40 years since an iconic striker youth graduate


Notwithstanding we had four strikers isolating and that under most circumstances, four strikers would be sufficient, the games against Hibs and Livingston highlighted a long-term problem.  Celtic have been able to produce wingers, defenders and midfielders who have become first choice starters in the first team, but we are unable to produce a striker.

In the last 20 years, Craig Beattie is arguably our most successful striker-graduate from the youth system (gulp), and he moved on having scored 13 goals for the club, the kind of return Leigh Griffiths may have hoped for in a month, a few years back.

Gerry Creaney made his debut 31 years ago and spent a couple of seasons as a regular starter, before eventually playing Premier League football for Manchester City (it was a different world back then, kids), but Gerry was nowhere near a top performer at the club.

It is now over 40 years since the last iconic striker, Charlie Nicholas, came through the youth system to electrify Celtic Park for three seasons.  He returned for a five-year spell later, when he largely stood on the same spot every 90 minutes, before working out some deep therapeutic issues as a media pundit in later years.

40 years and we were unable to produce a striker with the talent of Leigh Griffiths, despite many changes in coaches, systems and first team budgets?  This sounds unlikely.  I suspect the opportunities afforded to the young Leigh at Livingston were denied to hundreds of Celtic youth strikers.


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  1. squire danaher on




    Hung out to dry because he’s fell into the trap of saying all the stuff in public which PL was too cute to last week.



    Duty of care from Celtic non existent.

  2. Someone on here,said the Club have evidence of Arfield’s party, if so,leak them now and let’s blow the whole thing up

  3. squire danaher on







    Where are these stories coming from?



    If we have this info about Arfield party, why are we not acting on it ?



    If we have these emails from Scottish Government why are we not acting on them?



    Because either we don’t have a scrap of evidence, or somebody is running squirrels, or we’re caught in a O** F*** trap of our own making.

  4. I have some understanding of the impulse but I am never quite sure why people say ` should have`when making a point about an unsuccessful strategy.

  5. DAVID17 on 18TH JANUARY 2021 7:08 PM



    The treatment of Neil Lennon by a huge number of the Celtic support has been sickening and disgraceful since he returned as manager. Utterly vile and shocking. Even today they line up to stick the boot into a legend of our club. Today Neil let rip under the pressure of the job which nobody can begin to understand. We may not agree with everything he says or does but today he let rip at people who hate and seek to undermine us at every turn. He deserves our support. Any ire should be directed toward the boardroom.



    Agreed David.Good post.




  6. BB – you probably have a point and that would account for the nightmare scenario which is becoming clearer by the day that we’ve kept that mob alive because it’s good for business.

  7. 31003 on 18th January 2021 8:32 pm



    Was thinking about Ajer, a la, a converted midfielder to centre back. Many clubs over the years have converted players from other positions to centre back.










    McGuire…….Man Yoo

























    I think King Kenny said big Sutty was a better centre-half than a striker – and he was a damn good striker






    Having listened to that longer clip, I remain pleased that Lenny highlighted the anti-Celtic bias prevalent in Scotland. I agree that some aspects can (and certainly will) becriticised but ,overall, I like what he said.


    Goodnight all.

  9. !!BADA BING!! on 18TH JANUARY 2021 9:49 PM


    Someone on here,said the Club have evidence of Arfield’s party, if so,leak them now and let’s blow the whole thing up





    Hi bada,just read that so may be joining late,the thing is say we did.imo



    It would out the hun …yes


    It would out Nicola govt for protocols- yes



    Thing is Public will just see it as against Covid



    That pr battle is lost at start in todays climate



    It would only add to our consistent wrong decisions and current chaos


    Gov might n&v season.Hun win league.



    Then whit.




  10. If we as a club had an issue with Hamilton and St Johnstone, these issues should have been raised at the time with the SPFL.


    Not today. A lot of deflection in that press conference today.

  11. Neil Lennon and other Coaches etc ,should never give media duties,he is employed to coach the players at Celtic Football Club,end off ,If the club employ media people,who are they ,as for Lennons press conference his outburst makes me think he is finished at Celtic,So if there is to big changes ,firstly get a new media team in ,no more interviews by coaches ,as for Sky ,BBC Sport Scotland,radio and tv The Sun ,The Record also Clyde 1,and Some on You Tube ,you know the one I’m talking about ,Ban the lot of them from Lennoxtown,Celtic Park.

  12. Has anyone got anything on the next coach …I have started to hear bits and pieces that Eddie Howe has been contacted but said no as he’s seemingly on his way to Newcastle!



    Does that mean Steve Bruce is a contender. As he will be cheap to bring in .

