45 mins of Christie taught Hearts their place in the food chain


Craig Levein has taken lulling opponents into a false sense of security to a new level in recent months.  The only win they have had since March was against Championship Inverness in the Scottish Cup semi-final.

A draw against Hibs their only point from the last 21 available in the league.  By any conceivable measure, they are in the worst form of any club in Scotland.  After winning their opening five games, Levein was feted for his wisdom and general ability to restore “natural order”.

That must seem a lifetime ago to their supporters, who fancy themselves as the third force in the land, but have to contend with second in the capital and sixth overall.  They remained top of the league until November, when the wheels came off, initially in the league, and then at Murrayfield, when a transformational performance from Ryan Christie set the scene for Saturday’s treble.

Over a 45 minute period, Celtic found their golden touch and Hearts realised their place in the food chain.

Despite this, the champions have work to do to win on Saturday.  They have already lost to Hearts this season and lost heavily last term. The first half at Murrayfield, played without Christie, who will also miss Saturday’s final, was sobering, as we struggled to create a chance worthy of the name.  Just as Aberdeen did in the Scottish Cup semi-final Hearts will turn the final into a physical battle.  This is all they have in the locker.  We need to be prepared.


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  1. Oh… and a couple of points….



    1) Neil Lennon was not ‘sacked’ by hibs.



    2) KT is going nowhere. His ambition is to be club captain and have more appearances and honours (yes a European trophy too!) than Cesar.



    3) KT is Celtic to the core and supports Neil F Lennon



    4) KT wanted a Hoops centenary top for his Xmas present



    5) KT, when not playing for Celtic is watching Celtic



    6) the core that we have… with the modern day equivalent of the Quality Street Gang is frightening in it’s potential



    7) Anthony Ralston needs game time, patience and SUPPORT



    8) Olly Burke – when he arrived showed a rawness but undoubted talent. He’s not been the same since ‘that’ miss against Livi. I wouldn’t write him off. He needs SUPPORT too



    9) Leigh ‘40 goals in a season’ Griffiths needs SUPPORT too. Rodgers was not the man to offer that to him. Neil, very well may be and I believe that to be true



    What d’ya know…. 9 in a row! I love those propinquities ?



    Hail Hail ??

  2. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Evening all.



    Popped in after a long absence looking for positive waves and good news.



    Found it in Borgo67’s post of 2:43pm.



    “BBC online are running a vote for best new strip . We are languishing in relegation territory”.



    This suggests fewer Celts are visiting BBC Online.



    Result !



    Hail hail

  3. Good evening CQN



    Larsonse7en – great post.



    Whoever the manager is (and we all have our favourites), let’s get him in and get players in and out. After the cup final of course.



    Bring on Saturday, let’s get this cup won against all the issues this season, if we win this will be an incredible season, if we don’t win it will still be 8IAR and an incredible season.????????






    D. :)

  4. R67, EC67 (mail me about golf cqnname@gmail.com) &BSR



    Thank you for the kind words of SUPPORT Ghuys – much appreciated.



    How many more sleeps JoBo? ??



    I LOVE CELTIC it’s no surprise that I’ve lost.. … . relationships, time, religion, scarfs, jerseys, jobs, money, friends, a formal education and family due to that LOVE.



    I would not swap it for the world though. Celtic is a constant in my life, always there, win, lose or draw. The pillar that I reach for, my subconscious, my heart, my soul, my release.



    It’s saddening to sometimes read and hear the views of fans who don’t love unconditionally as I do. The religious upbringing helps in forgiving them ?



    ??we love you CELTIC, we do….??



    Hail Hail ??

  5. Aff in!


    Larssonse7en at 5.52 – fantastic post!


    As for tonight, yet again I say ‘Mon The Arabs!

  6. Back to Basics – Glass Half Full on 23rd May 2019 6:49 pm


    Evening all.


    Popped in after a long absence looking for positive waves and good news.


    Found it in Borgo67’s post of 2:43pm.


    “BBC online are running a vote for best new strip . We are languishing in relegation territory”.


    This suggests fewer Celts are visiting BBC Online.




    Hail hail




    That or most Celtic supporters think the new strip is boggin’. (Which it is)



    In other news Oul Snake Rodgers is being linked with interest in signing Paddy Roberts for the team he, Rodgers, would give his life for – EPL giants Leicester city.


    Don’t you do it Paddy. Come home to Paradise.

  7. A well deserved ‘bloody well done sir’ to our James Forrest who has just bagged his own treble of prestigious awards .Scottish Premiership player of the season as well as the PFA Scotland and the Scottish Football Writers’ Association prizes.


    Not bad for an escape goat.

