40 years since an iconic striker youth graduate


Notwithstanding we had four strikers isolating and that under most circumstances, four strikers would be sufficient, the games against Hibs and Livingston highlighted a long-term problem.  Celtic have been able to produce wingers, defenders and midfielders who have become first choice starters in the first team, but we are unable to produce a striker.

In the last 20 years, Craig Beattie is arguably our most successful striker-graduate from the youth system (gulp), and he moved on having scored 13 goals for the club, the kind of return Leigh Griffiths may have hoped for in a month, a few years back.

Gerry Creaney made his debut 31 years ago and spent a couple of seasons as a regular starter, before eventually playing Premier League football for Manchester City (it was a different world back then, kids), but Gerry was nowhere near a top performer at the club.

It is now over 40 years since the last iconic striker, Charlie Nicholas, came through the youth system to electrify Celtic Park for three seasons.  He returned for a five-year spell later, when he largely stood on the same spot every 90 minutes, before working out some deep therapeutic issues as a media pundit in later years.

40 years and we were unable to produce a striker with the talent of Leigh Griffiths, despite many changes in coaches, systems and first team budgets?  This sounds unlikely.  I suspect the opportunities afforded to the young Leigh at Livingston were denied to hundreds of Celtic youth strikers.


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  1. My friends in Celtic,



    Armstrong okoflex came to Celtic in 2018 with tremendous potential.


    If he has not progressed since then it is not the boys fault.



    Under the current regime we are not getting value from Lennoxtown.



    HH. N&V.

  2. I hope i’m wrong but i have an awful feeling that there will not be the changes that we hope for.



    NH might be the only one.(sacrificed).

  3. The Battered Bunnet on

    SFTB – I didn’t suggest big Rambo. As for Stevie, notwithstanding 3 years with the juniors and a stint with the RAF, he signed for us when he was 22 years old which rather stretches the definition of youth.

  4. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    That was a bad presser. No issues calling out SNP if what Harry Brady says is true and SNP approved the trip morning of flying out to Dubai.



    But there are better ways to get this out in a calm, rational manner.



    Highlighting only 2 staff tested positive is a terrible comment to make.



    Amateur hour from the club again……no sympathy for NL either. He put himself above the club in Nov/Dec by not resigning and know he is saying HE pushed the club for the trip..

  5. Lennon trying to defend the Dubai trip ffs,pick battles you can win,where’s Lawwell? Hiding under his desk again for £1.3 million a year, as for botons in the media,Walker,Boyd,Leckie,English……ban them ,simples.

  6. glendalystonsils on




    In my experience both the SSMSM and wee Nicola’s government tend to get their revenge in first when it comes to Celtic .

  7. there is a clear dereliction of duty at the club when the manager is allowed to get into this state in front of a camera



    Duty of care to Neil Lennon himself means that he should have a support to do his job as best he can and with no downside to his mental or physical health.



    I’ve been in enough situations in my 30 year career as a stressed employee and as a manager of stressed employees to know the signs



    Why did the PR guys let him do that today?



    I found that hard to watch

  8. onenightinlisbon on

    CONEYBHOY on 18TH JANUARY 2021 2:51 PM



    Good point re stress. He does look unwell.

  9. Martin O’Neill is often unfairly maligned as a Manager only interested in established or first team players, but under him doors were opened for Aiden McGeady, Shaun Maloney, John Kennedy and Stephen McManus. Gordon Strachan gave James Forrest his chance, saw him early doors, Ronnie Deila, Kieran Tierney, Anthony Ralston and helped Kris Ajer develop. It is about giving players opportunities to train with and on occasion at least play in the first team. Murdoch, Johnstone, Dalglish, McGrain et al were all introduced in this way. Without first team game time in Scotland there is hardly any opportunity to develop as a player, though you may believe that is what you are doing in an Academy. Cameron Harper is a case in point, made a big decision to sign for Celtic, would have been better going to College in the USA. Might have learned something there.

  10. Lawwell ‘apologised ‘ last week, and Lennon is trying to justify the trip,both need to go

  11. Paul The Spark on

    I actually think Neil makes good points about the hypocrisy from various quarters but I also feel like him and Lawell are compromised and any any of those points he raises will fall on deaf ears

  12. Millar ,Riordon.Brown,all came through the Hibernian system.(Celtic)


    Thomson,Whittaker ,Murray ,McLean all came through the Hibernian system (Sevco)


    And I can remember people saying Alex Miller was a negative coach / manager .Could you see Lenny giving these guys a chance in the first team in their teenage years.

  13. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on



    That was a bad presser. No issues calling out SNP if what Harry Brady says is true and SNP approved the trip morning of flying out to Dubai.




    Not watched it yet.



    However – if anyone is defending the club against unfair criticism, it should be the CEO – it was his decision to sanction the trip. His presentation last week was an apology, not a response to / fightback against any of the criticism.



    If the SNP were criticising having sanctioned the trip the day they left, the CEO should be taking them to task – it is an organisation-level thing.



    Sounds like Neil is being hung out to dry by some at Celtic.






  14. BSR


    Exactly. Although we could also add the honours as a player.


    Not legend enough for some though. Probably one of the most decorated servants for us ever.