  13. See Noseferatu sticking his tuppence worth in now!!..



    No take lessons from you!, ya cheating, thieving tax dodging ugly c**t ye….



    Away and do one…

  14. Not a rumour and never going to happen but I’d love to see Ralf Ragnick as DoF (5years) and manager (1 years) with Pepijn Lijnders (current Liverpool assistant manager as assistant taking over in year 2

  15. Squire @ 9.17



    “ Would you agree that Celtic PLC have a duty of care towards NL and that in him being allowed to, frankly, go off on one in full hire of the nation, they have yet again failed miserably ???”



    Duty of care? Yes…and no; like any employer has a duty of care to their employees, I suppose. Especially those who have expressed mental health issues in the past.


    However, if NL insists that he is ok to carry out routine duties, such as media briefings, then he must be allowed to carry out his duties.



    Re “squirrels” – I’m not sure NL intended to take pressure off the PLC today by intentionally creating the squirrel. I feel he was genuinely aiming both barrels at Sky & Andy Wa* in particular, but also to the general media guys present – and it certainly seemed premeditated.



    “ Why did PL not play that card himself last week?”



    Why indeed. Politics, imo. PL could easily “leak” news into the public domain (such as the things NL said today). Crikey…I’m sure PL could find a blog for such purposes. ;-)

  16. AT- our PR has never been lower,so if we can make it go bang,let’s do it,I expect the league to be called, and Sevco to be awarded it.HH

  17. I’m sure the Sky/SMSM will manufacturing Andy Wa-ker death threats nonsense as we speak……..big bad Cellik…..

  18. TEUCHTER ÁR LÁ on 18TH JANUARY 2021 11:05 PM


    ‘There is no point whatsoever in Celtic appointing a manager, regardless of ability, if Peter Lawwell is still at the club.’








    And there’s no point getting rid of Peter Lawwell just to replace him with someone else with the same remit.



    Peter Lawwell is as much a symptom as a cause of the problem.

  19. TAL @ 11.05



    We did ok after BR arrived (with PL still there).



    Though I get your point. He needs to again step back from poking his nose into 1st team matters and stick to negotiating contracts/fees for players that have been identified by more qualified people.

  20. Bada



    We have pr?….no dont answer bb😊



    I feel Covid isnt a pr battle and with this gov backed by uk gov and our ‘leave that oot’ meeja,would be a lost.not a battle youd want as ceo,manager.not the right battle.



    See what happens hh and ss😊

  21. Garry- would you rather have 30k ST Holders and Lawwell at the Club, or 53k with a new regime in place?

  22. glendalystonsils on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 18TH JANUARY 2021 11:07 PM



    That very much depends on whether or not Dermot wants to continue with the same flawed model .

  23. Ernie


    Lawwell’s unique style of control freakishness may not be a constant in a new CEO?



    Call me Gerry


    I maintain Rodgers was driven out of the club by Lawwell’s incessant meddling.





    ERNIE LYNCH on 18TH JANUARY 2021 11:07 PM







    That very much depends on whether or not Dermot wants to continue with the same flawed model .








    And how would we know?



    But if he’s been happy with it up to now why would he change it?

  25. glendalystonsils on




    Desmond may hand the reins over to his son as some reports have suggested . Much may depend on whether the son is simply carrying out his father’s bidding or whether a new structure accompanies the new regime .



    All conjecture at this point .

  26. !!BADA BING!! on 18TH JANUARY 2021 11:20 PM



    Garry- would you rather have 30k ST Holders and Lawwell at the Club, or 53k with a new regime in place?




    Sorry but it’s simplistic so say it’s a choice between the 2 only, the unless, your saying 23k of our support will go in a huff for losing the league and not renew?



    Or have you 23 thousand supporters confirming to you this is the case.

  27. St Tams @ 11.22



    Correct. Our CLUB did not indicate it had a problem with Hamilton or St Johnstone.


    To say they did is incorrect.



    NL spoke today about the inconsistency in different clubs abilities to comply with protocols, and used examples where social distancing was not possible at other clubs grounds, yet these are not highlighted by the media; but Celtic players photographed sitting around a table IS highlighted by the media and used to stir up a storm of negative publicity against us.


    NL was having a go at the media (quite rightly), not the other clubs as such. Imo




  28. FANADPATRIOT on 18TH JANUARY 2021 10:09 PM



    Does anyone think Adidas will be watching this with concern ?





    Nope the signed a 5 yr deal with an Iconic, legandary football club and brand for a reason. Adidas and Celtic didn’t get to where they are by giving up when it got tough.