  8. I see Celtic won an incredible £2m for winning the league – meanwhile the bottom of the EPL got nearly £100m

  9. £58.00 for an adult football shirt that probably cost less than £10.00 in an Asian sweat shop to make. As a consolation Celtic seem to be selling the new home monstrosity – I mean home shirt for a few quid less than other retailers. £58 for an adult shirt & £45 for a kids how can they justify that?

  10. Looks like Teresa May will be available for a new job come Monday – Celtic to make a major announcement – coincidence – I think not


    At least she’ll be able to keep us in Europe

  11. Looking at the TV Schedule there for Saturday and BBC1s coverage starts at 3pm on the dot! No pre match build up??


    Is this because the “main” coverage is with Premier Sports??

  12. No Jobo, it’s because the BBC are full of Huns and the Huns ain’t playing, ANYWHERE on Saturday, so the Huns at the BBC don’t want to/need to ‘big up’ Celtic in any way whatsoever during a ‘build-up’ as that would upset the Huns watching at home who have no Huns to watch on TV so the Huns at BBC will start the programme at exactly 3pm kick-off so the Huns in the BBC and the Huns at home have to put up with as little of the Champions/Title Winners/Double Treble Winners/potential Treble Treble Winners as too much of that would make Huns sick.



    Hope that helps!

  13. Jeepers James, I read your blog & enjoy it and never had a major issue with you before.


    You prefaced a lot of your stuff about Lenny saying how much you loved the ghuy, Bloody Hell, what would you be saying if you disliked him,


    Not alone are you an expert on running a Club, setting up a team but now an expert Counseller as well.


    I’m not an expert in any of these areas but I find your one man campaign to totally destroy & undermine Lenny’s credentials to be very unsettling.


    I think the entire blog has got the message in your opinion Lenny shouldn’t get the job, fine you might be right, I’m not too sure myself but FFS lay off the ghuy. Enough is enough.

  14. below that Mikey Johnston there was this. its a good listen if your interested.



    i think he is the next ceo -)))) -))))






    George Galloway holds nothing back in a tell all interview


















    James English


    Published on May 5, 2019


    James English, The Anything Goes Show. Ep 49




  15. Well said Corkcelt….



    That was an appalling attack on a man’s character you’d see on Follow Follow….

  16. James,


    your last 2 paragraphs about Neil and Leigh are quite unsetteling, Why bring those type of comments about their alleged lifestyles onto a blog. Not nice at all.

  17. Not that it matters as the moderators found some reason to delete it.



    Whatever. When I see some of what they let stay and they deleted that?



    Let me answer the charge about character assassination.



    Go back and read Ronny Deila’s comments on the club he inherited from Lennon. They speak volumes. Volumes. I am saying, quite simply, that Leigh Griffiths benefited from having a man like Brendan Rodgers at the club who took seriously the idea of footballers as 24 hour athletes.



    He tried hard to keep Leigh Griffiths straight. He told him a thousand times, in a million ways, public and private, what he had to do … for his own benefit. Not for the benefit of Celtic, but for his own good. Anyone who is “unsettled” by what I wrote … there’s an echo there in how unsettled I am by the rush to have Leigh back in the team before the season ends.



    Leigh Griffiths needs a manager who pushes him to stay sharp and stay fit and stay focussed. He does not need a best mate and brother in arms. Some people need an arm around the shoulder and some need a disciplined approach.



    I was not hinting at anything. I was not being oblique. We all know these issues are real and we’re ignoring them like they aren’t there, like they aren’t relevant. It IS important to focus on the personality of the man who some people think should be the next manager.



    It is MASSIVELY important. Because this will determine the culture of the club. It will determine the relationships and atmosphere in the dressing room. It will determine how fit the players are. How professional the outlook is. How we prepare for games and campaigns.



    I mean Jesus, I actually have to spell this out?

  18. What is the Stars on

    Glad that James Forrest latest nonsense was deleted.


    On first reading I thought it potentially libellous.


    Anyway wont be long before he posts again…just to tell us that he wont ever be posting again.


    Deja vu aint what it used to be…or is that nostalgia

  19. Saint Stivs @ 8:34


    I have only listened to the first 15 minutes or so but I find George Galloway refreshing in his honesty.


    I want to watch Solo on Channel 4 so have Bookmarked Georgie Bhoy for a full listen later.Thanks for the link and Cheerio for now.



  20. James we get it. You do not wish to see Lenny as our next permanent manager. An opinion shared by quite a few posters on here including myself. However mo chara perhaps its maybe best to back off with the vitriol until we actually know who gets the gig.




  21. JF


    You were doing quite well there…..until your last sentence.


    Definitely offsky now.



  22. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Klopp’s success at Liverpool is partly put down to him ‘getting the club’.

  23. OGLACH:



    Listen, the “Lennon for Manager” campaign never sleeps, never shuts up, never slows down.



    Now he “saved the season” … absolute guff, I’m sorry to say.



    Why is it only the critics who have to sit down and shut up?

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