3m rule for Celtic only. Farrygate but from the Government this time


Coverage of Neil Lennon’s press conference was curated to show the manager angry and apparently confused about the health of his squad.  The reason for his anger was omitted from the snippets available online yesterday afternoon, then mocked by those who should know better.

Neil clearly explained what upset him (full transcript from GlasgowLive).  The country is following medical advice to maintain a 2m social distance.  Football has followed this rule and it was the determining factor in isolating Ryan Christie and Kieran Tierney when they were within 2m of infected Stuart Armstrong with Scotland in October.  Only Christie and Tierney had to isolate as the rest of the squad were not within 2m of Armstrong for any period of time.

Clubs across the UK have made travel arrangements accordingly, keeping a 2m distance between players where possible, or accepting the risk if packing them in any tighter.  The 2m rule has been absolute and continues to feature in public health adverts.

What happened politically after Celtic left for Dubai is why you saw an angry Celtic manager yesterday.

On 5 January, Nicola Sturgeon used her daily PR conference to reference photographs of Celtic players in Dubai poolside, and while admitting she had no actual information to backup what she was saying, questioned if Celtic were following her rules.  Celtic were following the rules, but that is irrelevant to the Show Trial the First Minister launched.

As Neil Lennon explained, the Scottish Government turned on Celtic, creating a brand new 3m rule for them, while every other club in Scotland with a positive case has been asked to observe a 2m rule.

This is the reason our number of excluded players was as high for the Hibs and Livi games.  It is the reason we were subsequently forced to keep players 3m apart when travelling, or 3 players to a 52 seater bus.  The rule change was not announced by the First Minister at her PR conferences and has not been forced on any other club, it was delivered below the radar on a vulnerable club with a baying mob (including former players who care nothing for us) ready to lap it up.

Despite the acres of gorging media coverage, no one has solicited a comment on Neil’s claim from the Scottish Government.  The Celtic manager appears in front of the country’s media to explain how the Government apply one rule to Celtic and another to the rest of the country, and the headlines are all about his anger!  Do you want Tony ‘Take it on the chin’ instead?

The First Minister is on the hook for this.  She promised action on Celtic despite knowing they followed her rules, and she followed through with this 3m punishment. It keeps eyes away from her day job.  But Neil did the inverted commas sign and he’s having a nightmare season, so some would rather mock, speculate about his mental health or drinking habits.  I hope it’s worth the clicks.

Maybe my views were forged when the SFA’s Jim Farry had one rule for Celtic and another for everyone else, but I think the only acceptable reaction to this from a Celtic manager or supporter is seething anger.  This is no different in execution or consequence.

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  1. Good evening bhoys and ghirls.



    Just in from a hard days graft, cough, cough.



    What’s the craic, same old, same old?



    Neil still in charge of our glorious demise?



    Peter Lawell still got more faces than the Royston Spire Clock?



    Squirrels R Us still out there in Celtic land?



    Does anyone know the 66 Odd staff that Neil said were in Dubai?



    Does anyone know who the other possitive case is?



    Changes are a coming I tell ye.



    All that and I still cannot wait to see the Bhoys in Green manana.



    D :)







    Apparently Neil Lennon picked the side relayed to Gavin Strachan, and Welsh dropped out for Nir Bitton signed by NL in his first spell and contracted extended till 2023. The need to get ‘second’ place will be spearheaded by senior players if NL’s record is anything to go by, and it took till December before we got something other than that in midfield.



    I’d rather we played the bhoys, and took our chances for the second CL place which will require qualification anyway.



    New Broom CSC

  3. Correction to my brain fart of course it was a 1-1 draw against the Hibs and clean sheet against Livi.

  4. Moral of this story….


    Next time Celtic travel to the Middle East….


    Take a flying carpet…..


    Better ventilation




  5. First of all I don’t think Lenny should have got the job the first time especially after that shambles on April 10 eleven years ago when we lost in the SC semi tae lower league Ross County, that result IMHO was worse than “Super Caley Go Ballistic”.



    More so his calling down John Park tae allegedly question him about his signings on the park (nae pun intended), was humiliating to the football development manager.



    However I’m firmly on his side after his presser, he only said what most of us think. For those who say it sounds like entitlement, why not we are the establishment club just like we were until ure primrose pledged deidco tae the craft.



    They immediately started tae recruit from the ranks of the 3rd knuckle rubbers and lol and not just players but fans, business associates, tradesmen, clerks, accountants, polis, judicial officers of the court, and most importantly the smsm, who would champion their club.



