40 years of B team failure


In the grand scheme of things, it might not seem to matter that Celtic’s B team have no reserve league to compete in next season.  It will not determine the outcome of the league title and will affect Premiership teams equally.  The impact of what happens in reserve football are, however, real and long lasting.

For decades, Celtic have dominated Scottish youth leagues, yet the ability to transform players who shine in their age group into first team regulars is woeful.  James Forrest, Callum McGregor and the superstar from Wishaw are all we are inclined to talk about since Paul McStay bookended the golden two decades 40 years ago.  Compare that to the relative success of Hibs, Aberdeen, United, Motherwell, even Hamilton Accies!

Reasons for failures are usually complex and simplistic explanations by outsiders should come with a Dunning-Kruger health warning, but I know multiple iterations of Celtic coaches have bemoaned the lack of competition our development squads face.

A young David Turnbull at Motherwell would have taken midfield responsibility as his side battled teams of equal or greater ability.  The same player at Celtic would play in a team that dominated possession every week and always faced weaker opponents.  No one improves their sharpness, industry or skill continually facing weaker opposition.

The consequence of all this is that we can expect our finest talent to wither on the vine more often than grab a pitch-side megaphone unless and until they face better players week-in, week-out.

The perennial ‘Colts team’ proposition now sits with the Scottish Lowland League, which I do not expect is of a great standard, although many of their pitches are better than their SFL counterparts.  It is better than nothing and possibly better that a Premiership Reserve league, however, if we want to reverse a 40 year trend, we will need to be far more creative.

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  2. From the BBC site- a great example for budding Journalists of how to be blind to any signs of BS being spun, from Chris McGlaughlin, and a masterclass in non-deductive reasoning from Stephen McGowan:-





    “The former owner of Rangers, Craig Whyte, says getting involved with the Ibrox club was the biggest regret of his life.


    Whyte took over Sir David Murray’s majority shareholding for £1 exactly 10 years ago, while agreeing to take on millions in debt.


    The business also faced the prospect of a huge tax bill.


    Whyte used money projected to come from future season tickets to allow him to complete his purchase.


    However, under Whyte’s stewardship, the Rangers business went into administration and then liquidation in 2012.


    Whyte, who is now 50, was charged and later cleared of fraud in relation to the takeover.


    “I thought it was a good opportunity to make a profit,” he said.


    “It’s hard to believe it is 10 years but I remember when I was first asked to have a look at it.


    “It seemed like a good idea at the time but clearly it turned out not to be.”


    Loathed by Rangers fans and lauded by some supporters of other clubs, Whyte still maintains he should never have been painted as the villain.


    “I don’t believe I did anything wrong,” he said.


    “I was not responsible for the build-up of tax debt that caused HMRC to pursue Rangers.


    “I was the guy who was there when it went wrong but I wasn’t the person who caused the problem.”


    Whyte, who now does most of his business in South America, admits he could have been more open about his funding of the takeover.


    The sale of the club was predicated on wiping out bank debt totalling about £18m.


    He used the company Ticketus to secure a loan based on future season ticket sales – effectively buying the club with fan money.


    But he decided not to make that news public.


    “I should have been more open with the fans and the media,” he said.


    “I should have disclosed the funding method on day one – by not doing that I gave the media and the fans ammunition to throw at me.”


    It is an argument that is unlikely to make its way into the history books.


    Whyte knows he will forever be the main villain one of the darkest chapters in the history of Rangers – something that is justified, according to journalist Stephen McGowan, from the Scottish Daily Mail.


    “I think Craig Whyte will be remembered as the man who took Rangers into administration and ultimately towards liquidation,” he said.


    I don’t think history will remember him in any way in any fond or benevolent manner.


    “He may wish to paint himself as the man who had the wool pulled over his eyes, but ultimately Rangers fans will always feel that he was the one doing the pulling.”


    Whyte admits his brief association with football is not one he is keen to repeat.


    Asked how he would look back on his time at Rangers, he used the word “nightmare”.


    “I think it’s fair to say that the whole experience, from start to finish, from walking into Ibrox on that first day, to being acquitted at the High Court, was the most traumatic experience of my life, for sure.”

  3. FRANKTERRY on 6TH MAY 2021 12:41 PM



    The older generation voted for Brexit for the same reasons they have voted for the most right wing gov in my lifetime.




    In my experience elderly people often have a much better grasp of the way of the world than young people. Besides, these distinctions and divisions only serve to divide and fragment us. I say be a floating voter, ditch the left and right and the young and the old barriers and enjoy living in a relatively democratic country, making politicians accountable

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    comic = big Rhod Gilbert lookalike ?

  5. rimtimtim



    Madmitch addressed this a wee while back. Based on greed and way ahead of the Euro Super League for self-interest. Benefitted initially from young players already in the system, but now gives us four games against the Accies.

  6. Cornelius – email sent Sir



    VP – aye, but yon manic Tommy Tiernan glint in his eye. Driest, most bonkers sense of humour I ever saw on here imho!



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    How good was that day at Airdrie………. EKFC v CELTIC .


