40 years of B team failure


In the grand scheme of things, it might not seem to matter that Celtic’s B team have no reserve league to compete in next season.  It will not determine the outcome of the league title and will affect Premiership teams equally.  The impact of what happens in reserve football are, however, real and long lasting.

For decades, Celtic have dominated Scottish youth leagues, yet the ability to transform players who shine in their age group into first team regulars is woeful.  James Forrest, Callum McGregor and the superstar from Wishaw are all we are inclined to talk about since Paul McStay bookended the golden two decades 40 years ago.  Compare that to the relative success of Hibs, Aberdeen, United, Motherwell, even Hamilton Accies!

Reasons for failures are usually complex and simplistic explanations by outsiders should come with a Dunning-Kruger health warning, but I know multiple iterations of Celtic coaches have bemoaned the lack of competition our development squads face.

A young David Turnbull at Motherwell would have taken midfield responsibility as his side battled teams of equal or greater ability.  The same player at Celtic would play in a team that dominated possession every week and always faced weaker opponents.  No one improves their sharpness, industry or skill continually facing weaker opposition.

The consequence of all this is that we can expect our finest talent to wither on the vine more often than grab a pitch-side megaphone unless and until they face better players week-in, week-out.

The perennial ‘Colts team’ proposition now sits with the Scottish Lowland League, which I do not expect is of a great standard, although many of their pitches are better than their SFL counterparts.  It is better than nothing and possibly better that a Premiership Reserve league, however, if we want to reverse a 40 year trend, we will need to be far more creative.

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  1. timmy7_noted on

    ernie lynch on 7th May 2021 10:58 am



    How are you in your unionist lifeboat Ernie? Do you have enough food and water?



    By the way I don’t agree with the above sentiment but your comparison is the usual scaremongering unionist garbage.

  2. Can anyone tell me when the SNP changed their party policy towards supporting EU membership?



    I know when Sturgeon joined they were against the EU and wanted to leave (a logically consistent position, to be fair) but I’m not sure when or why they changed.



    Does anyone know?



    Or is that another aspect of their history that no one is allowed to speak about?

  3. JHB



    Right on Q news today



    Millions of Britons retiring abroad could have their state pensions dramatically slashed following Brexit.



    More benefits of Brexit , anyway the money saved can be pooled to provide an increase in the 1% offered to the Nurses ( remember the folk we clapped last year )

  4. TIMMY7_NOTED on 7TH MAY 2021 11:01 AM



    Do you advocate joining the EU?



    If so, why?

  5. EKBHOY on 7TH MAY 2021 10:45 AM



    Thank you for your reply – I don’t agree, and here’s why.



    1) Scotland’s most important market is the UK internal market – always was, always will be.



    There will be no problem in travelling & ‘soaking up the sun’ after Covid. We are out of the EU, not out of Europe. UK is an important big player in Europe and will continue to have strong links when all the kerfuffle has died down.



    2) Food prices, if they have gone up, and to be honest I have not noticed, will stabilise – we are a massive market for European food & goods. We will also benefit from UK trade deals with countries all over the world – e.g. Commonwealth countries. This may lower food prices in the long run.



    3) What you describe here is mostly consequences of independence, not, Brexit. On the question of regional aid…well, due to the Barnett Formula, Scotland receives £2500 per head of population more to spend on services than England – we have had a fiscal deficit running at 10% – right now with the exyra £BILLIONS we have received during Covid, that deficit is now 25%.

  6. timmy7_noted on

    ernie lynch on 7th May 2021 11:03 am



    Is that where you are headed in the lifeboat?


    I demand to be told.



    Are Jackson Carlaw, Ruth and Michelle Mone keeping up your spirits?


    I hope they are because JHB might drive you over the edge.

  7. Ernie



    Apologies to everyone else , quick use of google provides the following : Ideology and Rationality: the Europeanisation of the Scottish National Party



    Hope u can follow it – need to pick up Mrs EKBhoy from the hairdressers now so need to dash



    This paper deals with the impact of Europeanisation on a regionalist party actor: the Scottish National Party (SNP). In investigates how the party reacted to the UK’s membership of the European Union and how it adapted its strategy in pursuing its aim of Scottish self-government. The paper does so on the basis of a comparison over time between the periods 1974-1979 and 1988-1997, during which the party played a crucial role in the politics of Scottish self-government. Each of the two periods culminated in a referendum: in 1979 Scottish self-government was rejected whereas in 1997 it was endorsed. Between the dates of the two referendums the SNP radically changed its perception of the EU and its strategic use of ‘Europe’ for its political ends. In the first period, the SNP was deeply hostile to the EU and portrayed EU membership as an additional obstacle to the achievement of self-government while in the second period it adopted a very positive attitude towards the EU and recentred its strategy around the objective of achieving ‘Independence in Europe’. The party thus underwent a process of Europeanisation from hostility to enthusiasm towards the EU. The paper explains this adaptation and accounts for the consequences that the latter had on the politics of self-government in Scotland. It argues that the party’s reaction to Europeanisation can be understood as the result of a complex interaction between ideological beliefs and rational strategic calculations.

  8. So with no game until next Wednesday it’s going to be a long few days on here unless we get a surprise announcement.



    As a famous blogger once said


    ‘ people only like democracy when they win’



    Back on Wednesday

  9. CaddingtonCommon on

    70% Hartlepool electorate voted leave EU. Labour candidate voted remain.