    But for the likes of Wullie Maley we would have been pushed tae the back of the bus completely. Any success between then and May 25, 1967 is down tae the foundations he put in place.



    For some of us the men and women who came before us from the land beyond the sea, God Bless Them, although miners, navvies, quarrymen and even bus and tram drivers, showed us the way, education.



    Although I never saw signs that said “no Catholics’ need apply” there were places you knew not tae bother looking for a job.



    I recall standing on a hill overlooking a building site when an older gentleman said tae me “look down there son, what do you see” as I turned he continued “Catholics and stupid protestants as prods with any sense at all widnae work in the conditions we do”.



    That was only 50 or so year ago, this was the least bigoted person I knew, yes he was of the same culture and faith as me but he was also a product of a mixed marriage and he himself had a non-Catholic spouse.



    Approaching 40 he left the country a year later tae give his own weans a better chance in life.



    We have moved on and some of our compatriots have gained prominence in positions that only trooser lifters once occupied. Unfortunately that last bastion of that dark side of society are in the country’s most popular sport.



    There seems tae be a thought that this will be the worst season in our history, looks like some of our support should refrain fae singing “if you the history”.



    In 1948 we were almost relegated yet 3 year later won the SC, our first major trophy in 13 years, although it should be noted the war years interfered with that.



    From that glorious “oh hampden in the sun” Saturday until Big Billy’s bumper final, albeit with a wee bit of help from wee ten thirty and Charlie G, we played deidco 35 times winning only 6 one of which was by the toss of the coin in the Charity Cup and another aet in the Glasgow Cup, and yet 2 years 1 month and 1 day later we were Kings of Europe.



    This year, as grim as it has been, disnae even come close tae being the poorest.



    When I was a wee bhoy I would often go up tae games with my da on the ould Vale of Leven CSC bus. There would always be singing, old songs as well as new, such as “Oh Patsy Gallagher and Andy McAtee”.



    Another was about why we support the Celtic tae the same tune as Skibbereen, with a line similar tae “I was hunted through the mountains as a traitor to the queen and that’s another reason why I left Old Skibbereen” only ours had a reference tae “above our ground there flies a flag of emerald green” continuing with” and that’s another reason why I support the Celtic team”.



    There are numerous reasons why “forever and ever we’ll follow the bhoys, the Glasgow Celtic, the Timalloys” but the main thing is we were, are and always will be faithful through and through.



    Right now we are all gutted, mostly about not winning the 10 but also that the scabby mob will have stopped us once again.



    When we failed to win the ten 46 year ago we ended up in 3rd place 11 points with a 13 GD behind deidco and 4 points but a + 8 GD to 2nd place Hibs, we knew it was all over on January 11 after losing at home tae Motherwell, so we hoped the Hibbees would be champions.



    They actually took 3 points off the eventual winners the first 2 with a Des Bremner winner at hades, however after beating us at Easter Road in February they lost the following week at home tae kilmasonic and then the next week away at Cappielow, they then bounced back but 2 points lost back to back at home tae the huns and the following Saturday at Somerset Park ended their title aspirations.



    This was a very good Hibbee team BTW containing such luminaries as John Brownlie, Eric Schaedler, John Blackley, Alex Edwards, Arthur Duncan, Pat Stanton, Alec Cropley, Joe Harper, Alan Gordon, Des Bremner and Jim O’Rourke who was a constant thorn in our sides.



    They were, after recruiting Eddie Turnbull fae the sheep who had finished 2nd tae us with deidco 16 points and 35 GD behind us in 3rd place, our biggest rivals beating us in 3 consecutive Dryborough Cup Finals as well as an LC one.



    As good as they were, 4 months prior tae losing at Easter Road we had beat them 5-0 and 6-3.



    Losing 3 goals in the latter should have given us a wake up call to the uncertainty of our goalie who had lost form after losing a soft goal in a WC qualifier against the Czechs the previous year at the same venue from which he struggled to recover from.



    As it was, Jock completely lost faith in him after defeats at hades and one week later at home tae Motherwell after being 2 up, and so a combination of an aging squad and poor goal keeping cost us the ten.



    I had thought at the time we would bounce back the following season as this was an average hun side although they did have a very lucky goalie, I say that as everything that went his way either hit him on the heid, legs or erse.



    He was capped 5 times for the national side, the last appearance was at Wembley, he had been classed as the future of Scottish goalies as well as the new jerry dawson by the hun support or smsm, nae difference really.