  15. CLINK\O/ 4X3



    As a player:



    * 5 x League Titles 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆


    * 4 x Scottish Cups 🏆🏆🏆🏆


    * 2 x League Cups. 🏆🏆


    * UEFA Cup Finalist 🏆


    * 2 x Celtic FC Player of the Year 🏆🏆



    Hail Hail

  16. I won’t be hanging out any bunting when Lenny leaves but I’m damned if I’m going to be made to feel guilty by any Lenny Fan Bhoy on here. His record has been atrocious in big, must win games. That’s it in a nutshell. I won’t feel guilty because I didn’t want him appointed in the first place. I knew it was the first step in downsizing after Brendan Rodgers. Many, many others didn’t want him appointed for the same reason. It was a self fulfilling prophesy from the outset. We only had to wait a couple of months from his appointment at the end of May until the defeat by Cluj in August to see how hopeless and hapless the appointment was. We were given proof upon proof afterwards as well. So do me a favour and stop having a go at the Lenny doubters because of your own misplaced loyalty and myopia. My club, Celtic Football Club, is suffering. It needs to be sorted and soon.




    ‘My club, Celtic Football Club, is suffering. It needs to be sorted and soon.’







    It’s more The Great Desmondo’s Club than your though really, isn’t it?



    You don’t get to hire an fire the manager, he does.



    But hey, you carry on ranting about Neil Lennon if it makes you feel better.

  18. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    The embarrassing moment when you have been tempted to read a ‘Football Insider’ article !!!



    Big shock reveal – we’re losin’ dosh; we might huv tae sell sumbdy












    Nicholas and Walker have lasted in the media for 20 years or more on the basis that they are anti Celtic ex players.



    The Walker faux supporter tirade wading in over Dubai was typical, a devious wee man is Andy. Maybe he never quite got over Fergus McCann telling him he wasn’t wanted when Luigi Macari was shown the door.

  20. Only seen 42secs of presser.


    He should not be allowed in front of the cameras again. He’s an embarrassment to our club

  21. Clink


    Any manager in any walk of life gets sacked/moved from his position if he can’t get the best out of those he’s in charge of, even if he has produced in the past. Why should it be different in football?


    If you want to base it on history why not give the job to John Clark. He’s got the European Cup in his locker

  22. ” WHAT IS THE STARS on 18TH JANUARY 2021 11:48 AM”


    That post reminded me of a football result I heard years ago:



    Real Madrid 2 Surreal Madrid Fish.

  23. “We’ve been held to a far higher standard than any other club,” Lennon said.



    “Protocols at different clubs are inconsistent. As soon as Celtic are deemed to do something wrong, bang, you’re all wanting blood, it’s absolutely scandalous. The fallout from this has been way too much.



    “Aston Villa have shut down, Raith Rovers. They haven’t travelled anywhere. We could easily have stayed here and had an outbreak, but because our protocols are so good, we’ve been able to quell that.”



    “My apology is to the fans because 13 players and three staff had to isolate for 10 days, which is ludicrous,”



    “I’m not apologising for anything else. I’m not apologising for going out there and training for a week. Hindsight’s a wonderful thing. We did everything we possibly could to avoid the damage.



    “The whole squad is negative bar two players. I think that is remarkable and I think it totally blows out of the water the way the training camp has been portrayed by certain quarters of the media, by certain pundits and by certain government officials as well.



    “We did not abuse any privilege, we did the right things. We were absolutely totally professional. We had a little drink in the afternoon on a day off, completely allowed, no law breaking – yet we come back to this barrage of absolute hypocrisy.



    “We’ve come back, we’ve been absolutely decimated by these rules. It seems political.”

  24. Are lennie`s words not precisely what many have been asking for from our Club?


    Should he not be praised for his defiance in the face ot the constant anti-Celtic nonsense we face in Scotland?

  25. Gene


    I assume that is in response to my Surreal Madrid post rather than the Defiant Lenny one? :-))))))

  26. 31003 on 18TH JANUARY 2021 3:22 PM




    Any manager in any walk of life gets sacked/moved from his position if he can’t get the best out of those he’s in charge of, even if he has produced in the past. Why should it be different in football?




    the conundrum for Celtic (and for the supporters who haven’t made up their minds) is that he has won a treble last season on one hand but has spend a fortune this season and last but results are now matching our perf (which is getting worse).



    I can’t think of a similar situation in our history

  27. 3s


    I know Lenny will leave or get sacked. I am merely trying to add some balance against the vitriol and faux consideration aimed at the man himself.

  28. HS- Lawwell was forced into ownership of the Dubai shambles last week, he’s standing by watching a manager who shouldn’t be there,having a go at politicians and 2 bob pundits. Where was Lawwell when we were being done over by Nimmo ,5WA,same club,referees, etc etc etc,what does he do for his £1.3 million a year? He’s letting a human shield,who will be gone soon I hope, this has gone beyond parody,Lawwell and Lennon need to go now.HH

  29. Bada


    Where is this hun like.


    How many times do we hear on these pages, for someone to speak out about how we are treated differently.


    And yet when it happens, it’s unlike.



  30. Did Nicola condemn the outgoing chief executive of East Ayrshire Council who swanned over to Dubai at the end of December ?

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