40 years of B team failure


In the grand scheme of things, it might not seem to matter that Celtic’s B team have no reserve league to compete in next season.  It will not determine the outcome of the league title and will affect Premiership teams equally.  The impact of what happens in reserve football are, however, real and long lasting.

For decades, Celtic have dominated Scottish youth leagues, yet the ability to transform players who shine in their age group into first team regulars is woeful.  James Forrest, Callum McGregor and the superstar from Wishaw are all we are inclined to talk about since Paul McStay bookended the golden two decades 40 years ago.  Compare that to the relative success of Hibs, Aberdeen, United, Motherwell, even Hamilton Accies!

Reasons for failures are usually complex and simplistic explanations by outsiders should come with a Dunning-Kruger health warning, but I know multiple iterations of Celtic coaches have bemoaned the lack of competition our development squads face.

A young David Turnbull at Motherwell would have taken midfield responsibility as his side battled teams of equal or greater ability.  The same player at Celtic would play in a team that dominated possession every week and always faced weaker opponents.  No one improves their sharpness, industry or skill continually facing weaker opposition.

The consequence of all this is that we can expect our finest talent to wither on the vine more often than grab a pitch-side megaphone unless and until they face better players week-in, week-out.

The perennial ‘Colts team’ proposition now sits with the Scottish Lowland League, which I do not expect is of a great standard, although many of their pitches are better than their SFL counterparts.  It is better than nothing and possibly better that a Premiership Reserve league, however, if we want to reverse a 40 year trend, we will need to be far more creative.

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  1. Good morning cqn from a dry but cold Garngad



    An entertaining read back.



    Still no manag…… Auch forget it.



    Who is making the decisions to let players leave?



    Talk about handing your opponents an advantage. If it is Howe it is an absoloute joke that we are waiting this long an absoloute joke.


    What is the hold up, is it over a couple of hundred grand?? A couple of million??


    How much did we get from Leicester for BR, £9 million.



    Get a grip Celtic FC board, not 1 fit fir purpose.






    D :)

  2. You can stick your Tory/ Brexit Banners up yer union jacksey.


    Not being “Racist”…but if the English want No.1 LYING CHUMP Boris and his Cronies to lead them…they are welcome to them.



    Hartlepool …..isnt that where the locals used to hang Monkeys because they thought the Monkeys were French men ?


    Thick as a Brick.

  3. I saw a Pic of Scottish Tory Leader Douglas ” Red Card” Ross and his wife yesterday on TV………..I know that he is wan ugly Bassa…but his Wife makes Maggie Thatcher look like Claudia Schiffer….and his wean is called…wait for it…” Alistair”…I wonder who that wean is named after ?

  4. Uncle Jimmy on



    I see Aberdeen, with their new manager, are continuing to strengthen. Scott Brown and the lad Gallagher will make a difference.



    Meanwhile, scotland’s second team continue to do nothing.


    How many managerial options are we talking to?


    Season ticket renewals cannot be issued, new players can’t be signed


    And I thought this season may be a blip!

  5. JHB on 6TH MAY 2021 4:45 PM


    FRANKTERRY on 6TH MAY 2021 4:27 PM







    Brexit was a democratic decision, therefore although I voted to stay in, as a democrat I respect the outcome. The same is true of the Scottish Referendum – it will be a once in a generation exercise, despite the guff spun by the SNPcult – they know that there is no coherent economic case for separation. Recent polls now showing that people realise that the Nationalist pipe-dream would turn into an economic pipe-bomb.







    I now believe that Brexit will go down in history as one of the best decisions made by the UK since the end of WW2. The increasingly mutual France/Germany influence will isolate and eventually marginalise the others.





    Its Funny how all those who supported Brexit and who PROMISED that Britain would save £350 MILLION a Week ( remember the Slogan on Tory/Brexit Buses ?), and that MOST of that Cash would be diverted to the NHS ?


    IF the saving of £350Million a WEEK was/were TRUE…Why is Boris and his Cronies pleading Poverty, when it comes to trying to rescue the UK from the Financial Impact of Covid…why is/are the Tories CUTTING Foreign Aid, Why are the Tories FAILING to pay the NHS the 4% Pay Rise that it promised to and now only offer the NHS Staff…a lousy 1%…and blaming Covid for any lack of cash…Meanwhile….Brexit Boris is picking Wallpaper at £850 a ROLL ?