    The day of that final international the Big Mhan was on the tele and when asked about him stated that he was an unusual goalie as he was left sided, but we had found that out 2 weeks before in the GC Final and he had no doubt Don (Revie) was aware of this.



    England’s 5 goals that afternoon came at the goalies right hand side and he never played for the national side again.



    They also had a pretty middling squad as well and their only signing of note was mckean fae the Buddies who they bought for half the amount we paid the sizzle for Ronnie Glavin which was a Celtic record at the time.



    However they did pull a master stroke by bringing back veteran colin stein who they had let go, no not for performance issues, but disciplinary ones, similarly tae big hhhhately a few years later, which were comparable tae the wee Fife ned who they had also got rid of.



    He only scored 3 goals on his return but one of which was in that 1-1 tie at Easter Road which almost guaranteed them the title, they tied the next game at Tannadice, winning the following 2, in which he scored, by solitary goals, losing their final game at home against lowly Airdrie, as I said they wurnae that good just a perfect storm as has occurred this season.



    We had signed England Under 23 international Peter Latchford, on the advice of Don Revie, who turned out pretty good and with an aging Billy retiring as well as Brogie moving on Jock arranged for the signing of shuggie tae compliment big Rod the Plod.



    Unfortunately for us the Big Mhan was involved in an MVA and so our season was in a bit of a turmoil, he did return the following season but the injuries sustained made his continuance in club football not feasible.



    Season 75/76 wasn’t as bad as it looked at the time, with ould Sean in charge we finished in 2nd place 6 points behind them, we did score more goals than them but our goals against was deplorable, we were also runners up in the LC but a defeat at Fir Park, again after being 2 up, finished Sean’s managerial career as he moved tae Head of Youth Development / Chief Scout on Jock’s return.



    On Jock’s return we dropped 4 points in our first 3 League games, 2 of those at home, losing 5 goals; we had also shipped 3 goals down at Boagheid in a 3-3 tied LC game.



    At that Jock went out and signed veteran Pat Stanton tae bolster the defense, unfortunately we had tae sacrifice Jackie Mac Snr a player that if the truth be told would walk intae the current side, a couple of weeks later Joe Craig was brought in tae too add some firepower tae the side.



    I came hame for Christmas that year and took in the Boxing Day game against the Sheep, a team that “stole” the LC from us 7 weeks earlier with an injury time goal fae Celtic supporter Davie Robb.



    Standing in the Jungle that Sunday afternoon in what was a tremendous game ending 2-2, with Drew Jarvie, a player the Big Mhan coveted but Airdrie widnae sell tae us so we had tae do with Dixie, no a bad move really, the MOTM.



    On the way back up the Gallowgate toward Bellgrove Station I said tae my mate that we were one player short of being a very very good side, that player would arrive a couple of months later, “he used tae be a hun but he’s all right now Alfie Alfie”.



    Two months later and we were Double Winners, the future augured well or so we thought. However, as the wee Ayrshire whoremaister once said “the best laid plans o’ mice and men”



    We lost Kenny, Pat, Alfie and Danny, the latter 3 tae injury with Pats being career ending. We finished 5th in the table 19 points and a 29 GD behind deidco, and we think this season is bad.



    At the end of May we announced that Big Billy would replace Jock as manager, he become an executive director. Billy would bring Luggy as his assistant while we would part company with Davie McParland and Sean Fallon.



    However, bigger news would occur across the city as their treble winning manager jacked it in, no reason has ever been given but his first signing for Leicester was a young Celtic supporter and Tradamus Lampada FP fae the Renton who sadly had a career ending injury while down there.



    After 10 men won the League stopped another treble their title aspirations were curtailed as the “new firm” became our biggest challengers. That is until the beast joined them and within 5 years almost put them in the grubber which forced Marlborough tae sell up and bail oot back tae the States.



    The beast never won an SC and we, as financially hamstrung as we were, actually won the double during this period in our Centennial year plus the SC the following year.



    When the Ayrshire rag and bone man took over they gambled on winning the Big Cup and after being pumped out of both European trophies naesurname was put on notice, it was bader that cost them the dreaded 10. I say dreaded because stopping us doing it that will see them a busted flush again.



    Steptoe eventually bankrupted them, and almost hauf of Scottish fitba tae including us, but for the intervention of the wee Croy expat.



    When Fergus arrived we were all jumping up and down practically demanding he save our nine, he saw a bigger picture in building a new stadium which set us on the road tae an unforeseen and unparalleled 16 Titles, 11 Scottish and 9 League Cups we never never imagined in our wildest dreams while singing “always look on the bright side of life”.



