhere, they have the same tactics, no plan B, no central defenders, a coach that a Fanny, only two results on Sunday’s game, us going through to the final, and some contract plumber getting a right good earner fixing the lavies at the Hun end, its a doddle ffs, have your been watching Celtic this season? Thomson is a squirrel, keep your head in the game, ignore him.

  8. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Happy birthday Malorbhoy


    If what BRHT said and he is now in possession of his bus pass have they raised the age and not told us??



    Take a week off and return to moderaters



    Better behave myself then

  9. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Couple of German fans starting to show up in town centre this morning



    Thomson is not an awful referee.


    He is a cheat.


    He has been incredibly consistent in refereeing Celtic games.


    A simple look at his stats in Celtic games would confirm.


    He was picked in hope by our corrupt footballing authorities.


    From his deliberate booking of Maloney so as not to give us stonewall penalty against the huns to his instant red to Efe for accidental foul in semi in the year he only booked Aberdeen player who fouled Griff for penalty denying a clear goalscoring chance he has worn his bias proudly.


    A CHEAT and on sunday he will continue.

  11. VFR



    O.K. – Let’s not get too technical.



    I’d imagine BMG will be widely viewed by ‘footballing experts ‘as being a better side than Celtic in any conceivable sense ( and not just technically ).



    We may be better looking, and are better dancers, © Mel Brooks but still only in a wee diddy league.



    Scotland’s credentials (lack of ) are strictly POT 4 and we (Celtic ) must use all our magical powers to gain any points in group stage of a competition that was stolen from Big Cup type football long, long ago.



    12thManJungle CSC

  12. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Christensen will be a big miss if he is out. Decent defender, but also builds play up from the back.


    Hazard’s pace is key to the way they counter-attack with pace. Although if Herrmann comes back in I’d be more worried about him.

  13. I think they should give the guy at the front of the the GB section a mic linked to the PA to get all the fans singing in time. The song sheet should be passed to him from the Celtic Trust (obviously without a signature). In fact i think we should petition for such action so the Celtic Trust and GB and left wing uni types not only speak for all of us but actually lead us in song to. :@-)



    Hauns up if you want tae sign my petition?



    MWD those dastardly Celtic Trust\GB lefty uni educated types. :@-))

  14. bournesouprecipe on 18th October 2016 12:53 pm






    O.K. – Let’s not get too technical.



    I’d imagine BMG will be widely viewed by ‘footballing experts ‘as being a better side than Celtic in any conceivable sense ( and not just technically ).





    I disagree with the Right Honourable Gentlemanyou.



    I think that many pundits will see Celtic as a team at least with Gladbach, albeit in a diddy league. I think that in every respect we are a bigger club than them and they are only marginally higher in the UEFA rankings than us because of Bayern and Dortmund raising the German co-efficient (that an dthe fact we were pish under Ronny).



    If we had been the Pot 3 team (which we would hav ebeen under the new proposed co-efficient) I am sure we would have been looked upon as the better side.



    Timewilltell CSC



    FAC the Act




  15. Right folks if you haven’t yet completed the online survey to repeal the OBaF Act now is the time. Please, please don’t underestimate the importance of making the time to complete the survey. Time is now short so if you don’t have the time then follow these guidelines.








    If long forms daunt you, just give your contact details and then complete the 5 questions on Sections 1-5 showing you are in favour of repeal- that is just 5 ticks- then just scroll through to the end and press SUBMIT. It can be done in less than a minute.





  16. Canny believe that 2 mature young guys like BSR and VFR are debating Techno.



    Away from home though we have been a wee bit in a Dream Trance and there has been Nu-funk as it all got a bit Dark Ambient. It was like we were in the Witch House with the Industrial Music on offer. Only Liquid Funk saw us through as the Dark Step Drum and Bass set in.



    Up the Park we start of a wee bit Ambient, then raise it in the House a level as the bhoys come out were we get into our Funk Step. This season though we have been very Progressive House with some added Funk doing the Hardstep with Brendan Drill and basing us. We are rocking to a Newbeat adding in some Boogie Disco with loads of Happy Hardcore. The fans have been in a Psychedelic Trance watching Outsider house being sent back to Euro Trance.




  17. archdeaconsbench on




    An omission;



    celtic 2-0 villareal (2008)



    Admittedly, it was a dead rubber as we were already out, don’t think they were though….

  18. VFR



    You’re somewhat biased.



    Whether we get a ‘result’ ( sometimes a polite name for a point ) won’t settle anything in the


    ‘ma teams a bigger team than yours’ line of debate.



    We have to play Manchester and Gladbach away, till then the fat lady hasn’t started


    to clear her throat.

  19. Having watched an hours highlights of the BMG vs Barcelona game from match day 2, I am in no way confident we will win tomorrow (well, not to the same extent as many fellow fans I have spoken to anyway.)



    BMG were very unlucky to lose the game and they had enough chances to be in a comfortable position. It took a terrible mistake from the BMG keeper to give Barca the victory.



    We have our hands full tomorrow. If we excel in every position we can do it!

  20. On BTs Euro Football magazine programme,Rafa Honigstein tipped us to win 2-1 tomorrow night.He knows more about German football than any of us on here so i’m happy to accept his wisdom on the matter.


    Most commentators will simply look at the respective leagues and base their opinions of BMG and us on that:big league = better team than diddy league one.There would not be a lot of player analysis applied to their thinking,imho.


    I also believe that although BMG will have an awareness of the atmosphere they can expect it will still shock them as it has to be experienced to be truly appreciated,nothing can prepare you for it.Proof of this is that I still get caught out by it and i’ve experienced it over and over again.It is a force of it’s own and a weapon only our club possesses.


    All that being said,we still need the entire team to play similarly to the ManC performance if we are to get a win.I trust in them and Brendan to deliver.



    TONY D…


    I don’t normally agree with your posts but what you say about the thems game on Sunday is spot on imho.They have all the worries,we pose a bigger threat to us than they do.Only complacency or a massive downturn in form can lose us that game and that’s not something I see happening.Even with the cheat Thomson as ref.And anywho,that’s our wee game this week.




  21. Make no mistake, if we manage to win tomorrow night it will be a huge achievement.


    BMG play in a much better league against much better teams than we face every week in Scotland.


    We are in Pot 4 for a reason, namely over the past few years, we have been pretty poor in Europe. That includes NFL last season, as well as Ronnie’s two years!


    Brendan has made a real impact and has improved the team out of recognition from last season but we shouldn’t get carried away. BMG will be fit, well organised, tactically aware and very much aware that their season is on the line in these games. If we can win and for me that’s still be big if, then Brendan and the players will deserve as much credit if not more than they got for the draw with Citeh!


    Already excited about the game and looking forward to a great night!


    C’mon the Tic!








    Thank you very much for your kind words about wee Dawson last night.



    His family are proud of his fight,and proud of your good regards.




  23. Hamiltontim on 18th October 2016 1:17 pm


    Oi! That’s my job! I’m now redundant for the afternoon!



    MoonbeamsWD ‘Stand up on 15 for the GB’ on 18th October 2016 1:24 pm


    I can accept being labelled as old, but please don’t confuse me with those who are mature! Schoolboy error!



    bournesouprecipe on 18th October 2016 1:25 pm


    I’m not somewhat biased; I am absolutely biased!



    Stringer Bell on 18th October 2016 1:26 pm


    I watched the whole game; they had the same number of chances we had against Man City and only 1 on target. Barca had 8 on target, so the highlights didn’t show the whole picture. Barca could have won it a bit easier.




    FAC the Act




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