    Result accident waiting to happen.

  10. BIG JIMMY on 7TH MAY 2021 11:21 AM


    ERNIE LYNCH on 7TH MAY 2021 10:58 AM










    NOT the same and you know it.







    Yes it’s different.



    In one version you’re the victim in the other your the perpetrator.



    Wake up before you disappear down a nationalist rabbit hole.

  11. McPhail Bhoy on

    Talk of Eddie Howe being announced after the final game against Hibs, also issues with announcing him earlier due to his contract with Bournemouth, could be true or more rubbish, we’ll soon find out! Have we not being saying that for weeks/months now?!

  12. EKBHOY on 7TH MAY 2021 11:11 AM




    Thank you for that.



    The article is long and time is short so I’ll have to postpone a proper reading for the moment but the gist is that the SNP performed a complete about turn on their attitude towards the EU. I suspect that was motivated by perceived electoral/strategic advantage rather than anything principled, which is one thing they are consistent about.



    It also goes some way to explaining why a third of SNP voters voted for Brexit.



    A link for those interested. Don’t all rush at once.





  13. MCPHAIL BHOY on 7TH MAY 2021 11:29 AM



    The rumour I heard is that there’s going to be lots of rumours and then one day they’ll stop when a manager is appointed.



    And whilst my rumour might be a bit rubbish at least it’s true.

  14. TIMMY7_NOTED on 7TH MAY 2021 11:08 AM




    You don’t say if you’re in favour of joining the EU.



    Maybe you’re not sure.

  15. TIMMY7_NOTED on 7TH MAY 2021 11:08 AM


    ernie lynch on 7th May 2021 11:03 am







    Is that where you are headed in the lifeboat?





    I demand to be told.







    Are Jackson Carlaw, Ruth and Michelle Mone keeping up your spirits?





    I hope they are because JHB might drive you over the edge.




    A few years ago when my Ex Wife worked for that creature Michell Mone…….I gave the Tory Mone both barrels, albeit over the Phone.



    Mone had my Wife working in her Southside Office Mon- Fri etc. But at the time that She was Pals with Rod Stewart and Penny….she had a ” Fashion Show” in Glasgow one Saturday, and she wanted my Ex Wife to Model some stuff etc which my wife did.


    My Wife was at this show from 9am to 10.30pm…and Mone never paid her a single Penny for working Overtime etc.



    Some months later my wife was very unwell and off work with her GPs Sickness Line to cover her absence. One day my wife was on the Phone to Mone, and I realised that Mone had THREATENED my Wife with the SACK…for being off work sick.


    I grabbed the Phone from my wife and gave MONE a Verbal bruising, and reminded her of how my wife had worked for NOTHING etc, and that ” how DARE She threaten my wife with the sack for ….BEING SICK” ?


    I was OUTSIDE our House when I was giving it plenty to that Bitch MONE, and after I had hung up and went back into the house, my wife was laughing like mad…and said to me…” Jimmy, Michelle Mone had Phoned me from the Phone that is in the middle of the Main Office, so ALL the OTHER Girls in that office would have heard you shouting at Michelle Mone…and NOT giving her a chance to respond etc. NO ONE Talks to Michelle Mone the way YOU did, NOT even her Husband…….Im so PROUD of you Blah blah ”



    My wife always said that her Husband ( Michael Mone) was a very nice Guy, and the opposite of his wife Michelle Mone.


    Soon after I caught ITV Breakfast Show one Morning and Michelle Mone was on it LIVE…on the Sofa…and I tap[ed her Interview on TV…Telling BLATANT LIES about the ” security” at her Workplace.


    I showed the Video to my wife when she came home from work that day…….soon after my Wife resigned and found a NEW Job elsewhere.



  16. I get E Mails from Celtic saying the North restaurant is opening, discounts on fashion wear, plan getaways etc etc.



    But not a hint, not a sausage on our most important subject to date.


    Maybe our board were all busy canvassing for the elections.


    We need a positive announcement soon. Surely our custodians know ” The customer is always right ”


    And their customers are mightily pi##ed off.




  17. Apologies for getting dragged into this arguements but..



    A few folk on here very brave with words and accusations but deep down i think are scared of change.theyre also scared to take on the bigots and racists that they say will rule the roost if we leave the u.k.Scotland is an example to the rest of the u.k on how socialsm works and how we look after not only our own.the bigots and racists of Scotland will be left behind if they dont change and eventually they’l learn.Im think personally speaking its time to leave England to themselves and theyre political road.

  18. JHB


    the fact that England is our biggest market does not matter a jot …. see Brexit argument… buying property abroad will just be right and dandy …. food prices will stabilise to a higher level …. Commonwealth.. really that group of countries we held hostage for 100s of years have moved on … what is the current trade volumes with them 2% .. crikey



    On point 3 these Industries will be gubbed as a direct result of Brexit nothing to do with independence… regional aid has nothing to do with Barnett stuff .. keep up already the Tories down south in their town investment thingy (top 100 towns needing money) how many voted Tory , just about the lot of them … Tories will direct Regional aid to folk who vote for them Union Jacks flying proudly etc



    Deficit … keeps the world going round … still if your not up for change fair enough , you’ll just need to put up with managed decline for the next 40 years.

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