45 mins of Christie taught Hearts their place in the food chain


Craig Levein has taken lulling opponents into a false sense of security to a new level in recent months.  The only win they have had since March was against Championship Inverness in the Scottish Cup semi-final.

A draw against Hibs their only point from the last 21 available in the league.  By any conceivable measure, they are in the worst form of any club in Scotland.  After winning their opening five games, Levein was feted for his wisdom and general ability to restore “natural order”.

That must seem a lifetime ago to their supporters, who fancy themselves as the third force in the land, but have to contend with second in the capital and sixth overall.  They remained top of the league until November, when the wheels came off, initially in the league, and then at Murrayfield, when a transformational performance from Ryan Christie set the scene for Saturday’s treble.

Over a 45 minute period, Celtic found their golden touch and Hearts realised their place in the food chain.

Despite this, the champions have work to do to win on Saturday.  They have already lost to Hearts this season and lost heavily last term. The first half at Murrayfield, played without Christie, who will also miss Saturday’s final, was sobering, as we struggled to create a chance worthy of the name.  Just as Aberdeen did in the Scottish Cup semi-final Hearts will turn the final into a physical battle.  This is all they have in the locker.  We need to be prepared.


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  1. James F



    “The truth is, I’ve have taken an axe to any candidate who seemed like a cheap and easy option, something that could be sold to the fans on a shonky basis just so that Lawwell suffers no rival. And the writing is on the wall here.”



    This would cover every one of our managers in Celtic’s history, with the exception of the domestically successful Brendan Rodgers and, possibly, the domestically disastrous Tony Mowbray.



    17 full-time appointments and 5 interim appointments, were recruited from the likes of Kilmarnock, Hibs, Motherwell or Stromsgodset. Alternatively, they were unemployed (BR, WGS) or rookies (Brady, Barnes, Lenny- first time around). Even the experienced like Venglos and Jansen had very mixed records. We were never competing with elite clubs to recruit managers but, somehow, we are to expect that a Brendan type appointment is the new norm.



    Why could we not expect to find the next Jock Stein at a club like Hibs (as he, himself was, in 65)?



    Why can we not find a guy who will prove to be savvy in Europe despite having no previous managerial experience in UEFA competitions?



    Of course, if we can attract a Benitez or Mourinho, it would be difficult to make a case against it. But these are guys on big wages and still able to attract job offers at these salary levels in bigger leagues than the SPFL. It’s a bit like thinking we should raid Liverpool and buy back Virgil.



    Brendan had been out of work for 8 months. He needed us to rehabilitate his career after the vitriol of the Liverpool fall out. He could easily have got a Championship or lower Premiership gig but he came to us and it worked out well all round. He is now back on the big earner managerial-circuit and, if he manages to keep Leicester in the top 10, a bigger club might come sniffing. Either way, he is unlikely to be begging for his Celtic job back anytime soon.



    Of course, I recognise that some names bandied about are less stellar than Mourinho or Benitez. Guys like Cocu, Bielsa & Carvahal have had mixed results in their careers- successful here but unsuccessful there. They come with no guarantees- they are projects and punts- until they prove that they can do it at Celtic. And where is the compelling evidence that they are better and more assured than a Mowbray, McGhee or Lambert?



    Brendan is not the only high water mark in our managerial firmament. Top place must go to Big Jock and 2nd place to MON (who won 3 out of 5 contested titles and lost one Euro final) with WGS, despite the lack of affection for him, a close 3rd (3 out of 4 titles and 2 last 16’s in the CL). Neil Lennon, first time round, and even in seeing us over the line this season, has done pretty well too.



    Brendan’s domestic record eclipses them all, in modern times, but he does not rank as number one in Europe. For all the big bucks we paid him- he did not move us up a rung, from the levels established by MON and WGS, in Europe. He was not as disastrous as Neil, latterly, and Ronny though they can point to a CL last 16 and a Europa last 32 respectively in their records.



    What we are looking for next is not more of the Brendan record. Continued domestic Trebles is highly unlikely and that may even end in 2 days. The next manager has a poisoned chalice of demands- win, at least, the next 2 titles and improve our UEFA record but, hey, after, hopefully a Treble Treble- you don’t have to bother so much with LC or SC!



    I have no idea, in advance, of whether the next Celtic manager will be successful in that remit, whether his surname is Lennon, Lennonov, Lennondiho, Von Lennon or Juan Pablo Lennon, and I strongly suspect that you don’t have the forecasting abilities that I lack.



    16 Roads was correct, in his reply. We cannot judge a man by what it cost to get him. West Brom diddled £4m out of us to obtain Tony Mowbray and the SFA charged us £1m when we got Tommy Burns. neither of them won us a league. Cheap options like Neil Lennon and Ronny Deila won us leagues but Barnes and Brady did not. Jo Venglos won nothing but Wim Jansen did, despite his modest coaching past.