  6. squire danaher on




    You’ll get a row for starting the politics ha ha



    You are kaaarect about Hartlepool and the monkey. My Darlington born father in law loves telling the story.



    In the 1800s a shipwreck found on the coast was found to have a monkey on board. The locals hung the creature fearing it was a French spy.

  7. fourstonecoppi on

    Huge swing to Conservatives as Labour lose Hartlepool for the first time in 62 years in crucial by-election.


    FFS, hang your head in shame Starmer !!!

  8. fourstonecoppi on

    BIG JIMMY on 7TH MAY 2021 6:23 AM


    Wee Nicola should have stuck the Heid on that Nazi Burd Storm Trooper !



    Fuk aye!….I’d’ve done it fur her!

  9. An Tearmann on

    Labour lose Hartlepool


    And the purveyors of delusion here still think the party led by a chancellor broon and war criminal blair did not harm them.Thats the harm the war criminal done to the original party of the working class.They will never be in power again yet these losers here imply they have authority and knowledge….yeh of how they remain powerless.Tony did that.

  10. timmy7_noted on

    An Tearmann on 7th May 2021 7:35 am



    Absolutely spot on. No doubt we’ll have the usual apologists on telling us that we should remain in the Tory union, sad forelock tuggers the lot of them.


    Forelock tugging cult?


    Blind loyalty cult?


    Brexit cult?


    Boris cult?

  11. SQUIRE DANAHER on 7TH MAY 2021 7:09 AM









    You’ll get a row for starting the politics ha ha







    You are kaaarect about Hartlepool and the monkey. My Darlington born father in law loves telling the story.







    In the 1800s a shipwreck found on the coast was found to have a monkey on board. The locals hung the creature fearing it was a French spy.





    That Monkey was better looking than Douglas Ross’s Wife…believe me !



  12. timmy7_noted on

    Is this the end of labour as a political force in England?


    Just reflecting the levels of support seen in Scotland?


    I suppose thats what happens when you take the working class people for granted.


    Scottish people were alert to it all a bit earlier.


    House of Lords full of so called socialist politicians.


    Millionaires running the party.



    Whatever you say my Lord, pass the port.

  13. Morning all.



    Politics is not my fav subject but from what i saw yesterday.


    3 perfect examples yesterday of why im desperate for Independence.That racist bullying bigot shouting her mouth off to our FM(Big Jimmy,im pretty sure for a brief second Sturgeon thought about stickin one one her)and the disaster that is the Labour Party and the continued support for the biggest buffoon to ever run this country.


    BawJaws is untouchable in England.I’m convinced and hope if we get Independence Scotland will then return to its Socialist roots.

  14. For many of us who grew up into politics at 80s teenagers, Labour’s demise is to be pitied and would have been incomprehensible to me back then.



    Similarly, hearing a observer last night opine that Anas Sarwar had run a great campaign, but they still expected the Tories to beat them.



    My personal experiences of England are that it is a naturally Conservative country. Some are of the old one nation Tory variety, others are middle class professionals who still retain an accent, a la Robert Peel. Sadly, now it seems the populist right wing politics of the day have enticed what used to be the working class vote.



    Those feelings of comradeship with County Durham, South Wales, etc seem a distant memory. Nothing more. Scotland may be the partner more pushing to leave the Union. But, in sad truth, England is the partner that’s changed. Far more than we have.






    HH JG

  15. I’m beginning to think Howe will not be the next manager and we have no plan B.



    Absolute shambles.



    Not a penny more.

  16. Was reading a post about Hartlepoole and the French spy..very conincidental that BawJaws sends patrol vessels over to Jersey for a fishing dispute win France and all the english papers have it as some mini falklands fleet on day before voting



    Get them tae…

  17. !!Bada Bing!! on

    With the elections over, hopefully some of the botons who post on here endlessly about politics, will disappear.

  18. I understand that if Scotland gain independence they will retain the Queen as head of state.



    Is that correct?



    If so, you can stick that idea up yer jacksey.



    Where’s ma pitchfork!

  19. fourstonecoppi on

    PHILBHOY on 7TH MAY 2021 8:19 AM


    I understand that if Scotland gain independence they will retain the Queen as head of state.



    Even if we do..we take it then bump her once achieved……..or its boris for 20 or more years.


    Please see sense!.

