5 Reasons Why Celtic Should Move For Andre Villas-Boas In the Future


WITH yet another domestic treble won and achieving the “treble treble”, Celtic can look behind and consider their season successful. For any fan having doubts, cast a glance to rivals or to the table in the first couple of months of the season and your doubts will be erased.

There was even a time many speculated a collapse in the campaign when Brendan Rodgers left to manage Leicester City in the English Premier league. However, Neil Lennon stepped in as interim manager and seamlessly guided the club to an historic season.

His work saw him offered the job to become Celtic’s full-time manager. He did so well, and many have tipped him to do well again with the club next season.

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One area of concern for Celtic however is that they seem to fall short, abysmally too, in European competition. Lennon has been here before, and we have another season to see how he performs again. It is the hope of everyone connected to Celtic that they do well. However, one manager they can turn to, with European competition pedigree and a fit for Celtic is Andre Villas-Boas. They probably should have considered him earlier. Here are reasons why AVB could be a right fit for Celtic further down the road.

Managing in a new country

Villas-Boas has already stated that he wanted to use his skills as a manager to explore the world.

So far, he has already worked in Spain, Russia, Italy, China and England, whether he was a full manager or an assistant to Jose Mourinho.

When AVB decided not to renew his contract with Shanghai, it shows that it’s more than just football that drives his yearning for travel.

This is because he could have stayed in the Chinese super league, and earn around £10 million a year, but decided to instead opt for the 2018 Dakar Rally.

AVB is no stranger to challenge, as shown by the fact that when he was the boss of Tottenham, he had soon remove himself with a back injury after crashing on the fourth stage.

When he was technical director in charge of the British Virgin Islands, at the age of 21, he left after they were destroyed 14-1 by the mood in a qualifier for the World Cup.

The local connection

Vills-Boas has a local connection to Celtic. He and his coaching badges and stripes in Scotland, and Bobby Robson also managed to help him gain his C licence in Largs. He obtained his B, C, a and pro licences in Scotland, and only speaks gold of his level of education.

His rate of success

AVB has been extremely successful, in spite of some difficulty when he worked for Chelsea.

This is also shown by the fact that academia was saved from relegation by him in his first job as a manager. They then went on to win a treble with Porto next season.

Not only this, but he also managed to win the Premier league without defeat. He drew three times the entire season, but did not lose. He also went on to win the Portuguese cup and the Europa league almost undefeated. Porto only lost one game overall. They lost 3-2 at the Europa league semi-final, but from the first leg they were 5-1 up anyway.

Judgement of his successes often clouded by his losses at Chelsea, but he only managed for 40 games. This was alongside Roman Abramovich trying out new tactics, and stopping older ones. He was there at the beginning of this, meaning that any teething problems he may have been blamed for.

When he worked with Tottenham, Tottenham achieved their best ever Premier League points total. He was sacked when Tottenham were eight points off the top the next season.

After his sacking, he won both the league and the cup in Russia, and then went on to manage Shanghai SIPG.

His eye for detail

Rogers has often been criticised for his inability to adapt his tactics for big European games.

While he worked there though was an extreme amount of domestic success, but European failures were plentiful, including a 7-0 loss to Barcelona, and a 7-1 and 5-0 loss against Paris St Germain.

Vills-Boas is on the other hand, has won a European trophy, and can adapt his style of play when needed.

Using new talent

When he provided notes to Jose Mourinho before the 2003 UEFA cup final, they went viral. They were attributed to a lot of Mourinho’s success.

Andre Villas-Boas has shown that he knows what he’s doing with young and promising players, signing them on and selling them later for a large amount. Examples are then 24-year-old Radamel Falcao, 23-year-old Joao Moutinho, 22-year-old Nicholas Otamendi and 19-year-old James Rodriguez, in the Porto team.

Currently, he has been appointed as Marseille’s head coach, but this is football and the managerial door is a revolving one. Hopefully, when next the door revolves, it would have AVB walking in through it.

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