    There is no surefire approach to managerial success- even the Man U’s and Real Madrid’s of this world are regularly making huge mistakes in appointments. I expect Celtic will have a similar level of hits and misses.



    Neil Lennon’s faults can be over magnified and his strengths underplayed, and vice versa.



    When we get a new manager, I make one plea only.



    Let us wait until he fails with us before we proclaim him a failure.



    Meanwhile we have a very large prize to land with Neil Lennon at the helm and my full support until it is done, and my eternal gratitude, whether it is done or not.

  2. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Good news then ?


    Life’s no as shite as you thought, just a chemically induced perspective that can be treated, maybe DBBIA or another medicine man can come on and simplify because I expect many suffer the same chemical imbalance.

  3. Good morning CQN from a dry and sunny Garngad



    Today our family finally get the chance to let my young brothers body go, (I believe and hope his soul is already at peace beside our mother and father). Immediate family only then this afternoon out for a bite to eat and a wee toast to a harmless but loveable rouge (brother).?



    Then I hope he watches from above mañana as our beloved Celtic create new history.



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  4. weebawbabitty on

    Morning, David 66 , HH hope today goes as well as it can in the sad circumstances

  5. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    and the great modern football manager that is BR destroyed us in Europe – brought us backwards

  6. Good morning, friends, and a Big Happy Froday Cup_Final_Treble_Treble_Eve to you all.


    30 more hours of positivity please with one more sleep at some during that period!

  7. traditionalist88 on



    and the great modern football manager that is BR destroyed us in Europe – brought us backwards





    It appears many on here would take a 10-0 reverse away to a PSG if it meant we had 4 or 5 men pressing high and playing risky football from the back with players who are uncomfortable doing so!




  8. More High End “Journalism” from the Daily Record….NOT !



    A “story by DR Journo” Greame Thompson….



    This “Professional Journo” claims that Dorrans of Rangers was “Bottled” in the face while on holiday in Ibiza yesterday ?


    Bystanders say that Dorrans was NOT “Bottled/Glassed”, but felled by a single Punch and hit his head on the pavement ?



    This “journo” describes Dorrans as “The Rangers and Scotland….ACE”….Funny that, as I cant remember Dorrans having an “ACE” game for Scotland ?



    This “journo” also claims that The thug who Bottled Dorrrans was wearing the same “Shorts” ? is he implying that dorrans and The Thug were BOTH wearing Hun Shorts…so Dorrans was attacked by one of his own ?



    The worst part of this “Story” is that this ” Professional Journo”, states that Dorrans is on holiday with team mate Ryan Jack…and their “STUNNING WIVES” !


    Now, whether or NOT their Wives are “Stunning” or NOT…How the feck is THAT Relative to the “Story” ?


    Its a wonder that the journo didnt state, ” HANDSOME Dorrans has been Bottled etc” !



    Many times over the years I will read about a Rape case ( Sadly), but ive lost count of the number of times the Journo will seek to describe the “Rape Victim” as an “ATTRACTIVE woman in her 20’s or 30’s etc etc !


    What possess’s these Professional Journo’s to think that by claiming any female is “Attractive/Stunning”, is somehow feckin RELATIVE to such stories ?



    When I read this story this morning about Dorrans being Felled by a single Punch…My first thought was ” Is their team mates Flanagan and Kent also in Ibiza” ?



  9. David 66



    Davie,, my thoughts will be with you, John and rest of your family as you finally get to rest Thomas. Mum and dad will look after him.l will raise a glass to him later on today and tomorrow when I meet the rest of the gang for the final.


    RIP Thomas (never forgotten)



    Hail Hail

  10. traditionalist88 on

    JAMES FORREST on 23RD MAY 2019 9:03 PM





    Yeah and it’s rank nonsense. Lol. Of course it is.



    Klopp gets what Liverpool represents … you don’t have to be steeped in the history to understand it.



    Anyone who takes the Celtic job will very quickly understand it and what it means and what it represents. It’s not a skill that should be on the “required” section of the application form





    A valid question to ask any manager as part of an interview process is about his knowledge of our domestic game. You know, where we play the vast majority of our matches.



    No one is saying its a deal breaker if its the case he needs filled in on a few things.



    Its as much a help to us if the candidate was to be appointed to know where he needs brought up to speed about domestic matters/players/our youth system etc.



    So no need for anyone to wet their pants about ‘non-Celtic minded’ candidates automatically being ruled out.



    I haven’t seen a single post to this effect.



    And like CorkCelt, I haven’t seen this relentless pro-Lennon for manager lobby that you speak of James.



    I wouldn’t be averse to him getting it based on the list of (realistic) candidates but as far as I can see the majority on here, and elsewhere, would prefer someone else.



    The problem is they often cannot name that someone else, or they name someone who is probably out of our reach.




  11. Thoughts and prayers with David66 and family today and for all the great CQNers still grieving, regardless of the years past. God bless you all.