  20. Greenpinata on




    Hartlepool was the most pro Brexit area in NE England. Why on earth did Labour put an arch remainer up for election. ?


    Why is Labour forcing middle class graduates to represent working class communities. Leadership eh !!!!!!


    I stayed in Hartlepool and the nearby town of Seaton Carew when working at the power station.


    The people are good people and are nowhere near rabid right wingers that some unscrupulous persons will make them out to be.



    I cant understand the ongoing obsession with Brexit. Its done, history., dead parrot. Move on I say.



    Are the supermarket shelves empty, did the country collapse, has our everyday lives been affected ? On the contrary, the BOE suggest we are in for an economic boom.



    I would wager that most of us don’t even notice the slightest bit of difference.



    I also accept democracy, to reiterate I did not vote for Brexit and I will accept the results of all democratic votes. Even the ones I know to be detrimental to the people of Scotland.



    It is worth reminding those who can’t move on from Brexit, that only circa 41% of those eligible to vote in Scotland voted to remain. Not a ringing endorsement.



    Forget the obsession, the mistruths on both sides and move on to a brighter better future. Accept change and concentrate on what unites us rather than what divides us.



    Talking change, where is our new manager ?



    HH to all.

  21. lionroars67 on

    The Union like the Empire is finished, it’s time for us to go Scotland.



    The Cult of Boris is sweeping all before him in England, England head heart and soul is Conservative has been for 40 years since Maggie Thatcher



    Hartlepool is the 10th most deprived local authority area in England, Labour lost a seat previously held for over 50 years as Dianne Abbot says > Crushing defeat for Labour in Hartlepool. Not possible to blame Jeremy Corbyn for this result. Labour won the seat twice under his leadership. Keir Starmer must think again about his strategy



    Con: 51.9% (+23.0)


    Lab: 28.7% (-9.0)



    we are relying on John Bercow to do the job of opposition spokesperson in England







    In a two-horse race which is run in a rigged FPTP electoral system, it is essential for the two horses to be matched for a reasonable contest to be expected, clearly, Labour are a bitterly divided party, badly led leaving the contest in England a non-event, Celtic PLC thought that economics would be the determining factor in the SPFL, we needed a Rangers, as Peter Lawwell said it cost us 10 million pounds not to have them, so Celtic ignored all the shenanigans around financial rules and laws and football rules and laws, Res12 give Celtic power through EUFA sadly MONEY took precedence over fair play, well surprise surprise Cilla Black opened the curtains as she and the dead rangers came back to life and lifted the league title, our PLC can have no complaints they wanted them back.



    Celtic are now the club in disarray as a clear power shift on the park has taken place this season recently underlined in a crushing defeat at Ibrox, our support base is bitterly divided and we are currently being led incompetently by the clubs’ leadership, we are left with the hope that Desmondo has another rabbit to pull out of the hat like an O’Neil or Rodgers, the football dept has been hollowed out devoid of personnel and strategy, there is a lot to be done and time is running out



    aff oot

  22. squire danaher on

    DREW1967 on 7TH MAY 2021 8:18 AM



    Yes, a funny coincidence that Johnson sent in the gunboats for the tabloid headlines on Election Day.



    I thought so too.



    Like I refuse to use the R word for our G51 business partners, I refuse to refer to that halfwit by his adopted first name as it just encourages his “Man of the People” cult/schtick.

  23. Uncle Jimmy on

    Quick political post from me



    I do not believe labour are losing the working class vote due to a supposed shift to the right by them (blair, brown et al)


    Rather, the working class voters in England have moved to the right, politically if not financially.


    Race relations, immigration and brexit are hugely influential.


    I first saw this 30 odd years ago, while working all over the North and Midlands.


    Young, primarily white, voters had lost the heavy industries of their parents and the scene was set.

  24. FOURSTONECOPPI on 7TH MAY 2021 8:21 AM


    PHILBHOY on 7TH MAY 2021 8:19 AM



    I understand that if Scotland gain independence they will retain the Queen as head of state.



    Even if we do..we take it then bump her once achieved……..or its boris for 20 or more years.



    Please see sense!.





    You misunderstand me.



    Independence without the the Royal Rabble from the outset.

  25. squire danaher on

    Where are Mike and Bernie Winters???



    Your Union Needs You. 👈(iPhone hasn’t got a pointy oot finger)