    5 of us went ,me , my son-in-law my daughter and Their 2 sons who play for the young EKFC team.



    First time ever cheering an opposition goalkeeper, he did his mum and dad proud , got MOTM too.



    PADDYBHOY1888 and JUNE if your looking in hope your all doing well



    Ps ….Mathew is a lovely boy.

  8. On one level Whyte is right – he was caught out in a corrupt game of ‘pass the parcel’. Murray worked him like a glove puppet.



    If people like Keith Jackson had not painted him as a “billionaire with off the radar wealth”, he could have possibly ‘sold’ the Ticketus ‘rescue’ to the fans. I am sure it would have been more favourable than going bust and having Sevco spend four years in the wilderness.

  9. RIMTIMTIM on 6TH MAY 2021 3:51 PM



    ‘In my experience elderly people often have a much better grasp of the way of the world than young people.’



    Brexit, Johnson and an impending climate disaster. I shudder to think what state we’d be in if they didn’t have such a good grasp of the world.

  10. Greenpinata on

    My friends in Celtic,



    Who is the most important person at a professional football team. It is the manager.



    Just seen on twittering that Shane Duffy has been sent back to Brighton. A very costly failed exercise. An over £3m failure for not even adult season.



    Now tell me that we cannot pay the going rate for a top class manager.



    How’s that.




  11. Why would a top class manager come to Scottish football? And if they did, are they really top class, and if they are would they hang about longer than a couple of seasons?



    I don’t think money is the main issue, we waste millions every year on players after all.

  12. FRANKTERRY on 6TH MAY 2021 4:27 PM



    Brexit was a democratic decision, therefore although I voted to stay in, as a democrat I respect the outcome. The same is true of the Scottish Referendum – it will be a once in a generation exercise, despite the guff spun by the SNPcult – they know that there is no coherent economic case for separation. Recent polls now showing that people realise that the Nationalist pipe-dream would turn into an economic pipe-bomb.



    I now believe that Brexit will go down in history as one of the best decisions made by the UK since the end of WW2. The increasingly mutual France/Germany influence will isolate and eventually marginalise the others.

  13. JHB on 2ND SEPTEMBER 2020 12:20 PM



    ‘SNP… teaching LGBT & porn in schools’



    (and then in the very next paragraph to confirm its fascination with porn, children and extreme right wing propaganda)



    ”The Party (SNP) ….teaching porn to primary pupils ‘





    You are a liar and a troll. I ignore your posts but if you ever choose to direct a comment towards me i shall re-post the above.



    Now go and bore someone else.

  14. Greenpinata on

    THE_HUDDLE on 6TH MAY 2021 4:45 PM


    Why would a top class manager come to Scottish football




    The challenge.


    To rebuild a career


    Lucrative deal.



    Rafa, who we all consider a top class manager went to the backwater league of China ( In football terms )




  15. ernie lynch on

    FRANKTERRY on 6TH MAY 2021 4:53 PM



    ‘I ignore your posts’







    What, by reading them, responding to them and saying you’ll respond to them in future?

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    Happy and Hoopy birthday Paul.


    Still my favourite and first site that I choose to find out information on my team.


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  17. ERNIE LYNCH on 6TH MAY 2021 5:09 PM]



    I’m ignoring your posts too :-)

  18. Don’t think “the rangers” will have a problem with st sales, now us……that’s a different matter.

  19. Have either Celtic or Sevco started Ticket renewal yet?



    No one know?



    PS The reason I have included Sevco is that i have seen some posts alluding to reasons why Celtic have not started selling ST`s yet but if Sevco, a Club of a similar size, have not started selling either, then the reasons proferred for our delay might not be accurate.

  20. TIMHORTON on 6TH MAY 2021 5:39 PM



    That is kind of my point. Sevco tickets would be very popular right now so, if they are not selling yet, why not?

  21. Frank Terry –



    An impending climate disaster………



    I´m old enough to remember when “pollution” and “ecology” entered the political debate in the early 1970´s and by the late Seventies middle class kids were wearing save the whale t shirts but couldn´t care less about the steel workers on strike. Academic ecologists can point accusatory fingers at the population all day long but we are NOT ruining the Earth. People are responsible in general. The academics need climate change/crisis/ disaster to keep them in a job/career. Meanwhile any punter who questions their theories is shut down, mocked, and ridiculed.

  22. I think with limited attendances, say 15k for example, games will be pay at the gate or season book holders will have their card activated for games for which it is valid, that will be a reason for not selling, how can you if you do not know how many will be allowed in?


    The club’s performance might not be the only reason for any downturn in ticket sales.

  23. rimtimtim


    All good points


    The planet would be a great place if there wasn’t


    far too many people messing it up.


    The population can’t keep growing at it’s current


    rate. It’s totally unsustainable.

  24. ernie lynch on

    RIMTIMTIM on 6TH MAY 2021 5:47 PM




    ‘Academic ecologists can point accusatory fingers at the population all day long but we are NOT ruining the Earth.’






    There’s been a massive decline in biodiversity everywhere. You don’t have to be an ‘academic ecologist’ to be aware of that. Just go for a walk, or look out your window.