    We rebounded both fae the ten and Jocks leaving and I have no reason tae doubt we will do so again as sevco will be a one season wonder.



    With this Covid pandemic seemingly getting worse there is a chance that the season may be null and void, personally I hope no, not because I’m indifferent tae that mendacious, cheatin mob winning it, but because of the loss of life that this second phase may entail.



    Most of us on here have never seen bad times, by that I mean Korea, Vietnam etc, only those who lived in the black north have known an armed struggle, Covid is possibly the worse we have ever suffered.



    IMHO life will never be the same again, some businesses will never recover and I include sports organisations here. As Sam Cook once said, while he was one of America’s top singers, after being turned away from a Holiday Inn in Shreveport Louisiana “A Change is Gonna Come”.



    We will be prepared for this as, no matter what, we have a different mindset now and although DD is seen as public enemy number one by some he is also the mhan who when asked by the Bunnet tae invest £4m, after viewing the prospectus, saw we would need £8m, so he offered tae invest £4m and underwrite another £4m.



    He also underwrote 2 other share issues to keep us solvent and I have no doubt he will pull the strings again, he is no clarence or bader but a real billionaire and you don’t become that by throwing money about like a mhan with no erms.



    Remember “we are Celtic supporters, faithful through and through, and over and over, we will follow you”.



    BTW that’s no blind faith either but a lifetime of supporting the bhoys.

  6. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Rock Tree Bhoy – if you’re interested see my reply to Martin 42 at 3.34.

  7. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Everybody knows we need a new manager, but these so called Celtic fans continually putting the boot in to Neil Lennon – spoiled brats every one of them – they should join up with the ‘the rangers’ fans who also love putting the boot in to Neil, march on Celtic Park unified – a united Old Firm – waving banners demanding Neil leaves Scotland immediately – well done Neil, you have finally united the Old Firm in a common goal, for that you should be made a knight of the realm – or even better – Sir Neil Lennon!

  8. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    BIG JIMMY on 19TH JANUARY 2021 4:51 PM






    Superb stuff mate.


    BOTH those Babes are just my height and weight.


    WOW !





    My pleasure.



    And, if you liked that, you’ll love this… :-))











  9. I hope that Mr Trump remembers to set his alarm clock for his early flitting Tomorrow at dawn ?


    Wouldnt surprise me if Trump the Chump left the Gas on just for badness ?



  10. bournesouprecipe…………. Young Turnbull and Soro were kept under wraps for too long and there are some excellent young players like Welsh, Mikey and Henderson who must be given a chance and they will shine.

  11. Rock Tree Bhoy on




    I’ve no problems with anyone who has a different opinion than mine – none whatsoever – but please tell me why you feel the need to insult our host?

  12. Level playing field my arse. When the rules are changed for one club, there is a name for that.



    Well said Paul67.


    And well said Lenny, standing up for the Club.





    No more mate…my auld Ticker couldnt take it.. LOL



    some time ago I put up this song on here …


    The McCoys…and ” Hang on Sloppy”…it will rock your socks.


    The song was from 1965, but the Video was from 1976…Apparently ?


    Sorry but i cant do the Youtube Link…but have a look for yourself.



  14. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    OMG mate, did you read what I wrote?



    I was QUOTING someone else at 12.06 who came out with a stupid comment aimed at our host.



    I called HIM a cretin, NOT Paul.



    I give up.

  15. Rock Tree Bhoy on




    Don’t give up mate, I’ve re- read your post, I was wrong, you did not insult Paul 67 (it just looked that way!). Apologies for claiming that you did.

  16. These people sticking up for Neil should think what they are doing to Neil and our club.



    They should join up with Sevco fans in wanting all the I’ll will, bad press and continued crap on the field of play and off it.



    Oh and not to forget they are cheering on PL and his board who want an old firm.



    D :)

  17. Where can we watch the game tomorrow night guys is it on Sly sports, or are we being asked to purchase from Livingstone or Hesgoal.



    D :)

  18. I hope that I am NOT tempting Fate here but here goes…



    IF St Johnstone have ” Evidence” that Neil Lennon was/is wrong with his accusations yesterday, especially in relation to the Scot Gov…WHY did Nicola Sturgeon say NOTHING about it Today in Parliament…Surely she would have been VERY Keen and Eager to shoot down Neil Lennon and Celtic at the first opportunity ?