  12. My 2nd thought about Graham Dorrans being ” Felled”….Did Tavernier score the resultant Penalty ?


    My 3rd thought was…..Have Sevco issued a Statement yet ?



  13. 16 Roads


    With the greatest of respect to you Lenny is as far away from a zero risk appointment as its possible to get.


    If this season’s performances from the MIBS, with weekly controversies, is any guide things are unlikely to calm down as we approach 9, then 10. And if we get to 12 WE’LL be “going for 55”.


    I’m far from convinced that Neil has the temperament to cope with all that. He stated when he came in that he had matured and mellowed but he savaged the players in the dressing room at Ibrox for losing what was, for us, a dead rubber Glasgow Derby.



    The players, it is alleged, did not appreciate it one bit.



    No, for me, I’d rather a Benitez type. . Someone who can stay above all the noise of Scottish football and it’s baggage. Coz it’s only gonna get louder!


    The recent moonlighter would have been a perfect fit.







    Absolutely superb post sir.



    Can Rafa Benitez do it on a cold December evening at Rugby Park?

  15. pedrocaravanachio67 on




    it’s been a while, but nothing seems to have changed….




  16. traditionalist88 on

    In the city of Seville alone there are two very appealing managers jobs available which would be attractive to the kind of mangers many have linked with us over the past couple of weeks.



    The Cocu’s, Preud’hommes, even Benitez.



    Jobs which come (certainly Sevilla) with a higher budget, longer summer holidays, longer Christmas holidays, a role in a top league (many believe THE top league), all based in a city with an amazing climate for much of the year.



    Its not as easy as just deciding who you want and giving them the job.



    These guys have options and Scotland isn’t necessarily top priority.




  17. Traditionalist88



    Absolutely agree on that but….



    Benitez and his missus are very much at home in the Wirral. She’s a bit of celeb there Charity-wise. I think that’s probably a point in our favour from a proximity point of view – is he sick of Newcastle or does he fancy our historic challenge in the next few years.



    Don’t know but it’s roughly the same distance…

  18. WorthingBhoy on

    Hi Guys,



    It’s possible I will have 1 VIP brief spare for the game tomorrow. If anybody fancies it please send an email to temp@venator.scot.



    No payment required except maybe a couple of jars!!!.




  19. traditionalist88 on

    BILLY BHOY on 24TH MAY 2019 9:14 AM


    He stated when he came in that he had matured and mellowed but he savaged the players in the dressing room at Ibrox for losing what was, for us, a dead rubber Glasgow Derby.



    The players, it is alleged, did not appreciate it one bit.






    ‘Neil Lennon? ‘He’s been brilliant,’ says Broony, ‘if he stays the lads would love it’






    That and wee Forrests comments the other day are worth a million times what any of your unfounded allegations about Neil Lennon say:






    I’d prefer ‘a Benitez type’ too. Or maybe, Rafa Benitez himself would be good. Or Pep Guardiola.



    Can you name some other Rafa Benitez ‘types’, intrigued by this suggestion there is a type we just go out and pluck from obscurity!



    Just because there is someone we’d prefer doesn’t mean its doable.




  20. traditionalist88 on

    BIG WAVY on 24TH MAY 2019 9:29 AM



    It’d be amazing if we could pull that off.



    I just fear that the numbers don’t work and that we are being used a little to speed up internal negotiations at Newcastle.




  21. Delaneys Dunky on



    Will be thinking of you, John and your family today, as you say goodbye to your young bro Thomas.


    God bless you all.



  22. Notice to belligerents:



    Publicly indulging in persistent abusive behaviour tells everyone else a story about you. Your words may be about the person you are angry at, but all the rest of us see is an angry person. It is not a flattering look.

  23. Don’t think we will have long to wait for the answer to two questions , the name of our new boss , and how ambitious our suits are to aiming for the ten . But first we have a tough game on our hands tomorrow . They will have studied how secco approached the game against us us , and I wouldn’t,t be surprised if they adopted the same tactics . Tomorrow everyone must turn up , no place for the hiders , everyone must be prepared to take the knocks ,cause they will get them . We all know what to expect from Wullie Collum , like McLean and muir a few seasons ago he will have been told the treble treble can’t be allowed to happen , play the game celtic of which you are more than capable ,and once again we shall be victorious. HH

  24. David 66



    Thoughts and prayers with your brother Thomas, yourself and the family today.

  25. It is undeniable we had reverses in Europe under BR. Indeed some results with another manager would have called for his head.



    But we the Celtic support had completely bought into the BR mantra, and not a ripple was heard.



    We also brought the unstoppable Pep Guardiola to an halt with the most exciting Celtic European game in modern times. The atmosphere was arguably the best ever and Moussa was the striker we had dreamt of.



    Memories and history will judge BR.



    HH to all, the journey continues.

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