  19. One man`s impassioned, powerful and heartfelt speech is another man`s out of control rant.




    It was good that Neil Lennon pointed out the bias against Celtic in Scotland. It`s a pity he expressed some of his opinion in an angry tone.

  20. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    DAVID66 on 19TH JANUARY 2021 5:29 PM



    These people sticking up for Neil should think what they are doing to Neil and our club.






    David – I’m not sure if I’m reading you correctly here so I wont say too much – other than everyone I’ve spoken to agree Neil has to go sooner rather than later but are utterly appalled by the way the mob – our mob – has turned on him.

  21. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    BIG JIMMY on 19TH JANUARY 2021 5:16 PM






    some time ago I put up this song on here …


    The McCoys…and ” Hang on Sloppy”…it will rock your socks.





    I know it well – and I agree – ooooft !!!



    WeeBGFC is a fan :-))






  22. Big Jimmy. 5.33.


    I hope your health is as good as it can be, at present.



    St Johnstone are only defending themselves, no one else, after Neil name checked them about their facilities, yesterday. Here’s their statement.



    “St Johnstone Football Club is extremely disappointed with the completely inaccurate and unfounded comments about our facilities made yesterday by Neil Lennon, the Celtic FC manager, in a media conference.



    “We provide one of the largest away team changing areas in the league.



    “Every team, including Celtic, is also provided with a large area for team meetings.



    “We follow all protocols and guidance to ensure the health and safety of all players, staff and officials.



    “When Celtic FC visited McDiarmid Park on October 4 for an SPFL Premiership match, we made sure their every request and requirement was met.



    “Celtic viewed all of our facilities before the game and no issues were raised. No issues were raised with us after the game.



    “All during this challenging period of the past nine months, our football club has maintained adherence to the highest of standards.



    “Indeed, the SPFL delegates have commended us on our work during this campaign.”

  23. P8 @ 3.40



    Why don’t you offer your forensic skills at textual analysis to Not-Jacinda?


    From what I hear there is good money on offer to keep her mob out of prison.



    Failing that why don’t you go out and play tig with the buses.


    NL is an ordinary guy with an extra-ordinary job with no support from the exec level.



    He called out the stinking hypocrisy at the heart of the matter.


    The Nats are using our trip to Dubai as a huge squirrel to take the focus off their own failings.



    We made the wrong call and have apologised for it.



    The Nats and Not-Jacinda have made a number of wrong calls costing many lives regarding their handling of the CoViD19 pandemic — maybe you should ask them to apologise.

  24. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    TONTINE TIM on 19TH JANUARY 2021 5:04 PM



    Simply brilliant.



    My “know your history” refreshed.



    Faith in the Celtic community bolstered.






    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith




    I think you will find most “rangers” fans want Neil to stay as coach.

  26. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    !!BADA BING!! on 19TH JANUARY 2021 5:36 PM


    Sly and hesgoal tomorrow






    Genuine thanks for advice on viewing options.



    I’ve chosen my option.


    (saying nothing🤔)



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  27. PAUL THE SPARK on 19TH JANUARY 2021 12:19 PM


    The board aren’t slow at sticking the boot into Celtic fans if there is a suggestion of bad behaviour but they allow other fans and pundits to trash us . No chance that they would come out fighting against the government



    Cellic fans n cellic meeja are doing not to bad a job pasting Celtic to Paul tbf. :-)




  28. “We provide one of the largest away team changing areas in the league.”



    Hmmm….if so, why did Neil not use one of the`smallest away team changing areas`to make his point ? Strange.

  29. From Videocelts.


    Neil Lennon’s ban on Sky Sports speaking to players has barely lasted 24 hours.



    The Celtic boss warned that the SPFL’s main broadcaster wouldn’t get access to himself or any players until Andy Walker apologises for his comments about a ‘jolly’ to Dubai.




    The broadcast deal requires clubs to make a player and member of the management team available to Sky Sports before and after the match.




    In mid-afternoon today Sky uploaded an interview with Ryan Christie discussing having to self isolate for the second time this season.



    Celtic’s decision to contradict their manager highlights what appears to be a growing rift within the club. Yesterday Celtic never issued any tweets from Lennon’s media conference with no sign of it on the club’s You Tube channel.



    The action moves on to Livingston tomorrow, first up Sky are likely to include Andy Walker in their commentary team with Lennon’s claims bound to be put to the former Celtic striker.




    Before the 8.15 pm kick off Celtic have to provide Sky with an interview with a member of the management team, putting up John Kennedy would be the obvious solution.